the Originals

The Originals 3.8, The Other Girl in New Orleans: Drawn to Darkness

I guess Aurora drove around with Cami in her trunk all night because it’s morning when she takes her to St. Anne’s. Cami pretends she’s still unconscious and is able to smack Aurora with a tire iron and run off, but of course Aurora recaptures her. She heard that people come to the fighting gym to train in hopes of being made vampires. She wants to give them their wish.

Cami doesn’t know who Aurora is, but she’s fine with Aurora doing whatever she wants as long as she doesn’t involve any innocent people. Aurora’s surprised that no one told Cami that she’s Klaus’ “long-lost love.” She explains that she’s taken Cami hostage because the Mikaelsons have her brother. She plans to feed Cami to the guys in the gym so they can complete their transitions. That should make Klaus give Tristan back. Aurora gathers up the guys and tells them they’ve been selected to receive the highest honor available to their “pitiful species.” She feeds one her blood and breaks her neck, then invites the others to step up for their turns.

At the Compound, Freya does a spell to keep Tristan restrained in a circle of salt while allowing others to enter and leave the circle. She’s already injected him with something to counteract the vervain in his system so he’s compellable. Elijah tells Freya that Tristan claims to be immune to compulsion, so she grabs a knife to give him a little motivation. Elijah thinks he should do the honors, since Freya jumped the gun by torturing Aurora. (Though he clarifies that he’s “obscenely fond of torture.” It’s just that when he’s hosting guests, he wants to be the one to decide when and how they should be violated.)

Freya defers to her brother, who wants to combine physical pain with a trip into Tristan’s mind to steal the longitude of Rebekah’s location. He’s invited Hayley over to help. She arrives with Hope in tow, which Elijah thinks is a bad idea, “unless she’s violently teething.” Hayley didn’t have a choice, though, since Jackson went to the bayou and she doesn’t know when – or if – he’ll come back. Elijah volunteers Freya to babysit so Hayley can take out her frustrations on Tristan via her fangs.

Klaus goes to Lucien’s Castle and argues with Lucien over whose fault it is that Cami’s gone. Lucien thinks she was dumb to escape. He plays surveillance footage from the elevator, which shows Aurora holding her hand up to the camera; she’s written “Jackson Square” on it. Klaus knows Aurora took Cami to make him give Tristan back. This will be the last mistake Aurora ever makes. (Spoiler: This will not be the last mistake Aurora ever makes.)

Lucien stops Klaus from racing to Jackson Square, pointing out that Aurora could be luring him into a trap. Klaus says that she can’t and won’t hurt him, but Lucien thinks she’s the “friend” part of the friend/foe/family prophecy. After all, a friend with benefits is still technically a friend. Klaus suggests killing all his so-called friends, starting with Lucien, to bypass that part of the prophecy. Lucien says he’s just trying to keep Klaus safe. He’s coming along.

At St. Anne’s, all the guys are dead. Aurora thinks it’s strange that Cami is basically Klaus’ therapist, considering Klaus killed Kieran. Cami says it was a mercy killing. Aurora thinks the word “mercy” is odd. The church hasn’t been very lucky for the O’Connells – she also knows about what happened to Sean. (Thanks, Internet!) Cami asks if Aurora is enjoying bringing up the most horrible things that have happened to her. Aurora suggests that she’s trying to find out what they have in common.

Klaus has been obsessed with Aurora for centuries (at least, according to her), and now he has feelings for Cami. What makes them similar? Crazy brothers? Aurora tells Cami a little about what she’s been through every time Tristan has had her committed. For example, she’s undergone multiple exorcisms. Her most recent diagnosis is bipolar disorder. She wants to know more about Cami, and she’d like Cami to be honest.

Marcel has sent his crew to look for Cami, not caring that they’ll have to search the whole Quarter. Aya shows up at his place and they banter/flirt until she gets to the point: She’s not happy that Marcel helped get Davina shunned and removed as regent. Now she’s useless to the Strix. Aya doesn’t think the timing is a coincidence. Marcel notes that the witches hate him. Aya tells him that it would be dumb of him to tick off the Strix after just becoming one of them. They won’t tolerate insubordination. Also, they need Marcel to do something for them.

