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The Originals 5.1, Where You Left Your Heart: Sleeping Dogs

It’s been seven years since the Mikaelsons separated, and Klaus is in Paris. He’s babbling to a bouncer outside a nightclub about how he feels drawn to France, like he’s been pulled into the country’s orbit. We’re all “satellites orbiting those we love,” but Klaus now has to orbit from a distance, so he’s been visiting old acquaintances. In 1928, he had “a little falling out” with the Gatineaux family, and he’d like to make it right.

The bouncer doesn’t budge, so Klaus does some name-dropping. At least I think it counts as name-dropping when it’s your own name. He asks if the bouncer has heard of “Klaus le fou” (the fool) or “le dement” (the insane) or “der morder” (the murderer). Nope! Klaus rips out the guy’s heart and eats it in front of a bunch of people waiting to get into the club. He tells them he prefers being called “Klaus the mad,” and he hopes they’ll spread that around.

In Mystic Falls, a Salvatore School student named Henry meets with Hope (who’s now 14 or 15) so he can buy some of her blood. He drinks one vial, saving the second for later. He calls a woman name Lisina and leaves a message warning that she’s going to get a call later. He needs her to know that there’s nothing she could have done. He opens an upstairs window in what used to be Vamp Villa’s living room, feels the breeze for a few moments, and falls out.

Dorian goes to Hope’s room to tell her that Alaric wants to talk to her about Henry. Hi, Dorian! She worries that Alaric is going to call Hayley. Dorian says he’s going a step further – he wants Klaus informed. Hope doubts Alaric will be able to track him down. Dorian tells her to pack up because she’s going home. ‘Bye, Dorian!

In New Orleans, it’s almost time for Mardi Gras, and the reinstated, new and improved, less formal council of faction heads is meeting at Rousseau’s to discuss plans. The council now consists of Hayley, Vincent, Freya, and Josh. I guess the humans don’t get a representative. The past seven years have gone great, but Vincent doesn’t want them to get too comfortable.

The factions are working on floats in different parts of the Quarter, and Josh thinks the vampires need an incentive to stay away from the witches and werewolves – say, more daylight rings. He keeps getting text messages, and Vincent figures out that Marcel is behind them. He reminds Josh that Marcel is no longer involved in any decision-making in New Orleans. If he gets involved, he’ll bring Rebekah in, which means her brothers will follow. He doesn’t even want to think about Klaus coming back because rumor has it that he’s gone insane.

Vincent reminds the others that if even two Mikaelsons (minus Freya) get together, they’re a ticking bomb, thanks to their pieces of the Hollow. Hayley tells him that Marcel’s in New York, Elijah is “in Amnesia Land” (thanks, Josh), and Klaus is all over the place. There’s nothing to worry about.

A vampire waitress named Poppy delivers some food that the chef, Declan, had sent to Hayley. Not only is Hayley dating someone who’s not Elijah, but he’s a human. Man, that’s a tough act to follow. She steps away as she gets a call from the Salvatore School.

There, Hope tells a guy named Roman that she got suspended. He thinks it’s cool. He also calls her Hope Marshall, which is Hayley’s last name. Henry joins her and she chastises him for not being discreet. He says he wanted to make sure it would work. He’s a werewolf, and he purposely killed himself with Hope’s blood in his system so he could become a hybrid. He wanted more power, since he’s a weakling. She tells him that along with new hybrid perks, he’s going to be singled out for being different. He didn’t think this through. Henry says Hope wouldn’t understand.

He knows she’s Klaus’ daughter, thanks to Lisina, who’s also a werewolf. They’re Crescents, and since Hayley’s their alpha, they all know about Hope. Hope doesn’t want that information spread around school. There are going to be some questions about how Henry survived jumping out a window. He worries that Klaus will kill him for getting Hope suspended. She says he’s not very involved as a father.

