Legacies 1.10, There’s a World Where Your Dreams Came True: Wishin’ and Hopin’

The urn glowed again overnight, so Alaric and Hope are anticipating the arrival of another monster at the Salvatore School. Hope’s guesses are a cyclops, Slender Man, or Santa. Alaric doubts they’ll be lucky enough to get that last one. She points out that a guy who breaks into your home, sees you when you’re sleeping, and judges your behavior is actually pretty creepy.

A blue-skinned woman appears in Alaric’s office as Hope says she wishes that “Satan’s nightlight” would give them a break. Alaric replies that he wishes the knife had never been at the school. But they can’t do anything to change that, so they’ll have to make sure they’re not blindsided by the next monster that shows up. Neither of them sees the woman, and neither do Josie and Lizzie when they come in. They weren’t supposed to return from their visit with Caroline in Europe until later, but they got an earlier flight. Alaric didn’t get Caroline’s multiple messages, since he’s been dealing with the oneiroi and other various issues.

Josie forgives Alaric for not picking them up from the airport, but Lizzie’s not going to let it go. Hope tells her they’ve been in crisis mode. Lizzie’s up-to-date on everything she’s missed and knows that Hope’s the reason Malivore got the knife, which means there are only two keys keeping the pit at bay. That means it’s also Hope’s fault that the twins had to take a long, gross-smelling shuttle ride from the airport. Oh, poor Lizzie, your life is so hard.

The blue-skinned woman, Ablah, is waiting for Lizzie when she gets to Twin Turret. She’s eager for Lizzie to get with the program and “say the magic words.” Lizzie unknowingly obliges: “I wish Hope had never come to this school.” Ablah becomes visible to her and says she’s going to grant Lizzie’s wish. Lizzie realizes she’s a genie. Ablah corrects that she’s a jinni, but either way, Lizzie’s wish is her command. With a snap of her fingers, they both disappear.

After an altered title card welcomes us to Lizzie Saltzman’s Legacies, Lizzie wakes up in her bed the next morning. Alaric, now bearded, tells her it’s time for fight training. She wants to skip it, since she’s not in the mood to watch Hope spar with him. Alaric doesn’t know who she’s talking about. Lizzie realizes what’s going on and loves it. She and Josie spar with Alaric on the dock where he usually trains with Hope. Everyone is happy and strong, and there’s no one else Alaric would rather train with. He tells the twins they need to give a tour to a new recruit who isn’t sure he wants to attend the school.

The recruit is Jed, and the twins start his tour in almost exactly the same way they started Rafael’s. But the student body is significantly smaller now, the maintenance staff hasn’t been keeping up with their job, and the werewolf pack is just one scrawny kid named Luis. I don’t think he would put up much of a fight if Jed challenged him for alpha.

The twins eat breakfast together, but Lizzie isn’t impressed by the offerings. She asks where the Belgian waffles and smoothie station are. Josie thinks she’s joking, since there’s no way they could afford that stuff. It’s expensive to run the school and they don’t have many benefactors, outside of Damon and Elena. Lizzie realizes she’s wished herself into a less-than-ideal universe. She calls out for Ablah, calling her genie, and Jed asks Luis if she’s talking to herself. Luis says the twins are “blazing hot” but Lizzie’s crazy.

Ablah finally pops up and Lizzie complains that the school sucks in this alternate reality. Klaus sent Caroline a big check to fund the school when it opened, so without Hope there, there’s no money, which means it’s no fun. Lizzie wants Ablah to fix it. Ablah asks if that’s her next wish, but Lizzie knows she could be walking into a trap. If she wishes to clean up the mess of her first wish, she’ll waste her second, and she’ll just end up wasting the third, too, by wishing she’d never had wishes at all. She decides to make the best of the situation instead.

She goes to Alaric’s office, where he’s on the phone with Caroline, who’s having trouble finding new students. Josie’s cutting out newspaper articles about supposed animal attacks that sound like they’re really the work of supernaturals. Lizzie announces that she has a solution. She does a spell on a globe so it’ll light up wherever a young supernatural being has started to exhibit powers. (The spell is actually Hope’s, and Lizzie adapted it.)