Hayley tries to bite Tristan into confession, but he withstands it pretty well. At least Elijah is enjoying himself. Tristan knows Elijah will kill him if he gives up Rebekah’s longitude, so he won’t be saying anything until the Strix come save him. Elijah tells Hayley to get back to work. Back at Marcel’s, Aya has shared her plan to go to war with the Mikaelsons. She has a stake that will “indefinitely” subdue an Original – it’s the one she used on Rebekah. Marcel needs to use it on Elijah so the Strix can imprison him and free Tristan. This will prove his loyalty to the Strix. If he fails, he’s out. Oh, and also dead.

Mary, whom we last saw about to turn into a werewolf because of Klaus, comes to Kenner Kennel, where Freya’s watching Hope. Freya tells her that Hayley’s across the street, helping the Mikaelsons. Mary guesses that that was Elijah’s idea. Freya calls Hayley to verify that it’s okay for Mary to be there. Hayley tells Elijah that she’s not sure why Mary’s in the Quarter when Jackson’s in the bayou. Uh, I assume she came to tell you, “Get your husband out of my house; he’s drinking all my beer.” Hayley doesn’t blame Jackson for leaving, especially since she didn’t try to stop him. She admits that she let him go because she figured Elijah would need her at the Compound. He tells her she’s done her part and can go.

Klaus and Lucien search Jackson Square for a clue from Aurora. Lucien wonders why Klaus bothers to play her game, considering how vindictive she is. Klaus replies that he’s not playing for her. Lucien says that if he saves Cami today, Aurora will just kill her another time. And Klaus can’t kill Aurora right now without losing her half of Rebekah’s location. “I’m quite aware of the dilemma, thank you,” Klaus sneers. Lucien asks why he cares about Cami. Klaus says he trusts her. He can’t say the same for Lucien, so maybe he should just leave.

Cami has opened up to Aurora, who thinks it’s hilarious that she once told Klaus that people want to be good. She accuses Cami of being jealous of Aurora and Klaus, even though Cami and Klaus have never been together. Cami admits to caring about him. She sees that he wants to be better than he is, and she doubts Aurora would help him pursue that. Aurora asks if Cami’s the right person to bring out the good in Klaus. He’s compelled and abused her; he doesn’t care about her. “You’re just a thing that he uses from time to time,” she says.

A little amused, Cami notes that Aurora seems pretty mad about this. She thinks Aurora’s worried because Klaus likes Cami’s mind and how she understands him. Aurora may be beautiful and powerful, but that doesn’t guarantee that Klaus really loves her. Maybe he sees the truth that her mind is “a bit damaged.” Aurora hits her for that.

Just as Klaus is looking hopeless about finding whatever Aurora wants him to find in Jackson Square, he spots the painting he gave Cami. Tucked into the frame is a piece of felt with the Prayer to St. Anne written on it. Again, Aurora’s treasure hunts aren’t very exciting. Back at the church, Aurora presses Cami to reveal her deepest secret. Lucien continues trying to talk Klaus out of going after Cami, but Klaus doesn’t want to listen to the guy who put Cami in danger in the first place. Lucien tells him that his judgment is off because of her. He should let Cami die, taking with her all of Klaus’ weaknesses and secrets. Klaus breaks his neck and continues his trek to St. Anne’s.

Freya goes back to the Compound to do a spell to weaken Tristan. He’s still strong enough to keep from revealing anything, though. Elijah threatens to find a chainsaw, then goes into Tristan’s mind to get Rebekah’s location himself. He gets some flashes of Tristan’s memories, including a list of aircraft manufacturers. Elijah focuses on one called Cepheus.

Marcel arrives and asks if they’re playing charades next on “the world’s most messed-up game night.” Elijah tells Freya to deal with him, but Marcel insists on talking to Elijah. He’s there on the Strix’s behalf, and he’s not going anywhere without Tristan. He tells Elijah what the Strix are planning and suggests that he just let Marcel take Tristan and pretend he rescued him. Marcel’s reward will be more information from the Strix, possibly including Rebekah’s location. In the process, he’ll be able to keep the Strix from going to war with the Mikaelsons. Elijah refuses to let Tristan go.