Freya and Keelin talk while lying in adjoining cots in a military tent. Keelin’s in Lebanon and Freya’s been visiting her via astral projection. Keelin has been asked to stay for another six months, and she wants Freya to come join her. Freya doesn’t want to delay her work on neutralizing the Hollow’s magic, which she hasn’t been able to do even after seven years because it requires two or more Mikaelsons being in the same place, which is a big no-no. Keelin tries to get Freya to agree to spend a month in Lebanon for every year she’s worked on helping her family.

In New York, Marcel presents Rebekah with what he calls “four objects and a question.” Object #1: a wedding dress he once bought her. Object #2: the plans for the house he designed for them, which they can now build anywhere Rebekah wants (except New Orleans). Object #3: the sword she used in their first duel, after which he told her he would marry her one day. She said she wouldn’t marry a man who couldn’t best her, but he’s learned over the past few years that he doesn’t want to best her. He wants them to be by each other’s sides.

As soon as he realized that, he went looking for object #4, an engagement ring. And that means the question he has for her is a proposal. Rebekah’s a little overwhelmed and can’t get out an answer, but Marcel anticipated that. He has two envelopes for her, one labeled “If you say yes” and the other labeled “If you say no.” He thinks it’s an easy choice. But even after seven years apart, Rebekah can only think of one thing: her family.

In Manosque, Elijah is again at the piano when Klaus comes to his bar. Klaus recognizes the song he’s playing as an old favorite: “Try as I might, I can’t resist a familiar refrain.” They both hear whispers, and a nearby bouquet of roses starts to die. Elijah plays another song and Klaus compliments his skills. He mentions that he has a temper, which Elijah says he wouldn’t have guessed. He notes that Klaus seems disappointed by that comment. Klaus says it’s actually nice to hear; he’s been feeling “one-note” lately.

Elijah thinks he’s caught up in the grind of daily life, working long hours to support his family but not having enough time left to spend with them. Klaus replies that his family is “geographically challenged.” He hasn’t seen his daughter in seven years or talked to her in five years. “There were some issues,” he says. Elijah guesses that he has a lot of regret. Klaus replies that Elijah sounds like his brother, who was his “lodestar.” Elijah notes that Klaus is talking about his brother in the past tense. Klaus says he’s been away, and he’s just now realizing how far apart they’ve been. He notices petals falling from the dead roses as the whispers start up again.

Instead of giving Marcel a response to his proposal, Rebekah went to take a bath. He tells her he knocked it out of the park and can’t believe she didn’t accept. She doesn’t want him to make it about him, but how can he not? She’s spent seven years putting their lives on hold for her family. Rebekah accuses him of having a secret mistress, but she means Josh; she knows Marcel’s been in touch with him. He never truly left New Orleans behind.

Some roses in the bathroom start dying, so apparently that side effect of the Hollow pieces being in proximity reaches everyone with a piece of it. Rebekah knows exactly who to blame. Marcel wonders why they put rules in place if Klaus is just going to keep breaking them. Buddy, you’ve known him for decades – this is typical Klaus. Suddenly the water coming out of the bathtub faucet turns to blood. Rebekah vamps out and asks for her phone.

She calls Klaus and tells him he’s pushed things too far this time. He knows, since a drink nearby has also turned to blood. Rebekah hears Elijah’s voice in the background of the call and asks Klaus he looks. Um, hot, as usual. Klaus says he seems happy. This is the first time he’s let himself talk to Elijah in seven years. Rebekah sympathizes with Klaus but tells him to leave ASAP.

Hayley brings Hope home to the Compound, having given her the silent treatment the entire trip back. She’s furious that Hope did something to draw attention to herself. The whole point of sending her to the school and enrolling her as Hope Marshall was to keep her safe. Hope won’t tell her why she wanted the money she got from Henry, and she thinks she has the right to sell her blood – it should fall under the category of Hayley’s teachings of “my body, my choice.” Hayley reminds her that this is different.

