Legacies 3.13, One Day You Will Understand: Hope Mikaelson Must Die

Alaric’s on the phone with Dorian, making arrangements for someone to pick up the wish artifact. Kaleb overhears and guesses that Alaric is going to put Cleo back in it. Alaric hasn’t decided yet, but he thinks that would be the safe thing to do. He’s sure Kaleb is going to try to talk him out of it, but as the headmaster, Alaric has to make tough decisions like this. Kaleb gets that and agrees that Cleo has to go. He can’t forgive her for creating a Landon golem and trying to kill Hope. But he does want to talk to her.

In Landon’s room, Hope studies the giant blade he used as the hunter in the prison world. He sneaks up behind her, having gotten used to staying quiet. She tries to act like everything’s normal, but he knows something’s off. Finch has come to the Salvatore School for breakfast, and she’s overwhelmed by everything she’s learned about the supernatural. Josie’s clearly happy to be back and hopes that Finch will want to enroll. After all, the school was made for people like them. Finch corrects that it was made for Josie and Lizzie. They fit in, while Finch is a loner. Josie tells her to see this as repayment for the tour Finch gave her at Mystic Falls High.

Landon skips breakfast to brood at the dock. He tells Hope it’s too much to be around people right now, after being alone for so long. She admits to using a locator spell to find him because she wanted to make sure he’s really Landon. She wishes the pendant necklace he returned to her were enough proof, but it’s hard to be certain. She also has a lot of questions. Landon says he’s still processing things and isn’t sure how to talk about his experiences yet. He’d like a distraction.

Kaleb visits Cleo, who’s being kept in the art studio by a flame of imprisonment. He tells her that Alaric is getting the artifact and is going to put her back in it. Cleo doesn’t seem to care. Kaleb’s mad that she’s not being open and honest like she encouraged him to be. She’s a hypocrite. She spits out that she’s not a hypocrite, and she’s also not the villain everyone thinks she is. She’ll prove it. She can’t hide from her past anymore – it always catches up to her.

She takes Kaleb’s hands and tells him that what’s about to happen will feel strange, but he’ll be completely safe. She’ll make sure he can understand the language, too. Kaleb resists, but if he wants answers, this is how he’ll get them.

1464 A.D.: Cleo, who’s about seven or eight, is playing with a frog by the Niger River in what is now known as Nigeria. Kaleb can see and hear everything but can’t be seen or heard himself, as if he’s in an astral projection. He follows Cleo to her hut, where she asks her grandmother, Ayomi, why some warriors are leaving their village.

Ayomi tells her that a long time ago, there was a monster that lived in the woods. It found a happy, magical village while in search of something it was willing to destroy everything to get. The warriors banded together to defend their home, but a Muse used magic to get them to fight with words instead of weapons. The warriors went to the woods to talk to the monster, who agreed to spare the village if it got what it wanted. A woman ducks into the hut to tell Ayomi that an agreement has been reached.

Present: Hope takes Landon to Mystic Falls High to get the artifact, but he’s hesitant to go inside. He hid there one night in the prison world and encountered a monster that made him hallucinate. He kept imagining that he was being rescued. Hope tells him he can wait outside and they’ll talk more on the walk back to the Salvatore School. As she goes inside, Dennis approaches Landon to pick up right where he left off last being a jerk to him.

1464: Ayomi tells Cleo she has to go away to make the village safe. It’s time for Cleo to know that she’s not just a witch like her sisters. She’s the seventh daughter of the seventh daughter, which makes her a Muse, like Ayomi is. Ayomi uses magic to inspire the villagers because she cares about them. Some day Cleo will become very powerful and the villagers will need her, too. In order for that to happen, Ayomi has to leave. Power comes with an obligation, and Ayomi will use it to protect her home and granddaughter.

Cleo uses magic to try to take the things Ayomi’s packed away from her so she can’t leave. Ayomi tells her that they have to make sacrifices to protect the people they love. Cleo thinks Ayomi should be able to do what she wants. Ayomi replies that she’s choosing to make this sacrifice. Cleo will understand one day. Ayomi tells her granddaughter she loves her, then leaves, locking the door so Cleo is stuck in the hut. Kaleb wants to comfort her but can’t interact with her. He tells her that in the future, she’ll be really tough. Everything will be okay.