Alaric spins the globe and it starts lighting up immediately. The bigger lights indicate more power, and there’s a giant one in New Orleans. Oops! Lizzie just inadvertently put the Saltzmans on the path to recruit Hope. They go to New Orleans, where Hope has gone all Ripper on a bunch of people at Rousseau’s. Because apparently Hope is a vampire in this alternate reality. Lizzie tries to call a time-out with Ablah, who doesn’t appear. Alaric knows who Hope is and tells her he knew her parents (well, her father – he was dead when Hayley was in Mystic Falls). He understands where the darkness she’s feeling comes from, and he thinks he can help her.

Lizzie can see where this is going, and she’s right: Hope ends up at the Salvatore School and becomes Alaric’s new sparring partner. He’s happy, Josie’s happy, and the presence of a tribrid at the school means everyone will want to go there. Great job, Lizzie! Alaric tells Hope she belongs there – it could be her home. She doesn’t think she can stay, since she’s done a lot of horrible things. He says that’s because she didn’t have anyone to guide her. He wishes he’d found her sooner. He hugs her, which is the last straw for Lizzie.

She summons Ablah and slams her for being bad at her job. Lizzie’s wish was for Hope not to go to the Salvatore School. Ablah corrects that she wished for Hope to have never come to the school, and before today, she hadn’t. She thinks it’s interesting that Alaric couldn’t fulfill his dream without Hope. Lizzie tells her to go back to her lamp. Ablah warns her to be careful about the words she uses in her wishes. She needs to figure out what her heart desires (or, in this case, what it doesn’t desire). Lizzie makes her second wish: “I wish that there was never a Salvatore School to begin with.”

Lizzie pops into her second alternate reality as Alaric (who’s scruffy but not fully bearded) is driving her and Josie to Mystic Falls High. He reminds them to keep their calm if anyone messes with them. Josie knows that he’s really trying to remind them that they’re not allowed to use magic. On their way inside, Lizzie asks her sister if they like it there. Josie tells her to try to keep it together today. Connor greets them, calling out to the homecoming queen. Both girls think he’s talking to them. He makes out with Josie, then tells her that Lizzie’s being weird. Josie thinks it’s because she’s the only one on the homecoming committee who doesn’t have a date.

Lizzie’s confused about Josie being interested in Connor. Josie reminds her that since she’s head cheerleader and Connor is the starting quarterback, it makes sense for them to date. Lizzie then learns that in this alternate reality, Dana and Josie are friends. Dana’s still a jerk, though. When she taunts Lizzie for needing medication, Josie laughs with her instead of defending her sister.

Alaric has gone back to his old job teaching history. He also still stashes bourbon in his desk. He has a big beer belly (a bourbon belly?) and doesn’t seem to like his job. He’s teaching drunk and doesn’t remember the name of the Battle of Willow Creek. Apparently this is common in this alternate reality. He says that the 27 people trapped in the church were rounded up by their neighbors and friends for being different.

Josie realizes he’s still wearing his watch, and after class she reminds Lizzie that she was supposed to steal it. It was a gift from “Stefanie Salvatore’s dad” and is a magical object. Josie wants to siphon it so she can “take things to the next level with Connor.” Lizzie, of course, assumes that that means she’s going to have sex with him. Josie clarifies that she’s going to show him that she can do magic. Then she’s going to have sex with him. Lizzie needs to come through for her for once.

Lizzie sneaks into Alaric’s classroom after he’s passed out. Ablah joins her and Lizzie says she sucks at granting wishes. Ablah says that actually, Lizzie sucks at making them. Lizzie accuses her of manipulating things to make her miserable. There’s no universe where this would happen. Ablah says she can’t lie, and everything Lizzie’s experiencing is a reality she could face as a result of her wish. She thinks this alternate reality makes sense: Alaric started the Salvatore School to help Josie and Lizzie thrive. He intended it to protect them from their darkest impulses, and Lizzie wished his dream away. The students at Mystic Falls High don’t care about protecting Lizzie, so she’s the “school freak” and Josie’s popular.

Lizzie asks how she can get out of there. Ablah notes that she can use another wish. She just needs to be super-careful with her language. Ablah doesn’t want to be in this alternate reality any more than Lizzie does – she’s spent 500 years granting wishes to self-involved people. “This isn’t about you!” Lizzie says. “I rest my case,” Ablah replies.

