the Originals

The Originals 3.2, You Hung the Moon: Friend, Foe, Family

Elijah searches the bayou for Hayley, carrying Hope with him (I guess Freya’s agreement to babysit had a time limit on it). He comes across Jackson, who’s injured from the hunters’ bullets and an encounter with a trap. He doesn’t know where Hayley is, either. That’s because she’s not in the bayou – she’s in the City of the Dead, trapped in in a crypt thanks to Davina. Hayley’s less upset about being kidnapped than she is about the timing, since this is the one night a month she gets to see Hope. Davina says she drew Hayley there to help her.

Hayley reminds Davina that Elijah asked her months ago to break the Crescent curse, and Davina said no. Davina repeats what she told Marcel about needing to distance herself from the Mikaelsons now that she’s regent. But she has an idea of how she and Hayley can help each other. Now that she has access to different kinds of magic, she can channel the power of the witch who created the Crescent curse and free Hayley from it. Hayley asks what she wants in return. Davina tells her about Kara and her reluctance to retaliate because it’ll start a civil war. “Just tell me who you want dead,” Hayley replies.

Elijah fixes up Jackson’s wounds and offers him some blood, which Jackson declines. He asks how many wolves were killed. Elijah doesn’t respond, but the answer is a lot. Jackson knows that Hayley wouldn’t let anything keep her from seeing Hope, even a trap, so something must be really wrong. Elijah says he’ll take Hope home and continue searching. Jackson should stay in the bayou and look after his pack. Jackson refuses – he only has five hours before he turns back into a wolf, and he’s going to use them looking for his wife.

Freya’s back in the Quarter, partying at a club. Marcel runs into her and she tells him she’s found a great way to deal with all the Mikaelsons’ drama: tequila. He tells her it’s almost midnight. She makes a Cinderella joke, which is impressive since she’s only been conscious for ten years out of the last 1,000. Maybe she read the story to Hope. Anyway, midnight is when the club turns from a regular hangout into a feeding ground for the vampires. Freya needs to leave before then or she might become someone’s meal. She takes a guy with her as she goes.

Cami’s up late, reading up on criminology, while Will works the second crime scene. Cami makes a list of characteristics common to killers, then watches a video of Lucien giving a TED Talk (or something similar) about leadership. He urges his audience to challenge authority, rid themselves of the weaknesses they see in their opponents, and “refuse to stand in shadow.” At the crime scene, Will catches a reporter taking photos of the victim and chews her out. He reminds her that the victim has a family and deserves respect.

Jackson and Elijah go to the Compound to find out if Klaus did something to Hayley. Jackson blasts Klaus for re-cursing the pack, which left them defenseless against the hunters sent by Kingmaker Land Development. That name is familiar to Klaus, who knows Lucien is the company’s CEO. Klaus says he just saw Lucien and points Elijah and Jackson in his direction. He advises Elijah to ask him about Alexis’ prophecy, since he’ll find it amusing.

Elijah tells Jackson to stay put while he and Klaus deal with Lucien. But Klaus wants to stay with Hope, since he suspects that Jackson and Hayley might be plotting to run off with her again. Elijah warns Klaus that one day Hope will know exactly what kind of man he is. If anything happens to Hayley, Hope will want to walk away from her father without anyone having to turn her against him.

Hayley gives a chunk of her hair to Davina, who’s cloaked her so she can do Davina’s dirty work without anyone tracking her. Davina uses the hair for a spell that will keep the Crescent curse at bay as long as a specially designated candle (marked with a crescent) is burning. The flame will be protected by magic, so Davina is the only person who can put it out. She frees Hayley from the spell trapping her in the crypt, and Hayley immediately jumps on her, warning that if she turns back into a wolf before getting to see Hope, Davina’s dead. Davina replies that she’ll expect an apology when the sun comes up tomorrow and Hayley’s still human.

Klaus tries to call Freya, annoyed that another one of his siblings isn’t asking, “How high?” when he tells them to jump. Cami comes by the Compound, which Klaus finds amusing since it’s the middle of the night and she just lectured him about boundaries hours ago. She points out that she didn’t come through the window like he did. Also, this is much more important than his abandonment issues or whatever: She thinks Lucien is killing people.

Klaus doubts that Lucien would leave corpses behind like the killer did, but when he sees a crime-scene photo, he says Cami might be on to something. She suggests that he make a move now to ensure that the murder count stops at two. Klaus balks at the thought of killing his oldest friend, so she boosts his ego, telling him he’s smart and scary and powerful, and he can handle Lucien.

