the Originals

The Originals 2.8, The Brothers That Care Forgot: The Curse of Our Existence

Klaus voices over that when we come into the world, we’re innocent and vulnerable. It’s our parents’ job to nurture and protect us. Esther and Mikael failed at that, but their children don’t have to stick to the path their parents set out for them. While he talks, Rebekah pushes Hope on a playground swing.

The other Mikaelson siblings are at the Compound, where Klaus is trying to talk Finn and Kol into joining him and Elijah in fighting Esther. If they won’t, they’ll regret it. Kol objects to being chained to a wall all night after their abduction when all Klaus wants is a promise of allegiance. Elijah says that was Klaus’ idea; he himself wanted to torture their brothers. Klaus encourages Kol and Finn to make a stand with them. Finn has no interest in that, since their loyalty to Klaus has never been rewarded before. He asks where Rebekah is. She was always loyal to Klaus, so why has she disappeared, and how did she pull that off?

Klaus changes the subject back to Esther, but Finn is still on her side. He thinks Rebekah will accept the offer of a new body. Elijah tries to declare Rebekah off-limits, but Klaus tells him not to worry about her. She won’t be found unless she wants to be. Finn warns that Esther is very determined to find her daughter and has been searching for her since she came back to life. At the playground, Rebekah spots a flock of starlings.

Elijah grabs and bites Finn, which gets him a talking-to from Klaus. They need to keep Kol and Finn alive so they can provide information on Esther’s plans. Elijah’s worried about what they might do to Rebekah and Hope. Klaus reminds him that they’re under the protection of a cloaking spell, so no one will be able to find them. He’s amused by the thought of him being the one to hold Elijah back for once.

Rebekah calls Elijah to tell him that Esther found her and Hope. Klaus overhears and tells her to head west. He wants to alert Hayley, but Rebekah thinks it’s better to keep this quiet. Elijah sends Klaus to meet up with Rebekah and Hope while he handles Finn and Kol. Klaus thinks the bigger priority is getting their brothers to turn on their mother. Without that, Rebekah and Hope are sitting ducks. He doesn’t trust Elijah to keep things nonviolent, so he wants to stay back while Elijah goes to Rebekah. Klaus has waited months to be able to see Hope again; he can wait another day. Elijah promises to do whatever it takes to keep Hope safe.

Aiden meets with Hayley and Jackson to tell them the werewolves are panicking. They know an insider took down Finn, since no one else was around him. It’s only a matter of time before they discover Aiden’s involvement. Hayley tells him to call a meeting that night so they can convince the wolves to turn against Esther. Aiden doubts that’ll happen since she gave them their moonlight rings. Hayley sees them as slaves, but he says the rings give them power. Jackson shuts him down by pulling rank as the alpha and telling him to call the meeting.

Hayley chastises him for drinking beer at 10 a.m., but that’s how Jackson’s chosen to deal with losing Ansel. He wishes he’d known earlier that Ansel was Klaus’ father so he could have asked some questions. He’s been looking through a werewolf-related book that belonged to Ansel but can’t figure out how to reunite the wolves. That plus Oliver’s death mean Jackson’s going to be mopey for a while.

Davina goes to Marcel’s loft to tell him and Josh that Kol stole the indestructible stake from her while she was asleep. Marcel tells her that, actually, Klaus has both Kol and the stake, because Marcel took them. Davina’s worried about “Kaleb,” but Marcel notes that since Klaus hasn’t killed him in the last 1,000 years, he’s safe. Davina needs to stop thinking that Kol is her friend. He’s just using her to get what he wants. She says Marcel doesn’t know Kol like she does, but Marcel replies that he knows Kol better than she does. He tells her to stay with Josh while he handles some business.

At the Compound, Kol wants to find a way to escape, but Finn already has an idea. Marcel arrives, thrilled to be allowed to torture Kol if he won’t switch from Team Esther to Team Not Esther. He takes Kol to another room and warns that if he goes near Davina again, he’ll lose parts of his body that he wouldn’t be happy to lose. Kol isn’t intimidated by Marcel’s threats since he knows Klaus needs him. Marcel says that’s only until they get rid of Esther. Kol continues that Marcel might still need him after that. He can’t really think that Klaus will just hand the city back over to him.

