the Originals

The Originals 4.10, Phantomesque: The Best of Us

In the French Riviera, Kol and Rebekah are getting all they can out of their return to consciousness after their five-year nap. They’re at a club with a bunch of other vampires, some of whom suddenly collapse and desiccate. The last time Rebekah saw vampires die like that was when Jeremy killed Kol and his sireline died out. They realize that Elijah must be dead.

While they’re on their way to New Orleans, Freya works on a plan to resurrect Elijah. He’s probably hiding in his subconscious, somewhere in a thousand years of memories. Freya needs to heal his mind, then fix the pendant. She’ll need to go into his mind for this. Hayley sends Klaus off to fret somewhere else so Freya doesn’t have to work with him watching over her shoulder. Freya promises Hayley that she won’t stop until Elijah’s safe.

Vincent isn’t in this episode so Josh delivers a message from him to Marcel: He can cure Sofya, but he’ll need the Hollow’s blood to do it. Marcel guesses that it won’t be easy to get that from a super-powerful, super-old witch. Josh doesn’t think Sofya is at the top of Vincent’s priority list, so if Marcel wants her saved quickly, he should work with someone else. Or someones, like the Mikaelsons. Marcel says he works better alone and tells Josh to keep an eye on Sofya while he finds Inadu. She’s in the Quarter, making all the flowers and plants she passes wither and die. She’s like the opposite of Dahlia.

At the Compound, Klaus tells Elijah’s body how much he’s always meant to Klaus. He’s been “a redeemer, a confidant, a mentor, a rival, and a friend.” Sometimes he was annoying, too, but that’s beside the point. Klaus promises that this won’t be the end for Elijah, no matter how many people Klaus has to kill to save him.

Rebekah arrives, happy to help out with the “murder and mayhem.” Klaus thinks she should have stayed away but she says she never should have left. Maybe Elijah would still be alive. Klaus notes that she could be dead, too. Kol comes in next and asks if they can start killing now. Klaus tells his brother and sister that the thorns are deadly to Originals, so they need to find and destroy them. Rebekah’s eager to burn them and then murder Inadu. “Lethal thorns, resurrected witches…what could possibly go wrong?” Kol asks.

Hayley has doubts about Freya’s ability to pull this off and find Elijah. Freya’s sure that he’ll recognize her. She just needs to find the memory he’s clinging to and pull him out. She does the spell to enter his mind and ends up in a white hallway full of doors.

Marcel finds Inadu at St. James Infirmary, where she’s gathering the bodies of some of her followers, having killed them. She tells him that they lived to serve her but can do the same in death. She wonders how Marcel will serve her. He says she must know that that will never happen. Inadu replies that she also knows that he’s there to save Sofya. Inadu’s magic has taken over her body and basically infected her. Inadu will save her, though, if Marcel pledges his loyalty. Marcel says he’s there for blood, not a deal. He bites Inadu but she makes her blood turn to acid, then knocks him out.

There are Hollowers chanting over the thorns when Klaus, Rebekah, and Kol arrive at the house where they’re growing, so the latter two’s desire to kill people quickly gets fulfilled. In Elijah’s mind, Freya slowly walks down the hallway until she hears his and Klaus’ voices behind a door. It’s Elijah’s memory of killing Agnes. He can’t see or hear Freya there, so she leaves that memory. Each door has a different object or symbol on it, and next Freya goes through one marked with the Mikaelson insignia. Behind it is Elijah’s memory of taking on Marcel’s crew by himself. This time, Elijah and all the others in the memory vanish before Freya can try to communicate.

Rebekah and Klaus burn the thorns while Kol questions a Hollower they let live. He says the Mikaelsons are beasts and ruined New Orleans. Kol brags that he’s the worst of them, then asks if the Hollower’s master will save him. The Hollower is willing to die, since he’s part of a great cause. The Hollow has already risen, so there’s nothing anyone can do to stop her. Even the ancestors can’t.

Kol perks up when he hears about them, and after he kills the Hollower, he asks Klaus if the ancestors are really back. If it’s true, he should be able to see Davina again. Klaus says he wanted to protect Kol from her. She’s changed for the worse. Kol doesn’t believe him. Klaus tells him the most recent Harvest Girls are the only people who can communicate with Davina, so Kol won’t be able to reach her anyway. Kol zooms out, leaving Klaus and Rebekah to continue the thorn search on their own.

