the Originals

The Originals 3.20, Where Nothing Stays Buried: A Fate Worse Than Death

Marcel finds Kol at St. James Infirmary with Davina’s body. He’s devastated that his attempts to keep them apart and protect Davina didn’t work. Kol blames the ancestors for making him hurt his girlfriend, but that doesn’t change Marcel’s feelings toward him. He declares that they’re going to take advantage of Davina being a New Orleans witch and bring her back from the dead.

Cami, however, can’t be resurrected, so Klaus has turned his focus to avenging her by killing Lucien. Hayley brings him notes Jackson took when Ansel told him all about werewolf history, though she doesn’t think they’ll be helpful here. She offers to make the arrangements for Cami’s burial and the Irish wake Hayley thinks she wanted. Klaus says that stuff doesn’t matter right now – they’re at war.

Vincent tells Freya that he found a spell they can try to move all the upgrade serum in Aurora’s body into her heart so they can remove it and destroy it. Freya’s found an even more helpful spell: She thinks she knows how to kill Lucien. Esther once tried to kill all the Originals by reversing the spell that made them vampires. Since she was the one who made them, only she could do the spell. If the same holds true here, Vincent is the only person who can remove Lucien’s upgrade. Then Klaus can kill him. But Vincent notes that the ancestors used him as a conduit during the upgrading, and only the spirits have access to the magic they used. No one alive can reverse the upgrade.

He leaves to meet up with Marcel, and Freya puts aside her work to do another spell. This one will serve as an early-warning system to alert her if the ancestors try to interfere with any of the Originals. Elijah tells her she can take a break, but she refuses until she can send the spirits causing them misery back to Hell.

At St. James Infirmary, Vincent tells Marcel and Kol that they need to consecrate Davina before they can resurrect her. Kol points out that she’ll wake up in the ancestors’ domain during the process, and they’ll destroy her. But if they don’t consecrate her, they can’t bring her back. Vincent says they’ll pull her into a safe place first. They’ll need more energy, so Marcel suggests turning to Freya. Kol doesn’t think she’ll help; Klaus won’t let her. Marcel wants the Mikaelsons to help clean up this mess since they’re the reason it happened.

Lucien has had some minions bring Van to his penthouse to update him on his attempts to get Lucien access to the Compound. Van tells him that magic isn’t keep him out, just the simple no-entering-without-an-invitation barrier, since Freya now holds the deed. Lucien decides to try to lure Klaus out instead. Van doubts that’ll work, since killing Cami didn’t do the trick, but Lucien already has an idea: He’ll kill Rebekah.

Marcel takes Kol to the Compound and tries to negotiate with Elijah to let Freya help them bring back Davina. Elijah resists, since they’re in a war, but Klaus surprises everyone by promising Marcel whatever help he needs. He even takes Kol to get cleaned up. Back at St. James Infirmary, Vincent tells Davina’s body that he was raised to believe that the ancestors provided a peaceful end to witches’ lives, but now he’s not so sure, since they’re responsible for Davina and Cami’s deaths. Maybe death makes people into something ugly. He promises that won’t happen to Davina.

To Kol and Marcel’s luck, Freya knows how to put Davina’s spirit someplace safe until they’re able to resurrect her. She’ll need to channel an Original, but not Kol, since he’s been “marred” by the ancestors’ magic. She tells Klaus and Elijah to play Rock Paper Scissors to determine who will be channeled. Before they can, her early-warning system goes off. A New Orleans witch is trying to meddle with an Original. Klaus guesses that he’s the target, but when Rebekah’s portrait goes up in flames, the siblings realize he’s wrong.

Klaus knows that Lucien’s trying to get him to leave the Compound. Elijah thinks that Lucien still believes that Rebekah’s at the bottom of the ocean, but Freya says that with the ancestors on his side, he’ll eventually find her. Klaus is willing to take the risk of leaving the Compound so he can retrieve Rebekah’s coffin. Elijah volunteers instead, but Klaus is hesitant to tell him where he had their sister moved. Elijah asks if Klaus expects him to just sit there and leave Rebekah defenseless. “I expect you to prevent Kol from suffering the same loss that I did,” Klaus spits out. They need to put aside all their grudges so they can devote their attention to bringing down Lucien.

Hayley invites herself along (because otherwise she has very little to do in this episode), and as she and Klaus head off, the others get started on Freya’s spell to protect and consecrate Davina. Freya channels Elijah while Vincent tells Davina he’ll see her soon. Davina wakes up in the purgatory version of the City of the Dead, where Kara’s been waiting for her. She attacks Davina with magic as the ancestors gather to tear her apart. They want to make sure there’s nothing left of her. Freya’s spell works just in time and Davina’s spirit appears in the Compound.

As they trek through the bayou to get Rebekah, Hayley tries to offer Klaus her support. He doesn’t want mourning guidance from a widow who kept her husband’s heart in a box, but she wants to make sure he doesn’t try to act like Cami’s presence in his life didn’t change him. Klaus tells her that they both know the person Hayley really loves is still alive, so they’re not the same.