Marcel is familiar with the way Kol always tries to manipulate people, so he has his shields up. Kol suggests that the two of them go up against Klaus together. With his back to Kol, Marcel picks up a little knife. He notes that with Klaus, he at least always knows what he’s getting into. Marcel asks what Kol knows, then stabs the knife into his hand as a little taste of what will happen if he doesn’t cooperate.

Josh confesses to Davina that he knew that Marcel was going after Kol. Davina isn’t mad; she just wants to stop worrying about Josh and Marcel. She’s also tired of Klaus continually causing problems in her life. Josh can relate, though she thinks he’s doing pretty well. He tells her he’s dating Aiden, and since he’s a werewolf, they have a Romeo/Juliet kind of thing going on. Well, a Romeo/Romeo thing. Davina urges Josh to invite him over so she can meet him.

Klaus prepares to torture Finn, wondering if Esther is worried about him. Finn says she knows he doesn’t need to be rescued. He’s sure Klaus won’t kill him since he never has before. Klaus says he understands Finn’s devotion to Esther. After Freya died (um…), Esther must have clung to her only remaining child. That must have given him the idea that he needed to take care of her “always and forever.”

Finn was the good son, so of course he just went with it. But now that he’s an adult, he has to know that he can make his own decisions. It would be better to join Klaus and Elijah than to continue to align with a manipulator. This is the chance for Finn to be free. Klaus will give him the life Esther never gave him, and the chance to choose his own path.

Hayley confronts Jackson over not telling her about something she found in Ansel’s book – there’s a ritual called a unification ceremony that allows a pack to receive “certain unique abilities.” Jackson says that Ansel actually saw this happen 100 years ago. Until then, it was just a myth to Jackson, like it’s been to the other wolves. Centuries ago, the wolves’ bloodlines were distinct; some were faster and some were stronger. To evolve, the alphas of different bloodlines would marry, and their packs would inherit the other bloodlines’ abilities. But after a while, everyone had the same abilities, so the marriages became about power and territory.

Hayley points out that, as a hybrid, she can control when she changes. If she and Jackson get married, their pack will inherit that. They’ll be able to ditch their moonlight rings, as well as their allegiance to Esther. Hayley thinks this is the perfect solution to the werewolves’ problems. But Jackson tells her they would have to honor the vows and have an actual marriage for the rest of their lives. He’s not sure she’s able to commit to that.

Cami, who we last saw being magically attacked by Esther, is surprisingly not chained up somewhere or being used as bait. She meets up with Hayley at Kieran’s secret apartment so Hayley can find more information on the unification ceremony. She tells Cami that Jackson is such a great guy, he doesn’t want to put her in the position of having to marry him when they’re not even romantically involved. Cami asks if Jackson knows about Hayley and Elijah’s mutual attraction. Hayley says there’s nothing there, but it’s obvious that she’s not over Elijah. Cami urges her to figure out what’s best for her, since she’s the one who has to live with whatever decision she makes. Hayley notices some marks on Cami’s back that Cami hadn’t noticed before.

Josh introduces Davina to Aiden, who’s still worrying that he’s on the verge of being found out as a traitor to his pack. As Davina leaves to get them some food, Josh assures Aiden that the other wolves look up to him. Jackson’s the alpha, so if Aiden stands with him, people will listen. Josh has learned from working with Marcel that loyalty sends a message. They kiss, and Josh says he’s surprised that Davina isn’t spying on them. That’s because she left while they were distracted. She goes to the Claire tomb and mixes up some kind of concoction that she then drinks.

Kol has held out longer than Marcel would like, so Marcel is ready to step things up. He feeds Kol some of his blood and threatens to turn him (again). Kol says Esther will just put him into another body. Besides, he doesn’t think any of the Mikaelsons would care if he died permanently. Marcel asks what he’s plotting and how Davina is involved. Kol taunts him for acting like he’s Davina’s father.

Marcel is about to kill Kol when Klaus comes in and stops him. Marcel tells him that Kol thinks Klaus doesn’t care about him. A dozen daggerings will do that. Kol believes that Klaus cares more about Marcel. Klaus makes Cami proud by psychoanalyzing his little brother – he acts out to get attention because he wants to be a part of the family. Kol is right to feel overlooked, but there might still be time for Klaus to make things up to him.