Hope tells her it was Henry’s idea, but that doesn’t make it better. Henry was already struggling to fit in; now he’s one of just three hybrids in the world, and everyone in New Orleans will see him as a threat. Hope can’t create something without taking responsibility for it. Hope asks if Hayley’s going to ground her – it won’t stick, since Hope can just use magic to do whatever she wants. Hayley says she’ll have to clean up Hope’s mess before it gets worse.

Freya discusses her Keelin options with Vincent, leaning toward going to Lebanon. She owes Keelin, who was really patient for six years while Freya focused on helping her family. But with Hope in trouble now, Freya doesn’t feel right leaving. Vincent’s not happy to learn that Hope made Henry a hybrid, and he tells Freya she can’t go to Lebanon. The two of them are the glue holding New Orleans together. Freya thinks Hope’s dumb mistake will get sorted out, and besides, only two things have happened (Hope creating a hybrid and getting suspended). “Everybody knows bad things come in threes,” she says. Freya, do you know about the Triad??

Some flowers nearby die and Vincent asks if Freya has anything else she’d like to tell him. She casually says that Hope is coming back to the Quarter for a while. There’s nothing to worry about! Everything’s great! There is definitely not blood in the flower vase instead of water, and that certainly doesn’t count as a third bad thing!

The next day, Hayley’s walking through the Quarter when someone grabs her arm. On instinct, she throws a punch, realizing too late that she’s just hit Declan. She remembers that she forgot their date the night before. He understands that her daughter is her priority, so he’s not mad, and he offers to help if Hayley needs it. She starts to say that they should take a break so she can give Hope her full attention. Declan objects, but Hayley claims they’re not really dating anyway. He tells her that if she really wants to break up with him, she’ll have to do it “like a civilized person: at a bar, with bourbon.” Declan, I know some people you’re really going to get along with.

At the Compound, Hope’s on the phone with Kol. He’s in Belize with Davina, who must have accepted his paragon diamond engagement ring, because they’re now married. Kol thinks the trouble Hope’s in will blow over by Mardi Gras, but Hope is starting to get what a big deal it is that she made someone a hybrid. Kol tells her not to worry every time she gets in trouble or she’ll never enjoy herself. Hope, stop taking advice from Kol right now. He thinks she was an entrepreneur by selling her blood. Plus, “the best people are black sheep.”

Hope asks if Kol has seen Klaus lately. Kol says no, because he’s actually following the rules. He’s sure that sooner or later there will be some crisis in New Orleans that requires the Mikaelsons’ attention. This clearly gives Hope an idea. Okay, these two should definitely not be allowed to talk to each other without supervision.

Hayley goes to the bayou to see Lisina, who’s Henry’s guardian. She says he’s already been getting threats. The vampires will never trust him, since he’s part wolf, and the pack could easily turn on him. Hayley calmly says they’ll adjust and Henry doesn’t need to worry. Lisina thinks that being the alpha has made Hayley out of touch: Hope put a target on his back. Hayley tells her they can work together to limit the damage. But Lisina is the only family Henry has had for ten years, and she won’t put him at risk by trusting the wrong person. She asks if Hayley is there as a Crescent or a Mikaelson. Hayley replies that she’s there as a mother. She can’t change the fact that Hope screwed up, but she can try to make up for it.

Marcel is tired of Rebekah complaining about Klaus, who isn’t answering her calls, and tells her they’re done talking until she accepts his proposal. He’s going to City Hall at 3:45. He’s been waiting for decades for the Mikaelsons to settle down, and it ends now. If Rebekah isn’t all in, they’re done. He leaves and she looks at the two envelopes. She opens the one labeled “If you say yes” and reads the note inside: “I knew you weren’t just a pretty face. There’s one more present docked in Monaco. Seemed like a nice place to honeymoon.” Hayley texts Rebekah to say that Hope is acting “like a freaking alien” and Rebekah needs to get Klaus to call. Rebekah texts back that she knows someone who can track him down.

