the Originals

The Originals 2.12, Sanctuary: The Truth Won’t Set You Free

Rebekah is asleep in her room at the Dowager Fauline Cottage, dreaming about Freya’s coffin. She hasn’t seen the tiles on the floor spelling out her name. Freya appears in her room and watches Rebekah sleep as she dreams of Dahlia taking Freya away as a child.

Klaus meets up with some werewolves in the bayou and asks where he can find Hayley. She’s still at Mary’s with Jackson, thinking about the risk she’d be taking if she told him all of her secrets. Jackson notes that nothing they do is safe. They have the chance to change everything for their pack, and telling their secrets is a small price to pay. Jackson wants to be fully honest with Hayley even if they don’t end up getting married. He’s been keeping something big from her that has to do with her parents’ deaths.

Rebekah sneaks Cassie an apple from the pantry, but Cassie doesn’t want to risk punishment from the Kindred. Rebekah is determined to find a way out. They just need to channel something strong to break the spell that keeps everyone in the DFC. She thinks Freya is strong enough for what they need. Cassie accepts the apple and the challenge.

Rebekah notices that there’s a new resident, a woman who’s fascinated by the cartoons she’s watching. Rebekah thinks she’s familiar and gives her an apple as well. If Rebekah had spent a little more time thinking about why this woman looks familiar, she’d remember meeting her at a Christmas party in 1914 – the woman attended with Kol.

Davina and Kol spent the night in the Claire tomb, her sleeping and him working on the Klaus-killing dagger. She assures him that she’s not having second thoughts. She checks her phone and finds a bunch of messages from Aiden, who’s distressed because Josh and Marcel are still missing. Finn has taken them and the rest of their crew to Lenore’s old store, where he’s keeping them subdued with magic. He’s going to figure out how to torture Marcel into spilling the secret Klaus is trying so hard to hide.

Klaus goes to Mary’s and asks to talk to Hayley. Mary knows what Klaus is and won’t invite him in or tell him where Hayley is. He changes his story, saying he wants to congratulate Hayley and Jackson on their impending marriage. Since Mary hasn’t been helpful, he’ll just hunt them down.

Jackson takes Hayley to a spot the wolves use as a burial site for those who have betrayed the pack. One of those wolves was Mary’s husband Richard. Jackson says he lashed out when he found out that Jackson and Hayley’s parents wanted to make peace with the vampires back in the ’90s. Hayley realizes that Richard was the person who killed her parents. She always wondered what happened to them. She asks why Jackson waited so long to tell her. He replies that he didn’t know until recently, when Mary told him. He struggled to share the news with Hayley, but she’s not mad. He assures her that she doesn’t have to tell him her own secrets. Nothing will change how he feels about her. Just then, Klaus finds them.

Rebekah tells Cassie that she’ll come get her after bedtime so they can escape together. A Kindred attacks the newbie for sneaking an apple, and though Cassie warns Rebekah not to get involved, Rebekah can’t help herself. The consequence is having her hand smashed with a fireplace poker. A Kindred warns that if the patients take from them, the Kindred will take twice as much from the patients. She steals the newbie’s necklace and leaves. The newbie appreciates Rebekah’s attempt to help her but doesn’t understand why she did it. Rebekah says it could be because she’s an idiot. Or maybe she wants the women to stick together.

Back in the bayou, Klaus slams Hayley for even thinking about telling Jackson that Hope isn’t dead. Hayley’s starting to think it would be worth it, since the wedding is the wolves’ best option to stand up against Finn. Plus, she trusts Jackson to keep quiet. She points out that once the wolves all get her hybrid powers, they’ll have an army of hybrids who can protect Hope. Klaus says he can protect her himself.

Hayley notes that going through with the divulgement rite and completing all the marriage rituals will allow them to bring Hope home. Klaus continues to refuse to budge or let Hayley have a say in the matter. He orders her to tell Jackson that the wedding is off. Hayley spits out that she doesn’t take orders from anyone, especially Klaus.

Davina summons Aiden to the Claire tomb, making Kol lament that his secret lair is no longer secret. Aiden’s brought along Josh’s hairbrush and toothbrush so the witches can use them for a locator spell. Kol IDs Josh’s location as Lenore’s store, and Davina invites herself along to rescue him and the rest of the crew. At the DFC, the Kindred sees the door to Freya’s room opening, and as she approaches, someone pulls her inside.

