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The Originals 5.7, God’s Gonna Trouble the Water: Martyrs

Hope was unconscious through the whole showdown at Shiloh Place, and when she wakes up, she’s in her room at the Salvatore School. Freya assures her that she’s safe, but Hope just wants to know where Hayley is. Freya sadly tells her that Hayley’s dead.

The Quarter is quiet, as if everyone is mourning. Klaus gets a magically delivered condolence letter from Caroline, who had to get back to the school. Josh blames himself for Hayley’s death, since he let Greta get away, but Vincent says that her plan was already in motion. Josh was an innocent victim like everyone else. Josh is upset that vampires hurt Hayley, but Marcel won’t claim them as part of their people. They need to be wiped out.

Today, though, is about grieving. Vincent has arranged a truce among the factions. They’ll have a second-line procession this afternoon, then give Hayley a typical werewolf funeral that evening. Josh notes that if Klaus is in the city at the same time as Hope, they’re in for trouble. Marcel thinks Klaus will do the right thing for New Orleans and Hope. The three toast to their departed friend.

While Freya thinks about calling Keelin, Hope picks out something to wear to her mother’s funeral. Klaus calls Freya to arrange travel and confirm that she’s gotten a witch to help with their “geographical predicament.” Ivy’s going to astral-project Klaus to the second-line procession so he can be there for Hope without actually being with her. Klaus would rather risk the side effects of their proximity than leave Hope to grieve by herself. He notices a dead plant and tells Freya there must be another Mikaelson in the city. Hope’s still in Virginia, and Kol and Rebekah know better, so it has to be Elijah.

Yep, he and Antoinette are in the Quarter, meeting some members of Greta’s “movement.” Their leader, Emmett, praises Elijah for killing a hybrid. They want to give Greta a proper memorial service, but they’re confined to Marcel’s penthouse since they don’t have daylight rings. Emmett asks if Roman will be joining them, but Antoinette says he knows he’s not welcome in the city after the way he helped Greta go after Hayley.

She’s a little uneasy about meeting Greta and August’s buddies, since their views are so extreme. Emmett thinks that’s what’s needed right now. The city has lost its way. The vampires need to reclaim their place at the top of the food chain and get rid of all the “abominations.” Antoinette diplomatically says that their commitment to the cause is commendable, but the movement they belong to should have stayed dead and buried. Emmett tells her it’s more than a movement – it’s an army. Elijah’s skeptical, since there are only a handful of vampires there, but a bunch more enter and surround him and Antoinette.

As they leave the penthouse, Antoinette acknowledges that her mother is the villain in a situation that hurt Elijah’s family. Elijah still doesn’t care about what happened to Hayley. Klaus arrives just then, snaps Elijah’s neck, bites Antoinette, and tells a hybrid minion to remove them from the city. Hey, Klaus has hybrid minions again! He waited a long time for those! At least one thing in his life is going well.

Ivy meets Vincent at Rousseau’s and advises him to drink a shot before she gives him some news. He wants to delay talking about whatever it is, since this is supposed to be a day devoted to celebrating Hayley. Plus, if he doesn’t get any news, he doesn’t have to take any action and no one will end up dead. Yeah, Ivy’s not going to just sit on this. She tells him that the blood rain, snakes, maggots, and hail reminded her of something from the ancestors’ teachings. A seer from 1718 prophesied the destruction of the supernatural communities in New Orleans. Things are only going to get worse.

Elijah wakes up chained up in a cell with Antoinette and weakened from vervain. She wishes they’d stayed away from the extremists. Elijah gets why Klaus is mad at him but not the game he’s playing. Antoinette doesn’t think it’s a game at all, or at least not a fair one, since his bite is going to kill her.

Marcel goes to the Compound to yell at Klaus for riling up the extremists. They’ve already made Greta their martyr, and they’re only going to be angrier when they find out he bit Antoinette. Klaus doesn’t care, since he’s in the mood to fight. A hybrid minion calls to tell him that Elijah wants to talk.

Elijah’s quietly furious with Klaus, who mocks him for being a lousy hero for Antoinette and her family. Elijah thinks Klaus is going to make him watch Antoinette die so he’ll know how it feels to lose someone he loves. Klaus just wants the enjoyment of knowing that she’ll suffer. Elijah says he’ll never forgive Klaus, but Klaus doesn’t need it from someone he now considers an enemy. Elijah wants to make a deal: He’ll let Marcel and Vincent return his memories if Klaus saves Antoinette. Upset that Elijah would do that for her, Klaus rejects the offer.