Elijah goes to Lucien’s Castle, where Lucien is feeding on the reporter from the crime scene. Elijah finds that he can’t enter without an invitation even though Lucien isn’t human. He had someone put up a boundary spell keeping out vampires from sirelines other than Klaus’. Elijah addresses Kingmaker’s activities in the bayou, which Lucien calls “population control.” Elijah tells him that Hayley’s missing, and Lucien (who knows exactly who she is and how she’s connected to the Mikaelsons) is surprised that he cares. He figured that since the Mikaelsons ditched her months ago, “the tramp was persona non grata, fair game.”

Unamused, Elijah breaks a table in the hallway and chucks a wooden leg into Lucien’s neck. As Lucien pulls it out, Jackson tears into the penthouse and attacks him. He bites Lucien’s arm and orders Lucien to tell them where Hayley is. Lucien won’t answer. Elijah calmly tells Jackson to go back to the Compound and chain himself up before he turns back into a wolf. Elijah’s happy enough to stay back and watch Lucien die from the hallway, unless Lucien wants to invite him in.

Cami passes the second crime scene on her way to Rousseau’s. Will accidentally scares her when he follows her to the bar. Freya takes her new friend home to the Compound, where Klaus guesses that his name is Brody and asks his intentions. Brody is probably already thinking about leaving even before Klaus starts vamping out and tells him to go.

Freya reminds Klaus that he hated her three months ago, and now he’s being a protective brother. He jokes that she’s definitely capable of protecting herself “from the scourge of fraternity row.” He asks her to do a locator spell and find Hayley. Freya thinks he’s worried about her, but Klaus says it’s because he likes to know where his enemies are. She doesn’t believe him.

Cami tells Will that while she’d like to help solve the murders, he might want to consult a profiler with experience. He asks about her connection to Klaus, whom he only knows as a mysterious philanthropist with no criminal record or past. Cami doesn’t want to talk about him, though she claims it’s because he’s a client. Will says he knows who she is, not just because of Sean but also because of Kieran. His cause of death was allegedly a heart attack but Will doesn’t buy that story.

He’s used to rational explanations, but Cami’s family is connected to a lot of weird stuff. All problems in the Quarter are tied to O’Connells, either because they cause them or clean them up. Cami asks if he’s accusing her of something. Will isn’t, but he thinks their facade as a good Catholic family is a cover. Eventually he’ll figure out what that cover is hiding. After he leaves, Cami realizes that her laptop is missing.

Davina chants something at Celeste’s tomb, not realizing that the Crescent candle has gone out. Freya does a locator spell but tells Klaus she can’t find Hayley. Hayley follows Kara to her café as Freya clarifies that there’s no trace of her – it’s like she doesn’t exist, or she’s dead. Jackson refuses to believe that. Davina’s eyes start bleeding and she begs the ancestors to listen to her. Hayley is about to attack Kara when she starts turning into a wolf. The same thing happens to Jackson, so Freya tells Klaus to chain him up.

Davina tells the ancestors that she can use Hayley against Klaus. She’s the only person he really fears. Jackson pleads with Freya to try the locator spell again; he can’t spend another month as a wolf, without Hayley. The crescent candle relights itself and Jackson and Hayley’s transformations stop. Hayley quickly attacks and kills Kara. But there are other witches around, and they surround Hayley, giving her a magic migraine.

The next day, Lucien tells Elijah (who’s now in the penthouse) that his contacts will get back to him if they learn anything about Hayley. Elijah says he’s sure Klaus will be happy to give Lucien some blood for his werewolf bite once Hayley has been found. Lucien offers him a drink from the reporter, whom he compelled to serve as an on-demand meal in silence. Elijah doesn’t want fake friendship from Lucien – he wants information. He assumes that since there’s trouble brewing with the sirelines, Tristan is involved. Lucien says this isn’t just a little conflict. The sirelines are heading toward war.

Tristan wants to kill Klaus to take out all his enemies. Elijah guesses that that means Lucien wants to take him out to accomplish the same thing. Lucien is smart enough to know that if he kills Elijah, he’ll have to give up his lavish lifestyle and spend eternity on the run from Klaus and Rebekah. Elijah advises him to leave New Orleans. The Originals can’t be killed, since all the remaining white oak has been destroyed.