After some hesitation, Hayley calls Elijah, who’s waiting for Rebekah in a diner. He ignores her call, instead focusing on the people around him. He asks a waitress if there’s been anyone there today who’s out of the ordinary. “Just you,” she replies. Heh. She freshens his coffee, accidentally spilling some on his hand and leaving a little stain on his cuff. He remembers Esther telling him about his pathological cleanliness as he imagines the waitress and another patron watching him.

Klaus asks Finn if he’s ready to turn against Esther and claim his freedom. Finn replies that he’s already free. He admires Esther for the sacrifice she made for Klaus. He knows about her agreement with Dahlia, and he tells Klaus the truth about Freya – that she didn’t die but was instead given away. Finn feels so horrible for Esther for having to endure that that he stays loyal to her. Klaus thinks this is just another reason for Esther to die.

Finn says that Esther loves her children more than than they realize, and she only went after Hope to protect her from Dahlia’s curse. If Hope had lived, Dahlia would have taken her away, too. If anyone had tried to stop Dahlia, she would have destroyed the whole family.

Rebekah arrives at the diner, happy to see Elijah again. Elijah is equally happy to see Hope, and he knows Rebekah must have enjoyed getting to spend every day with her. Rebekah says it felt almost human. She knows Hope will eventually go back to Hayley, and even more painfully, she now wants her own child more than ever. Elijah laments that that’s not possible, “considering the curse of our existence.”

He tells Rebekah that Esther tortured him with buried memories, then offered to make him and Klaus mortal again. She sees it as a way for them to regain purity. Elijah admits to being tempted (and no doubt Rebekah will be, too, since having a mortal body would allow her to have children). She spots some blood on his cuff, and when Elijah sees her noticing it, he assures her that they’re safe. Sensing that something’s off, Rebekah takes the baby to the back of the diner to find a bathroom. She peeks into the kitchen, where she sees a bunch of dead bodies.

Klaus has been leaving Elijah messages, all of which have been unanswered. Davina comes to the Compound, and when Klaus and Marcel both tell her to leave, she uses magic to snap Marcel’s neck. She’s ready to go one-on-one with Klaus.

At St. Anne’s, Jackson addresses his pack with Aiden and Hayley’s support. A wolf objects to Hayley being present since she’s not one of them anymore. Hayley objects, since she’s still a werewolf. She tells the pack that if they want to be able to control when they change, like she can, they’ll sit down and shut up. If Jackson wasn’t already in love with her, I think this would make it official.

Back at the Compound, Klaus reminds Davina that she doesn’t have the same power she did after the Harvest. She knows she can still take him, though, and she proves it by blasting him through a door. Of course, she’s mortal and he isn’t, so there’s no way she can take him down, but she thinks he doesn’t have the power he pretends to have, either. He didn’t kill Mikael when he had the chance. She says Mikael was right about Klaus being weak. Klaus bites her, but something in her blood disagrees with him and he ends up unconscious.

Kol finds Davina, who explains that she channeled some dark objects to make her blood poisonous. She asks how Kol got free, but he just says it’s a long story. Davina wants to chain Klaus up, bleed him until he’s weak, and then dump him in the river. Kol thinks that’s harsh, which is surprising to Davina, since she thought he hated Klaus. Marcel revives and announces that Kol has joined Team Not Esther. Basically, Kol decided that Klaus was the lesser of two evils and is willing to work with him to get rid of Esther.

Davina says she doesn’t care what happens to Esther, but Cami, who has just arrived, does. “Should I even ask?” she says when she sees Klaus unconscious. She tells the group about the puncture wounds on her back, which she found out from Kieran’s resources are from a spell. She can only guess that Esther is responsible.

Back at St. Anne’s, Hayley reminds the wolves that she’s a Crescent, as well as the last of the Labonair line. That makes her an alpha. She announces that the unification myth is real, so if she and Jackson get married, everyone who comes to the ceremony will get Hayley’s ability to control when she turns. Jackson asks what she’s doing, and she replies, “What needs to be done.” She tells the wolves that they’ll form a new community. Jackson backs her up, saying they’ll get the strength they need to defend themselves. That will allow them to know peace.

Hayley presents the choice to the wolves: Keep their rings and be beholden to Esther, or stick with her and Jackson and be part of the greatest pack in history. Aiden has already made his decision, so he’s the first to stand up and express his support. He even takes off his ring to show how serious he is.

