the Originals

The Originals 3.11, Wild at Heart: The Victim in Someone Else’s Story

Now that Tristan has been banished to the bottom of the ocean for eternity, Aya is the de facto leader of the Strix. She addresses a small gathering of members, basically eulogizing Tristan. She doesn’t want the loss to distract them from their mission. A witch named Ariane joins the group, and Aya says she’s conducted an “assessment.” She did a spell to look into the members’ hearts to see if they’re truly loyal to the Strix. Before them they’ll find tarot cards containing the results of the assessment. If they have pure intentions, they have nothing to fear. Marcel, whose intentions aren’t pure, is a little worried.

Aya analyzes the cards as they’re turned over. Everyone who receives the Knight of Pentacles has been deemed loyal. Before she gets to Marcel, another Strix stands up and announces that he doesn’t owe Aya any allegiance. She knocks off his head and announces that she won’t tolerate anyone’s attempt to seize power during this time of change. She shows the group that traitor’s card, the Hanged Man. She asks Marcel if he wants to betray her for power, too. Marcel plays innocent, and his card, the Knight of Pentacles, backs up his cover.

Aya warns the group that no matter what Elijah believes about the prophecy, there’s a possibility that the Originals can be killed. A threat to Elijah is a threat to the Strix. Aya remains committed to ensuring their survival no matter what it takes.

Davina tries to shop in a market in the Quarter, but since she’s been shunned by the witches, it’s hard to get any customer service. Josh comes to her rescue, trying to buy what she needs, then threatening to file a complaint (with…the witch version of the Better Business Bureau?) when he’s ignored as well. Davina wants to leave without causing a scene. Josh shoplifts on their way out. Yeah, Josh! Stick it to the man!

Cami apparently went back to the Compound for the night after Klaus find her at her place post-transition, but she’s disappeared. Elijah reminds Klaus that he gave her a daylight ring. Elijah’s too focused on the growing threat to the Mikaelsons to worry about what Cami’s up to. Klaus reminds him that the threat has lessened a little, what with Tristan “literally sleeping with the fishes.” Elijah points out that they still haven’t ID’d whatever weapon is out there that can kill them.

Hayley arrives with Hope and tells the brothers that Cami left around sunrise – Hayley saw her from the balcony outside Kenner Kennel. She’d like to stay at the Compound for a little while (understandable, with Jackson dead). Klaus assures her that she’ll always have a home there. Elijah takes a call from Aya, who proposes an alliance to find the Original-killing weapon together. “I don’t play well with others,” Elijah replies. But he’s tempted when Aya says she can put together the clues Alexis dropped.

Josh is annoyed that Davina never reached out to him after she was shunned. Why have friends if you won’t lean on them? A limo pulls up next to them, and Josh isn’t sure whether to be worried or excited. Probably worried, since Aya’s inside. She asks Davina to join her for an important conversation. Aww, sorry you don’t get to ride in the limo, Josh. Maybe next time.

Cami goes to Rousseau’s, where a co-worker tells her she looks amazing. Excuse you, she always looks amazing. A jerk sexually harasses the co-worker, so Cami compels him to give the bartender a huge tip, then meet Cami in the alley for a good time. “And turn your hat around. You’re an adult,” she adds. The bartender delivers a drink sent to her by someone at the other end of the bar – Klaus.

Aya takes Davina to the Strix’s headquarters, where Ariane and some other witches are sitting around a pool of water. They’re the Sisters, outcasts who have been brought together to form their own coven (and do magic on demand for the Strix). If the New Orleans covens are a candle, the Sisters are “a five-alarm fire.” They’re the only coven in the world with the power to cast a spell to raise the dead. Aya knows that Davina wants to resurrect Kol, and she’ll give Davina the power to do it if she pledges service to the Sisters.

Cami isn’t thrilled that Klaus is keeping her from her trip to the alley, but he’s sure she wouldn’t have been able to feed on that guy without killing him. She notes that that’s what vampires do – they hunt, feed, and kill. He tells her to keep her voice down but Cami doesn’t see the point. They can just compel people to forget if they overhear. Klaus does it all the time. He says what he does isn’t the same as what she does. She might think she’s an expert on vampires from their therapy sessions, but she’s not ready to live in his world.

