the Originals

The Originals 3.7, Out of the Easy: A Sibling for a Sibling

Freya, Elijah, Hayley, and Marcel are in the bell tower so they can do another locator spell to find Rebekah. This one will be a worldwide search. Klaus and Aurora are still in his bedroom, and he’s tolerating her affection. Freya’s spell doesn’t work, and she guesses that Rebekah has been cloaked. Marcel thinks he can get the Strix to tell him where she is, but Elijah says their bigger priority is stopping Tristan and Lucien from getting Davina to activate the serratura. He promises Marcel that he won’t rest until Rebekah’s found. Marcel agrees to the shift in the group’s focus.

Elijah heads home to find out who will be on which side in the inevitable war that’s looming. He tells Klaus that Rebekah is missing, but Aurora says that’s not really true. If everyone behaves, she’ll reveal Rebekah’s location. Elijah orders her to spill, threatening to hurt Tristan if she doesn’t. Klaus says that he and Aurora have come to an agreement. Basically, he and Aurora are back together, but he’s just keeping her close because that’s what you do with your enemies.

Once they’re alone, Elijah asks if Klaus plans to seduce Tristan and Lucien, too, to get the serratura. “They’re not really my type,” Klaus says dismissively. Heh. Elijah wants to puzzle out the allegiances here. Aurora and Tristan will always work together, and Tristan and Lucien are aligned. The Trinity has an advantage…unless the Mikaelsons can break it. Elijah suggests that they invite the Trinity to Thanksgiving and turn them against each other. Klaus likes that idea. “I can feel the holiday spirit already,” Elijah says.

Tristan goes to an airport to get Rebekah’s body, but all he finds in her coffin are two envelopes. Aurora arrives and tells him she has her own plans for her sire. She advises her brother to trust her, but Tristan knows she’s been in town long enough to get back together with Klaus and kill Alexis, all without getting in touch with him. Aurora says it’s revenge for him putting her away in the monastery. Also, Tristan and Lucien didn’t tell her their plans, and she doesn’t appreciate it.

Tristan says that if she’d trusted them, she and Rebekah would have both been safe. Aurora replies that she want to be in control of her own fate. The two envelopes are insurance. Maybe now he’ll trust her. He’ll need to if they’re going to Thanksgiving at the Compound. Tristan thinks it’s a trap, like, of course it is. They’re the Mikaelsons. Aurora tells him to open one of the envelopes. He’s her family and has always taken care of her. Now she wants to do the same for him.

While locals take part in a Turkey Trot, Cami can’t find anything to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. She’s still Lucien’s hostage and is being left behind while he goes to the Mikaelsons’ Thanksgiving. He’s been texting Vincent as her to keep him from realizing that she’s missing. Cami is sure someone will figure things out sooner or later and track her there. Lucien doesn’t think it’ll happen in the next few hours, which will allow the vervain to clear her system so he can compel her to forget everything that’s happened there. Lucien is too smart to leave Cami alone, so he’s summoned a friend named Anton to babysit. If he hasn’t heard from Lucien by nightfall, he’s instructed to kill Cami.

Davina meets Marcel at St. Anne’s for a conversation about the Strix. Davina knows about them already, thanks to a heads up from the ancestors. What she doesn’t know is that they want her to help them take down the Mikaelsons. Marcel tells her that if she refuses, the Strix will kill her. If she agrees, Klaus will do worse than that. Marcel wants to help Davina leave town. She says she’s not the little girl he used to hide in the attic. She doesn’t run from anyone.

Hayley wants to go to the Compound for the big Mikaelson/Trinity meal, then come back and spend the rest of the holiday with Jackson and Hope. Jackson’s not happy about that, but Hayley wants to repay Rebekah for taking care of Hope. She can’t sit back and do nothing, then expect Hope to respect that one day. Jackson says that letting Klaus take care of this wouldn’t be sitting back and doing nothing. Plus, it’s not like the Mikaelsons need any help killing people.

Lucien and Tristan are the first guests to arrive at the Compound, and despite their alliance, they banter like they’re rivals. Aurora and Lucien reunite for the first time in centuries, and Klaus subtly reminds Lucien that Aurora is taken. Elijah greets the guests and says they all have a common threat in the form of the prophecy about the Mikaelsons falling. They need to unite to stop it. That means they need to be honest with each other. They’ll start by acknowledging Tristan and Lucien’s secret alliance.

