the Originals

The Originals 3.14, A Streetcar Named Desire: Break Free

Aurora and Aya are in a shipyard, discussing the details of their new alliance in an abandoned train car. They’ve already hit a snag, since Aurora wants to kill Elijah in order to end Tristan’s suffering, but doing so would also kill Aya. Aya says there may be another way, and she’ll show Aurora if she helps end the sireline links. Aurora is happy to lend a hand – or, more specifically, a lock of hair. Aya brings in a witch named Cynthia to do a spell.

That spell lands Aurora in a chambre de chasse with Tristan. She apologizes for failing him, but he’s sure Aya will be able to help him. Aurora promises to do anything it takes to find her brother. First, though, she wants to show him something – “a comedy or a tragedy, depending on who you are.”

At the Compound, Elijah has just told Freya that he daggered Rebekah on Christmas. He kept quiet before but now wants Klaus and Freya to know where she is; if Aurora had killed him, Rebekah’s location would have died with him. Freya reminds him of the friend/foe/family warning, and how he’s now played the “family” part. She notes that Klaus and Elijah have a lot of foes, but it should be easier to deal with the “friend” part, since they don’t have many of those. Just then, Klaus enters with Stefan and introduces him to Freya as an old friend. Heh.

Davina is back to working on the spell to break the sireline links. She promises Marcel that everything will be fine, and he won’t feel anything when it goes into effect. Marcel worries that something will go wrong and he’ll end up dead. Even if he doesn’t, the fact that they’re using Jackson’s heart might tick off the Mikaelsons. Davina admits that this is a long shot, but she’s committed to protecting her friends.

Stefan makes small talk with Freya, telling her that he dated Rebekah once. Freya’s more interested in Rayna and her pursuit of Stefan. She can’t heal his wound, but she’s made a paste that will more or less mask the beacon that draws Rayna to it. Stefan can be on his way as soon as it’s dry. He asks why everyone seems to want him to leave so quickly. Sorry you’re not getting a hero’s welcome. They’re kind of busy.

Elsewhere in the Compound, Klaus assures Elijah that they don’t need to worry about Stefan. They should focus on Marcel instead, since he stole Jackson’s heart and gave it to people who want to hurt the Mikaelsons. Elijah doesn’t think Marcel is a problem. Freya gives Stefan a brief recap of current events while Klaus worries that the Strix will break the sireline link and make the Originals sitting ducks for anyone who wants to hurt them. Elijah notes that they won’t be able to do much damage without white oak. Since Aurora has the last of it, they’ll just have to kill her first.

Hayley calls Elijah with good news: The Crescent wolves found Aurora. Hayley goes to the train car where she and Aya were talking, but no one’s there. Klaus and Elijah arrive as she finds Lucien’s desiccating body stuffed in a closet. Aya’s just about to make her escape with Aurora’s body (since she’s unconscious while in the chambre de chasse), and she points the gun with the white oak bullets at Klaus and Elijah. Elijah comments that there would be a poetry to Klaus being destroyed by the wood that made up his own carving. Yeah, I’m sure he appreciates that.

In the train car, Lucien tells Hayley to get Klaus out of there. Elijah reminds Aya that if she shoots him, she’ll die. “True…for now,” she replies. Cynthia approaches and sends Klaus and Elijah into the chambre de chasse with Tristan and Aurora. They’re all stuck there until they figure out and destroy whatever in their location represents them.

Tristan informs the brothers that they’re in the process of breaking the sireline links. Elijah calls him a “second-rate Napoleon” who’s trying to leave a mark on the world. Aurora says that once the links are broken, Aya will take advantage of the brothers’ incapacitation to kill them. Klaus and Elijah will die today, but they won’t take their sirelines with them.

While Klaus and Elijah’s bodies float in the pool at the Strix’s headquarters, their spirits take a look around the chambre de chasse. Klaus is examining a sword when Aurora picks it up and puts it to his throat. He thinks that’s a good indication that it represents him. He grabs it from her and says that while he can’t hurt her in the chambre de chasse, he’ll cut her in half as soon as they’re free. “How’s Cami?” Aurora replies. “Who says we can’t hurt each other in here?”

