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The Originals 4.6, Bag of Cobras: Fake Party, Real Enemies

Vincent has taken a page from movie and TV detectives and put together some bulletin boards about events he thinks are connected to the Hollow. They start in 1953, when violent rituals took place in four different locations over two months. In 1992, there were more in the Treme, the bayou, Algiers, and Marigny. He wonders why four locations are always involved.

Elijah comes by and asks if they two of them can have a civil conversation. Vincent wonders if Marcel is okay with this. He wouldn’t know since he hasn’t been able to find Marcel. Elijah pretends not to know that Marcel is currently being held at the Compound. Vincent won’t invite Elijah in until he says where Marcel is. Elijah spins Marcel’s captivity as an attempt to restrain him in case the Hollow makes him violent again. “You Mikaelsons, you always find a way to get right back on top, don’t you?” Vincent says. He’s sure they have a plan, too. Elijah says they do, and it’s “festive.” Vincent decides to invite him in so Elijah can learn everything on the boards.

Hayley goes to the Compound, where people are decorating for a party. She notes that they were recently trying to flee town; this is quite a change. Klaus tells her they’ve invited a lot of influential people. They put Marcel on the invitation as a co-host, knowing people wouldn’t come to a party just thrown by Klaus and Elijah. They party is to celebrate Marcel’s truce with the Mikaelsons. Hayley sums it up: “So you’re throwing a fake party in honor of a fake truce, and your guest of honor is in a dungeon.” Klaus explains that they’re going to figure out who the Hollow’s allies are. Hayley has no interest in the party. She left Hope with Mary and is looking for Freya for what she calls a favor.

Vincent tells Elijah that he thinks the Hollow needs sacrifices so it can get back into the real world. He’s laid out the history of the city on his boards, “the ebb and flow of violence and tragedy.” Even in the cases of legends like Madame LaLaurie and the Axeman, there are signs that the Hollow was involved. It always pops up in a pattern of four and uses desperate people to feed it. Elijah thinks there must be someone out there who can tell them more about the Hollow’s weaknesses and motives. Vincent guesses that the point of the party is to identify that person.

Freya and Keelin hang out at Rousseau’s, talking about the party. Freya gives Keelin an out to skip it but Keelin wants to come. Hayley joins them, confused that Freya’s having a friendly drink with her former captive. Sofya surprises Josh at his loft, and after he chastises her for letting herself in, he asks if she’s there to kill him. After all, she tried the first time they met, and they haven’t exactly become friends since then. Sofya notices an invitation to the party and mentions that it’s strange that the Mikaelsons are co-hosting it with Marcel when no one’s seen him in more than 24 hours. Josh knows exactly where he is – some construction workers sealed off the tunnels at Rousseau’s, so Josh connected the dots and figured out that Marcel is the Mikaelsons’ captive.

Sofya volunteers herself as Josh’s date to the party, even though he wasn’t planning to attend. This could be their only chance to rescue Marcel. She’ll deal with Klaus while Josh saves his boss. If he fails, Sofya might kill him after all.

Hayley tells Freya she likes Keelin, and she doesn’t seem to care that Freya didn’t mention their sudden friendship. Hayley’s just focused on finding out more about her parents’ deaths. She was hoping that Freya could do a reading in the spot where they were killed. Freya warns that violent deaths have a specific energy and Hayley might not like what she conjures up. Hayley says she doesn’t think she has a choice but to see it.

Klaus has managed to get a fleur de lis ice sculpture for the last-minute party. Elijah tells him they need to consider violence a last resort; otherwise they’ll weaken their position. “Yes, well, I’m a creature of very specific habits,” Klaus notes. Elijah reminds him that they want to give people a false sense of security. Music, drinking, and reconnaissance are on the guest list, but violence is not invited. Well, what if someone brings it as a date?

Klaus says violence is inevitable now that Hope was been threatened. Elijah tells Klaus that Hope worships him, so he can’t let her see him as a monster. Klaus doesn’t want that, of course, but he still has to address threats to their family. Elijah assures him that they’ll be handled, but by him, not Klaus. If anyone tries to disrupt their kingdom, they’ll answer to Elijah.

That night, as the party gets underway, Klaus goes to the dungeon to taunt Marcel. He found the Tunde blade at the penthouse and wants Marcel to know he has it. Klaus is thrilled that Marcel can hear the music from the party. Freya did a spell to make him invisible to anyone who isn’t a Mikaelson, so if anyone wanders into the dungeon, they won’t see him.