Outside, Lizzie sees Dana flirting with Connor, then kissing him. As the twins arrive for the homecoming dance that night, Lizzie tries to talk Josie out of what she plans to do with Connor. She’s upset that Josie doesn’t believe that she saw Dana and Connor together. Josie says that every time things are going well for her, Lizzie has an “episode” and ruins everything so she can take the spotlight away. If Josie believed every “paranoid delusion” Lizzie spewed, she’d be crazy, too.

Lizzie’s hurt by that, and though Josie feels a little bad, she’s also tired of trying to make Lizzie feel better about herself. She says Alaric’s been doing it forever, too, and it makes him miserable. He drinks all the time because he hates his job, which he only took to keep an eye on Lizzie. Caroline makes excuses to stay out of town because she hates seeing him this way. He’s totally given up. Josie’s giving up now, too – she’s done making excuses for Lizzie and worrying about her having a meltdown. She’s not letting Lizzie control her happiness anymore. Somewhere, Penelope is clapping and cheering.

Josie demands Alaric’s watch from Lizzie, but instead of handing it over, Lizzie siphons all the magic out of it. Josie spits out that she hates her sister. She walks away, ignoring Lizzie when she asks her to come back. Lizzie screams at her to stop, releasing magic and making all the lights flicker and go out. The school freak has just given her classmates more ammo to think she’s weird.

Alaric runs in and rushes the girls out before they can draw any more attention. But a car pulls up outside the door before they can leave. Hope, Kaleb, and Jed step out, looking like they just got there from the future. The car has the Mikaelson insignia on it, and Alaric recognizes it from a boarding school with the same name. Hope tells Kaleb to compel everyone to forget what they saw, then instructs Jed to lock the building down. There’s a fourth student with them, but we haven’t seen him yet because he’s so short – Pedro gets to call in a helicopter. Lizzie objects that they don’t need help or want to be superheroes. Hope says they’re there for Alaric, not the twins.

The Saltzmans go to Vamp Villa, which is now home to the Mikaelson School. Klaus built it for Hope, and it’s been so successful that he’s in Europe to establish a branch there. They need a new headmaster, and they want Alaric. Lizzie’s mad, and when she storms out and runs into Ablah, she says she wants her final wish. Ablah points out that Alaric and Josie are happy in this alternate reality. In fact, Josie and Hope are already on their way to being best friends. But Lizzie wants to use her wishes the way she sees fit.

Ablah advises her again to wish for what she really wants. She should isolate her biggest problem and “show it no mercy.” That’s easy: “I wish Hope Mikaelson was never born.”

Lizzie wakes up in the third alternate reality on a bench. Kaleb and Jed are there, and they tell her they need to move before patrols start. They’re in some kind of tunnel, and the walls are papered with two kinds of posters. The first tell people to call Triad if they see supernaturals, and the second are various wanted posters featuring Rafael, M.G., and Emma.

The guys tell Lizzie that she said her father could help them get out of Mystic Falls. She’s still taking in her surroundings, which wouldn’t be out of place in a movie about a dystopian future. She asks why the people in the wanted posters have their eyes scratched out. “‘Cause they’re finally free,” Kaleb says. Jed tries to hush him, but Kaleb thinks it’s better that they’re dead, since it means they’re not being hunted by Triad. Lizzie sees that Klaus is also wanted, and his eyes are intact. They head off to what Jed calls the “Supernatural Railroad.”

That would be Vamp Villa, which looks like it was abandoned decades ago. They come across a group of teens who include Penelope. She welcomes them to the resistance, then tells Lizzie she has a lot of nerve to come back. “At least you earned this mental breakdown,” she says. Lizzie doesn’t know what’s going on, but she spots a wooden box and realizes that someone must have died.

Alaric comes in and hugs Lizzie with relief. He tells her she can’t be there and takes her to the kitchen, where all the windows are papered over. Apparently she ran away and he’s had no luck finding her. She asks why she ran, and he guesses that she’s forgotten due to some kind of traumatic amnesia. He’s glad she’s home, but they can’t stay, since Triad’s closing in on them.

A newspaper lets Lizzie know that in this alternate reality, everyone knows about vampires. The front page features an article about two enemies of the state, Klaus and Caroline. Alaric realizes that Lizzie has forgotten more than he thought. He tells her that Klaus lost everything that anchored him to his humanity, so he shut it off two years ago and started a war. He outed supernaturals, and Triad developed a racist platform centered on them. Everything’s been horrible since then.