Elijah thinks he’s represented by the chessboard, but Tristan says he’s not. Aya designed the chambre de chasse, so Elijah should think about how she sees him and what she would choose to represent him. Actually, he should think about how all the Strix see him, since he’s here because of them. Elijah’s in a prison of his own making. His “children” begged him to lock himself away and wait out the prophecy. They wanted him to take responsibility for them for once. “Would you mind terribly if you spared me the deadbeat dad lecture?” Elijah asks.

Tristan says he’s almost grateful for the years he spent compelled to believe he was Elijah. They taught him how not to be Elijah. Tristan took over what Elijah abandoned. If Elijah’s able to find any knights in shining armor who are willing to fight for him, they’ll die with him.

Hayley takes Lucien to the Compound, where Marcel asks why they’re trusting him all of a sudden. Lucien defends himself for running off with Aurora, since he was following his heart. As soon as she raised the possibility of killing Klaus, Lucien ditched her. Hayley doesn’t think Marcel should be talking about trust – he’s the one who gave Jackson’s heart to the people who helped kill him. Marcel reminds her that he saved her in the process.

Hayley’s plan to fix all this is to storm the Strix’s headquarters and stop the Sisters from breaking the sireline links. Marcel notes that she doesn’t have as much at stake here, since she’s not in any sirelines. Lucien says there’s another issue to handle: Aya will most likely confirm that the sirelines are unlinked by shooting Klaus with a white-oak bullet. Whatever happens, he dies and she wins. Hayley reminds Marcel that Alexis saw Klaus die and his sireline burn. Lucien says that if Davina fails, he and Marcel will die with Klaus. Stefan joins the group, adding his name to the list of possible casualties.

Aurora picks up a knight from the chessboard and wonders if it represents Klaus. He probably thinks of himself as a white knight. Plus, he carved one as a kid. She likes seeing how hard he has to work to save the few people who care about him. Well, two people, since she can’t think of anyone other than Elijah and Cami. Klaus warns her not to say Cami’s name again. This just amuses Aurora.

She picks up a king, saying it’s both the greatest and weakest chess piece. Once its followers have left it, it has no way to defend itself. Kind of like what will happen to Klaus when the sireline links break. He can’t think his sireline will fight for him just because they love him. They’ll only do it because they have to – he’s their “eternal burden.”

Stefan and Lucien look over blueprints for the Strix’s headquarters to figure out the best way in. Lucien expects to do most of the fighting, since the Strix are all way older than Stefan. Marcel gets off a phone call and tells them it doesn’t matter – there are Strix coming in from all over the world, so there’s no way this four-person crew is going to be able to get to Klaus and Elijah’s bodies. Lucien notes that Marcel could get the Strix to leave, since he’s their leader, but Marcel knows that Aya would pull a coup.

While the guys were failing to come up with a plan, Hayley and Freya worked one out: Freya will channel Lucien in order to get Klaus and Elijah out of the chambre de chasse. The others will “keep the Strix occupied” to buy her time. Lucien doesn’t like the idea of staying back and “holding hands with the leftover sister” while the others (including the “two toddlers,” Hayley and Stefan) take on the Strix. Freya shuts him up by using magic to break his neck. Stefan’s impressed.

Marcel is also skeptical about this plan – he, Stefan, and Hayley are going to take on hundreds of super-old vampires? Stefan has another idea, and all they need is Marcel to get them inside the Strix’s headquarters. This leads to Stefan and Hayley hiding in the trunk of a car. He sees a picture of Hope on her phone’s home screen and guesses that she’s the reason Hayley’s there. Hayley says she’s part of it; the other part is that she doesn’t want Hope to grow up without a father. Stefan’s like, “I know from experience that sometimes growing up without a father is better.” He wouldn’t have survived Giuseppe without Damon.