Marcel tells Klaus he’s not scared of the Tunde blade, but that wasn’t Klaus’ intention. He just wants Marcel to remember that he can get to the people Marcel cares about, like Josh, Vincent, and Sofya. Marcel claims that Sofya isn’t really important to him. She’s a mercenary who works for whoever pays the best. Their arrangement is “just business with some pleasure.” Klaus presses things, saying he’s looking forward to meeting her. Well, then you should have invited her to the party!

Klaus goes to the courtyard, where Elijah greets the guests and announces that they’ve made an alliance with Marcel. He’s supposed to be there; he’s just “unfashionably late.” Klaus addresses the rocky relationship the Mikaelsons have had with New Orleans and tells the guests that they don’t plan to stay long. He hopes tonight is a new start and a chance to build new relationships.

Vincent shakes hands with a few guests, keeping a close eye on Dominic. Josh tells him he was going to look into Marcel’s whereabouts “with the help of a certain homicidal supermodel.” Vincent assures him that he has a plan. Sofya briefly meets up with Dominic, showing him that she’s turned the Original-killing thorns into a bracelet. “The Hollow will have Klaus,” she promises.

Klaus runs into Vincent, who tells him he doesn’t think anyone bought his speech. Klaus doesn’t care. Vincent asks if he’s going to do anything to root out the Hollow’s followers (Hollowers? Yes, Hollowers!). Well, yeah, that’s the whole point. Meanwhile, Josh sneaks upstairs and finds a hidden doorway.

Hayley and Freya go to the cabin where Hayley’s parents died. Freya can feel the energy that was trapped there when they died, so she’s sure her reading will work. Hayley has always wondered what they were like and what they would have thought of her. She misses people she never knew. She’s ready to hopefully find a way to fight the Hollow.

Klaus stashes the Tunde blade in a safe, then joins Vincent as he deals some tarot cards. He was taking a reading while he was shaking people’s hands, and he can use that energy along with the cards to figure out who the Hollowers are. Freya starts her own reading, which lets Hayley see herself as a baby with her parents. Richard comes to the cabin and tells her father that they need “all four of them.” When Mr. Labonair resists, Richard stabs him. Mrs. Labonair rushes to her husband’s side and gets killed. Hayley watches as Mr. Labonair drops a key through the floorboards. She breaks through the boards and retrieves the key, which is labeled “extra room mini storage.”

Vincent deals four cards and tells Klaus they’re symbolic. Nothing seems to tie them together until Vincent gets Klaus to see that they all feature snakes. That means they’re looking for someone in the presence of a snake. “Let’s go find the viper in our midst,” Klaus says. Hayley and Freya go to a storage facility, but the unit the key belongs to is sealed with a spell. Freya removes it and they go in, finding the Labonairs’ things. Hayley asks Freya to let her look through them alone.

Back at the party, Vincent looks for someone with a snake spirit around them. Elijah notes that Klaus seems confident that Vincent will come through. Klaus says Vincent is motivated because he wants to protect the witches. Plus, he knows that if he fails, the Mikaelsons will kill all the guests. Vincent has a vision of a snake in Dominic’s hands and signals to Klaus and Elijah that he’s the one they’re looking for. Elijah reminds Klaus that they’re not using violence just yet. Klaus decides to hang out with Sofya while Elijah deals with Dominic.

Freya drops by the party and watches Keelin from afar (she seems totally comfortable among strangers, even though those strangers could be dangerous). Klaus approaches Sofya and says he’s glad she came without being invited. She asks where Marcel is and Klaus says he’s “been detained.” Sofya notes that he didn’t come home the night before. Klaus casually says that he could be avoiding her and she shouldn’t be so clingy.

After taking Dominic upstairs to see Elijah, Vincent accuses him of being the high priest of the Hollow. Dominic notes that Vincent’s responsible for the Hollow coming to the real world. The ancestors were the only thing holding it back, and when Vincent severed the link to them, he freed it. It’s been growing and feeding since then. Dominic wonders if it will show its appreciation by letting Vincent see Eva.

