Legacies 1.3, We’re Being Punked, Pedro: No More Secrets

In 14th century France, two men find the knife Landon took from the Salvatore School on a big slab of rock in the woods. A gargoyle is nearby, and one of the men is spooked by its presence. The other tells him he’s worrying about something from a fairy tale. The first man says the knife is from a fairy tale, too. But they’ve been searching for it, so the second man doesn’t want to just walk away.

Some growls tell them that “he has awoken.” The first man tries to run but the gargoyle ambushes and kills him. The second man does a spell to burn the gargoyle with fire, and when the gargoyle isn’t affected, the man begs for mercy. The gargoyle isn’t affected by his pleas, either.

In the present, Alaric is up late, researching the knife. He finds it in a book, but the text is in Gaulish. “Why does it always have to be Gaulish?” he murmurs, because this franchise loves to make Indiana Jones references. He hears a rustling noise outside his office window but ignores it.

In the morning, Dorian leads a magic class through a chain spell. Penelope is missing, and Lizzie says she’s having “lady cramps.” Dorian says that in a “disharmonious group,” the flow of the spell will be uneven. As if Penelope would add harmony to the group. A note flutters into the room, indicating that someone’s in trouble with Alaric. Hope guesses it’s the people responsible for the brawl at the football game. She’s right, but it’s also her.

Alaric tells her, Josie, and Lizzie that everyone who played in the game has to do community service. Lizzie argues that she was provoked to hit Dana, and considering Dana’s “abuse,” her response was justified. Also, it’s Josie’s fault for making Kaleb drop the ball. Alaric says Lizzie’s still in trouble, and Hope slams her for throwing her sister under the bus. Josie appreciates that, which just makes Lizzie more upset. Alaric tells the girls to work together and skip the drama. Hope notes that she wasn’t at the game, but he says she knows what she did. Now Lizzie’s intrigued.

After the twins leave, Hope tells Alaric that she wants to stay back and help him with research. He reminds her that Dorian has a master’s in library science, so he’s perfectly capable of taking care of that. Hope doesn’t think it’s fair that he’s excluding her now when he always enlists her help for things he can’t do himself. But he puts his foot down, saying he can’t drag anyone else into this until he figures out what’s going on. She needs to be a kid and keep “a dragon-sized secret” until he gets some answers.

The punishees get driven to the town square, where Lizzie asks Hope what she did to deserve community service. Hope won’t tell her. Dorian gives the kids the choice to pick up litter, pull weeds, or clean graffiti. Kaleb complains that the supernatural kids are being disciplined but the humans aren’t. Hope chooses to pick up litter since Lizzie won’t, which means they can keep their distance from each other.

Josie reminds Lizzie that they’re supposed to work together. Lizzie replies that they’re also supposed to avoid drama, and staying apart is a good way to do that. Josie’s mad that Lizzie turned on her earlier, so she opts to work with Hope. Lizzie calls them “daddies’ girls,” which is pretty harsh considering that Hope’s father is dead. M.G. remains infatuated with Lizzie, though, and goes with her when she tells him to.

Landon and Rafael spent the night in the woods and managed to catch a rabbit to cook for breakfast. Landon feels bad that Rafael left the school, since it was good for him, but Rafael wasn’t going to let him go off on his own. They talk about Hope, who probably hates Landon. Rafael asks why Landon lied to both of them. Landon isn’t sure. It was like the knife wanted him to steal it and lie about it. Rafael notes that he’s probably never going to see Hope again, so it doesn’t matter. Now it’s just the two of them, living off the land. If only the land provided burgers. But Landon has an idea to make money off of Rafael’s new werewolf abilities.

Lizzie, Kaleb, and M.G. clean up graffiti that says, “Salvatore is 4 loosers.” At least those losers can spell! Also, the effects of this are kind of diminished since the graffiti is on a downtown window, not the school itself. Kaleb doesn’t get why they’re being punished for winning a game fair and square. I think it’s more because of the fight. Also, as M.G. notes, it wasn’t fair, since they used their abilities. Kaleb thinks that if LeBron James can use the advantages he has to win games, they should be able to do the same. They’re better than the humans and shouldn’t apologize for it.

Connor, Dana, and some other Mystic Falls High students come by, and Connor hints that whoever painted the graffiti is just going to come paint it again after it’s cleaned up. Lizzie hopes that person’s spelling improves by then. Dana chats with M.G., who ignores Lizzie when she tries to keep them apart. Connor splashes a drink on Lizzie like this is Glee.