She admits that he might be right. Her emotions are going crazy right now. Klaus offers to help her so she can “live a life others only dream of.” She needs to learn, so why not learn from the best? (And why not let Klaus have a shot at molding a new protégé?)

Davina and Josh meet up in the attic of St. Anne’s, where she wants to do a spell that involves poisoning herself to stop her heart but using magic to keep herself from actually dying. Josh isn’t on board, but Davina has already thought this through. To find out if the spell Aya’s offering her is the real deal, she needs to talk to a witch she trusts. Right now, the only one she trusts is Kol. And since he’s dead and in purgatory, she has to temporarily die to talk to him.

Josh refuses to let her channel him for the spell, but it turns out she’s already taken the poison, so unless he wants her to die, he has to cooperate. She cuts both of their hands so they’ll maintain a blood connection while she’s in purgatory. Josh just has to hold her hand while she dies for a while. The spell works and Davina finds herself in purgatory, which is pretty much like the real world, just dark and empty (kind of like the Other Side).

Aya introduces Elijah to Ariane, whom Elijah is skeptical about as a secret weapon. Aya tells him that Ariane has spent years absorbing tons of information and picking out patterns. She’ll use the water in the pool as a conductor to enter Elijah’s mind and see everything he’s learned over the past 1,000 years. This will let her figure out what the Original-killing weapon is.

Hayley goes back to Kenner Kennel to pack some of her and Hope’s things. The sight of one of Jackson’s flannel shirts makes Hayley want to speed things up, so she doesn’t take much. Hope will have to find something to teethe on at the Compound, since they’re not taking the knight carving. Davina heads downtown in the purgatory version of the Quarter and quickly encounters Kol (though she doesn’t recognize him because she’s only seen him in Kaleb’s body, and he’s now in his original form). He’s happy to see her but thinks she’s crazy for coming. The ancestors would be furious if they knew she was there.

Elijah enters the pool so Ariane can do a 1,000-year head-dive. She tells him that even after everything the Mikaelsons have been through, they haven’t faced the worse yet. “An unending darkness lies before you,” she says. “A lone figure. A pale horse. A flame that will burn you all.”

Cami comes across a couple making out, compels the guy to be quiet, and tells the woman that no one can help her. Klaus says her compulsion skills are unsophisticated, but not terrible. Cami bites the woman and Klaus coaches her on how to know when to stop feeding. Cami doesn’t listen, though, and Klaus has to pull her off. She scoffs at the idea of him teaching her about restraint. Klaus compels the couple to leave and forget their faces. He wants to call off these lessons because Cami isn’t herself. She insists that she is, and she’s not done. Also, she doesn’t appreciate his critiques, since he’s killed thousands of people.

Klaus says that because of all those deaths, he has no hope of redemption, and he doesn’t want Cami to suffer the same fate. She tells him she’s always tried to get him to be something more human, but he’s exactly who he’s meant to be. Now she’s like him. She tries to kiss him but he takes a step back. He says she’s still learning what she is, and this isn’t her. Cami agrees and leans into his arms. Then she breaks his neck and says she’s better than who she used to be.

She goes to the Quarter and engineers a “chance” meeting with Will, who’s doing much better than he was the last time she saw him. He thinks she has something to do with his return to work. She flirtatiously asks for a favor.

Davina and Kol go to purgatory’s version of Rousseau’s, since he doesn’t think the ancestors will find her there. They kiss but she’s still trying to wrap her head around the fact that he’s in a different body. He tells her to remember their last night together, when they danced in the City of the Dead. The same song plays in the bar and they dance again.

Davina tells Kol that she missed him and assures him that the face he has now is great (though she doesn’t specify if she likes it better than Kaleb’s). He has a bit of a bruise on his cheek and she asks what happened, but he doesn’t say. He just tells her she shouldn’t have come there. She says she may have found a way to bring him back and gives him the spell Aya offered her.