Marcel goes to Rousseau’s, where Vincent is trying to sit out Thanksgiving by drinking alone. Marcel tells him about the Strix and his desire to keep Davina away from them. Vincent has an idea for how to protect her, but Marcel won’t like it.

Lucien thinks it’s weird that the Mikaelsons and the Trinity are celebrating an American holiday. Elijah likes it: “The turkey, the cranberry sauce, the lies, the deceit, the betrayal.” He wants to kick things off with confession time. Aurora asks if this is all for an inquisition. Klaus says he just wants to make sure everyone’s on the same page. Tristan tells the group that he and Lucien only kept their alliance quiet because if they’d shown up in town together, the Mikaelsons would have known something was wrong. Elijah quips that his lies are going to be as hard to swallow as Klaus’ stuffing. (Walnuts? Ugh.)

Lucien repeats what he’s been saying all along: He’s in town to protect his sire. Klaus mentions the fact that he’s been killing people on the side. Lucien and Tristan say it’s an old Strix strategy. When the locals are scared, they’re easy to control. Plus, when tourism declines and local vampires have trouble finding fresh blood, they’re eager to team up, just like Marcel did when Aya offered him help. Klaus isn’t impressed, but Lucien continues that a police investigation is a handy way to get access to items you wouldn’t otherwise be able to get to. You know, like the O’Connell family’s stash of dark objects, which he got his hands on when Will took them into evidence.

Elijah asks if he’s talking about the serratura. Tristan guesses that the Mikaelsons know about that from Aurora. Lucien tells them that Cami had it, so he got her arrested so he could search her things. He would never let anything happen to her, though, since he knows Klaus cares about her. Aurora doesn’t like the sound of that.

Anton puts on a football game, which Cami thinks is ridiculous, like, why can’t vampires like sports? Just be glad he’s not paying attention to you. He tells her to get him a beer, and as she’s grabbing one, she glances over at the boxes of dark objects that are still sitting in the penthouse. Anton warns her not to try anything.

Back at the Compound, Klaus and Elijah tell the Trinity to hand over Rebekah and the serratura. Lucien reminds them that Aurora has Rebekah, which he’s not sure is the best idea because Aurora could have one of her “episodes.” Tristan thinks he should back off, since Aurora just got leverage like the two of them would. Elijah asks Klaus why they shouldn’t just compel the Trinity to give them what they want. Aurora laughs at the thought that the three of them would come to the Compound without protecting themselves from compulsion.

Tristan says they’re fully aware that their existences depend on their sires staying alive. The same goes for every other vampire in the world. But some “young upstarts” want to get rid of a sireline or two, which means the Originals have the lives of all the vampires in their lines on their shoulders. They’d be wise to let the Trinity seal them away to keep everyone from being wiped out. Yeah, buddy, that’s not going to happen.

Marcel checks in with Freya, who hasn’t had any luck finding Rebekah. He worries that she’s going to give up but she assures him she’s not. Vincent goes to see Davina, who tells him to stay out of witch business, since he doesn’t practice magic anymore. If the Strix come after her, she’ll handle them – she’s not afraid of them. Vincent is reading tarot cards and turns over the death card. He tells Davina he’s just trying to warn her, and she needs to stop getting mad at him for that. She replies that she’s mad because he walked away from magic and is now lecturing her. He snarks that he’d better be careful or he’ll end up like Kara and her coven.

Davina reminds him that Kara attacked her. Vincent asks if she’s going to kill everyone who disagrees with her. She argues that she took care of a threat. It’s what leaders do. If anyone else tries to go up against her, she’ll do it again. As she leaves the crypt where they’ve been talking, she runs into Van. He and Vincent worked together, with help of a magical item that lets witches eavesdrop, to get Davina to admit what she did to Kara.

Elijah won’t drop the subject of Aurora returning Rebekah, so Klaus tells him to back off because she’ll definitely come through for them. Freya arrives to ask where Rebekah is. Aurora tells the Mikaelsons that the prophecy has them acting like fools, and she can’t allow any foolishness in her life. She doesn’t trust Rebekah with any of them, and she doesn’t trust Rebekah to take care of herself, so Aurora put her someplace safe – someplace undetectable with locator spells. Rebekah’s totally fine…at the bottom of the ocean.