Marcel starts yelling again, slamming Klaus for turning down the opportunity to get Elijah back. Klaus says Elijah’s dead to him, but Marcel is sure he doesn’t mean that. Klaus rages that Elijah let Hayley die. She looked right at him, thinking he was there to save her, and he did nothing. In the cell, Antoinette notes that Elijah didn’t consult her before offering his deal to Klaus. She finds it ironic that Greta did horrible things because she hates hybrids, and now the only thing that will save Antoinette is a hybrid’s blood. Maybe this is punishment for August’s legacy.

Elijah wants her to keep fighting, since there’s still a chance she can live. She asks what will happen if he gets his memories back. Won’t he want to return to his family? Their seven years together won’t outweigh his thousand years of loving his siblings and Hayley. Elijah promises he’ll never stop loving Antoinette. She tells him she doesn’t want this to end. He vows to find a way to get her cure. He still has the hybrid guard’s phone, and he uses it to call Marcel.

Marcel tells Vincent that Elijah made him the same offer he made Klaus. Marcel wants to accept, since Elijah will then take the “nightwalker Nazis” with him back to France. Vincent guesses that Elijah won’t want to leave, but Marcel says he told Elijah the consequences of being around Klaus and Hope, and he knows he can’t stay. Vincent’s like, “If we believed he could stay away from Klaus, we wouldn’t have erased his memories in the first place.” Marcel’s like, “Buddy, they’re not going to want to be around each other again for a really long time.”

Vincent asks what will happen if they don’t give Antoinette some of Klaus’ blood. Marcel tells him that the extremists have been bragging that they have an Original on their side. If they let Antoinette die, Elijah will become radicalized. Vincent’s top priority is keeping the Mikaelsons separate, especially now that he knows what will come next in the escalating Hollow-proximity side effects.

Hope and Freya are the only Mikaelsons at Hayley’s second-line procession, which Marcel and Vincent are supposed to join them for. Hope asks about Declan, but he’s in Ireland visiting his mother, and Freya didn’t even bother telling him yet that his girlfriend is dead. Ouch. As the procession starts, Klaus meets Ivy in the bayou so she can do his astral projection. He asks how he can be sure she and her coven aren’t plotting some elaborate revenge on him. Well, because they have compassion – they wouldn’t mess with him on the day he’s burying his daughter’s mother.

Hope objects to the procession, which is full of people Hayley didn’t know. Her friends aren’t there (I guess Josh doesn’t count). Marcel and Vincent are off sneaking Antoinette the cure, and Marcel tells Freya to cover for them. Ivy astral-projects Klaus into the Quarter just as two vans speed up and block the procession. Too far away to do anything, Freya calls out to Josh. He moves aside a curtain in the back of one van, revealing Emmett and two other extremists. Emmett asks for Elijah and Antoinette, then uncovers some weapons, saying they’re not leaving without them.

Klaus comes out of the astral projection so he can go to the Quarter in person. Ivy blasts him with magic to keep him from leaving. Freya tells Hope they need to go, but Hope isn’t about to let the extremists ruin her mother’s procession. She knocks Freya aside with magic, then uses more to blow up the second van. Emmett takes a shot at Hope before she can blow up his van, but Josh zooms her out of the way.

Ivy tells Klaus that Hope will be in more danger than she is right now if he goes to the Quarter. Klaus doesn’t care about plagues or lava or whatever’s going to come next. Ivy shows him the prophecy, which is already more than halfway fulfilled. After snakes and maggots and hail come fire across the water, monsoons from the sea, and the death of all firstborns.

Waiting for Marcel and Vincent, Antoinette tells Elijah that if she dies, she wants to be cremated and have her ashes spread in a pond on Manosque. He refuses to even think about the possibility of her not surviving. Marcel and Vincent arrive with some of Klaus’ blood, but they won’t give it to Antoinette until they’ve given Elijah back his memories.

Ivy warns Klaus that the more time his family spends together, the more danger the city is in. Klaus decides to do the astral-projection again, this time joining Hope at the Compound. She isn’t interested in seeing him, though, since he promised he would be at the procession and then didn’t show up. She’d rather risk death than be without him while she’s grieving. Hayley’s dead because of her, and she needs more than “some half version” of her father. She cries and says she can’t live like this anymore.

