the Originals

The Originals 1.21, The Battle of New Orleans: No Surrender

Jackson and Oliver have retrieved the rocks they need for moonlight rings and are on their way back to the Quarter. Oliver isn’t confident that Klaus will come through on getting the rings made, but Jackson says Hayley will make sure he does. Oliver teases him about his “fiancée” and Jackson tells him to knock it off. They come across a police roadblock, which was arranged by Marcel. The cops order Jackson and Oliver to get out of their car.

The next day, Josh and Davina spend some time outside in the Quarter. Josh is thrilled to finally have a daylight ring. Davina advises him to leave town, but Josh jokes that if he goes, Davina will just be serious all the time. She spots Mikael watching her from across the street, though he disappears after a car drives past.

She tells Josh that Marcel asked her for a cloaking spell, which must mean that he’s planning a big move against Klaus. Josh doesn’t know anything about that. Davina worries that Klaus will find out that she’s helping Marcel. Josh suggests that Klaus will find out that Marcel has a plan, realize he’s not liked, and “retire.” Oh, Josh, you naïve little bunny. Davina tells him that Klaus isn’t the only thing for them to be afraid of. She begs him to leave town if a war starts.

At the Compound, Genevieve looks over Esther’s spell to create moonlight rings. It requires black kyanite, the rock Jackson and Oliver gathered, and both keeps a werewolf from having to turn at the full moon and increases their agility, strength, and speed. Klaus asks about fangs, and Genevieve says she can make a werewolf’s bite lethal to vampires even when they’re not in wolf form. She thinks she’s just making a ring for Hayley, which was the deal she had with Elijah. Klaus tells her he needs 100 rings, and her reward will be much better than whatever Elijah offered her.

Genevieve calls Klaus out for thinking she’ll do whatever he wants just because they’re sleeping together. Oh, I thought it was because he’s a super-strong, super-mean hybrid who will kill you before you can blink if you don’t do what he wants. My mistake. He offers her protection, which is good enough on its own, but he’s also willing to give her Esther’s grimoire. Genevieve just has to pledge her loyalty to Klaus and make the rings. She guesses that this was always his plan – he wants a werewolf army. He tells her he and the werewolves aren’t the enemy. He’s going to save her from having to sacrifice herself to resurrect the last Harvest Girl. If Genevieve does this favor, Klaus will protect her forever.

At Rousseau’s, Cami works on deciphering the code she found in the box in Sean’s tomb. Some men come in and clear out all the customers so Francesca can have a private conversation with Cami. She’s just purchased the bar. Cami guesses she’s there to ask for Kieran’s key, which she’ll supposedly use to protect the innocent people of New Orleans. Cami finds that ridiculous considering what Francesca does for a living.

Francesca argues that she’s a legitimate businesswoman (a distinction actual legitimate business people never make) and has never been convicted of a crime. Also, she’s the head of the human faction so the key belongs to her now. She gave Cami time to mourn Kieran, but now it’s time to get back to work. Cami says she doesn’t have the key, but Francesca won’t accept that. Her family’s been in New Orleans for a long time, longer than the O’Connells. It’s a rough place for people without friends. Francesca wants to be friends with Cami, so she’ll give her until tomorrow to hand over the key. After that, friendship is off the table.

Marcel has taken Jackson and Oliver to his loft so Diego can try to beat them into spilling what Klaus is up to. Jackson plays dumb, but Marcel knows enough about witchcraft to know that the black kyanite the guys gathered is going to be used for a spell. Diego mentions that he really only needs one hostage, and he threatens Oliver with a blowtorch. Marcel says that he wiped out all the Guerrera werewolves 100 years ago, and they were much tougher than Jackson and Oliver. Jackson finally gives in, offering to tell Marcel about the stones and Klaus’ plan if he lets Oliver go. Marcel agrees and tells Diego to drop Oliver off way out in the bayou since he’ll be turning into a wolf in a few hours and Marcel doesn’t want him coming back for revenge.

Elijah calls Klaus, who’s hanging out on a rooftop in the Quarter, to tell him that Jackson and Oliver have disappeared. Klaus says their car was found in the middle of nowhere, so they were probably kidnapped. Elijah’s annoyed that Klaus didn’t tell him. Klaus says he was hoping to wait until he had a solution so he could tell Elijah that as well. He’s sure Marcel took the guys since he has nothing to lose. Genevieve told him about the cloaking spell Marcel wants to use, and no doubt he’ll have Davina do it, so Klaus just needs to get some leverage before he goes to her. That leverage is, of course, Josh. Klaus gets the leverage by biting him.

