the Originals

The Originals 2.7, Chasing the Devil’s Tail: Animal Instincts

A teenage Elijah chases a younger Klaus through the woods but loses track of him. Adult Elijah, who’s covered in blood, approaches his teen self and warns, “One day only the monster shall remain.” The younger Elijah swings an axe at him and sinks it into his arm.

Klaus watches over Elijah as he dreams. He promises that Elijah isn’t alone and asks him to let Klaus in to ease the torment Esther is putting him through. He tries to enter Elijah’s mind but finds that Esther has done something to keep him out. Hayley sees a rash on Elijah’s neck and asks if it’s a side effect of his “witchy acid trip.” Klaus recognizes it since Mikael used to get one like it. Esther used a special orchid to put him to sleep when he returned from battle angrier than usual. Then she would fix his mind with a spell and use the orchid’s roots to wake him. Klaus thinks the orchids might grow in the bayou.

He tells Hayley to stay with her pack and keep her distance from Esther. Hayley would rather just kill Esther, but Klaus notes that Esther could do the same to her as she’s done to Elijah, and Elijah wouldn’t be happy about that. Hayley promises to behave while Klaus goes orchid-hunting. When he leaves, she tells Elijah that while she won’t go after Esther, she’ll go after everything Esther loves.

Jackson prepares Oliver’s body and gives him a Viking funeral in the bayou. Hayley joins him and expresses her condolences. He rants that no one else showed up for the Crescent tradition of having the funeral at dawn. The pack is no longer loyal to him. Hayley reminds him that there’s a war going on, so they need to keep their focus on that. The pack needs Jackson to be their alpha.

Hayley then goes to see Marcel; since Jackson wouldn’t come with her, she brings along Aiden, whom Marcel calls Junior Varsity. Ha! They invite Marcel to help them with their plan to take down Finn – today. Marcel is more than happy to join them, and he even knows Finn’s weakness: Cami. Hayley is sure that Klaus would be furious if they got her involved, but Marcel isn’t concerned. Plus, Cami does whatever she wants, and she’ll definitely want to be a part of this.

Cami’s in a session with Finn, continuing to pretend that she has no idea who he is. She tells him that Klaus hasn’t called, probably so he can protect her. She says she doesn’t want to be protected. She also doesn’t want to be around him anymore. Finn praises her progress. Cami asks if she can switch to a new adviser, not because she dislikes Finn but because she likes him in more than a professional capacity. She pretends to be embarrassed and starts to leave. But Finn takes the bait and invites her to go out.

Davina and Kol have been hiding out in a motel somewhere, and she’s trying to fix the damage he did to her spell to unlink Klaus from his sireline. She’s not happy with Kol, since he lied about who he was, but she needs his extensive witchy knowledge. He keeps trying to win her over with his charms, since that’s always worked for him in the past. He tells her he’ll help her, but they need to trust each other first. He suddenly gets summoned to the Lycée via runes suddenly appearing on his arm.

Finn is there with Esther, who’s sure that when Elijah wakes up, he’ll accept her deal to get a mortal body. Now it’s time for Finn to do his part and bring Cami to Esther. She gives Finn something that will subdue Cami so he can kidnap her without hurting her. Finn thought they had more time before this step of the plan, but Esther says they need to speed things up because soon Ansel will have fulfilled his duties with Klaus. Finn tells her he can get Cami without having to use magic.

Klaus heads into the bayou, where he catches Ansel following him and tells him to go away – Klaus won’t be taking Esther’s deal. Ansel says he watched Klaus taking Elijah home the previous night and knows Klaus is looking for the orchid. Ansel’s the one who used to find it for Esther back in the day. Klaus will need his help to find it now. Klaus knows that Esther didn’t bring Ansel back from the dead for this kind of task, so he doesn’t want anything to do with his father. Ansel tells him he’s free to storm off, but he should do it toward the west.

Davina and Kol take a tense drive back to the Quarter. They talk about how Kol was a witch before he became a vampire. He was kind of a prodigy and loved having the power. After he turned and lost it, he struggled for a while. Well, if 1,000 years counts as “a while.” He had to find something to replace the thrill of using magic, and he happened to turn to murder and mayhem. He kept teaching and learning from witches, trying to get back what Esther took from him. He agreed to come back in a witch’s body because it fit his assignment to spy on Davina. She says she can’t believe Esther sent Kol to flirt with her. Kol replies that Esther sent him to follow her – the flirting was all his idea. Uh-oh, Davina’s charmed!