Cleo makes a face Kaleb finds familiar, one that says she’s come up with a crazy idea. She uses magic to open the door and runs back to the river, where the warriors have gathered…with Malivore. “This b&^$% is everywhere!” Kaleb exclaims. Cleo steps between Malivore and Ayomi, saying that Ayomi can protect the village, and Cleo can protect Ayomi. She goes to Malivore and says she’s a Muse, too. She wants Malivore to take her instead. Ayomi protests but Cleo has made up her mind. She takes Malivore’s hand and leaves with him.

Present: Kaleb confirms to Cleo that he gets what a big sacrifice she made to protect her loved ones.

Hope finds Landon pounding on Dennis and asks him what’s wrong with him. Hmm, maybe weeks (or possibly months) in a post-apocalyptic prison world, where every day is the same and there are no other humans around, just monsters who would love to kill him, did something to him psychologically? Just a guess.

Kaleb tells Alaric that he can’t put Cleo back in the wish artifact. They got everything wrong about her – she’s not a villain. She sacrificed herself to save her grandmother and their village. Alaric thinks that Cleo made Kaleb see what she wanted him to see. But Kaleb is sure that she showed him what really happened. Alaric notes that Cleo could have teamed up with Malivore. They need more information.

Kaleb offers to get more of the story, but Alaric doesn’t think he can be impartial, since he’s already made up his mind. Kaleb replies that the same goes for Alaric. He’s already decided to put Cleo back in the artifact. They all know he has a track record of sending away problem kids. Alaric thinks that’s a low blow, but it’s also true. This time, he wants the whole story before he kicks Cleo out. Someone else needs to get that.

Josie takes Finch to the gym to meet the werewolves, whose numbers are still pretty low. Josie starts to introduce Finch as her girlfriend, then stops herself. Jed asks how much Finch can bench, which the girls don’t appreciate. Alaric rushes in and announces that he needs Josie’s help. She awkwardly introduces him to her “friend,” who Alaric already knows all about (and knows is really more than Josie’s friend). She leaves with him, abandoning Finch with the werewolves.

Hope blasts Landon for acting like a completely different person. He says she can’t understand what he’s been through. She notes that of course she can’t, since he hasn’t told her what happened to him. He says that after they had sex, he spent what felt like years trapped in Malivore. He kept telling himself that she would come rescue him, but she didn’t. He had to fight the Necromancer to escape, then had to survive alone in the prison world. He learned how to fight and kill, and he did it every day.

She reminds him that he found a way out, but he says she did. He saw what looked like a rift opening, thanks to her, Josie, and Lizzie. He came back to the real world when they were trying to access the prison world. Hope notes that that was weeks ago. She can’t believe he’s been back this whole time and never told her.

Josie goes to see Cleo, trying to bond over her recent experiences with black magic, which led her to hurt people she loved. “I am not the villain here,” Cleo tells her. Josie asks what Malivore wanted when he took Cleo as a child. Cleo says he wanted her to create. She’s sculpting something, and she tells Josie it’s how she learned to make friends. She takes Josie’s hands to show her more of her memories.

1464: Cleo sculpts a frog out of Malivore mud and uses magic to animate it. Malivore just takes it from her and absorbs it back into himself.

Present: Reliving her memories of being stuck in the cave where Malivore kept her makes Cleo emotional. Josie confirms that he forced her to create monsters he could eat. Cleo says that he saw her as his salvation.

1400s: Lonely, Cleo grows up making her own friends (literally), then losing them to Malivore. One day, Cleo is inspired herself by da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man. She decides to make Malivore a vessel.

Present: Cleo thought of the vessel as salvation for both her and Malivore. It was a solution to Malivore’s hunger, and it’s been his obsession for centuries.