Klaus goes to the spot in the bayou where Hayley’s family lived and carves her name on a tree. It’s under two other names, Jackson and Mary, who must have died during the seven-year time jump. Klaus wishes he’d been there for Hayley and Hope, but he was scared of exactly what ended up happening. The family is a curse to each other and their home. He knows Hope needs him, but being there for her just puts her in danger. He wants her to grow up and fall in love and be the kind of strong, beautiful woman Hayley was. He doesn’t know what to do, and he wishes his “little wolf” were there to help him.

Vincent and Marcel reverse what they did to Elijah to make him forget the “always and forever” vow. He goes to the white hallway and is faced with opening the red door to let everything back in. As Elijah approaches it, he hears Klaus confronting him for screwing things up with him and Aurora. Elijah doesn’t want to open the red door, but he can’t fight Marcel’s compulsion. Antoinette thinks Marcel’s hurting him, but Vincent says they have to keep going.

Elijah hesitantly keeps heading toward the door, and as he’s about to open it, he hears Hayley telling him to stop. He’s remembering the way he attacked her when she was in his mind. Marcel compels him to remember his family and Hayley, but it’s too much for Elijah and he collapses.

Freya has looked into the prophecy, and she confirms to Klaus that every moment the family spends together takes them closer to their deaths. Klaus can’t believe that taking the Hollow from Hope to save her would lead to another threat to her life. He and Freya both feel powerless. He’s going to head out so Hope can go to the bayou for Hayley’s werewolf funeral.

Freya tells him that Marcel and Vincent accepted Elijah’s offer, and she thinks they were right to. All of this happened because Elijah didn’t know who he was. Klaus worries that when he recovers his memories, the knowledge of what he let happen will destroy him. “Either way, we’ve lost him,” he laments. “I was trying to save him from himself.” Freya tells him it’s too late. She’s been stoic all day, supporting Hope and making arrangements and focusing on Hayley, but when she gets off the phone with Klaus, she lets herself break down. Hope sees her and just feels worse.

Vincent determines that Elijah’s unconscious because of some kind of dark magic. It’s as if someone took him out of himself. Marcel and Vincent suspect the extremists, so they’re going to withhold Antoinette’s cure until they’re sure that she wasn’t involved. Marcel says that Greta infected the city with her views, came after his family, and killed Hayley. If Antoinette dies, she’ll just be another one of her mother’s victims.

Freya does something to bless Hayley’s body, I guess, before her funeral. Hope tells Freya that she knows how much her aunt has sacrificed to help their family and that Freya thinks there’s nothing else they can do, but Hope disagrees. They have to save each other and “always and forever.” Freya taught Hope most of what she knows about magic, so Hope would like her help to figure out what they can do. Freya promises to give Hope whatever she needs.

Hope asks for a necklace Hayley was going to be buried with, and Freya puts it around her neck with the Mikaelson pendant Rebekah gave her. Josh, Marcel, and Vincent arrive, followed by another familiar face: Keelin. She rushed to be there as soon as she heard about Hayley’s death.

Once everyone’s there, Freya eulogizes Hayley, saying she made Freya feel like she was part of a family. They took on difficult times together and shared both failures and successes. Hayley was there for everyone in her pack, too. No one will ever be able to replace her or heal the pain of her loss, but they can honor her with their words and actions. They can love each other the way she would have wanted them to.

Lisina lights Hayley’s fire and Hope says goodbye as her mother is pushed off into the water. Klaus appears next to Hope and takes her hand, willing to risk the biblical threats so he can be there for her, if only for a moment. They’re going to continue to face hard times, but Klaus needs to be with Hope right now. As a thunderstorm starts up, Freya warns Lisina that things might get ugly. She sends everyone inside, leaving Hope and Klaus alone.

Klaus promises that he’ll always be there for Hope, even when he can’t actually be with her. This is the last time they can be together. There’s a boom out on the water and the flames from Hayley’s body start to spread out – it’s the fire across the water from the prophecy. Hope vows to fix this. Klaus takes another moment to tell her he loves her before he heads off to keep the fire from spreading.

As he approaches his car, some unseen force snaps his neck. He wakes up in the courtyard of the Compound, unable to leave. Elijah appears and says there’s no way out. They’re trapped there together.

Etc.: I guess Elijah was the only person Hayley ever told she didn’t want a second-line procession, because he couldn’t remember and tell the Mikaelsons not to hold one.

Just before the astral projection, Klaus tells Ivy not to transport him to the bottom of the Mississippi. Well, don’t give her any ideas!

I never thought about how the werewolves don’t have headstones, since their bodies are ignited and floated out into the water, so there’s no grave or place for their loved ones to visit. I like the idea of carving their names on trees as a memorial.

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