Lucien tells him he’s wrong and should talk to Klaus about Alexis’ prophecy. “You are not immune to death, Elijah,” he warns. Elijah says he’s not a stranger to it, either. He’s not afraid of a little prophecy. Lucien thinks Elijah’s just ready to die. He’s no longer trying to save Klaus’ soul, so what meaning is there left in his life?

As Davina ensures that the crescent candle will stay lit and safe from interference, Marcel comes to tell her that there’s a problem. He takes her to Kara’s café, where her coven is mourning around the bodies of 11 dead witches. Marcel Tells Davina that the vampires weren’t involved. Kara’s son, Van, is heartbroken to realize that his mother is one of the victims.

Lucien calls Klaus, who chastises him for leaving corpses in the Quarter. Lucien, who’s starting to weaken from the werewolf venom in his system, asks why Klaus would care if he were the killer (hypothetically speaking, of course). They used to wreak havoc together. Klaus tells him there’s a “delicate balance” in New Orleans and rules they have to follow. Lucien knows he can’t afford weaknesses right now. Klaus offers Lucien blood for his werewolf bite if Lucien promises to stop killing people. Lucien lies that Jackson didn’t bite him hard enough to pass along any venom. Klaus warns Lucien not to disrupt the peace in the city or he’ll be the next murder victim.

Jackson’s still tied up, and he’s not happy about. Freya doesn’t want to release him since she can tell the Crescent curse is still inside him; it’s just being restrained and could be triggered at any moment. Hayley zooms in, still bloody from her witch massacre, and knocks Freya out, then demands to know where Klaus is.

Lucien injects himself with something that quickly heals his werewolf bite. Davina goes to Kara’s café to offer her coven protection from the ancestors. After all, whoever killed the witches could come back. She promises to keep them safe if they follow her rules. Ooh, Davina, you little political strategist!

Klaus saunters in to see Hayley, asking if she’s come to apologize for her “transgressions.” She’s definitely not in the mood for his…well, Klausness, and she’s furious that he took away her time with Hope. They face off as Jackson frees himself from his chains. Freya wakes up in time to keep him from attacking Klaus. Jackson’s worried that Klaus will kill Hayley but Freya’s more worried that he’ll kill Jackson.

Klaus tells Hayley that of all the people who have tried to take Hope from him, Hayley’s the only one who’s still alive. She calls him delusional for taking the pack away from their families. He says she chose that family over the Mikaelsons, which means she chose them over Hope. Hayley guesses that when Hope got older, Klaus planned to tell her that her mother abandoned her.

Hayley shows off her hybrid abilities by leaping up to the upper floor of the Compound before Klaus can attack her. He chases her up and she grabs him, saying that they were both left by their parents and now look at them. Elijah arrives as Hayley pummels Klaus, telling him that Hope deserves better than what they both had as children. He lets her hit him, but she wants him to fight back, screaming for him to do it. She slaps him, drawing blood, then stops, as if she’s run out of energy to hate him.

Klaus looks over her shoulder and his face falls. Hope has come out on the landing and seen her parents’ fight. This is the first time Hayley has seen her walk. She goes to pick up her daughter, lamenting that she missed Hope’s first steps, as well as who knows what other milestones. Klaus, to his credit, looks sorry about that.

Hayley takes Hope down to the courtyard and tells Jackson that the Crescent curse is temporarily broken. Klaus is willing to let them move back in, but Hayley refuses. He tells her he won’t let Hope out of his protection. She welcomes him to engage in a custody battle. Elijah breaks in and suggests that Hayley and Jackson move into an apartment across the street (sounds like he’ll compel someone into renting it to them for free). Klaus will be able to hear if Hope is ever in any danger.

Klaus doesn’t like the idea of his daughter growing up with “savages.” “‘Cause everyone here is so damn civilized?” Jackson says. Elijah tells Klaus that he created the problem and should accept this as a solution. Hayley accepts the offer, telling Elijah to put the apartment in Jackson’s name. Klaus will never be invited in. Everyone walks away except Klaus and Freya, the only sibling left who can tolerate Klaus.