Lizzie asks where Josie is. Alaric looks away sadly, then tells her that Josie’s dead. Everyone’s there for a vigil for her. Lizzie doesn’t want to believe it: “That’s not what I wanted.” She tells Alaric that she can fix this. She can make this whole reality go away. She calls for Ablah, then realizes that she made her last wish and can’t take it back. She starts crying as she says she ruined everything. Alaric yells for Penelope, who blows something in Lizzie’s face to sedate her.

She wakes up in the basement with Ablah, who says the third wish is always tricky. She hopes Lizzie has better luck with the next one. Lizzie’s stunned that she gets another wish. “Who ever told you a jinni only grants three?” Ablah asks. Well, Aladdin, and every other story about genies. Ablah has been correcting Lizzie over and over that she’s a jinni, not a genie, and that means she can grant or ignore any wishes she wants. She won’t work against her own self-interest, so Lizzie can’t wish her dead, but she’s free to wish to reset her life. There’s just one condition: Ablah wants the urn.

Lizzie complains that Ablah’s been using her words against her this whole time. She trapped Lizzie in the worst possible situation just to get what she wants. Ablah thinks the urn is a small price to pay for an end to the suffering in this reality. Lizzie replies that Ablah doesn’t know how much she’s suffering. But Ablah’s been through worse her whole life. She was born into 500 years of service and spent all of it fulfilling other people’s dreams without ever getting to pursue her own. In her 499th year, she came across Malivore and was sent into its dimension of isolation and damnation. Lizzie doesn’t care.

Ablah continues that she was in Malivore alone until she got one final chance at freedom. She begs Lizzie to accept her offer and wish for Ablah to have the urn. Lizzie knows that that could trigger a supernatural apocalypse – doesn’t that fit the category of working against Ablah’s self-interest? Ablah says the urn is her only hope. If she takes it to Malivore, she’ll be free and at peace. Whatever happens after that isn’t her problem.

Lizzie calls her selfish but Ablah thinks she’s being a hypocrite. She doesn’t know why there’s even a question here. This is a horrible reality, so Lizzie just has to wish it away. Lizzie knows there has to be a loophole, since there’s always one in magic. Ablah advises her to find it fast, because things are getting worse upstairs. She sends Lizzie to the old mill, where everyone’s gearing up to fight Triad. They’ve decided to stop running and take a stand. Lizzie knows they’ll never win, and she blames herself. Alaric says it’s his fault. He and Caroline should have never kept the secret they did.

He tells Lizzie about the merge and how only one of the twins will survive. Alaric and Caroline have been looking for a way to prevent it since the girls were young. When they turned Vamp Villa into a rescue operation, a witch who stopped by told the twins about the merge. Lizzie had an episode and got paranoid. She saw Josie as a threat, and she became obsessed with beating her. Eventually she lost control. Lizzie realizes that she killed her sister. Alaric tells her it was an accident, but that doesn’t matter to her.

She thinks her father must hate her, but he just hates himself for failing his daughters. She tells him she’s been to other realities and in every one of them, he did everything he could to protect them. Alaric wishes they could be in one of those other realities. Lizzie asks him to believe her: “There’s a world where your dream came true.” He built the Salvatore School and everything was wonderful. They were safe and loved, and he helped a ton of people. Lizzie was just too jealous and stupid to see it. Alaric asks if he told the twins about the merge in that world. When she shakes her head, he replies, “Then I guess we were both pretty stupid, huh?”

Penelope announces that it’s time to fight Triad. Lizzie says she can get them out of this; she just needs some time to think. Alaric’s like, “You do that while the rest of us walk into near-certain death.” Ablah joins Lizzie, trying to convince her to accept her deal. Lizzie’s sure there’s a way they can both get what they want. Ablah says she won’t grant any wish that doesn’t involve her finding peace. She thinks Lizzie needs some incentive.

She sends Lizzie to the woods, where the resistance fighters are facing off with Triad. The resistance has magic and other supernatural perks on their side, but that doesn’t make them immune to weapons. Lizzie admits to Ablah that she’s selfish and has made mistakes, but it would be an even bigger mistake to give her the urn. It could ruin everyone’s lives and destroy the chance to make any reality better. Lizzie’s already done that enough and can’t do it again.

Alaric gets overpowered by two Triad fighters and is dragged away. Lizzie is confident that he’ll be okay once she fixes this. “I won’t give you the satisfaction of breaking me,” she tells Ablah. “You were already broken – that’s why I chose you in the first place,” Ablah replies. Lizzie says that just means Ablah can’t break her any more. She will never wish for Ablah to get the urn. If she wants it so badly, she should have taken it when she had the chance.