Freya looks behind another door with the Mikaelson insignia and finds her siblings having dinner together sometime during their first time in New Orleans. They’re getting along for once, and Freya’s happy to see them together. Elijah still can’t see her, but when she speaks, he seems to hear her. He looks right where she’s standing, then disappears again. Freya comes out of the spell and tells Hayley that she thought she’d found him, but he vanished.

She’s unable to sustain the spell and search Elijah’s memories at the same time, so going back in will be a challenge. Hayley volunteers to go instead – Elijah will respond to her, and Freya can focus on anchoring the spell. Freya says she’d have to channel a Mikaelson witch to get the power to send Hayley into the pendant. The only option is Hope. Hayley refuses but Freya thinks she’s strong enough to handle it.

Klaus and Rebekah find the Hollowers’ bodies at St. James Infirmary, and Rebekah spends a few fearful moments thinking Inadu killed Marcel, too, before he regains consciousness. The guys bicker until Rebekah reminds them that they’re kind of on a mission. Klaus finds the thorn-covered stake Inadu has been using, and Marcel announces that he needs it. Rebekah plays peacemaker again, but Marcel insists on taking the stake, swearing that he doesn’t intend to use the thorns on the Originals. Rebekah tells him they need to destroy all the thorns. They’ve taken care of all the ones in the Quarter but there are still somewhere in Gentilly. Marcel zooms off to get them. “Perhaps next time, less carrot, more stick,” Klaus suggests to Rebekah.

Hayley takes off Hope’s anti-magic bracelet and gives her the chance to back out, but she wants to help. Freya tells Hayley that Elijah’s still in his mind, and she needs to find a place he would see as a refuge, a place that’s fundamental to who he is. Then she has to draw him out and wake him up. Hope tells Hayley to be careful, and Hayley replies that she’ll be right back.

With Hope’s help, Freya sends Hayley into the pendant and Elijah’s mind. Unlike the hallway Freya saw there, one of the doors Hayley sees is red. Hayley can hear screaming and crashing behind it, so she wisely avoids it. Instead, she looks at Elijah’s memory of their reunion after the five-year nap. Elijah can hear the real Hayley but he can’t see her. Again, when he finally looks where she’s standing, he disappears.

Rebekah bugs Klaus to tell her why he’s obviously annoyed with her. Well, Rebekah, it’s because your feelings for Marcel got in the way of doing what’s best for the family. She tells Klaus that she’s as scared and hurt without Elijah as he is. Klaus says he’ll find the thorns himself if Rebekah doesn’t want to participate. If Marcel has already taken them, Klaus will deal with him. He grumbles that someone has to protect the family. Rebekah says that’s the same excuse he always uses. If he’s determined to be like this, everything Elijah has done for Klaus, including his death, will be for nothing.

Hayley continues down the hallway, pausing in front of the red door. “Please don’t be in there,” she whispers before cautiously opening it. We already know what’s behind it, but Hayley sees for the first time that it’s the place where Elijah puts all of his worst actions. The Elijah there is a Viking, and he can see her, but he doesn’t recognize her. He just pursues her like she’s any other prey.

Kol meets with two of the Harvest Girls in the City of the Dead and offers them dark objects if they’ll help him talk to Davina. The girls aren’t interested in helping the brother of the guy who killed them, but Kol argues that he’s always been a friend to witches and even taught them how to make the dark objects. They can go back to the way things used to be. The girls start to leave, but Kol says the Hollow is their real enemy, and they should work together. Plus, he’s better as a friend than a foe. The girls aren’t intimidated by Mikaelson threats or manipulation. They tell Kol they’re going to make sure he never sees Davina again. He demands to talk to her, so they magically break his neck, then steal the dark objects.

In Gentilly, Marcel fights a bunch of Hollowers and gets the last of their thorns. Rebekah zooms in and grabs them from him. He’s willing to fight her for them, but she tells him she won’t let him have them. Klaus zooms in next and says that if Marcel wants a weapon that can kill the Mikaelsons, he’s a threat. Marcel calls him paranoid and tells him the magic in the thorns can save someone he cares about. The Mikaelsons can burn the others; he just needs one stake.

“What’s her name?” Rebekah asks. You don’t know what it’s a woman! It could be Josh! Marcel tells her it’s Sofya. Rebekah remembers a time when Marcel would have gone to these lengths for her. She offers him the thorns, knowing Marcel is “fighting for love.” He promises to burn them after he’s used them to save Sofya.