She goes back to the school to change clothes, running into a younger student named Pedro, who’s like, “You got a little something…uh, everywhere.” She passes the gargoyle in the garden and doesn’t notice when it turns to watch her go. Emma goes to Alaric’s office to remind him that he missed a counseling session (he made them mandatory for everyone at the school, including himself). He’s been messing around with the knife, which Emma knows about from Dorian, who follows the rules and goes to his sessions. Alaric isn’t sure if a person who wields the knife has the power to save or end the world. His fourth-century Gaulish is a little rusty.

He uses an apple to demonstrate that the liquid the knife is currently sitting in is hydrochloric acid. It dissolves the apple but does nothing to the knife. He’s also tried explosives, a saw, a torch, and running it over with his SUV. It seems like the lore saying the knife is indestructible is true. Emma notes that Alaric can add “linguist, slayer of mythical creatures, and demolitions expert” to his résumé. She thinks that’s too much for him to take on by himself.

Lizzie runs in and calls her father a jerk for putting her in Connor’s path and getting Josie and Hope to buddy up. She tells Emma that on her way home, she applied some techniques to work through her issues, but they just made her realize that this is all Alaric’s fault. If he’d been at the game instead of off with Hope, everything would have gone great. It’s not fair that Hope gets to know secrets that Josie and Lizzie don’t. (Emma agrees with that. Alaric tells her she’s not helping.) Since Lizzie refuses to go back downtown, Alaric sends her to garden with the younger students. “At least now you know why I am so screwed up,” Lizzie tells Emma.

She goes to the garden and tells Pedro that people will always disappoint him. The kid’s, like, seven – let him have a few more years before he gets jaded. Over her shoulder, he sees the gargoyle moving. He alerts Lizzie, but she doesn’t see anything, so she thinks he’s just messing with her. It happens again, and though she still doesn’t see movement, the gargoyle has moved closer to them. “We’re being punked, Pedro,” Lizzie title-drops – some witches must be practicing illusion spells. But the gargoyle moves again, and Lizzie finally sees it as it fully comes to life.

She rushes Pedro inside, siphons from him, and sends him to get Alaric. Though she’s scared, she stays put and tries to do a spell. When Alaric finds her, she’s almost completely paralyzed and can’t speak. Pedro tells Alaric it was the gargoyle, which scratched her. Alaric calls Dorian and tells him to look into a gargoyle from medieval folklore. It seems to have poisoned Lizzie, and Alaric’s worried that it’ll spread to her heart.

In the town square, Hope compliments Josie on her litter-gathering skills. Josie notes that she has a lot of experience cleaning up messes. Hope replies that she does have a “Dumpster fire” for a sister. Being an only child, Hope doesn’t get that siblings can taunt each other, but you should never taunt someone else’s sibling. Kind of like how Rebekah can threaten to kill Kol, but if anyone else does, Rebekah will rip their heart out.

Josie asks why Hope always picks fights and pokes at her and Lizzie. Hope thinks the twins give as good as they get, but Josie says it’s just self-defense. She’s not happy about the secret Hope is keeping with Alaric, and she asks what happened when they went looking for Landon. Hope lies that it was nothing, but it’s obvious that that’s not true, since Alaric came back rattled and Rafael didn’t come back at all. Hope sharply says there’s nothing to tell. She accidentally puts her litter-retrieval stick through her foot, and Josie helps her pull it out. She teases that this time, Hope poked herself.

Landon’s brilliant get-rich-quick idea: He and Rafael bet people in some small town that Rafael can climb a building and come back down in 20 seconds. So much for keeping the supernatural a secret, huh, Landon? Rafael pulls it off with his werewolf skills, impressing even himself. A crowd gathers and more bets are placed. A guy in a fedora offers triple if Rafael can do it in ten seconds. A guy in a hoodie texts someone, “They’re here.”

Alaric puts the school on lockdown, sending the older students to their rooms and the younger ones and Lizzie to the Great Hall with Emma. He thinks the gargoyle will ignore them and come after him because he has the knife. He goes looking for the gargoyle, which pretends to just be a statue when he finds it. When he raises the knife, it grabs his arm and growls.

Josie seems to be feeling some of whatever Lizzie’s going through, but she figures she’s just nauseous because M.G. and Dana are making out in the town square. It makes sense to her: “M.G. has the hormones of a teenager and the impulse control of a preschooler.” He also has bad taste in girls. Hope doesn’t want to judge, considering her last crush. (I assume she means Landon, but this could also apply to Roman.) Josie sympathizes, as her last crush “was actually Satan incarnate.” She does have a new crush, but she doesn’t think that matters, since Lizzie already has dibs. Hope guesses that she’s talking about Rafael. She’s tired of Lizzie always calling dibs; it’s never Josie’s turn. Josie says that’s just how her sister is. Hope notes that that doesn’t mean it’s right.