I guess Vincent didn’t get the memo about the no-violence policy, since he takes a swing at Dominic. Elijah takes out Dominic’s two minions while Vincent and Dominic battle each other with magic. Elijah shuts them down and sends Vincent away. Alone with Dominic, Elijah gives him a handkerchief and says they’re going to start again, this time with just their words.

Klaus asks Sofya what she sees in Marcel. His confidence? His “boyish charm”? As they start dancing with the other guests, she says she likes everything about him. Klaus notices her bracelet and wonders if he’s supposed to feel threatened by it. She tells him it’s the only thing in the world (other than Marcel) that can kill him. He doubts that, but she says that thorns from a rose grown in Marcel’s blood combined with the magic from an ancient spirit that hates Klaus as much as she does will do the trick. He dips her and says he might just kill her. She challenges him to try. Even if he can, the Hollowers will make sure he and Elijah are dead by the end of the night.

Klaus spins her, and when she returns to him, she puts her wrist to his throat. He realizes that she has allies and asks how many thorns they’re dealing with. Sofya claims she could kill him and the rest of the Mikaelsons ten times over. She will if Klaus doesn’t free Marcel.

Hayley finds a teddy bear and realizes there’s something hidden inside – a jawbone. Ack! Back at the Compound, Klaus wonders what the Hollow will do when it finds out Sofya has been making deals with enemies. She threatens to kill him, but he tells her she’ll never find Marcel if she does. She thinks she can do that on her own. Klaus says even if she does, she’ll have to break the spells keeping him where he is, and that’ll take her forever. She might get killed by the other Mikaelsons before she can. He’s willing to make a deal, though.

Sofya says she’ll let Klaus live if he releases Marcel. Klaus notes that her witch allies wouldn’t be very happy about that and might make her their next blood sacrifice. If she gives him the thorns and names the Hollowers, he’ll let her leave unharmed. Marcel can go free after the party.

Freya meets up with Vincent, who doesn’t have any interest in talking to her. She thanks him for helping the Mikaelsons. He tells her he doesn’t care about anyone in the family other than Hope; he’s only working with them to get rid of the Hollow. As soon as it’s gone, Vincent will make sure the Mikaelsons leave town. Freya knows that Vincent hates him because of her role in Davina’s death. She gets that, but she did what she had to do.

She regrets that Davina died as a result, but Vincent doesn’t want to hear it – she knows what she did was wrong. Freya notes that he’s left casualties in his wake, too. “Survival comes at a price, just like love and family and basically anything else, but at the end of the day, we only answer to ourselves,” she says. “You probably tell yourself that because you haven’t got anybody else,” Vincent replies. Ouch!

Klaus texts Vincent to tell him they have more company and need to meet up. As Vincent leaves, Keelin joins Freya and agrees to get a drink with her. Upstairs, Dominic tells Elijah that the Hollow needs to feed after spending so much time dormant. The children it was targeting were “just hors d’oeuvres.” It would rather get power from the death of someone like Elijah or Marcel.

Elijah asks why he should give Marcel to Dominic. Dominic thinks he’ll make the decision that’s right for his family. Until then, Dominic will accept Vincent “as a show of good faith.” The Hollow wants Marcel for business purposes, but with Vincent, it’s personal – he turned against the Hollow once, and now the Hollow is angry. Elijah can’t betray Vincent without sparking a war with the covens, though Dominic notes that the Mikaelsons would have a chance at winning that war, unlike any war they might start with the Hollow. If Elijah hands over Vincent now and Marcel later, the Mikaelsons will be spared.

Klaus and Vincent are waiting when a couple of Hollowers approach them. “Gentlemen! Sofya says you’ve come to kill me!” Klaus greets them brightly. Vincent throws them around with magic and Klaus grabs their thorn-covered weapons. Vincent notes that he was like them once – he thought the Hollow was going to give him power. Instead, it took away his family and his wife, leaving him with nothing. Vincent hates vampires, especially Klaus, but he’s willing to team with Klaus against the Hollow. That should let them know how bad their master is. “I’m going to take that as a compliment,” Klaus says.

He wants to kill the Hollowers, but he knows these are uncommon times, which “call for uncommon mercies.” He’ll give the Hollowers the opportunity to turn against the Hollow. If they don’t, they’ll die with it. Klaus is fine with whatever they choose.