Hayley tells Klaus again that she’s not going to do what he tells her. Esther tried to kill Hope, and Finn could do the same if he finds out she’s alive. Klaus says he’ll deal with Finn, but Hayley knows Hope will always be targeted by Klaus’ thousands of enemies. He’s the real threat to their daughter. He’s too paranoid to see it. Hayley insists that the werewolves will protect Hope. Klaus says they can’t be trusted and she points out that he doesn’t think anyone can.

Klaus reminds Hayley that he killed Ansel to protect Hope. Hayley questions whether that was really his motive. Maybe he was too scared to let someone in. She’s sure that her and Jackson’s plan will work and they’ll be able to bring Hope home. Klaus needs to trust her. He says he does trust her, then snaps her neck. Jackson’s the one he doesn’t trust.

Finn ties Marcel up with vervain-soaked ropes and sits down for a talk with him. The first topic of conversation is Cami, who’s talked to Finn about Klaus a lot. Though she hasn’t given up any useful information, Finn recently realized that Klaus is hiding something. Finn thinks it’s a weakness and now he’s going to exploit it. Marcel says Klaus doesn’t trust him with any information that can be used against him. Finn still thinks Marcel knows something, and he starts in on some magical torture to get him to talk. Marcel says he’ll talk about what he remembers. When he was a kid, he found Finn’s coffin, and Klaus said they kept him daggered because he’s a bore.

The newbie wakes up Rebekah and asks if New Orleans is still beautiful. She loved it the last time she saw it. Rebekah sends her back to her room while she firms up her escape plans. The newbie asks why Rebekah’s in the DFC, and Rebekah explains that she was trying to help her brothers and was betrayed by another. The newbie asks why she fights with her family instead of standing with them. Rebekah just says it’s complicated. Yeah, that’s one word for it. She invites the newbie to join her and Cassie in their escape attempt.

Klaus returns to Mary’s house to speak with Jackson. As soon as Jackson steps outside, Klaus zooms him away. Jackson’s ready to fight, but Klaus says that won’t be necessary, since he’s just going to kill Jackson. He beats Jackson up and opens the floor for any last words. “Go to Hell, you bastard,” Jackson says, echoing what I imagine are a lot of people’s last words to Klaus. Klaus says Jackson’s mentor, Ansel, made him a bastard – did he teach Jackson to hate Klaus? Jackson thinks Klaus wants him gone because he’s jealous that Jackson got to spend time with Ansel. Klaus notes that that time together didn’t do Jackson much good.

He thinks Jackson is worse than he is – he’s using Hayley so he can get her hybrid powers. That’s what wolves do. Jackson says Klaus doesn’t know anything about being a wolf. Klaus acknowledges that and wonders if Ansel saw Jackson as the son he never got to know. “I’m glad I was spared such a sorry fate,” Klaus says.

Marcel has withstood enough torture to convince Finn that he doesn’t know anything about Klaus’ secret. Kol arrives and takes advantage of Marcel’s state to jam a knife in his hand like he did to Kol. Marcel threatens to kill both brothers but Finn shuts him up with a broken neck. He turns on Kol, furious that he’s now trying to team up again after working with Klaus and Elijah. Kol reminds Finn that he always tries to choose the side that will win. Now that Finn is channeling Mikael, Kol wants back on his team. He’d love to see Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah get what’s coming to them.

Finn hits him with some magical pain “for being a duplicitous weasel.” Kol think he’s proven himself more than Finn has. He put Rebekah in another body and he’s working on a dagger to immobilize Klaus. Finn wants to kill Klaus for good, and Kol promises that Davina will help them do that. He has her wrapped around his finger, and with her on their team, nothing can stop them.

Rebekah goes looking for Cassie but she’s not in her room. Next she goes to Freya’s room, where she sees the body of the Kindred who was pulled in there. Freya’s coffin is empty. Cassie arrives with a scar on her face – she’s now one of the Kindred. She turned Rebekah in for trying to escape and is going to help them punish her (they think she killed the Kindred). Rebekah fights the Kindred, getting a little help from the newbie. Once everyone’s knocked out, the newbie turns on Cassie. For betraying a friend, Cassie gets to bleed out of her eyes, then die. The newbie takes back her necklace, which she wraps around Rebekah’s injured hand, healing her.

Klaus is ready to finish Jackson off. He acts like this is all for Hayley, because she’s family and he needs to protect her from people who don’t have her best interests in mind. Jackson insists that he loves her and will fight for her until he’s dead. He stakes Klaus, which has no effect on him other than giving him a weapon to use on Jackson. Jackson reminds Klaus that he once said they come from the same people. If Klaus kills Jackson, Jackson at least wants his promise that he’ll help Hayley liberate the wolves.