1400s: Along with a vessel in the form of the Vitruvian Man, Cleo gives Malivore a voice. He finally feels like his hunger is satisfied, and, as Cleo notes, he’s now free of the spell that created him. She wants her freedom, too. Malivore tells her that she belongs to him forever. He can’t let go of this power he has access to. “Never make a deal with the bad guy!” Josie chastises Cleo, who can’t see or hear her in the memory, and also did this 600 years ago.

Malivore vows to rid the world of witches, werewolves, and vampires, the beings that created him. Then he’ll create a superior species to take their place. In the afterlife, Klaus is like, “Is that what I sounded like when I was going on and on about hybrids?” And Elijah is just shaking his head and chuckling. “This is just the beginning of our story,” Malivore tells Cleo. She replies that it’s the end. Now he’s her prisoner – he just doesn’t know it yet. She has control over his new form, and she uses it to force him to hold on to formations in the cave, effectively trapping him there. “Correction: Only make a deal with the bad guy when you know how to screw him over,” Josie says.

Malivore warns Cleo that she’s making a huge mistake. She says she’s just been inspired to be something other than his servant. Malivore replies that his vessel won’t last, but Cleo thinks he might starve before he can break out of it. Either way, it’s the last comfort he’ll ever get from her gifts. He vows to break free and find her, but she doesn’t seem worried.

Present: Landon tells Hope that he watched the school from a distance to make sure nothing dangerous came through with him. She reminds him that he tried to kidnap Cleo, then attacked Hope. Actually, he was fighting a werewolf who ambushed him. He ran when he realized it was her. He wanted to know why Malivore was after Cleo and why there was a Lanpostor running around. Landon took some of his hair to test it.

Hope’s upset that he didn’t reveal himself after he learned that Lanpostor was…well, an impostor. Landon says he did it for the same reason she left him and Josie alone after she got back from Malivore. Hope looked happy and Landon was a mess, so he let her be. She asks if he would be there with her if Cleo hadn’t forced him to reveal himself. They hear something nearby – the Vitruvian Man, who’s lost two of his arms in the process of freeing himself. Good thing Landon has a blade with him!

Josie tells Alaric that Cleo was imprisoned by Malivore and was on her own for years. Josie chose to do black magic, but Cleo was taken from her family and forced to do it. Josie thought they’d had similar experiences but she was wrong. Alaric says it’s all in the past. She replies that he put it there. She almost killed M.G. and she did kill Alyssa, but Alaric let her back into the school like nothing had happened. He says it’s because Josie’s his daughter, so she asks if he would be doing all this to Cleo if she were also his daughter. Josie acknowledges that Alaric is in charge, but he can’t be Cleo’s judge, jury, and executioner. The school is supposed to help supernaturals, “not condemn them to an eternity of loneliness.”

Hope tries to use magic on the Vitruvian Man, but her spell doesn’t work. She gives Landon the wish artifact and tells him to take it to the school. He notes that the Virtuvian Man wants the artifact, and when it comes to bullies (and monsters), you have to fight instead of talk. Hmmm, that feels like the opposite of Ayomi’s lesson to Cleo. Landon still isn’t much of a fighter, though, so it’s a good thing Hope has an axe.

Alaric finally goes to talk to Cleo himself, wanting to know why she made a Landon golem and tried to kill Hope. Cleo says that he knows why. He’s known for a while and just refuses to accept it. Cleo doesn’t need to inspire any big plans to take down Malivore. They already have the solution: “Hope Mikaelson must die.”

Hope and Landon tag-team the Vitruvian Man, both suffering some small wounds. He reminds her that she can’t get her blood near him. They eventually start fighting together, which is what gets the job done. Unfortunately, the wish artifact gets destroyed during the battle.

Alaric refuses to consider Cleo’s so-called solution to the Malivore problem. She’s been looking for another, but there isn’t one. He asks to see her memories so he can know for sure. She takes him through her escape from the wish artifact when Hope threw it in the lake. She followed Hope and Alaric to the school, since it seemed like a place that would accept her. She used Malivore mud to create the leprechaun to help with the school’s financial problems. She also made, rather than summoned, the Ferryman.