Klaus has finally gotten access to the Gatineaux family, but instead of making things right, he’s killing them all. Well, of course – it’s Klaus. Someone zooms in as he’s finishing off the last one and pins him to a wall. “Why don’t you pick on someone your own size?” suggests his attacker. Normally I would make fun of someone for saying that, but in this instance I’ll let it go, because I have too much respect for the speaker, one Ms. Caroline Forbes.

She puts blankets over the bodies, which Klaus wishes there were more of. She asks if he’s trying to break his own record. He wants to know why she’s there and not at the Salvatore School. She says she got a call about him – not from Hayley, as he guesses, but from Rebekah. Caroline was already in France for work (recruiting French supernatural students, I assume), so she tracked him down.

Caroline doesn’t get why Klaus avoids Hope (whom she notes he hasn’t asked about). She’s beautiful and smart, probably too smart for her own good, just like he is. She hears the same rumors everyone has over the past five years that Klaus has gone totally insane. But to Caroline, he seems “only normal crazy.” She mentions that two men from the family who own the building they’re in were killed at a nightclub. Why is he killing everyone in the Gatineaux family? Klaus replies that he’s compulsive, or maybe bored, or maybe he really has finally gone mad. She thinks he just wants people to believe he has. He’s not on a random spree – he has a kill list.

Freya meets Vincent at Roussau’s to tell him the flowers and blood the day before were the result of Klaus getting to close to Elijah. Vincent’s annoyed that Klaus “tempts fate while his daughter wakes sleeping dogs.” He points out a vampire named Greta Sienna and says that she’s getting in the middle of some brewing conflicts. Freya gets why Vincent wants her to stick around, but she’s desperate to see Keelin. She’s as worried as he is that New Orleans will fall apart without them keeping an eye on things, and she doesn’t want to be a bad sister or friend, but just once she’d like to put herself first.

Poppy says good night to Freya and Victor, telling them that their drinks are on her. Vincent isn’t sure they can really keep things in line in the Quarter – it’s human nature (well, vampire/werewolf/witch nature) for the supernatural to fight each other. He tells Freya to go to Lebanon while she can, because he has no idea how things will turn out, and at least one of them should get to be happy.

Poppy’s walking home when someone grabs her off a sidewalk. At the Compound, Hayley finds a passport in Hope’s things and guesses that’s why she needed money. Hope tries to get under Hayley’s skin by saying she met an older guy online and wants to visit him in London. Hayley knows she really wants to go see Klaus. Hope doesn’t think he cares about her, but she hoped that being in the same place with him would change that. Hayley assures her that Klaus loves her but reminds Hope that he can’t be around her. Hope notes that he could at least call her.

Hayley wants them to fix their relationship, too, but she also doesn’t want Hope to judge her father. Hope thinks that’s hypocritical, since Hayley judges her. Hayley corrects that she judges Hope’s actions. She loves Hope and would forgive her for anything, but that doesn’t mean Hope can act out all the time. Hope tries to defend herself, saying she only did one thing.

They hear Henry yelling downstairs and find him in the courtyard with blood on his mouth. He’s holding Poppy’s desiccated body. “I made a mistake,” he says. Greta leads a mob of vampires to the Compound, where she demands that Hayley and Lisina hand Henry over. Josh reminds the group that Henry is a kid. However, Poppy didn’t do anything to deserve being killed. Lisina refuses to give Henry up, but Josh says she might not have a choice. Upstairs, Hope tries to listen in as Henry anxiously says he didn’t mean to hurt anyone; he just got mad when Poppy bumped into him. He’s worried that the vampires will kill him. Hope tells him to relax and feel better, and he immediately calms down. Thank you, sire bond!

Hayley tries to keep the peace, telling Greta that the past seven years have been so good because everyone has remained rational and hasn’t overreacted. “Revenge isn’t justice,” she says. They can’t sacrifice a child because they’re scared. Greta won’t see Henry as a child, though, just a hybrid. He’s powerful and can kill any vampires he wants. Hayley points out that she’s a hybrid, too, and isn’t a threat to anyone. She’ll teach Henry to control himself and everything will be fine. She’s sorry about Poppy’s death, but they’ve moved beyond “an eye for an eye.” This is a test, and the vampires can’t ruin what the factions have accomplished.