Kol examines Cami’s wounds, guessing that Esther wiped her memory after doing a spell to prepare Cami to be a vessel. Marcel clarifies that Esther plans to have someone jump into Cami’s body, possibly Esther herself. Cami goes straight to Finn and slaps him. She demands to know why Esther chose her, out of everyone in New Orleans. Finn tells her she’s perfect. She’s healthy, beautiful, smart, and alone. No one would question her personality changes, and Klaus wouldn’t let anything happen to her. Cami orders Finn to make this stop. She won’t under any circumstances let Esther take over her body. He tells her that’s not the plan – Cami is supposed to be Rebekah’s vessel.

At the diner, Rebekah acts like everything’s fine and she’s going to hand Hope over to Elijah. Elijah talks about how innocent the baby is and how they need to protect her. Rebekah agrees, then snaps his neck.

Cami asks how long she has. Kol says that now that Esther knows where Rebekah is, she’ll put things in motion soon. Cami’s ready for the group to face Esther, but Marcel says they can’t win without Klaus. Though Davina objects, Kol agrees with Marcel. Cami begs Davina to revive Klaus so they’ll be able to succeed. Davina reluctantly does so, taking the opportunity to gloat that she beat Klaus again. He notes that she needs him, so he didn’t really lose.

Hayley and Jackson stay back after the meeting, asking each other if they’re really ready to do what they’ve said they’ll do. He promises to be a good husband, then officially offers a marriage proposal. She teases that he doesn’t have a ring for her. Why not use Aiden’s moonlight ring? Kol thanks Davina for saving him, and she notes that it’s a good thing he didn’t steal the indestructible stake, or she would have been the one to torture him. Klaus interrupts to request a private conversation with Kol, if Davina’s not too busy coming up with another way to neutralize him. Davina happily leaves, not wanting to be around Klaus any longer than necessary.

Kol promises Klaus that he didn’t know what Esther was planning for Cami. Klaus believes him, figuring this was an assignment she gave Finn. Kol warns that Esther’s going to get tired of waiting for Klaus to release Finn. As for Kol himself, he doubts that Esther cares what happens to him. “A mother cares for her children. A monster does not,” Klaus tells him. “Once you accept she is the latter, you’ll stop expecting the former.” He adds that he mourned Kol after he died, and even tried to avenge him. Yeah, and you got yourself trapped in the Gilberts’ living room by a teen witch. How’d that work out for you? Anyway, “always and forever” encompasses Kol as well as Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah.

Rebekah calls Klaus to tell him that something’s wrong with Elijah. He normally would never kill people when he could compel them instead. This massacre could draw Esther’s attention. Klaus guesses that her torture affected Elijah more than they’d thought. He sends Rebekah to a location from their past, then makes a beeline for Finn. He’s done with letting Finn just stand around and talk about curses and fairy tales. “If you think it’s a fairy tale, then why do I see fear in your eyes?” Finn asks.

Klaus yells for Marcel to bring in Finn’s coffin. Finn begs not to be put back inside, but Klaus and Marcel throw him in. He won’t get a dagger this time, since he’s no longer an Original, so he’ll just lie there in the dark, breathing through air holes. Hayley comes home with news to share with Klaus and Elijah, and Klaus says she can tell him on the road. It’s time for them to go see their daughter.

Etc.: So how were the starlings able to find Rebekah and Hope? I wonder if it had to do with Ansel. He told Klaus he was drawn to Hope, so maybe Esther had used a spell with him to find out what he was drawn to.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Davina is more awesome than anyone acknowledges. Her awesomeness flies too far under the radar.

Actually, this episode is full of the women being awesome. Davina goes up against Klaus, Cami stands up to Finn, Rebekah puts Hope first, and Hayley’s basically like, “You won’t listen to your alpha? Fine, I’m your alpha now.”

I feel like Kol didn’t even think about the fact that he could avoid a lot of pain if he’d just given Klaus his allegiance right away. It’s like an automatic response for him – say no to anything Klaus wants. He was always going to turn on Esther, and making Klaus think he was an ally was perfect for Kol’s secret plan to make a dagger that could take Klaus down. Why go to all the trouble of acting like he needed to be forced into the decision?

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