Marcel goes to the City of the Dead to tell Davina to take care of the witches’ bodies without locals finding out about the massacre. He really, really hopes she wasn’t responsible for their deaths. Davina says they’re always at war, and she learned from him that collateral damage happens. Marcel tells her that she can’t beat Klaus by acting like him. She needs to go do something normal for someone her age. Vincent shouldn’t have dragged her into the role of regent – she’s too young to have this kind of blood on her hands. “I’m a French Quarter witch,” she reminds him. “I was born with blood on my hands.” Also, he needs to leave the cemetery, since it’s witch territory. She’s put on a harsh exterior, but when she’s alone in a crypt, she starts crying at the thought of what Hayley did for her.

Hayley packs for her move, remembering how she tore the witches apart with her bare hands. Elijah checks on her and she tells him that Jackson is sending the pack back to their families. So much for Hope’s werewolf bodyguards. Elijah gives her the keys to the apartment and she thanks him. She tells him she let herself think at the bonfire that they would be okay and Hope would have a real family. Hayley was truly happy, and she hates Klaus for taking that from her.

Elijah gives her a box and says he recovered the contents after she turned. As he leaves, he pauses and says, “I thought only of you.” He fought every day for her return and never stopped looking for a way to undo the curse. He promises that she wasn’t forgotten.

Kara’s coven gathers in the City of the Dead to say goodbye to the dead witches. Van suspects that Davina was involved and threatens to expose her. She’ll end up shunned and unable to use magic. “I’m gonna erase you,” he vows.

Jackson has to invite Hayley into their new apartment, which is nowhere near as big as the Compound but probably a good size for a family of three. I’m calling it Kenner Kennel. Jackson promises that they’ll be happy there. Hayley tells him she missed him and gives him the box Elijah gave her (not mentioning how she got it). It contains their wedding rings. Jackson praises Hayley for saving the pack again, but she knows she’s still indebted to Davina for helping them. Still, he thinks the worst is over. Klaus spies on them from across the street, the happily little family he’s not allowed into.

Cami finds Will waiting for her outside her apartment building. He admits to stealing her laptop, which gave him insight into her profiling work. She threatens to report him for stealing from her but he knows she won’t because he’s right about her family. He assures her that she’s not a suspect in the murders. He just thinks she’s mixed up in something bigger than she realizes. Cami’s like, “Yeah, I very much realize.” Just then they hear a news report on the radio about a possible serial killer in the Quarter. The news was leaked by the reporter Lucien has been hanging out with – to repay her for feeding him, he fed her a tip. (I worked hard on that line. Please clap.)

As Lucien looks at an old sketch of Aurora, Freya tells Elijah that she was apparently wrong that Hayley’s return would make things better. He appreciates her optimism. He starts to tell her about Alexis’ prophecy, then gathers her and Klaus for further discussion. Because Klaus fed on Alexis and her blood is still in his system, Freya can use it to see the prophecy herself.

The spell she uses causes her ears to bleed and the table she’s using to shake. She sees the same visions Klaus did, and some pieces of paper she’s put out on the table catch on fire. She confirms that the prophecy is true. “You have a terrible shadow over you,” Freya tells her brothers. It’s over Rebekah, too. If the prophecy is fulfilled, they’ll all fall – “one by friend, one by foe, and one by family.”

Tristan visits Aurora at her monastery, where they spar with swords. He brings up the “incident” yesterday, which is how he’s chosen to talk about the fact that she murdered a monk with her fingernails. Aurora says she got mad because Tristan sent a message that he wouldn’t be able to visit. She insists she’s getting better. Tristan keeps saying, “It won’t be long now,” and she thinks the right time has finally come. She wants to be released. Her brother says he can’t free her while she’s “in this state.”

Aurora panics at the thought of him leaving. Tristan injects her with something that sedates her and tries to calm her as she promises she’ll do better. When she’s out, he hands her off to the monks, telling them to increase her dosage. If they don’t keep her sedated, she’ll be dangerous, both to others and to herself. When Tristan comes back, he’ll bring her a souvenir from New Orleans.

Etc.: I’m surprised Klaus has been letting Elijah take Hope to see Hayley every month. Or maybe he doesn’t know. Maybe he thinks Elijah’s been taking her to some baby music class or something.

The look on Elijah’s face when Jackson bites Lucien says, “Now I see why Hayley’s in love with him.”

Obviously I get why Hayley doesn’t want Klaus to have access to Kenner Kennel, but the whole point of them living across the street from the Compound is so Klaus can hear if something bad happens. So what if enemies invade, Hayley’s dead, Hope is there alone and in danger, and Klaus can’t get in?

There are no details here about who in the pack survived, but if you’re worried about Mary, don’t be: We find out later that she’s fine.

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