Will’s favor to Cami is collecting all her dark objects from Lucien’s Castle, since she can’t go in (only vampires from Klaus’ sireline can enter without an invitation). Well, I guess it’s not really a favor, since she compelled him. He wonders why he’s committing crimes just because she asked him to. “I have been the victim in someone else’s story one too many times,” she tells him. She wants back what belongs to her, and now she has the power to take it. Klaus ambushes Cami and Will as they’re about to leave, and he chastises her for using compulsion, considering how big she usually is on free will. He gets between her and Will and warns her not to push things.

Kol tells Davina that Aya’s spell is fake. She thinks he’s lying and doesn’t get why – doesn’t he want to be resurrected? He says he wants it more than anything, but the spell is incredibly dangerous. He hasn’t seen anything like it since the Strix. He realizes that’s where she got it and tells her to find a way to bring him back that doesn’t involve them. It won’t be worth what the Strix will make her do in return. The wind outside gets louder and Kol realizes the ancestors are approaching. They come in and search the place, but apparently they can’t look behind the bar, because that serves as a perfectly fine hiding place for Davina and Kol.

Cami follows Klaus to the Compound, yelling at him for confiscating all the dark objects, her family’s legacy. He reminds her that Kol made a bunch of them, so technically they’re part of the Mikaelson family’s legacy. She orders him to give them back or she’ll take them and make him regret saying no to her. Klaus replies that the only thing he’ll regret is not stopping her before she spun so far out of control.

Cami thinks Aurora was right about her motives for turning Cami. She did it to drive a wedge between Cami and Klaus. Aurora took away the one advantage Cami had over her – humanity. Klaus may be intrigued by the darkness in Cami that’s now coming to light, but he can’t handle her being out of control like this. He’s spent 1,000 years trying to get everyone in the world to fear him. Now he’s the one who’s scared. He’s a child, worried about being tossed aside now that he’s not needed.

As Klaus tries to stop Cami from leaving, Hayley arrives and backs her up. She agrees that Cami shouldn’t have access to dark objects right now, but she also doesn’t want her treated like a hostage. She wants to talk to Cami, knowing they can connect because their deaths were both due to their involvement in the Mikaelsons’ lives. Elijah summons Klaus from a balcony, allowing Hayley and Cami to leave together.

Kol and Davina are on their way to St. Anne’s so she can go back to the real world when Kara stops them. Meanwhile, Elijah brainstorms what Ariane’s mention of a “pale horse” might symbolize. Klaus wishes witches would just say what they mean. Elijah tells him to leave Cami alone, which Klaus interprets as him wanting Klaus to abandon her. Elijah just thinks it would be nice to not remind her that she died because of him. Also, you know, something bad is coming, so maybe they could focus on that for a little while?

Elsewhere in the Compound, Hayley tries to give Cami a pep talk, but Cami thinks she really wanted to talk because she needs advice. Cami encourages her to admit that she’s not grieving for Jackson – she’s relieved he’s dead because now she’s free to be with Elijah. Instead of smacking Cami in the face with something heavy, which Hayley would normally do to someone who said that, she takes a deep breath and reminds herself that Cami’s going through a hard time. That said, she needs to leave Hayley’s husband’s name out of her mouth. Cami realizes she crossed a line and isn’t acting like herself. She feels horrible for lashing out to make Hayley hurt like she is. She thought she could handle turning. Hayley assures her that she can, but it’ll take some time.

Kara knocks Kol out of the way so she can confront Davina. Josh notices that Davina’s in distress, but before he can react, Ariane appears and magically slashes his throat. As he loses consciousness, his grip on Davina’s hand weakens. Ariane jumps into purgatory and gets rid of Kara, then tells Davina she can get her back to the real world.

Klaus is unhappy to learn that Cami left the Compound and Hayley didn’t try to stop her. Hayley tells him that the Cami he knew is gone. She has to figure out alone who she’s going to be now. Klaus says he just wanted to keep her safe. Hayley replies that sometimes he hurts the people he wants to protect. Just ask Elijah, Rebekah, and Hope. A light bulb goes on in Klaus’ head at the mention of Rebekah, and he realizes he knows what the Original-killing weapon is. He made it himself.