Across the street, Mary tells Hayley that Jackson is struggling right now because he doesn’t know how to help her. She doesn’t think Hayley knows how to help herself, either. She keeps “playing right along” with the Mikaelsons, even though they’ve taken from her over and over. Hayley says they’re her and Hope’s family, but Mary reminds her that Jackson is also her family. Yes, the Mikaelsons might need her, but Jackson does, too.

Tristan tries to appeal to Freya to have mercy on him, questioning how far her family’s loyalty reaches. After all, they never extended it to Finn. He urges Freya to ask Finn for more details – that is, if Finn will speak to her after what the Mikaelsons put him through. Freya considers it, clutching the pendant around her neck that holds Finn’s spirit.

Aurora demands Cami’s greatest shame again. Cami reveals that when she was in college, she was arrested for assaulting her roommate’s boyfriend after he hit her. Cami couldn’t get her roommate to report him, so she took matters into her own hands. I wouldn’t say she feels ashamed about this, though, since she looks like she’s proud of herself. Aurora catches on, saying Cami’s shame comes from enjoying what she did. She must study psychology to understand her “dark impulses.” That explains why Klaus likes her. But Aurora’s still jealous, so it’s time to move along.

Klaus arrives and Aurora tells him it’s time for an intervention. He’s in danger of losing the love of his life – her. After all this time apart, they’re finally together. Aurora thought it would be easy to overcome their obstacles, like the prophecy, Tristan’s captivity, and Elijah. But Aurora can’t deal with Klaus having feelings for someone else. Klaus pretends he doesn’t care about Cami, but Aurora can see that he’s afraid for her. He says he loves Aurora, which pleases her, since Cami got to hear it. Now Aurora can kill her.

Klaus casually tells Aurora that her stunts today aren’t flattering. He’s the one who usually gets jealous. Cami’s not a serious threat, so Aurora doesn’t need to worry about her. Aurora is sure that Klaus loves her, but she doesn’t like thinking that he would “lower” himself to be with Cami. She’s not as pure as she lets on. She has darkness inside her, which explains why she’s drawn to darkness. Aurora may not be perfect, but at least she’s honest about it. Cami’s an illusion.

Cami plays along, telling Klaus that everything she’s ever told him was a lie. Then she smacks her head into Aurora’s nose and tries to run from her. Aurora’s too fast for her and knocks her out, but at least Klaus is able to grab Aurora and zoom away with her.

Marcel keeps bugging Elijah about his plan, but Elijah still won’t consider it. He warns Marcel that if he keeps pressing this, Elijah will see him as a traitor. Marcel admits that that ship has already sailed. A bunch of Strix come in as he pulls out the Original-neutralizing stake. (Okay, I’m not typing that over and over. I’ll call it the dagger stake, since it’s a stake that acts like the Originals’ daggers.) Upstairs, a Strix member approaches Freya, who gives him a magic migraine. Aya zooms in and stabs her.

Elijah fights the Strix while, across the street, Hayley packs for a trip to the bayou. She hears the sounds of fighting from the Compound and wants to go over. Mary tells her not to get involved, but Hayley’s practically already leaping from her balcony to the Compound’s before she can finish. She joins Elijah to fight off two Strix, but she’s not fast enough to stop Marcel from using the dagger stake on him.

A few Strix rush Hayley, who holds them off until two double-team her. Marcel steps in and tears out their hearts, then zooms away. He goes to tell Aya to get Tristan out of there while Elijah’s out. Once they’re gone, he feeds Freya his blood to heal her, asking her to remind Elijah who his friends are when he inevitably wakes up mad at Marcel.

Klaus takes Aurora out of the church, which means Cami’s alone when she regains consciousness surrounded by transitioning vampires. Aurora guesses that Klaus really does have feelings for Cami. That means Aurora will have to kill her. She asks if Cami would excite him the way she can, or let him give in to his darkest desires.

Klaus tells Aurora that he left her behind a long time ago and there’s nothing left between them. She thinks he’s just being mean because he’s mad; everyone says things they don’t really mean when they’re fighting. It doesn’t change the fact that he loves her. Eventually he’ll thank her for killing his “little human pet.” Inside, Cami makes herself a stake.