In the Lycée, Davina hears Mikael’s voice saying her name but doesn’t see him. Klaus brings Josh in and tells Davina that his bite is revenge for her siding with Marcel again. Klaus will cure Josh if Davina tells him where to find Marcel. She doesn’t want to sic Klaus on Marcel since that’ll probably get him killed, but she also doesn’t want Josh to die, so she tells Klaus where Marcel is living now. Klaus wants to keep using Josh against Davina, so he’s not going to heal him yet. Poor Josh will have to spend upwards of the next 24 hours suffering.

The deciphered code sends Cami to an apartment Kieran was renting for storage. She finds a hidden storage space in the back of a closet; it’s full of files, photos, and various objects. There’s a box labeled “for Cami,” so she starts there.

At the Compound, Genevieve tries to calm Hayley as she worries about Jackson and Oliver (eh, probably just Jackson). Hayley admits that she feels useless. Genevieve tells her she’s “the point of all this.” Everything Elijah and Klaus are doing right now is for her. Genevieve’s a little jealous. She asks if Hayley needs anything, and Hayley jokingly/not-so-jokingly requests a moonlight ring. Genevieve says the spell can’t be performed until the moon is at its apex. Also, she needs a kyanite stone first. She’s optimistic that everything will work out.

Klaus and Elijah find Jackson in an empty warehouse by the docks but discover that rescuing him won’t be simple. He’s attached to a bomb, and there are crates all over the room holding more explosives. Also, Jackson doesn’t know where the stones are. Klaus thinks they should look for those instead of saving Jackson. He notes that with Jackson out of the way, Elijah won’t have any competition for Hayley’s attention. Elijah recognizes the bomb as the same as the kind used in the bayou. Klaus was probably wrong to believe Marcel had nothing to do with that attack. He opens up more crates, which just exposes more bombs. “Okay, exercise extreme caution in this general area. Bit of a mess,” he says. Heh.

Hayley calls Elijah, like, chill out and let your boyfriend rescue your other boyfriend. Elijah tells her Jackson is fine but “a little tied up right now.” (Klaus is amused by that.) Klaus opens another crate, which arms a bomb inside. There’s also a note inside that reads, “This is for Thierry.” Elijah grabs Jackson so he can zoom him out of the warehouse.

He delivers Jackson to Hayley, who’s happy to see that he’s alive (and I’m sure happy that Elijah is alive). “I’m fine, too. Thanks for asking,” Klaus snarks. The stones are gone, but Klaus still plans to use the werewolves against Marcel. Jackson feels responsible for the loss of the stones, and though Hayley says no one’s blaming him, Klaus disagrees. The stones will be hard to replace. But this is Klaus, which means he has a backup plan.

That plan includes Francesca, so Klaus invites her to the Compound. He brushes off Hayley’s concerns about working with her, since Francesca’s able to get her hands on rare items. She’s brought along her brothers/bodyguards, since she always includes them when it comes to “delicate business matters.” She’s not necessarily eager to work with Klaus, but she knows that when it inevitably comes down to Klaus vs. Marcel, Klaus will win, so she’s going to side with him. She hands over some black kyanite, only wanting full disclosure in return.

Elijah steps in to ask what the human faction will gain from this alliance. Francesca says it’s good for business if they’re on the same side as the people in charge. Marcel might start gunning for her and her family if he finds out they met with the Mikaelsons, so Francesca wants to combine efforts with the vampires. Klaus agrees, since that’ll just beef up security at the Compound.

Hayley tends to Jackson’s wounds before he has to go back to the bayou for his transformation. She promises that this will be the last full moon where he has to turn. He tells her Klaus is helping the werewolves for her, and she’s going to change everything for them. He thanks Elijah on his way out.

Elijah tells Hayley that Jackson is a good guy – he risked his life to save Oliver. She confesses that her and Jackson’s families arranged their marriage when they were kids. Elijah thinks this means she’s going to honor the arrangement and is choosing Jackson over him. He understands, since she’s not the first person to make a sacrifice for her family. Hayley asks him not to be so noble for once. He should tell her how he really feels or say she has a choice to defy the arrangement. Instead, he kisses her. And this time he doesn’t run away afterward. Progress! He tells her she’ll always have a choice.