Klaus hopes Aurora’s lying, but why would she be? He’s ready to get violent with her, so Lucien puts a knife to Freya’s neck to keep him in line. Elijah pulls him off and slams him against a wall. “Well, this all escalated very quickly,” Lucien says with amusement. Klaus threatens him, and Lucien warns him not to do anything that might keep him from protecting Cami. Aurora asks who that is, but Freya says she has bigger problems, then magically breaks her neck. Elijah asks Klaus which of the two “vulgar parasites” he wants to torture first. Klaus tells him to start in on Lucien while he catches up with Tristan. Both brothers make it clear to Lucien that the last thing he wants is for anything to happen to Cami.

Witches gather in the City of the Dead so Van can expose Davina as a killer. She tries to defend herself but Vincent reminds her that killing a witch is punishable by banishment and shunning. Klaus takes Tristan to another room and advises him to get Aurora to return Rebekah when she regains consciousness. Tristan tells him that if Rebekah comes back to New Orleans, the Strix will invade. “Violence is unavoidable, then,” Klaus notes. “Well, I tried.”

Tristan says that if they turn to violence, they’ll just put the prophecy in motion. They can’t prevent fate but they can take control of it. His plan: Seal Elijah and Rebekah away for a year with the serratura, with Klaus guarding them. It’s the only way to ensure that all the Mikaelsons live.

Elsewhere in the Compound, Lucien tries to make Elijah think that he disagrees with what Aurora did to Rebekah. He promises that Cami will be fine as long as Elijah doesn’t kill him. Elijah tells him to hand over her and the serratura before he makes any decisions about whether Lucien lives or dies. Lucien reminds Elijah that he’s always been consistent. All he’s wanted to do is foil the prophecy and save himself.

Elijah notes that Lucien himself could be behind the prophecy – after all, Alexis was his seer and Lucien’s pretty manipulative. Lucien points the finger at Aurora, who made the rift between Klaus and Elijah worse. The part of the prophecy that says a Mikaelson will be brought down by family doesn’t look promising for Elijah. Elijah tells Lucien that he’s sure Klaus will always put his family first, no matter what issues they have or how much affection Klaus has for Aurora. Lucien disagrees, since Klaus hasn’t exactly berated Aurora for putting Rebekah at the bottom of the ocean. “I wonder why,” he says, looking at the painting of Aurora that Klaus uncovered from behind the brick wall.

Freya revives Aurora and uses sage to keep anyone from listening in so she and Hayley can force Aurora to give them Rebekah’s location. Vincent banishes Davina from the covens, removes her as regent, and cuts off her contact with the ancestors. As far as the witches are concerned, it’s like she never existed. They literally turn their backs on her as she leaves the City of the Dead, losing her powers as she goes.

Hayley pummels Aurora as Freya gives her magic migraines, but she won’t tell them anything. Hayley decides to jump to the big gun and bite her. Aurora laughs, saying that Klaus will just heal her. Freya suggests that Hayley bite Tristan instead, since Klaus won’t care about healing him. Aurora tells them that they’ll need Tristan if they want Lucien back.

Klaus is also considering his options – if he kills Tristan, Aurora will be mad, and he can’t risk her hurting Rebekah. Tristan taunts that Klaus doesn’t have any influence over Aurora. Tristan does, however, and he says that once Elijah’s safety is secure, he’ll get Aurora to release Rebekah. But Klaus points out that daggering Elijah would put two Mikaelsons in coffins, leaving just one-third of the prophecy left to be fulfilled. Maybe the Trinity wants to isolate him to make him an easier target.

Tristan notes that Klaus has daggered his siblings before. He can keep Elijah and Rebekah in coffins for a year, and once the prophecy has passed and the sirelines are safe, he can wake them. Klaus considers killing Tristan just for suggesting that he betray his siblings. Tristan replies that there’s something he doesn’t know about Rebekah.

Aurora tells Hayley and Freya that she’s not sure exactly where Rebekah is. She had some friends drop Rebekah in the ocean, then killed them. Tristan tells Klaus the same thing, explaining that Rebekah’s location is in the two envelopes from her coffin. Aurora has the latitude and Tristan has the longitude. They both need to stay alive if the Mikaelsons want to find their missing sister.