Davina tells Kol that Kara tried to mark her. She was holding a dark green stone, which Kol remembers from his own encounter with the ancestors. It’s the lifeblood stone, which shreds a person’s soul and prevents them from being resurrected. It’s the worst punishment a person can receive. Davina’s confident that Kol will be able to bring her back. Vincent texts to let Kol know that he’s ready for his part in consecrating Davina. Kol promises her that they’ll have the magic they need to resurrect her soon.

Freya tells Elijah that she may know a way to kill Lucien. While Davina’s between worlds, Freya can use her as a conduit to channel power from the ancestors. Then she can make Lucien killable again. But taking power from the ancestors means stealing it, and Freya will have to draw through Davina while she’s in the ancestral well. That will require breaking the circle that’s currently protecting her from the ancestors. Elijah doesn’t want to take the risk, and Freya’s hesitant to, but she doesn’t have any other ideas.

Elijah calls Klaus and Hayley to present the option to them. Both of them object to the idea, Hayley because Davina doesn’t deserve to be harmed by the ancestors and Klaus because losing Davina means losing Kol and Marcel when they all need to be united. Well, his motives are bad but he still wants to do the right thing, so…is that growth? Does that count as growth?

Van does a locator spell to find Rebekah’s body for Lucien, discovering that she’s not in any ocean. She’s buried in the bayou. Klaus and Hayley have just retrieved her, and as they’re loading her in their SUV, Hayley praises Klaus for not sacrificing Davina. He notes that he made a strategic decision, but she thinks part of him wants to fight for Davina because Cami cared about her. Klaus says he thought he told Cami everything about himself, both past and present, but he keeps thinking of things he forgot to say. Hayley can relate. Klaus urges her to talk to Elijah about her feelings for him – the prophecy is still looming, and there’s no telling how little time the Mikaelsons have left. Uh, one thing at a time, okay?

Van goes to the City of the Dead, where Vincent asks him why the ancestors are targeting Davina. It can’t be because they see her as a traitor to the witches – Vincent says they betrayed themselves. Plus, Van’s the regent and he’s working for Lucien. Kara must be ashamed. Van says that the ancestors want all the Originals out of New Orleans, and Lucien is a means to that end. They killed Davina for working with vampires, and Vincent will probably be next.

Vincent warns that Van has no idea what kind of trouble he’s gotten into. He wonders if Van knows what the ancestors are planning. Van reminds him that he’s been shunned and has lost access to the ancestors’ magic. Vincent replies that he still has plenty of power. As he uses it to temporarily blind Van, Kol zooms in and knocks Van out.

On the drive back to the Quarter, Hayley looks at her wedding ring, which she’s still wearing. She tells Klaus she’s worried that Elijah won’t still want to be with her after she’s spent so much time pushing him away. Klaus assures her that he will. When Elijah calls his phone, he hands it to Hayley. But before she can answer it, their SUV gets T-boned.

Elijah knows from the Strix that Lucien’s on his way to the bayou, and with Klaus and Hayley not answering his calls, Elijah’s worried that the worst has happened. He and Freya agree that they need to put their plan into play and use Davina to get the power to take down Lucien.

Davina tells Marcel that her death wasn’t his or Kol’s fault. The ancestors went after her because of decisions she made. She’s not a child and she’s not Marcel’s responsibility. He says she’ll always be his responsibility. Davina asks if he planned to keep her locked in the attic and out of the world forever. “You didn’t let me down,” she promises. “I just grew up.” She thanks him for saving her from the Harvest and for everything he did for her after that. She tells him she loves him, and as he’s about to say it back, Elijah zooms in between them and grabs him.

Freya chants something and enters purgatory to break the circle protecting Davina. Davina’s eyes bleed and she begs Freya not to leave her at the ancestors’ mercy. Marcel fights Elijah, who breaks his neck. Freya gets what she needs from Davina, then leaves her behind, helpless against the ancestors. “It had to be done,” Freya tells Elijah, who looks like he’s not so sure anymore.

Marcel wakes up as Vincent and Kol arrive with Van. Marcel rallies the others to resurrect Davina ASAP, and Vincent assures him that Van will cooperate (’cause Vincent will make him). In the bayou, Klaus sees that Hayley was thrown from the SUV during the crash. She landed on a wooden fence, impaled and unconscious. As he stumbles out to go to her, Lucien zooms up and hits him. He complains that it’s no fun if Klaus doesn’t fight back: “At least Cami went down swinging.” That’s enough to make Klaus throw him through the side of an old house.

Davina tries to hide from the ancestors as Lucien reminds Klaus that he’s Klaus’ superior now. Kara finds Davina and draws her close with magic. Lucien enjoys knowing that Klaus is afraid that he could die at any second. Kara chants over the green stone as Davina screams for mercy.