The Landon golem was necessary because Cleo needed to keep Hope from opening a portal to the prison world and risking Landon’s escape. Things changed when Malivore sent the gremlin and the banshee after Cleo. To keep Alaric from discovering her origins, she set off the fire-suppression system at Triad. When she ran out of options, she decided she had to kill Hope. She wants Hope to become the true tribrid and defeat Malivore for good.

Alaric doesn’t want Hope to have to lose her human life on top of everything she’s already lost. It would mean she could never have her own family in the future. Cleo understands loss – she was never able to go home after her escape from Malivore, in case he followed her there and went after her family and friends. Instead, she went to Italy, where she met da Vinci. He sketched some of her lost friends to help her heal. Some of those sketches are now famous. Da Vinci was Cleo’s first and only love, and she should have known it wouldn’t last. Alaric comments that he’s learned that the hard way. Dude, I’m telling you, you’re better off without Isobel.

Ayomi was safe after Cleo’s sacrifice, and Cleo believes her grandmother watches over her from the afterlife. Her power helped Cleo infuse the artifact that da Vinci created to shield her from Malivore. She hoped that she would be able to return to the world one day, after Malivore was gone. She didn’t get to have a “true life,” but at least she was safe until Hope opened the artifact.

Alaric is sympathetic but needs assurance that Cleo won’t try to kill Hope again. Cleo says she sees now that history has started repeating itself. She won’t lose anyone else she cares about. As Ayomi taught Cleo, Hope gets to decide whether or not to sacrifice herself. Cleo asks Alaric what her fate is, and he blows out the flame of imprisonment. Like Hope, she gets to make her own decision. As we’ve heard countless times, the school was made for supernatural students. Cleo will always have a place there if she chooses to stay.

Josie goes back to the gym, where Finch and Jed are wrestling. She wins, and he accepts defeat gracefully, as long as he gets a rematch later. The other wolves seem to like Finch, and Josie’s happy to see that she’s already made friends. She’s realized that she’s a spoiled princess in the castle her father made for her. Despite what she’s always believed, the school isn’t for everyone, so Finch doesn’t have to enroll if she doesn’t want to. But she does want to, on one condition: They use the word “girlfriend.”

Hope offers to do a healing spell on Landon’s wounds, but he seems okay with the stitches he’s given himself. She admits that she’s scared because Cleo told her she’ll have to become a full tribrid to defeat Malivore. She doesn’t like being told what to do, and she doesn’t want to tell Landon what to do, either. He can take his time telling her about his experiences. No matter what happened, she still loves him.

Landon says that’s the problem – nothing has changed. He went through Hell to stay alive in the prison world, and when he got home, Hope was happy with a perfect version of him. He was angry at first, but now he gets that they’re doomed. She refuses to believe that, since she went through Hell to find him and would do it again. He replies that he can’t let her do that. He’s the son of Malivore and she’s the loophole that will defeat him: “We exist to destroy each other.” They need to stay away from each other. He’s going to help with that by leaving. He doesn’t feel like he belongs at the school without Hope.

Kaleb checks in with Alaric, who says Kaleb was right about him worrying more about being in charge than seeing the truth about Cleo. He’s invited her to stay at the school. However, she chose to leave. Alaric thinks she wants a fresh start somewhere else. Kaleb is disappointed that he didn’t get to ask Cleo if her feelings for him were real. He wants to find her and convince her to stay. Alaric replies that they need to respect her wishes.

Cleo heads to that one bus stop everyone always uses, where Landon soon joins her. She tells him she’s going in search of another way to kill Malivore. He asks if she wants any help.

Etc.: Clever of the writers to decide that Cleo could alter the language in what she showed Kaleb so we wouldn’t wonder why people were speaking English.

The difference between Jed’s treatment of Finch when he first meets her here and his treatment of Rafael when they first met is like night and day. He’s very welcoming to Finch (and I’m pretty sure he really did just want to know how much she could bench). Our little Jed is all grown up!

So da Vinci was Cleo’s first big love, but when they encountered each other in the last episode, she spent five seconds with him and then ran away. Weird.

Landon taking Lanpostor’s hair to test it makes sense, but…test it how? And why did he take some of Hope’s hair, too?


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