Everyone gathers back at the table for dessert. The Trinity is happy with how things went during this get-together, while Elijah is thinking about feeding Tristan’s eyes to Aurora. Oh, is there an additional post-dessert course at this meal? Klaus reminds his brother that the Trinity are their guests. Aurora’s grateful that he’s defending them. Klaus says he doubted Elijah’s plan to bring them all together, but it turned out to be a good idea. They need to confront their harsh realities and make tough choices to ensure everyone’s survival. Klaus is sure that his choice will be the right one.

He stands next to Elijah, making Tristan think he’s going to dagger his brother, but instead he zooms over and breaks Tristan’s neck. Aurora jumps up and Klaus tells her that if she were anyone else, he would have killed her already. If she doesn’t bring Rebekah back to her family, Tristan will die a slow and painful death. Aurora’s upset that Klaus betrayed her after declaring that he loved her. He replies that she ruined their relationship by taking Rebekah. Now he has Tristan: “A sibling for a sibling.” Aurora warns that he’ll regret this.

She storms out, and Freya wonders why Klaus and Elijah are just going to let her go. Elijah tells her that Aurora won’t be hard to control now that they have Tristan. Klaus orders Lucien to take him to Cami and hand over her and the serratura. If not, he will “meet an end so cruel, the devil will weep.”

Cami’s had a few drinks, and she doesn’t think Lucien is going to make it back from the Compound in one piece. She tells Anton that Klaus is history’s most ruthless vampire, and since he kind of likes her, Anton might not survive this, either. He approaches her, telling her she’s a bad drunk, and she clocks him over the head with a beer bottle. Turns out she’s not a bad drunk at all – she’s a good fake drunk. She then cuts off the finger Anton is wearing his daylight ring on (somewhere, Katherine perks up) and he starts to burn up in the sunlight. When he runs to a darker part of the penthouse to hide, Cami grabs his ring and runs out. But as she’s about to get on the elevator, Aurora arrives.

By the time Klaus and Lucien get to Lucien’s Castle, Anton’s the only one there. Klaus kills him, then slams Lucien for losing track of his hostage. Lucien says he used her to get Klaus’ attention. He offers Klaus the serratura to prove his loyalty. He may have aligned with Tristan, but it’s clear that Tristan cares more about Aurora than anything else, including his own life. Lucien is putting control back in Klaus’ hands.

Vincent spies on Davina as she mopes at a pub, alone on Thanksgiving. Marcel asks if he can help her. Vincent says he only can if she lets him. Klaus goes to Cami’s apartment, but of course she’s not there. He leaves her a message asking her to call him back so he knows she’s safe. She’s not – she’s unconscious in the trunk of Aurora’s car.

Hayley missed dinner with Jackson and Hope, and her husband isn’t happy about it. He doesn’t care that the Mikaelsons needed her help. He should have learned by now that no matter what Klaus does to them or their pack, Hayley will always respond when the Mikaelsons come calling. He’s going to the bayou to spend the rest of the holiday with his family.

Elijah calls Klaus for an update on his search for Cami. He wonders if it was really smart for them to let Aurora go. Klaus says that she doesn’t have a choice now except to bring Rebekah home. Elijah pauses, then asks, “Do you love her?” He doesn’t clarify if “her” means Cami or Aurora. Klaus says it doesn’t matter – the only thing that’s important is whether they have the prophecy under control. Elijah isn’t sure. He remembers feeding on Alexis so he could see the prophecy, which featured a scene at a table. It’s the same table where the Mikaelsons and the Trinity just had Thanksgiving together.

Etc.: I’m sad that Freya doesn’t get to be with her family on her first Thanksgiving with them. She’s the Bonnie of the group, always having to work while the rest of the gang has fun.

Tristan and Lucien hint that they and/or the Strix are responsible for Jack and Ripper and the Son of Sam’s murders. I’d love to hear what other famous crimes were the work of vampires. It could be like Damon telling Liz which of the unsolved murders in Mystic Falls were his. Just flip through historic newspapers and say, “That was me…that was me…I think that was Aurora…”

I can’t say that the Trinity are ideal villains but the Rebekah plan is pretty genius.

I think it was around this point in my first viewing of the series that I thought, “You know, if Aurora really wanted revenge on Klaus, she could turn Cami…”

Cami, your plan with Anton’s ring was excellent. Your decision to take the elevator instead of the stairs after you escaped…not so much. The stairs are always faster.

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