Marcel puts Davina’s body in the spot where Freya brought her spirit forward, and Van starts the spell to resurrect her. Nothing happens. The ancestors got to her first, and Van says it’s like she wasn’t there at all. Marcel cries over Davina’s body while Kol tries to fight his rage over losing her.

Hayley wakes up while Klaus and Lucien are fighting inside the falling-down house. Klaus sarcastically says it’s too bad Aurora isn’t there to see Lucien kill him. Lucien tells him this isn’t about “lost love” – it’s about a former stable boy bringing down a “tyrannical king.” Klaus says he’s not the villain of the story Lucien made up. They used to be friends. Lucien tosses him around, and when Hayley joins the fight, he easily takes on both hybrids.

Kol orders Van to try the resurrection spell again, but Van says there’s nothing he can do. Vincent convinces Kol to let him go, since Davina wouldn’t want Kol to kill him. Marcel seethes that the Mikaelsons destroy everything they touch. Kol just walks off without responding.

The fight at the house has ended up outside, with Lucien’s hand in Hayley’s back, prepared to rip out her heart. “A king and a queen, caught by a one-time pawn,” he comments. Klaus asks why Lucien wants to bother killing Hayley; Klaus is the one he hates. Lucien thought he made it clear by killing Finn and Cami that he doesn’t care who dies. But if Klaus follows his orders, Lucien might spare Hayley. He demands that Klaus kneel to him. Klaus does, though it takes him a little while to make himself do it.

Elijah zooms up and gets Hayley out of Lucien’s grasp. Freya walks up chanting and strips away Lucien’s upgrade, turning him back into a regular vampire. Klaus taunts that the Mikaelson family’s drama has its benefits. Lucien notes that killing him won’t stop the prophecy. “I’ve heard about a thousand years too much from you,” Klaus replies. He thinks Lucien never recovered from the 100 years he was compelled to think he was Klaus. He was never able to emerge from Klaus’ shadow. He’s always known what he really is, immortality or no immortality.

Klaus uses a piece of glass to carve into Lucien’s face the way Tristan did once upon a time. “You are nothing,” he tells his one-time friend. Then he rips out Lucien’s heart. I call dibs on his penthouse!

After glaring at Lucien’s body until nightfall, Klaus sets it on fire. He tells Hayley that they should have Cami’s wake at Rousseau’s and gives her the name of a jazz band Cami liked. Before they get on the road to go home, Freya tells Klaus there’s something he needs to know.

When they get to the Compound, Marcel’s on his way to getting really drunk. He’s furious with the Mikaelsons. He ditched his crew, joined the Strix, fought for Hope, saved Hayley, and kept Klaus from getting staked by white oak. He did everything he could for them, and they repaid him by failing to protect Davina. Klaus defends Elijah, saying he had no choice but to sacrifice her. Marcel says the Trinity was right about Klaus – anyone who isn’t his family is nothing to him. Marcel doesn’t want to be considered family anymore. Klaus tries to calm him, but Marcel can’t be calmed.

In the City of the Dead, Kol approaches Van, no longer caring that Davina wouldn’t want him to die. She was the only thing keeping Kol from being who he used to be. Without her, Kol’s free to kill Van. Back at the Compound, Vincent confronts Freya for letting Davina die – she destroyed someone good to save people who’ve had a dozen lifetimes. Freya argues that she was protecting her family, but he doesn’t want to hear it: “You’re just as much of a bloodsucker as the rest of them.”

Hayley approaches Elijah and they comfort each other. She hasn’t gotten up the nerve to tell him how she feels, though. Freya finds Klaus in Hope’s room and tries to remind him that he avenged Cami today. He can’t take joy in that, since they were only able to do that by sacrificing someone she cared about. Their family may be safe, but it’s also fractured. Klaus can’t consider them victorious when his demons won today. Freya tells him that Lucien wasn’t his demon. He didn’t make Lucien a monster. Klaus worries that they’ve created a new monster.

Vincent goes to Marcel’s loft to form a new alliance. He doesn’t like vampires, but he respects Marcel. He extracted the upgrade serum from Aurora’s heart, and he wants Marcel to have it. Marcel once summoned Mikael, the one person the Mikaelsons feared the most, to scare them off. Vincent wants him to be brilliant like that again. This time, Marcel will be what they fear. It’s time for them to take back New Orleans.

Etc.: Uh, can we get more women on this show? It’s just Hayley and Freya now.

Killing Rebekah means killing Aurora, so Lucien’s thousand-year revenge plot, which he kicked off because Klaus took Aurora from him, would have all been for nothing. Good job, bozo!

I love when characters say ridiculous things like “I’ll have to draw through Davina while she’s in the ancestral well,” and I just nod and say, “Yeah, of course.”

The scene where Freya breaks Davina’s protection is heartbreaking. Davina’s screaming and begging for her life, and Freya just ignores her. She really is more like Klaus than anyone thought – she’s willing to sacrifice an innocent person to protect the people she loves.

Again, no one cares about Kol. No one tries to comfort him over Davina. I can’t believe I care about Kol, though, so…never mind.

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