In France, Klaus and Caroline are also talking about revenge. People who have been wronged tend to remember those wrongs, so he wants to get rid of all his enemies, as well as their heirs. She notes that that’s an endless list. Klaus says it’s all for Elijah. He can’t remember his past, so he doesn’t know who to trust. Caroline’s intent on cleaning up the mess Klaus made in his massacres, since they’re in a historical building, and she makes him work with her. She thinks he really is losing it – he’s gone pretty far even for himself. He admits that it’s hard for him to be forced to stay away from Elijah. It’s worse than if Elijah were dead.

Caroline reminds Klaus that he still has a daughter. He thinks Hope is better off without him. He knows what it’s like to have a monster as a father. Caroline tells him that was 1,000 years ago and “I had a mean dad” isn’t an excuse for Klaus to be a bad father himself. She lost her own dad as a teen (speaking of bad fathers), so she knows what she’s talking about. Klaus needs to call Hope before she turns on him and he loses another family member. Caroline thinks he’s worth knowing.

Hayley calls Declan to let him know she’ll be a little late meeting him for a drink. Despite her protests that they’re not really dating, she wants to see him. She feels some sort of magical disturbance in the atmosphere and suddenly gets her head slammed into a wall. After something else magical, she passes out.

Marcel’s at City Hall at 3:45 but Rebekah isn’t. She sent someone to deliver the “If you say no” envelope. In a bar, she laments that she’s a coward and a hypocrite and keeps running away. She’s talking to Elijah, who thinks she would be smart to make a fresh start. She asks if it’s strange for him to have strangers confide in him. “I guess I just have that kind of face,” he replies. The coffee in an espresso maker at the bar turns to blood but Rebekah doesn’t leave.

Freya goes to the Compound to share her travel plans with Hope and Hayley, but Hayley hasn’t come back from calling Declan. Hope notices that the water in the courtyard fountain has turned to blood. Vincent writes in a journal (wrong show, friend) that we can only see tipping points in retrospect. We don’t know ahead of time which choices will lead to bad results. Marcel waits for Rebekah a little longer, then texts Josh that he’s coming back to New Orleans.

Vincent voices over that we go through life not knowing how close we are to disaster. Freya brings Hayley’s phone to Hope, saying someone found it in the street. Vincent writes that if the Mikaelsons come together, the result will be “darkness like we’ve never known.” Hayley’s phone rings – it’s Klaus. Hope answers, and before he can say anything, he sees water that’s become blood. Hope tells him that Hayley’s missing, and Klaus replies that he’s on his way home.

Vincent says there are a lot of possible tipping points, and without hindsight, we can’t know if we’re “at the end of the beginning…” He pauses as he notices blood dripping down on him. “…Or the beginning of the end.” It’s raining blood in New Orleans, and the seven years of peace are over.

Etc.: Marguerite MacIntyre (Liz) wrote this episode.

Nadine Lewington (Greta) is married to Michael Malarkey (Enzo).

I’m so grateful this season is only 13 episodes, because I hate it.

Who nicknamed Klaus “the fool”? Someone I assume was immediately killed.

I guess we’re not supposed to ask why seven-year-old Hope had red hair but teen Hope has light brown hair.

Hope wears the necklace Rebekah gave her throughout the episode, but when she’s at school, it looks like she wears it turned around so the M insignia isn’t showing.

Hope mentions that the school has a memorial library but not its full name: the Stefan Salvatore Memorial Library.

Excellent continuity alert: Hope still has a stuffed wolf.

I keep picturing Vincent monitoring flowers for a sign that Klaus is too close to another Mikaelson, and every time they start dying, he calls Klaus and barks at him to back up.


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