Josh joins the plot against Finn as the conspirators work out logistics. Cami brings them some dark objects that are specifically helpful in taking down witches. Marcel recognizes a set of manacles from a human/voodoo queen war from 100 years ago. When a witch is locked in them, they can’t do magic. Aiden offers to lure Finn’s werewolf minions away so they can get the “handcuffs of doom” (TM Josh) on him. Hayley confirms that Cami’s okay serving as bait. Cami just tells the group to make everything look convincing.

Klaus has let Ansel come with him after all, but he doesn’t want to make chit-chat. Ansel says he’ll only help if they talk. Klaus says he used to tell himself that his real father didn’t know he existed; that’s the only reason he would have left his child to be abused by Mikael. Ansel replies that he wanted to know Klaus but Esther forbade it. Ansel stuck around because he knew one day Klaus would trigger his werewolf gene and would need his father. Mikael found him first, though, and killed him.

Ansel has watched Klaus from the Other Side since then, and he knows Klaus has always felt a void of not having him around. He’s traveled and indulged himself for centuries but has never felt true peace. The only moments of joy he’s had have been from small things like taking care of his horses and climbing mountains and teaching Marcel Shakespeare. Ansel watched Klaus paint and feel Hope kick while Hayley was pregnant with her. Klaus asks if, in his centuries of killing and torturing people, he ever made Ansel proud.

Kol goes to the Lycée, where Esther tells him they need the indestructible stake because Mikael’s back. Kol pretends this is new information, but Esther knows that he already knew it. She thinks he kept it from her to protect Davina. Kol says he wanted to make sure Esther’s plan was successful; he had to convince Davina that he’s not just one of the Wicked Witch’s flying monkeys. (I doubt Esther gets that reference.) He promises that he has a handle on everything. She must believe him because she magically removes the runes on his arm.

Klaus and Ansel find the spot where the orchids are growing, but there’s also vervain everywhere. Fortunately, vervain doesn’t affect Ansel, so he says he’ll collect what Klaus needs. Klaus thinks he’ll expect something in return. Fed up, Ansel tells Klaus to enter his mind and see that he’s not aligned with Esther. Klaus says he has no interest in looking inside Ansel’s head. Ansel calls him a coward and reminds him that the faster they move, the faster Elijah will recover.

Kol meets up with Davina in the City of the Dead and tells her that Esther wants the indestructible stake. Kol, however, wants something else. He needs Davina’s blood for it, but he’s not going to take it without her consent. He tells her that he and some witches he was friends with hung out at one tomb in the cemetery when the Mikaelsons lived in New Orleans. One eventually locked him out. She was a Claire, one of Davina’s ancestors, and now only a Claire witch can open the tomb.

Davina consents to the bloodletting and they enter the tomb. It’s basically a lab where Kol would teach witches an Arabian magic called Kemiya. They made dark objects that allowed Kol to use magic without having power himself. He doesn’t know where most of those objects wound up (ooh, I know! I know!), but the one he wants is still in the tomb. It’s a dagger similar to the ones that temporarily kill Originals. With a little work, Kol and Davina can make it have the same effect on Klaus. Then he can be stashed in a coffin and locked away without Marcel and Josh’s lives being endangered.

That night, Cami and Finn go to a jazz club and listen to some live music. She effortlessly plays off the situation as a typical date, asking questions about his family. He says he and his mother are close, and he’s willing to do anything she asks because of all the sacrifices she made for him. Cami gets a phone call and tells Finn she has to take it because it’s work-related. She disappears when his eyes are off her, and he finds her in an alley, being bitten by a werewolf. He scares off the wolf, who whistles to him from a rooftop they’ve jumped up to. While Finn is distracted, Cami disappears again.

Ansel uses a knife to cut up the orchids, and Klaus notes that he’s used to having a father figure who only wielded a blade for violent purposes. He guesses that Ansel wants him to accept Esther’s deal and give up his vampirism. Ansel says he’d be the king of werewolves if he did, and he would finally feel true peace. It would make him a better father. Klaus lies that he’s not a father anymore.