Genevieve is almost ready to make the moonlight rings, but she’ll need one more ingredient: the blood of a werewolf who doesn’t turn during a full moon. She thought of using Hayley’s, since Hayley isn’t turning during her pregnancy, but Klaus vetoes that right away, in case there are side effects to the spell. He offers his blood instead. He warns Genevieve that if she doesn’t stick to their deal, the consequences will be “apocalyptic.” “You say the most romantic things,” she replies.

Marcel gathers vampires at the Pit to tell them that Klaus found a way to make werewolves dangerous to them all the time. He set up the explosives in the warehouse in an attempt to ruin Klaus’ plans, but he’s still moving forward. That means that in the course of one night, the vampires will go “from hunter to prey.” The vampires might be hesitant to fight Klaus since they didn’t succeed before, but Marcel says that’s on him. He called off the fight to save their lives. Now, though, if they don’t stand up to Klaus, their lives are meaningless.

Marcel quotes Sun Tzu, saying they don’t need to fear the outcome of the battle if they know themselves and their enemy. Marcel does, which gives them an advantage – he knows Klaus’ strengths, pride, and home turf. They’re going to go in tonight, kill Genevieve, and destroy Esther’s grimoire. Klaus will come for Marcel after that, which is just what Marcel wants. He’ll lead Klaus away from the other vampires while they get past Elijah and “do what needs to be done.” Marcel asks who’s with him and all the vampires cheer.

Genevieve is making the moonlight rings when Francesca comes to the Compound to warn that Marcel is on his way. Klaus tells Elijah to take Hayley somewhere safe. Hayley doesn’t want to leave Genevieve unsupervised, though, and Francesca tells Elijah he’ll be more helpful fighting alongside Klaus. She’ll stay with Hayley. Hayley approves that plan and tells Elijah not to hold back.

He and Klaus go to the courtyard to greet Marcel’s crew, taunting that they should have learned their lesson the last time vampires faced off with the Mikaelsons. Klaus calls out Marcel, who offers him one last chance to clear out of New Orleans. Klaus asks if he’s really going to let his guys rush head-first into their deaths again. Marcel tells him that all the vampires in the Quarter want their city back. “No surrender this time,” he says. “You’re gonna have to kill us all.” Klaus is like, “Challenge accepted. You’re first.”

As promised, Marcel runs off to lead Klaus away from his crew. Elijah says that if Klaus doesn’t kill Marcel, Elijah will do it himself. Klaus promises to take care of his sort-of son while Elijah invites the other vampires to try their best to take him down.

Klaus and Marcel fight on an empty street in the Quarter. Klaus brings up the bombs, and though Marcel says he set the ones in the warehouse, he didn’t have anything to do with the attack in the bayou. He did, however, get his detonators from Francesca, so maybe Klaus should ask her about the bayou attack. Klaus accuses Marcel of lying, but Marcel swears he never went after Hayley – he’s not a monster. He’s not Klaus.

Cami looks through Kieran’s files and finds a family tree and a note wondering if someone named Gabriel Correa had a falsified birth certificate. Gabriel was Francesca Correa’s great-great-grandfather. There’s another note wondering if there are still Guerrera werewolves in the Quarter. Cami remembers Francesca telling her that her family’s been in the Quarter for a long time.

Marcel’s vampires are no match for Elijah, who barely breaks a sweat even though they just keep rushing him. One of Francesca’s bodyguards tells her it’s time to go; her brothers are already leaving. Francesca’s still keeping an eye on Genevieve, because apparently this spell to make moonlight rings takes a long time. Cami calls Hayley, who ignores her call. Genevieve finally finishes the spell and says her part of the deal is done.

Hayley volunteers to take the stones to the bayou, but Francesca has made a side deal with Genevieve and takes them for herself. Hayley tells her that if the humans betray Klaus, he’ll retaliate and they’ll never win. That’s no concern to Francesca – she’s not human. She slashes her bodyguard’s throat, then doubles over in pain. Her eyes start glowing yellow. “I’m like you, Hayley,” she says. Now that she’s triggered her werewolf curse, she’s taking back the city her family used to run. Hayley says she won’t let that happen, but Genevieve hits her with some magic and knocks her out. She gives Francesca the stones and Francesca tells her to cheer up – they both got what they wanted.

Klaus pounds on Marcel for a little while longer, then taunts that while his name means “little warrior,” he turned out not to be a significant fighter. Marcel fights back, but Klaus overpowers him. He mocks Marcel for trying again and again to defeat him but never succeeding. It’s time for Klaus to put him out of his misery. He vamps out, then bites Marcel’s neck.