Hayley asks if Stefan’s risking his life for Damon because Damon stood up for him. Well, yeah, but also because he doesn’t want Damon to die. Do only children really think all sibling behavior has to be transactional? Hayley says she never understood Klaus and Elijah’s brotherly bond – they’ve hurt each other more than anyone else, but when it comes to protecting each other, they’re vicious. Yeah, I think Stefan can relate. He asks if they have the same desire to protect other people they care about.

Instead of answering, Hayley asks who’s on the home screen of his phone. He shows her that it’s Caroline. Hayley knows that Klaus had a thing for her (“had,” eh?) and remembers snapping Caroline’s neck once. Stefan says she’s gotten tougher since then and could probably beat Hayley in a fight. I guess he doesn’t know that Hayley’s a hybrid now. Hayley asks if Caroline, who’s in Klaus’ sireline, is why Stefan’s here. I’d say she’s one of many reasons. Marcel pulls up outside the Strix’s headquarters and is waved through the gates by a guard.

In the chambre de chasse, Klaus and Elijah are enduring the horrible plight of…listening to Tristan play the violin. How awful! Aurora wonders how any woman could love either of them. Klaus knocks her for once again whining that Elijah ruined their relationship. Aurora notes that Klaus did the same thing Elijah did to her when he forced Elijah to leave Aya and the Strix. The brothers are idiotically attached to the idea of “always and forever,” which only means that they’ll both spend eternity alone.

Elijah brings up Tristan’s sins, reminding Aurora how horribly he’s treated her. Though his tendency to abandon and isolate his sister just demonstrates that he knows what everyone else does: Aurora is “a deranged and ridiculous child who cannot be left unsupervised.” Compelling Aurora to leave Klaus was the best thing Elijah ever did for Klaus. Now, 1,000 years later, Klaus has come to understand that.

Marcel joins Aya as she’s watching the Sisters prepare for the sireline unlinking. She can’t wait until all the vampires in the world are free from the Originals’ “tyranny.” She tells Marcel to stick around so he can witness the links breaking. After she leaves the room, Marcel asks Davina if she knows that Aya is going to kill Klaus and Elijah. She doesn’t, but she wants to do the unlinking anyway. Marcel points out that if it doesn’t work, he and Josh will die.

Davina thinks he just doubts her ability to pull this off. He believes he owes Klaus because Klaus saved him, the way Davina owes Marcel because he saved her. But Klaus has taken more than he’s given Marcel, Davina, and Kol. Davina swore to Marcel two years ago that she would find a way to break the links. Now she has, so why doesn’t Marcel want this anymore?

He tells her things have changed, but she says one thing hasn’t: They’ve always protected each other. She was furious when Marcel went behind her back with Vincent and had her shunned, but she gets that he’ll always protect her, no matter what. He deserves to be free of Klaus. They all do. Davina needs Marcel to trust her. She’s scared, but he’s the only family she has. She can only do this if they’re in it together.

It’s almost time for Stefan and Hayley to leave the trunk and put their plan into action. He tells her that even though they don’t know each other, his life is in her hands, so he wants to make this count. Then he pulls off the dried paste Freya gave him so his X-shaped mark will be trackable again. Out in the woods somewhere, Rayna locks in to his location and heads in his direction.

Davina’s ready for the unlinking spell, so Aya returns to watch. Davina uses Jackson’s heart to bind the Sisters’ magic to the water in the pool. She can break the sireline links once the pool has filled with Klaus and Elijah’s blood.

At the Compound, Lucien jokes that Freya, who’s tied him up, is darker than he thought. If she throws in wine and a cheap motel, he could really fall for her. She tells him she’s going to enter the chambre de chasse so she can figure out the representational magic holding it together and take it apart from the inside. That will require most of her power and a lot of Lucien’s. He replies that stamina has never been a problem for him. You know, Freya, gagging him on top of tying him up wouldn’t be the worst idea. Though he’d probably be turned on by that, too.

She makes it into the chambre de chasse and tells her brothers to find what represents them. They don’t have time, since moments later, Aya cuts both of their necks to make them bleed into the pool. Outside, Rayna approaches the Strix’s headquarters. A guard pulls Aya away to address a possible issue.