Ansel tells him that werewolves feel more acutely when they’re in wolf form. When Klaus was a child, Ansel would spend the full moon near Klaus’ village. Since coming back from the Other Side, he finds himself waking further and further from New Orleans after each full-moon turn. He’s being called away by Hope. He knows she’s still alive.

Finn calls Aiden to demand to know which wolf defied him to go after Cami. He’s doing a locator spell to find her, and he wants Aiden to meet him wherever it lead. This is exactly what the group wants – they’ve taken Cami to St. Anne’s to lure Finn there. Hayley gives Cami some of her blood to heal the very real bite on her neck (which was also courtesy of Hayley). Cami comments that she always thought having a woman bite her would feel more erotic.

Josh and Aiden get a moment alone together, which is nice because it’s Friday night and that should be spent with someone you like. Hayley goes over the plan with Cami: Aiden will get Finn to the altar, and Hayley will tackle him so they can put the manacles on him. Marcel has gone looking for Davina, and since he’s in overprotective-dad mode, Kol might be in trouble.

In the Claire tomb, Kol puts on some classical music (Davina’s favorite) while he and Davina get to work on the dagger. They can’t replicate the spell on the other Original daggers, but they can change a dagger. Kemiya will allow them to change one element to another. Davina guesses that Kol has been hanging out with her because he needs her power. He tells her Kemiya is about chemistry and connection. Clearly they have that, since they were able to neutralize the indestructible stake together.

He shows her a paragon diamond, which is used to conduct power. Davina asks if there’s a way to do this without holding hands. Kol says they could make out instead, but they might lose focus on what they’re doing. He guides her through the spell, which ignites a piece of rope. Despite not making out, they still get distracted just looking at each other. The rope turns gold, and Kol puts it on Davina’s wrist to replace the bracelet he broke. She can’t believe they changed it. “We’re gonna change everything,” he tells her.

In the bayou, Ansel gives Klaus what he needs for Elijah. Klaus has calmed down, and he tells Ansel that while Esther’s offer is tempting, he doesn’t know what it’s like to have a parent who wants to do something good for him. He thinks he would have liked being Ansel’s son, but fate took him down a different road, and it made Klaus vengeful and paranoid. It also made him powerful enough to protect Hope.

Ansel says he wants to help, but Klaus knows that Esther will use Ansel’s good intentions to get to Hope. “You waited too long before you came to rescue me,” he says. “I won’t make the same mistake with Hope.” He can’t trust Ansel to keep quiet about Hope, so he’s going to kill him. Ansel says Klaus isn’t capable of this. “That’s the first lie you’ve told me,” Klaus replies. He stabs Ansel but holds him while he dies. He cries over his decision to kill the one parent who’s only shown him kindness.

Davina is ready to call it a night, but since she lied to Marcel about Kol, she doesn’t want to go to his place. She considers going back to the attic, though Kol notes that she would be voluntarily returning to what was essentially her jail cell. He doesn’t want her to be lonely, like she must have been when she was living there. Witches need covens, even if a coven contains just two people. He predicts that she’ll come to like him, though he’s pretty sure she’s already on her way there.

Finn meets up with Aiden, who tells him that Cami was kidnapped by a couple of Oliver’s friends who want to avenge his death. He tells Finn to save Cami while he takes on the wolves. But Finn knows that Aiden’s brother Nick was one of the teen wolves Oliver rescued, and he no longer trusts Aiden. Finn blasts him into St. Anne’s, knocking him out. Then he magically lights some candles on fire and snaps Josh’s neck to take him out of commission.

Hayley takes a flying leap at Finn, vowing to beat him up and then take back her pack. Finn taunts that the pack is blindly following him. Hayley replies that he’s one to talk about blindly following someone: “How do your mother’s boots taste?” He asks where Cami is, then demonstrates that Hayley’s hybrid nature is no match for his magic. He knows he can kill her by removing either her head or her heart, and he thinks it would be fitting to take the organ that got her into this. He starts to extract her heart magically, making her bleed from the chest and mouth.