She finally admits that she’s being punished for using dark magic. She didn’t tell Alaric about Josie’s involvement, which Josie appreciates. Hope adds that Landon and Rafael ran off together. Landon said he didn’t know why he stole the knife, but she’s not sure what to believe. She thought his letter was sweet, though.

Josie tells Hope that Lizzie’s sensitive, and it’s been worse recently because Caroline’s gone so much on recruitment trips. Hope can relate to her missing her mother. Josie tells Hope that whenever Hayley came to visit her at school, everyone would comment on how beautiful she was. She wishes they’d sent Hope flowers after her death. Hope says that Alaric did, and he signed the twins’ names. Josie admits that they deserve some of Hope’s poking.

She wonders where Landon and Rafael are. Hope suggests doing an astral-projection-type spell that Freya taught her that will let them see the guys. They can do it using Landon’s letter. This is a spell the school doesn’t teach, so they have to keep it quiet from Alaric. Yes, continuing to use spells that aren’t allowed is a great way to smooth things over with him!

Landon and Rafael eat lunch in the woods (burgers, not rabbit) and count their earnings. One of the bills has “RUN, WOLF OR DIE” written on it. Wolf should have another comma after it – did the person who did the misspelled graffiti write this, too? Landon doesn’t mention it to Rafael. He looks up and sees Hope nearby, then watches her disappear. He tells Rafael that they should leave.

The girls’ spell worked but Josie stops it because she’s realized whatever she’s feeling is actually Lizzie’s pain. She thinks her twin is in trouble. Not as much trouble as whoever the gargoyle’s going to go after with the knife it got from Alaric. Fortunately, the spell Lizzie did just before it attacked her also worked – it was a barrier spell to keep it on school grounds. It’s very, very unhappy about that.

Dorian won’t let Hope and Josie go back to campus, and he won’t tell them why. Hope sees that he’s reading up on medieval folklore, and I’m sure he knows that she’s going to keep asking questions. M.G. and Dana are still making out, but it seems like she just wants him to want her more than he does Lizzie. He compels her to tell him if she really likes him. She thinks he’s cute and has great hair (he really does), but she’s secretly in love with Connor, who’s dating her best friend, Sasha. She’s just with M.G. to make Connor jealous. But she thinks M.G.’s with her to make Lizzie jealous, so no harm done.

M.G. kicks himself for asking, since he’ll be taking advantage of Dana if he keeps kissing her. His mom didn’t raise him like that. He compels her to forget their makeout session but remember that he’s cool, great at football, and crushes it “all day, every day.” No one could ever forget that, M.G.

Rafael asks Landon why he suddenly wants them to leave their camping spot. Before Landon can answer, he gets hit in the neck with a dart and passes out. Rafael takes a dart next. Back at the school, the gargoyle moves through the hallways, scraping its fingers along the wall and making an obnoxious noise. Emma hears it coming and tells the younger kids to stay quiet. She does a spell to make them invisible so that when the gargoyle looks into the room they’re hiding in, it thinks it’s empty. Emma’s just inches from it, on the other side of the door, but it has no idea.

Landon and Rafael wake up chained to a couple of trees. They’re both okay, unlike the guy in the fedora, who’s lying nearby with an arrow in his chest. Their attacker is the guy in the hoodie, but they have nothing to worry about – it’s the one and only Jeremy Gilbert!

M.G. finds Kaleb feeding off of Dana on their bus. He invites M.G. to have a taste but M.G. declines (feeding on humans is strictly forbidden at the Salvatore School). Kaleb compels Dana to go home and get a scarf to cover her horrible hickey. He tells M.G. that he’s not hurting anyone, so it’s not a big deal. M.G. agrees to keep this secret. “Vamps before tramps,” Kaleb says.

Josie and Hope must have outrun Dorian or something because they show up back at the school. Alaric finds Hope, who gives him a book about gargoyles that Dorian thought might be helpful. It’s Gaulish again. This just isn’t Ric’s day! According to his translation, killing a gargoyle is easy: “Hit it hard. Repeat as needed.” Alaric thinks it poisoned Lizzie to get his attention. Hope’s surprised that it didn’t hurt him when it took the knife from him.

Alaric has a theory about that, but Hope doesn’t have time to hear it – to get into the school, she and Josie had to take down the barrier spell Lizzie put up, which means the gargoyle can now get out. Alaric at least appreciates Lizzie’s quick thinking to try to contain the gargoyle. He grabs an axe and shield from the wall (what? How did your school decorate?) and asks how Hope took down the spell. Joining them, Josie says she did it. She takes the axe from her father and says she has questions.