Hayley runs from Elijah, screaming for Freya. She comes across a bunch of people who have been murdered. Elijah appears and she begs him to stop. Hope notices that the real Hayley is convulsing and asks Freya to do something. Freya tells her to focus on the spell. Back in Elijah’s mind, Hayley tells him that she’s not trying to fight him. She just wants to bring him home. He touches her face, as if he knows who she is, then slams her up against a tree.

Freya continues anchoring the spell as Hope yells for Hayley to come back. The candles they’ve lit all go out. Freya tells Hope that they have to continue the spell or they could lose Hayley inside Elijah’s mind. She’s going to put Hope in the pendant so she can call out to her mother. She tells Hope not to open any doors in the hallway. Hope lies next to Hayley, and Freya continues the spell, sending her inside.

Hayley hears Hope calling for her from the hallway and yells for her to stay where she is. She fights off Elijah and zooms away. Hope hears her screaming from behind the red door. Elijah catches up to Hayley and prepares to kill her. Hope yells out, “Mommy!” and releases a burst of power. Suddenly Elijah stops, able to hear her. He realizes that the person he’s been trying to kill is Hayley.

Hayley makes it out the door to Hope, and Elijah follows her, turning from his Viking self to his modern-day self. Hope is a little scared of him, but Elijah promises it’s the real him. Hayley sends Hope out to tell Freya that it’s safe to fix the pendant. She steps back when Elijah takes a step toward her, and he asks her to forgive him. Hope rejoins Freya and they fix the pendant together. Hayley comes out find, and Freya tells her that she saved Elijah. Uh, Hope saved Elijah, but okay. He’s still in the hallway, thinking about what Hayley saw in his mind.

Rebekah goes home and praises Freya for her successful day. Elijah’s still dead, and Rebekah suggests that they put him in another body. Freya says it’s too risky after what he’s been through. Now that his mind is stable, she can bring him back, but she’ll need a big sacrifice to do it. The sisters agree that killing the Hollow is their best option. Freya’s not sure it’s possible, though, so they may need to consider sacrificing Marcel.

At the penthouse, Josh tries to cheer Marcel up about getting the thorns, which Vincent may be able to siphon power from to revive Sofya. If y’all need siphoning witches, I know a couple of little ones who might be willing to help. Marcel is still down, though, and Josh asks if it’s because of Sofya or Rebekah. Marcel says that Klaus always used to tell him that power makes you a target and allies make you vulnerable. You can have one or the other, but not both. “You know that’s psychotic, right?” Josh says. Marcel does, but there might also be some truth to it. Josh is happy to have Marcel as a friend, and he knows Marcel will do the right thing no matter what happens next.

Marcel says that Inadu is unlike anything they’ve faced before. He’s strong but Inadu is stronger. They’re going to need all the allies they can get, including Klaus and Rebekah. If they don’t get them, the fight will be over before it starts.

Klaus praises Hayley for saving the day (…again, Hope saved the day; give the girl some credit), but she’s shaken by what she saw in Elijah’s mind. She tells Klaus she went through the red door. She thought she would find Elijah in a good place, “but he chose the darkest part of himself.” Klaus reminds her that all of the Originals are monsters who have committed horrible crimes. “But Elijah has only ever done those things for family, and that is why he’s the very best of us,” he says. “He always has been.”

Kol calls Rebekah from Davina’s tomb to confirm that the missions of the day were successful. “Everybody got what they wanted,” he notes. She tells him she’s going to stay in town until all of this is over. She wants him to stay, too, but he says he can’t. He hangs up as Inadu approaches him. He tells her he’s not in the mood to deal with her, but she has an offer he can’t refuse: She’ll bring Davina back to life…for a price. She cuts her hand and Kol hears a scream. He runs to a nearby crypt, where Davina is alive. Inadu announces that they’re linked, and if Kol wants to keep Davina safe, he now belongs to the Hollow.

Etc.: Daniel Gillies (Elijah) directed this episode.

No one mentions him by name but with Elijah dead, Tristan is now dead, too. That will come up again in the last season of Legacies.

“She’s changed for the worst” – why, because she was mean to you? Suck it up, Klaus.

Watching Hayley in the white hallway is like watching a horror movie. It’s hard to resist yelling, “Don’t open the red door!”

Elijah’s memory of seeing Hayley again after the five-year nap is different from what aired, so I assume they cut the scene down and showed the original here. In this version, he comments that she changed her hair. It’s a little funny, since five years have passed, so it would be pretty unlikely that she would have the exact same hairstyle or length she did the last time he saw her.

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