Davina and Ariane need to leave purgatory now if they want to stay ahead of the ancestors. Davina doesn’t want to go without Kol, but Ariane says he can’t come back to the real world yet. If they leave now, he can follow later. Kol tells Davina to go without him so they aren’t both lost. Plus, now she’ll owe him one. He kisses her goodbye and sends her off to the real world while he stays behind to take on the ancestors. In the attic, Davina sees that Josh is dead, which means their link is broken. Ariane tells her to focus on what she loves most, the thing that makes her want to live. If she fights while thinking of it, she can get back.

Klaus searches the Compound for the weapon, explaining that the pale horse isn’t from the Bible (a symbol of death) or a constellation (something Elijah was trying to puzzle out). It’s a literal horse – the knight carving he made for Rebekah as a child. It’s white oak.

Davina and Ariane return to the real world, where Josh is still temporarily dead. Ariane tells Davina she saved her because Aya wanted her to. Aya told Davina that joining the Sisters gives the witches the ability to attain their greatest desires. Davina asks if Ariane made the deal. She did, and she says it was worth it.

Hayley and Elijah search Kenner Kennel for the knight carving, but it disappeared sometime after Hayley went over to pack. Klaus realizes who took it. He remembers telling Cami about the carving once in a therapy session. In a flashback to earlier in the day, Cami uses her new vamp hearing to eavesdrop on Klaus and Elijah as they discuss possible pale horses. When it looked like Hayley had gotten through to her, she was just pretending. She put the clues together before anyone else, and now she has the only white oak left in the world.

Once Josh has recovered, he and Davina go to Rousseau’s for a drink (I guess she has a fake ID). She thanks him for always being there for her. He confides that after Aiden died, he thought about taking off his daylight ring and letting himself burn up in the sun because he didn’t believe he would ever be happy again. If there was any way to bring Aiden back, Josh would. So if Davina feels the same way about Kol, Josh thinks she should do whatever it takes.

Klaus calls Cami, who wants to trade the knight carving for her dark objects. Not now, though. She’s going to let him squirm for a while. Elijah goes back to the Strix’s headquarters, where Ariane senses before he says anything that he figured out what the weapon is. She guesses that he’s come to kill her so she can’t tell anyone about the things she saw from his life. As he moves her hair away from her neck to bite her, she says she feels released. He feeds on her and drops her body into the water.

Josh goes to Marcel’s loft, having distanced himself from the crew for a while. He’s been thinking about what’s important, and he wanted Marcel to know that Davina is joining the Sisters. Hayley lets herself grieve at Kenner Kennel, clutching Jackson’s shirt. Elijah finds her on the kitchen floor and doesn’t know what to say. She tells him she’s spent the last 24 hours being angry at everyone, including Elijah. She’s even been mad at Jackson for being brave. Now she knows she’s not mad – she just feels guilty.

Elijah sits with her on the floor as she says that she wanted to blame him or anyone else for Jackson’s death, but he died because he loved her. “Loving any of us is a death sentence, isn’t it?” she asks. Maybe it is, but I don’t think it’ll stop Elijah from feeling the way he feels about her.

Etc.: Shout-out to whoever it was who dubbed vampire Cami “Campire.”

I’m a sucker for plots where a normally good, moral person goes dark. It’s why Elena, Stefan, and Caroline’s times with their humanity off are so entertaining. Cami’s turn is no different.

There’s a compelled Will/free will joke in here somewhere but I couldn’t make it work.

I love the twist that the knight carving is made of white oak. I’m a sucker for seemingly inconsequential things turning out to be important. And it’s a fun callback to Aurora once dubbing Alexis a “dangerous toy.”

Maybe I’m reading too much into the last scene, but I think it’s significant that Elijah sits down with Hayley. This is Elijah “I Won’t Leave the House Without a Handkerchief” Mikaelson sitting on the floor. There aren’t many people in the world he would do that for, and of course Hayley’s one of them.

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