Klaus tells Aurora that he’ll kill her for what she did to Cami, but first he’s going to torture her. When it’s over, she’ll only associate his name with pain, fear, and maybe the realization that she means nothing to him. He’s backed her up against a fence by now, and he’s able to put his hands on her head and get into her mind. This allows him to see the latitude of Rebekah’s location. Aurora’s upset about that violation, which he says was the only thing he needed from her. Now there’s nothing keeping him from killing her.

As a vampire pounces on Cami, a heartbroken Aurora tells Klaus she loves him and knows that he loves her. He hears Cami inside and rushes back in to save her (though she’s already killed one vampire – good for her). She lets herself relax as he embraces her.

Freya examines the dagger stake, which contains dark magic. Elijah doesn’t trust Marcel, but Hayley and Freya think he can. Marcel left him alive, and he saved Freya and Hayley. Elijah points out that Tristan is free and Rebekah remains gone because of Marcel. He sees blood on his portrait and remembers the sight from Alexis’ prophecy. They still have that looming over them.

Aya takes Tristan to Marcel’s place, where he offers up some of his stash of Klaus’ blood to heal Tristan’s bites. Tristan’s grateful but doesn’t offer up anything to repay him. Marcel notes that he’s a marked man now. Instead of demanding his loyalty to the Strix, the Strix need to prove their loyalty to him. It’s clear they need him, but if this is how he’s going to be treated, he might not stay with them. Tristan agrees that he’s earned the access to the full Strix experience that all the members get.

Hayley goes back to Kenner Kennel, where Mary chastises her for risking her life for the Mikaelsons. Hayley says it’s part of the world they live in. Mary thinks she goes above and beyond, tempting fate. Hayley replies that she fights to protect the people she cares about. If Jackson loves her, he’ll come home and do the same. She gets that he needs time to figure things out, but she’s ready whenever he wants to talk.

Marcel texts Elijah with information on Cepheus, which Elijah takes to Klaus. It’s the name of a cargo jet the Strix like to use. The same night Rebekah was taken, it flew from Marrakesh to Miami. Armed with that and the latitude of Rebekah’s location, the Mikaelsons will be able to narrow down exactly where she is. Once they’ve rescued her, they can celebrate by killing Aurora and Tristan. “I recommend something delightfully gruesome,” Elijah says. Klaus’ only request is getting to finish off Aurora himself.

Lucien finds Aurora moping in the Quarter and tries to comfort her over her…breakup? Is it a breakup if they weren’t really together? I’m sure she sees it that way. Klaus has brought Cami to the Compound and wants her to spend the night so he can protect her. He tries to apologize for what happened but she says it’s not his fault.

She asks if he heard what she and Aurora were talking about before he showed up – her arrest for assault. Klaus tells her he’s already compelled people to go kill the guy. Cami isn’t sure if he’s joking, so she says straight out that she doesn’t want him to kill anyone for her. She’s had a horrible couple of days and just wants to close her eyes while she’s lying on the couch. Of course she falls asleep, and he puts a blanket over her. She finally feels safe enough to rest.

Freya goes to the bell tower to do a spell with her pendant. I guess it releases Finn’s spirit, because he appears behind her. You call that a cliffhanger??

Etc.: The idea of Hope teething on Tristan makes me think of Sunny from A Series of Unfortunate Events.

I highly doubt Aurora has bipolar disorder. I think she has narcissistic personality disorder and psychopathy, on top of just being a vampire with poor self-control. But I only minored in psych, so what do I know?

LOL at Aya telling Marcel that if he doesn’t help the Strix, they’ll kill him…and kick him out. I think revoking his membership is unnecessary once you’ve killed him, right?

I like that Elijah chose Kenner Kennel because it would be close enough for Klaus to hear if anything happened over there, but instead, that proximity has only come in handy twice, once when Hayley and Elijah were talking from their balconies and here, when Hayley hears that Elijah’s in trouble.

Imagine walking down the street between the Compound and Kenner Kennel, and seeing a woman literally jump from one balcony to another. And you think you’re so drunk that you’re imagining things, but your friend is like, “Oh, yeah, some of the people here can do that. Do you want to get beignets?”

“Yay, Finn’s back!” said no one.


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