Upstairs, Elijah contemplates Dominic’s offer but can’t be sure he’ll come through on his end. Dominic comments that Elijah is more perceptive than he’d heard. “I grew up on a Viking farm. I’m familiar with the scent of fertilizer,” Elijah replies. He asks what the Hollow wants. Dominic says it wants freedom and corporeal form. Elijah isn’t about to let that happen, but Dominic says his offer was just a courtesy – the Hollow will get whatever it wants. The Hollowers will get Vincent and Marcel whether Elijah allows it or not. But if Elijah continues insulting them, they’ll take all the Mikaelsons. They came to the party for one thing and they already have it. “The Hollow will not be stopped,” Dominic warns.

Elijah punches him in the face, then takes him back to the party, announcing that he’s captured “an errand boy of the Hollow.” The Hollow wants to devour everyone in the city, including the partygoers’ loved ones. Elijah dangles Dominic over a balcony and tells the crowd that no matter how they feel about the Mikaelsons, they’ll do everything they can to get rid of the Hollow. He advises the guests to do the same. He rips out Dominic’s heart and drops his body into the courtyard. Klaus looks up at him like, “What happened to your no-violence, let-me-handle-this-with-my-words plan?”

Klaus meets Sofya in the Quarter, going back on his agreement to release Marcel. He wants Marcel restrained until the Hollow is gone. He asks if Sofya hates him on principle or because he said something to tick her off. Sofya reveals that he killed her entire family at a wedding 500 years ago. She only survived because she hid. Klaus says he’s sorry (he’s totally not), and he’s glad he took her thorns, considering her desire for revenge. She warns him not to get too arrogant. She’s hated him much longer than she’s known Marcel.

Back at the Compound, Vincent sarcastically praises Elijah for the way he handled things. Elijah says he did what he had to do. Vincent should be grateful, since Dominic wanted him dead. Elijah and Vincent need to keep up an alliance – they’re dealing with something that can’t be reasoned or bargained with. Elijah doesn’t bargain and he’s done with reason. He guesses Vincent feels the same, but when he offers Vincent a handshake, Vincent walks away.

Freya and Keelin head to the bell tower, where Freya apologizes for Elijah’s behavior at the party. Keelin’s like, “I’m a werewolf; I know all about excessive violence.” She chose to become a doctor and make her own life to distance herself from her family. Freya can do the same. Yeah, I don’t think she wants to. Keelin laments that Dominic’s death ended the party early, just when she was starting to enjoy herself. Freya invites her to go to a jazz bar and continue having fun.

Josh goes home, where Sofya is once again waiting to ambush him. He tells her he found a way into the dungeon, and though he didn’t see anything, he smelled sandalwood. He knows from Davina that it’s used in cloaking spells, so Marcel is probably down there. At the Compound, Klaus blasts Elijah for killing Dominic. Elijah insists on handling things since Hope is involved. He tells Klaus that the Hollow wants to be reborn. He’s not sure why it always resurfaces in four locations.

Hayley arrives and announces that it’s looking for four things. The jawbone must be one of them, since her parents died protecting it. Klaus knows from experience that witches’ remains are needed to resurrect them. The jawbone must be a piece of the Hollow. Elijah remembers that Dominic said the Hollowers found something at the Compound – that must be another piece. Klaus realizes what it is.

As the Hollowers do a ritual that resurrects Dominic, Klaus checks his safe. It’s empty – the Hollowers have the Tunde blade. Klaus says that Dominic’s death was a distraction. Hayley notes that there are Hollowers all over the city, and they could get to the other two bones before the Mikaelsons do. Then the Hollow will be reborn and will come for all of them.

Etc.: Why are so many people on this show and The Vampire Diaries always available and equipped to attend a fancy party at the last minute?

I want to know who invited Josh to the party. I think it’s sweet! No one ever thinks about Josh.

Sofya, why would you tell a nearly indestructible being that you have a weapon that can kill him? Whatever happened to the element of surprise?

When Vincent tells the Hollowers that he hates Klaus, Klaus gives this great look, raising his eyebrows and smirking like, “That’s right, he hates me! Me, the worst vampire in history! But he hates the Hollow more! That’s how screwed up you guys are!”

If I went to my new love interest’s family party and her brother murdered a guy in front of everyone, I don’t think I would stick around. But that’s why I’m not Keelin.

It’s too bad we never saw Sofya and Katherine team up. They both had their entire families killed by Klaus. They’d be any amazing force together.

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