Hayley arrives and beats Klaus up for going after Jackson. If he wants to finish Jackson off, he’ll have to go through her. Klaus asks if Hayley really believes that Jackson is worthy of her trust. When she says yes, Klaus tells her that she and Jackson are both so stubborn that they might actually be meant for each other. He gives his blessing for her to tell Jackson about Hope and have the wedding. But if Jackson ever betrays Hayley, Klaus will remove his head.

Finn is surprised that Klaus hasn’t tried to torture Kol into telling him where Rebekah is. Kol replies that he’s smart enough not to be found. Finn asks where Elijah is; he’s not findable with a locator spell, and he’s not usually one to hide. Maybe he’s keeping a secret along with Klaus. “You sound like Sherlock Holmes after one too many tequilas,” Kol comments. Finn says Kol’s an idiot not to think that Finn knows what’s going on in the backroom right now. Davina and Aiden are back there, rescuing the vampires. Finn magically wakes them up so they’ll attack. Aiden has to break Josh’s neck so he and Davina can escape.

Speaking of escapes, the newbie simply opens the front door of the DFC and walks out with Rebekah. Rebekah realizes that she’s the woman from the coffin. The newbie says she didn’t reveal herself because she wanted to see what Rebekah’s really like. She’s not disappointed. She tells Rebekah there’s a spark in her. She’s willful and kind, and not nearly as bad as their brothers.

She reminds Rebekah of their first meeting in 1914. She went to the party because she was desperate to get a glimpse of her family. Rebekah is stunned to realize that this woman, the same one she saw being taken away in her dream, is her long-lost sister Freya. Freya does a spell to let them off the grounds, then tells Rebekah that after 100 years of sleeping, she’s free. Rebekah should tell their brothers that Freya will be coming to see them soon, and they need to be on their best behavior.

Kol runs to the backroom of the store, finding only the vampires there. Finn knocks them all out and complains that Davina took a prisoner with her. Kol says Davina asked him to distract Finn for her. Finn reminds Kol that they were given a second chance, a rebirth, and Esther only wanted loyalty in return. Kol asks for another chance but Finn says he doesn’t deserve it. Instead, Kol will get the one thing he fears most: death. Finn curses him to die without the ability to jump into another body. Kol now has only days left to live, and Finn won’t miss him.

Mary tends to Jackson’s wounds, then assures Hayley that she’s not mad that Hayley brought Klaus into their lives. They all have baggage, after all. She’s happy that Hayley fought for Jackson; not everyone would do that for their partner. Jackson wonders why Klaus didn’t kill him. Hayley thinks he decided that not trusting Jackson would be worse than trusting him. He’d be alone, surrounded by enemies. Hayley decides this is the time to share her secret about Hope.

Klaus calls Elijah to tell him that Jackson and Hayley’s marriage will benefit the Mikaelsons. Elijah’s surprised that he’s willing to trust Jackson with the truth about Hope. Klaus says he can’t risk Hayley turning against him. He admires how fiercely she defended Jackson. But he’s not necessarily going to leave Jackson alone – once the wolves have taken on Hayley’s hybrid powers, Klaus might decide that Jackson isn’t necessary anymore.

Rebekah surprises Klaus by showing up at the Compound in her new mortal body. “I don’t suppose you imagined that always and forever would lead us to this,” she says. She tells him he won’t believe the week she had. Back at Lenore’s, Marcel says he’ll tell Finn anything he wants to know if Finn lets his crew go. Finn is pretty sure Marcel doesn’t know anything, but he still has a question: How did Hope die?

Marcel can’t answer because he doesn’t remember. Finn guesses that Klaus compelled him to forget. What besides wanting to protect Hope would make Klaus do that? It must be because Hope is still alive. Finn announces that Marcel and his crew are going to help him find her.

Etc.: Now that I think about it, would anyone be able to rescue Rebekah? I don’t think they can just knock on the front door of the DFC and ask the Kindred to let her out. I guess they could get a witch to undo the spell Klaus had placed on the DFC back in 1914. But you’d think someone would have tried that already in the past 100 years.

I’m rewatching season 2 of The Umbrella Academy, which features Yusuf Gatewood (Finn), so when Kol uses the phrase “I heard a rumor,” I cracked up.

Really, Jackson has to be as good as he seems to be because no one would put up with Klaus if they didn’t really want to be with Hayley.

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