the Originals

The Originals 1.19, An Unblinking Death: A Shock to the System

Kieran is about to take communion at St. Anne’s when he gets an unwelcome visitor in the form of Bastianna. She taunts that his faith won’t save him. He stumbles back to get away from her and runs into Sean, who slits his own throat. Bastianna toasts to “life everlasting” and offers Kieran something I really hope is communion wine. He orders this demon to get out, but instead, Bastianna turns into Cami.

In reality, Kieran’s in the attic, imagining Cami as Bastianna and Josh as Sean. He apologizes for not being able to save Sean. He blames the city, since it’s full of monsters. “Remind me to never piss off a witch,” Josh tells Cami. Kieran has a seizure and briefly recognizes Cami, his first moment of lucidity since the hex started to overtake him. She clings to this glimpse of hope that he can be saved. She thinks they could give him a shock to the system and basically reboot him.

Klaus tears apart the Compound looking for Esther’s grimoire, which, despite his efforts to keep it out of Genevieve’s hands, has disappeared anyway. He thinks Elijah took it. Elijah says he guessed that Klaus was suddenly interested in it for some reason that had to do with the werewolves, so he hid it. Klaus claims to just want to be a friend to the wolves, since they’re underdogs (uh, no pun intended). He wants to use Esther’s magic to empower the wolves to protect Hayley. Elijah points out that they could then turn around and seek revenge for their exile, which will put Hayley in the middle of a war zone. Klaus tells Elijah that the war started brewing before they came back to New Orleans. Elijah should speak less and listen more.

Marcel wants to help Cami with Kieran, but she refuses to let him come to the Quarter and risk his own safety. Josh brings in a doctor to examine Kieran, but Kieran is basically feral now, so it doesn’t go well. Marcel calls Klaus and tells him that Cami needs him. He wants Klaus to put aside his anger over them sleeping together and help her.

The doctor wants to tell the police what’s going on in the attic, so Cami tells Josh to compel him. Josh kicks it off with, “Dude, be cool.” He doesn’t need to tell the authorities about a priest being kept in an attic because the hex a witch put on him is making him violent. He needs to accept that the supernatural is real and then forget he knows that. Cami steps in and asks for a sedative for Kieran. Also, she wants to try electroconvulsive therapy, AKA shock therapy. It can be helpful for people with extreme psychosis. The doctor says that, yes, it can basically reboot someone’s brain, but it’s only considered in the most severe cases. Cami’s pretty sure this qualifies.

Hayley has a one-on-one Lamaze session with Eve in the bayou, since she’s expected to have the baby there instead of in a hospital. Hayley’s nervous about what will come after that, but Eve is sure that she’ll know what to do. Hayley thinks she’ll end up being a single parent. Eve doubts that. Me, too, since Hayley has to know by now that even if Klaus isn’t helpful, Elijah will be.

Speaking of Elijah, he shows up and requests a meeting with Hayley, Jackson, and Oliver. He wants them to call off their plans to align with Klaus and get moonlight rings. He warns that others in the Quarter will see this as an act of aggression. Oliver notes that many in the Quarter consider it an act of aggression that the wolves even exist. Elijah reminds Hayley that she signed the peace treaty on behalf of the werewolves. She tells him they don’t want a fight – they want a better life. He doesn’t think teaming with Klaus will accomplish that.

They hear a motorcycle outside, ridden by a man who asks for the person in charge. He smiles a little at Elijah. Sensing that something’s wrong, Elijah rushes to the guy and tries to zoom him away from the wolves who have gathered, but it’s too late. The guy has brought a bomb with him, and it detonates, knocking out a bunch of wolves.

As soon as she’s recovered, Hayley goes to check on her people. Elijah joins her and realizes that the bomb contained wolfsbane. She tells him to take the injured to a barn while she checks on others. Oliver rants to her and Eve that the vampires compelled someone to come after them. He wants revenge. Hayley calms him and tells him to look after everyone while she goes to deal with the person she’s sure gave the order: Marcel.

Kieran isn’t happy to be set up for electroconvulsive therapy, and he tells Josh there’s a special place in Hell for his “kind.” “Not the first time I’ve heard that one,” Josh replies casually. Klaus arrives and tries to talk Cami out of the treatment, but she ignores him. The doctor begs not to be forced to administer it, so Cami says she’ll do it herself. Klaus reminds her that Kieran is a good man and shouldn’t suffer. She replies that he’s been suffering for weeks, and this could be the only way to save him.

On her way to find Marcel, Hayley calls Elijah to ask him to look after the pack while she’s gone. Jackson tries to see the bright side of the situation, noting that no one was killed. But as werewolves come out of their campers to see what’s going on, Elijah realizes that the bomb was just the beginning. He tells Jackson to evacuate the area. Again, he’s too late, and this time bombs set up under campers go off.