But there’s one thing that’s more powerful than both a hybrid and a witch: an arrow. Jackson has come to regain his alpha status, and he takes Finn down with a good, old-fashioned bow and two arrows. Cami slaps the manacles on Finn’s wrists, saying that he would have done the same to her. Jackson apologizes for being a little late to the party, but Hayley says his timing was perfect.

Klaus gives Elijah his cure, telling him that they were innocent once. Their parents turned them into monsters. Elijah dreams again of coming across his younger self. Klaus takes his place and tells young Elijah, “We are the demons lurking in shadow. We are the savage villains in fairy tales told to children. But not for my child.” In Hope’s story, they’ll be the heroes. Klaus needs Elijah at his side to help him survive his love for Hope. He begs Elijah to come back: “The monster in me can only be checked by the monster in you. Only together can we defeat our demons and save our family.”

In the dream, Klaus gives young Elijah a piece of wood. The boy looks up at his adult self, then charges him and stabs him. This makes Elijah wake up.

Once Vincent has been stashed in the back of Josh’s car, Hayley asks Jackson how he knew where the group was. He says he tracked her a lot when he was stuck in wolf form. He followed his animal instincts. Oliver used to bug Jackson about waiting for Hayley to come back. But Jackson wanted to hold on to the hope his parents always had that the two of them would get together and change things for their pack. Hayley tells him that that girl he was waiting for was Andrea, a “mythic revolutionary.” Hayley’s just a “knocked-up tomboy with a bad attitude.” Jackson agrees that she’s not the person he waited for – she’s better.

Elijah’s first move after recovering is to put on his nice clothes, as if he can’t stand to be without his noble persona for even a minute. Klaus tells him that he spent the day with Ansel, whom Esther brought back from the dead to convince him to give up vampirism. Klaus is haunted by the thought of who he could have been if he’d had a loving, nurturing parent instead of Mikael and Esther. He gives Elijah a sketchbook Ansel had with him, which contains a drawing of Klaus.

Klaus continues that Ansel knew about Hope. (Music: “Devil Inside,” London Grammar) Klaus wanted to trust him to keep her a secret, but he couldn’t be sure he would. He couldn’t take the risk and put his daughter’s safety above his selfish desire to know his father. He killed Ansel without hesitation. Elijah acknowledges that he did it for Hope. Klaus expects criticism, but Elijah approves, since they need to protect “whatever innocence remains.”

Esther finds Ansel’s body hanging in the crypt where she’d kept Elijah hostage. She’s devastated. Kol takes Davina to the attic and sees the indestructible stake in her bag. Marcel arrives moments later. Elijah finishes getting dressed, but he has to stop when his hands start shaking. He remembers the things Esther made him confront – how he killed Tatia and let Esther take her body away. Davina wakes up and admires her new bracelet. Kol and Marcel are gone and her bag is empty. Esther goes to Rousseau’s, where Cami’s alone. Before she can run, Esther chants something.

Elijah thinks the worst of his ordeal is over, but his nightmares will probably continue. Klaus tells him that he sent Esther a message and is anticipating a big response. Elijah wants to make a move before she does, but Marcel and Hayley arrive and tell him they’ve already gotten started. They’ve left gifts for Klaus and Elijah in the ballroom: Finn and Kol. “Kidnapping – that’s a rather unpleasant way to begin a family reunion,” Kol comments. “Well, wait until you see how we end it,” Klaus replies. He may not have found peace like Ansel wanted, but he’s definitely happy.

Etc.: Whose idea was it to bring Ansel back in one episode and kill him in the next? What a waste.

Honestly, I love it when Hayley’s like, “There’s a threat? No problem, I’ll just beat them up.” It’s so much better than if she had to be rescued by some knight in shining armor.

I feel like, evolution-wise, Originals should have developed an immunity to vervain over the centuries.

I’m surprised Gia didn’t join up with the group going after Finn. She clearly likes Elijah, so I would have expected her to get involved.

What Klaus says to Elijah about being the heroes in Hope’s stories instead of villains is basically the theme of Legacies. In fact, this is the first line of dialogue in the first episode, spoken by Hope herself: “When we’re young, we’re taught the distinction between a hero and a villain, good and evil, a savior and a lost cause. But what if the only real difference is just who’s telling the story?”

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