Lizzie realizes that since Ablah can only do what someone wishes her to do, she can’t just take the urn. Ablah’s cursed, and that makes her as broken as Lizzie is. But Lizzie now knows how to fix her: “I wish that you had never met the monster that sent you to Malivore.”

Ablah traces the logic here, noting that if she’d never gone into Malivore, she would have completed her 500 years of service and been granted her freedom. She accepts the wish…with a catch. If she finished her service already, she and Lizzie would have never met, and Lizzie would never get a look at these alternate realities. She won’t remember the merge when she’s back in her reality, or at least not consciously. It will be just like she reset things.

Ablah tells her that the other people who did a reset went back to worlds just like the ones they left, but their minds had changed. Somehow they remembered parts of their journeys, and the knowledge slowly drove them insane. That’s the loophole here. When Lizzie inevitably finds out that her parents have kept quiet about the merge, history will repeat itself and she’ll kill Josie again. Lizzie tries to take back the wish, but Ablah ignores her, thanking her for granting her freedom.

Lizzie returns to the moment she went to Twin Turret after coming back from Europe. Josie follows her in, asking her not to be mad at Alaric. Lizzie hugs her, though she’s not sure why she has the urge to.

That night, she makes a sandwich in the kitchen, telling someone that she feels broken. She all of a sudden has a feeling that something horrible will happen if she doesn’t change. Earlier in the day, Alaric’s on the phone with Caroline in his office, taking a pause from researching the Gemini coven. The book he’s reading is open to a page about ascendants. He tells Caroline that Lizzie’s shaky and might be on the verge of an episode. He asks about merge leads but Caroline hasn’t found anything. When they hang up, he goes back to his book, where he’s underlined something about the merge and written in the margin, “Kai Parker??”

Lizzie comes by to apologize for blowing up at him. Caroline gave her some tools to manage her mood shifts, but she has trouble using them when she gets so upset about Hope. Alaric admires her self-awareness. As they make up, she glances at his book and asks what it’s about. He says it’s nothing for her to worry about.

She voices over that she thinks her weird thoughts have something to do with Hope. She runs into the girl in question, who invites her to help do a barrier spell around the urn so they can trap the next monster that comes after it. Lizzie declines, but she’s polite about it.

Back in the kitchen that night, Lizzie says she feels like she’s losing her mind. She asks if her conversational partner has any thoughts. “Sounds like you got a lot going on,” he says. It’s Pedro. She realizes it’s past his curfew and sends him to bed. She doesn’t remember telling him that she needed to talk or giving him the sandwich she made. She takes it back and wonders why she wanted to talk to him in the first place.

Etc.: Lizzie is never going to be considered particularly smart, but in this episode, she shows a lot of savvy. Her fourth wish is genius.

I’m not sure about the logic behind Lizzie’s first wish. It implies that Klaus’ donation to the school was based on Hope going there, but I don’t think that’s true. I thought he just wanted to do something nice for Caroline. I also don’t know why Hope is a vampire in the first alternate reality. She would have died if she hadn’t gone to the Salvatore School? And what about Alaric’s beard?? Why does he have a beard in the first alternate reality but not the second or third?? Why is he shaving more in the dystopian nightmare than in the happier first reality??

Aww, Caroline would be proud that her daughters are carrying on the family tradition of organizing school dances (in the second alternate reality, at least).

There’s some debate over whether Stefanie Salvatore actually exists, since this is the only time she’s ever mentioned, but since Lizzie doesn’t seem to wonder who she is, I assume she’s real. She also doesn’t react when Josie says that Damon and Elena have kids (plural) in the first alternate reality, so, again, they’re probably real. That said, “Stefanie Salvatore’s dad” is a weird way to refer to your father’s best friend.

How did Klaus get his hands on Vamp Villa to turn it into a school in the second alternate reality? I don’t think Damon would have handed it over or sold it to him.

Also, I love how the group takes a helicopter there from Mystic Falls High, even though it’s in the same town.

I’ve said before that I don’t think Jenny Boyd (Lizzie) is quite on the level of the other actors on the show, but she shines in this episode. She’s especially great when Alaric tells Lizzie that Josie’s dead.


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