Kieran recognizes Cami again, but he’s upset about what she’s done to him and doesn’t seem physically stable. Klaus stops her from giving him another shock and tells the doctor to examine Kieran again. The doctor says his heartbeat is irregular and another shock will kill him. Klaus takes Cami downstairs to tell her gently that she’s not going to get a happy ending here. He doesn’t want her to go too far and accidentally kill Kieran. She shouldn’t have to live with that. Cami doesn’t want to just give up, but Klaus says it’s time – not to quit but to let go. She tells him it’s not his choice to make.

Back in the bayou, Jackson is distraught to see how many wolves have been killed. Oliver finds Eve, who’s injured. Hayley goes to the Pit and demands to know where Marcel is (since she’s sure no one currently there is smart enough to pull off what happened in the bayou). Diego doesn’t respond, so Hayley makes it clear that she’ll stake him if she doesn’t get answers. She won’t let Marcel get away with hurting families. Diego gives her what he says might be Marcel’s address, pretending he doesn’t know exactly where Marcel lives now.

The doctor is fascinated by Kieran’s hex and wants to talk to the witch who’s responsible. Josh tells him that’s a bad idea. Kieran bites off his own thumb (!) so he can free himself from his wrist restraints and try to make a break for it. Josh pulls him back and calls for someone to help him. While Klaus is trying to help subdue Kieran, Hayley calls to tell him about the bombing. She invites him to come with her to confront Marcel. Once the doctor gives Kieran a sedative, Klaus tells Josh to wipe his memory and escort him out of the church. He asks Hayley to stay out of trouble until he can turn his full attention to helping her. She lies that Elijah’s with her and heads toward Marcel’s loft.

Eve isn’t healing because, as Oliver tells Elijah, she’s never killed anyone, so she never activated her werewolf gene. Elijah wants to give her his blood, but Oliver thinks she’d rather die. He rants again about vampires being responsible for the bombings and insists that they fight back before the attacks escalate.

Marcel isn’t surprised to see Hayley, since someone at the Pit gave him a heads-up. He was hoping to chat with her anyway. He admires her toughness, saying she’s like her father. She’s surprised to hear that. He tells her he knew her whole family. He also knows how many enemies they had. In the ’90s, the Crescent wolves tried to take over New Orleans. They were violent and ruthless, so Marcel had them cursed to only be human during the full moon. He could have killed them, but he has a rule about killing kids. In fact, Hayley, AKA Andrea Labonair, is living proof of that.

Kieran goes into cardiac arrest, so Klaus massages his heart with his bare hand to keep him alive. That’ll only give him a little time, though. Cami suggests giving him Klaus’ blood, but Klaus thinks it would be merciful to let him die. Cami isn’t ready, so she tells Klaus to turn Kieran. Klaus gives Kieran his blood, then lets him flatline.

Hayley asks Marcel how long he’s known who she is. He says he figured it out after she had her party for the Crescent wolves at Mikaelson Mansion. She asks if he’s the one who killed her parents. Marcel tells her that there was infighting among the wolves. Her parents were trying to stay out of it, but someone turned on them. Marcel got to them too late to save them. Hayley’s skeptical about this. He notes that he could have used her as leverage. Instead, he took her to Kieran.

He offers her money and items she might need to leave town and start a new life somewhere else. He swears he wasn’t behind the bombings, but the way things are going, he might have to go after the werewolves eventually. Hayley thinks Marcel was always planning to chase her out of town so Klaus and Elijah would go, too. Why doesn’t Marcel leave instead? He tells her he was born there. She reminds him that she was, too. As she leaves, Marcel says that the guy on the motorcycle allegedly had some gambling debts. In other words, she should look at his connection to Francesca. He wants Hayley to remember that when things went south, he tried to protect her.

Cami lights candles in the sanctuary while she waits for Kieran to wake up in transition. Klaus tells her he has to go but he’ll be back before Kieran wakes up. Cami worries that he’ll be mad that she told Klaus to turn him. Klaus says they both know he won’t complete the transition. Klaus only turned Kieran so Cami could get the chance to say goodbye. She asks him to stay with her, and he agrees.

In a barn full of injured werewolves, Jackson asks Elijah if this is the peace they were supposed to have. Klaus offered them freedom, both from the Crescent curse and from the contempt they’ve always faced. Elijah asks where Hayley fits into that. Jackson says he wanted to make the bayou safe for her and the baby.

Kieran wakes up in transition, fully lucid. The X on his hand from his hexing is gone. (Unfortunately, so is his thumb.) Klaus tells him the hex broke because he died. Cami apologizes for letting Klaus turn him. “So the devil has a deal for me after all,” Kieran says, laughing bitterly. He’s fully aware of his choice now and, as Klaus expected, he’s not eager to complete his transition. He asks for a moment alone with Cami, who thanks Klaus for being helpful and kind.