Cami keeps trying to call Hayley, leaving her a message that Francesca’s family is descended from a werewolf bloodline. That family is now receiving their moonlight rings. Her brothers start killing human bodyguards and triggering their curses. As Klaus bites Marcel, his hand starts to bleed in the same spot where Genevieve drew his blood for her spell to make the rings. Magic incapacitates him to the point where he ends up just growling at Marcel, who runs away.

Elijah has killed so many vampires at the Compound that the water in the fountain is now red. Francesca thanks him for saving her the trouble of taking out a bunch of people. Then she has two of her brothers bite him. Diego decides it’s time to go and he yells for the remaining vampires to run. He makes it out but not everyone is as lucky. Well, I guess “lucky” isn’t the right word because a Correa brother catches up to Diego and bites him.

Klaus goes to Rousseau’s and feeds on a maintenance guy. Genevieve shows up and gloats. She linked the power of the kyanite stones to his blood, so every time a werewolf uses a moonlight ring to keep from turning, they’ll draw from Klaus’ strength and cause him pain. Klaus can’t believe Genevieve would betray him after the offer he made her. She asks if he really intended to give her Esther’s grimoire. Did he ever even care about her? “I supposed you’ll never know,” he replies.

Genevieve says that Francesca kept her end of their deal. Klaus’ attempt to take back his city has cost him everything – Rebekah, Marcel, and now Hayley and the baby. That’s what Klaus gets for being greedy. He threatens to kill Genevieve, but she knows he’s too weak to do anything. She blasts him with magic and knocks him out.

At the Lycée, Davina tends to Josh but can’t do much for him. Mikael appears to her and says she had to have known deep down that Klaus wouldn’t save Josh. Davina thinks she can find a way to heal him, but Mikael notes that it’ll just happen again. Klaus will continue to make Davina and her loved ones suffer as long as he’s in New Orleans. Mikael’s the only serious threat he’s ever faced. Davina needs Klaus’ blood to save Josh, and Mikael can make him shed that blood. Raising Mikael from the dead is a small price to pay, he thinks, for curing Josh and getting rid of Klaus. He tells Davina there’s still a weapon that can take Klaus down, and Mikael’s the only being strong enough to use it.

Francesca goes to the bayou and tells Oliver, “It’s done.” He’s upset that the bombing he helped her arrange wasn’t as minor as she’d said it would be. He lost members of his pack. She notes that “his” pack looked more like Hayley’s pack before the bombing. Now, thanks to Francesca, they have moonlight rings. She just had to give up their only potential threat, Hayley. “Every revolution requires sacrifice,” she says. If the wolves want the city, they just have to take it. She offers Oliver a kyanite stone and he accepts it.

Marcel returns to the Compound and sees the extent of the damage Elijah and the Correas have done to his crew. Diego stumbles in, apologetic. Cami runs in next, having been unable to get anyone on the phone. Marcel tells her to leave before the vampires who were bitten get sick and try to feed on her. She realizes he was bitten by Klaus and says they need to find him and get his blood.

Elijah realizes that in the middle of all the chaos, Hayley disappeared. Cami stands between him and Marcel, promising that Marcel didn’t take her. Elijah asks about Klaus, and Marcel says he left him in the street, where he got hit with magic. Elijah knows Genevieve was responsible.

Genevieve and Monique have Hayley taken to St. Anne’s so they can deliver the baby. Apparently when Genevieve used magic to subdue her, she accidentally caused a complication that can only be resolved by the baby being born. Hayley’s scared and asks Genevieve why she’s doing this. Monique and Genevieve tell her the sacrifice is necessary for their rebirth. They have to offer the baby to their ancestors so they can get power.

Hayley threatens to kill all the witches there if they hurt her, but Monique tells her no one can stop them. Genevieve apologetically says this is the way things have to be. Hayley screams and fights them, but she’s in no shape to save herself. Klaus hears her from the street and roars back.

Etc.: Klaus is so much better when he’s funny. We need more funny Klaus.

I love the twist about Francesca being an untriggered werewolf. Nicely done.

You’d think that after watching Elijah kill a couple dozen vampires with minimal effort, the others would be like, “Okay, maybe we miscalculated and should just walk away.” I mean, the water in the fountain is now mostly blood. You’re not going to win.

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