Klaus and Elijah tell Freya to get the kings and knights from the chessboard. Aya sends Strix members to check out their new visitor, which means they walk right into their deaths. While they’re busy being killed by Rayna, Hayley sneaks into the area where the Sisters are doing their spell. She and Marcel kill the guards watching them, so Davina blasts them aside with magic.

Aurora taunts Klaus for not figuring out what represents him. He may have never learned from his sins, but at least she’ll get to watch him die because of them. Klaus figures out that he and Elijah are represented by the queens, the women they’ve betrayed. As Freya starts to destroy them, Elijah wakes up in the pool. He kills a couple of the Sisters, but Davina keeps doing the unlinking spell. Even when Freya destroys the second queen and Klaus wakes up, Davina keeps going. She sends out a blast of power that flings Klaus back into the pool and shatters all the lights in the room.

Freya realizes that Davina’s spell is working. It causes Klaus pain and starts turning Stefan, Lucien, and Marcel’s skin red. With a final blast, which sends water shooting up from the pool, the link breaks. Klaus tells Elijah that he felt everyone in his sireline leave.

Using all that power has knocked Davina out, so she’s not even able to celebrate the fact that she accomplished one of her most desired goals. Elijah tells Aya that despite her best efforts, they’re still linked. He can’t let her hurt his family, and she can’t hurt him more than she already has. Aya reminds him that she stood by him. All the Strix wanted to protect him, but he betrayed and abandoned them. He admits to failing them and says he’ll never forgive himself, but he also can’t forgive what Aya tried to do here.

She thinks he would do the same thing if he were “chained” to someone who abandoned him even though they were devoted to him: “What choice would you have but to break free?” She tells him to go ahead and kill her. Elijah aims the gun with the white-oak bullets at her but can’t bring himself to pull the trigger. Aya begs him to, threatening to kill him to end her own life. Hayley plunges a stake through her back and into her heart, saying she’s showing Aya more mercy than Jackson got.

The chambre de chasse is shaking, since the Sisters are now down in numbers and can’t hold it together. Tristan and Aurora say goodbye to each other, knowing this is probably the last time they’ll be able to see each other. When she emerges from the chambre de chasse, she’s in the City of the Dead. Freya has trapped her in a tomb with a boundary spell, and Klaus is bricking her up behind a wall a la the Garden. Aurora begs him to kill her instead, but he wants her to suffer, knowing that the only person who cares about her is at the bottom of the ocean, and that Klaus is the one who took everything from her.

Davina wakes up at Marcel’s loft and blasts him for not standing with her. He promises that he’s always on her side, but sometimes she wants things that aren’t worth the price she’d have to pay for them. “Enjoy your freedom,” she spits out as she leaves. Stefan meets up with Klaus as he leaves Aurora to desiccate, and the two agree that they’re even, since they’ve saved each other. Klaus asks if Stefan is going to do the right thing for Caroline. Stefan says he loves her, and he promises to only do right by her. He urges Klaus to thank Hayley, who cares about him enough to risk her life for him. Klaus should do right by her, too.

Klaus is suddenly weakening, and though he’s able to fight it until Stefan leaves, he almost collapses soon after. Freya joins him and explains that he lost a lot of mystical energy. He’ll be fine after some rest. Klaus asks where the energy went. Well, it went to the attic of St. Anne’s with Davina. It’s there with some of Klaus and Elijah’s blood, and the urn that holds Kol’s ashes. And when Davina mixes them all together, she gets a fully resurrected, real live Kol.

Etc.: Paul Wesley (Stefan) and Phoebe Tonkin (Hayley) dated for a while, but I’m not sure if they were together when this episode was filmed. Maybe having to lie so close to each other for so long made them realize they liked each other.

Also, that scene reminds me of the scene in Out of Sight where George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez’s characters are locked in a trunk together.

Freya’s continued lack of interest in/lack of any kind of positive feelings toward Lucien still amuses me.

Think of all the people Davina could have brought back instead of Kol. Imagine using your one shot at a resurrection spell on that guy.

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