Oliver sits with Eve in her cabin, urging her to trigger her curse so she’ll heal. She needs to accept who she is and do what their people do. He wants her to lead them – not Jackson, who wants to bow to Klaus, or Hayley, who’s an outsider. “At least now we have an enemy to hate,” he says. Eve realizes that he was behind the bombings.

Oliver says he wanted to rile everyone up so they would fight the vampires. But the people he made arrangements with betrayed him. Eve warns that the pack will be furious when they find out. Oliver closes her cabin door and says they won’t find out. He can’t let the deaths of their people be in vain. He had to do whatever it took to strengthen the pack. He picks up a pillow and, ignoring her protests, smothers her with it.

Cami brings Kieran a bunch of stuff he requested, though she couldn’t find the key he usually wears around his neck. He tells her to track it down since it’s an important part of their family’s legacy. He apologizes for getting her involved in everything. Cami doesn’t want things to end like this, but he says this is always how things were going to turn out. He accepted that a long time ago. He doesn’t know how bad things will get and he doesn’t want Cami to see, so he tells her to leave now and not look back. She cries but honors his wishes.

Oliver tries to rally some troops to support him in revenge against the vampires. Hayley returns to the bayou and Elijah tells her that Oliver’s making a move for power. He tells her about the second bombings and encourages her to work with Jackson. “In troubled times, people do not look for the best, but rather, the loudest,” he says. As Hayley joins Jackson to cry over Eve’s body, Oliver gets louder.

Alone in the attic, Kieran prays. Klaus finds Genevieve in the Lycée and demands that she tell him whatever she knows about the bombings. She points a finger at Marcel, but Klaus knows he wouldn’t stoop that low. Genevieve doesn’t appreciate being accused of something so horrible. She figures she just looks monstrous compared to Cami. She brings up Kieran, and Klaus tells her that he’s in transition and isn’t suffering from the hex anymore. But in the attic, Kieran sees that the X has returned to his hand.

Genevieve tells Klaus that the hex will come back if it hasn’t already. Kieran grasps a wooden cross, pulling a blade out of it. He starts to slit his throat, just like Sean did. But Bastianna appears to him and tells him he still has work to do. To complete his penance, he has to make a final offering – something he holds most dear. Genevieve tells Klaus that the boundary spell keeping Kieran in the attic will have come down, so he’s free to leave.

Kieran goes to the balcony, where Cami’s praying. She asks him if he changed his mind about transitioning. He says he did, then shows her his knife. He slashes at her, cutting her arm and licking the blood from the blade to complete his transition. He backs her up against the railing and she jumps over to escape him, which isn’t really a smart move because a) now she’s injured and can’t run, and b) he has vampire strength and speed. Then again, Kieran might not be that smart, either, because he throws Cami into a wooden pew, which breaks and leaves her with a stake.

He tells her not to fight death – it’ll make her whole. He drags her up to the altar, where he hallucinates Bastianna and Sean urging him to kill her. But Klaus has returned, and he snaps Kieran’s neck before he can hurt his niece. “You deserved far better than this,” Klaus says before staking Kieran through the heart.

Klaus calls Marcel to tell him that Kieran is dead (and to say he never thought Marcel was behind the bombings). Marcel gets a 24-hour reprieve from his exile so he can come to Kieran’s funeral. He’s also allowed to come be with Cami. Klaus takes her home and lets Marcel in, since Cami asked for him. If Marcel’s the one who can comfort her, Klaus will let him.

Hayley leaves Eve’s cabin and watches Oliver as he continues his rally. Marcel goes home and tells Josh and Diego that Kieran’s dead. He asks about the key Kieran wanted, and Josh confirms that he stole it. Marcel says Cami shouldn’t have it right now because people are going to come after it. The city is reaching a breaking point, and the vampires need to be ready.

At the Compound, Klaus asks Elijah if he’s ready to admit defeat when it comes to the peace treaty. Elijah gives him back Esther’s grimoire so the werewolves can get the power they need to put up a fight. Klaus thinks Hayley talked him into giving it back. Elijah tells him that the factions in the Quarter are like families, and they want to fight. Mayhem has reached the Mikaelsons’ home, and if Elijah is going to fight, he wants to do it alongside Klaus. They toast to what they hope is their victory.

Etc.: This episode demonstrates why it’s important for non-humans to be friendly with medical professionals who know about the supernatural. Or, barring that, to always have a vampire on hand who’s better at compulsion than Josh is.

Josh is awesome, though. This is the first episode where we really get to see that.

We need more episodes where Hayley bursts into the Pit, kicks Diego off his chair, and holds a stake to his chest. Like, every episode.

Is it just me or did they take Hayley’s backstory entirely from Harry Potter?

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