In the woods, Jeremy tells Landon and Rafael that the guy in the fedora was a werewolf hunter. Rafael may think that he has an advantage as a supernatural being, but he doesn’t. There are a lot of threats out there, especially to those who use their powers in public. Jeremy introduces himself and explains that he works for Alaric sometimes. He asked Jeremy to track the guys and make sure they stayed out of trouble. Jeremy wrote the note on the money to scare them into hiding. Ah, so he’s the one who doesn’t know the rules of punctuation. That makes sense, considering how much school he skipped. Anyway, he’s going to bury the hunter and take Landon and Rafael to Alaric.

Rafael’s upset that Landon didn’t tell him about the note. Landon didn’t want to ruin the fun they were having – the kind of fun Rafael hasn’t let himself have since Cassie died. Landon thinks Rafael should go with Jeremy. He’s better off without Landon. Rafael thanks him for his support after Cassie’s death and tries to convince Landon to go back to the school with him. He refuses to go back without his foster brother.

Hope, Josie, and Alaric do a power walk through the hallways to the Great Hall. Just as they arrive, the gargoyle appears. It flies down the stairs toward Hope, who ducks out of its reach. Alaric jumps in between them, to Josie’s horror. He and the gargoyle stare each other down for a few long moments, and though the gargoyle is holding the knife just an inch from Alaric’s heart, it doesn’t stab him.

Josie’s able to ambush the gargoyle and hit it over the head. Hope makes it fumble the knife, then does a spell with Josie to make the gargoyle explode. Josie blasts Alaric for jumping in front of Hope, but he knew from his research that the gargoyle wouldn’t kill him. Josie doesn’t want to hear it.

Later, once Alaric has checked on Lizzie, who’s improving, he tells Hope that he knew he was safe because gargoyles are protectors. This one in particular was tasked with protecting the knife. It loved the humans it was responsible for so much that it vowed never to hurt humans. It fought evil on their behalf instead. It only attacked the girls because it thought they were enemies. It spared Alaric because it thought he needed protection. Hope doesn’t think that will make the twins feel better.

She reminds Alaric that he’s always telling them to work together and put their feelings aside for the sake of the school and the community. She hasn’t always listened, but now she thinks it’s good advice. Maybe he should take it himself. If he wants Hope to get along with the twins, and for the school to be safe, he can’t keep secrets that could tear them apart.

Alaric gathers the older students to tell them that in the past week, he’s stopped believing that the only kinds of supernaturals that exist are the kinds at the school. Folklore and fairy tales aren’t just stories anymore. They now know that dragons and gargoyles are real. So far, they’ve won battles with them, but if creatures are going to keep coming after the knife, the fight isn’t over. “In their minds, we’re the villains because we won’t give them what they want,” Alaric says. They’re going to find out why they want the knife.

In a brief flashback from before the assembly, Alaric gives the knife to Dorian so he can take it somewhere safe. Dorian jokes that he wants a raise and dental coverage. Actually, he’s probably not joking. Give him dental, Alaric! He tells the students that there could be more attacks, and he wants them to be aware of the danger so they can look out for each other.

They already are: M.G. had someone in the kitchen make brownies for Josie and Lizzie, knowing Lizzie loves them. Alaric voices over that they should do what’s best for each other. Josie spots Hope in the doorway, not quite ready to make friends or socialize yet. Alaric says that they’re more than just a school – they’re a family. They’ll stand together, fight together, and win or lose together, no matter what they face next. On her way to her room, Hope sees that Landon is back. They stare at each other from down the hallway before she walks away, angry.

Dana and Sasha are outside the school, waiting for Connor to come commit vandalism with them. Sasha doesn’t want to call him and tell him to get there already because she might come across as needy. Dana says she is needy; that’s why their friendship works. Shut up, Dana. Sasha can’t get cell service in the car, so she goes outside. After a few moments, Dana hears her screaming. Something approaches the car and she gets spooked. Something heavy drops down on the roof, and the sight of whatever it is makes Dana scream, too.

Etc.: I don’t know why I’m so surprised that the Mystic Falls High kids don’t get punished for their behavior at the football game. Considering all the stuff the gang got away with in The Vampire Diaries, Alaric must have been the only adult over there who ever paid attention.

Just imagine what one of Alaric’s counseling sessions would be like. There’s years’ worth of stuff to unpack there.

The scene with the gargoyle creeping around and Emma holding the illusion to keep him away is even scarier when you think about the real-life parallel – a human teacher trying to protect her human students from a human with a gun.


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