the Originals

The Originals 1.13, Crescent City: The Hex Files

Monique Deveraux wakes up in her tomb and realizes she’s trapped. She calls out for help.

St. Anne’s is officially open again, and Kieran hopes to reunite the community. Klaus, Rebekah, Marcel, and Cami are all present for the first service. Marcel spots Genevieve across the sanctuary, and moments later, Bastianna enters.

Celeste leads a tour group through the City of the Dead, stopping at the Deveraux crypt. They hear Monique begging for help inside. She sends a blast of power through the bricks sealing the tomb closed and climbs/falls out. Celeste welcomes her back to life. Sophie is summoned to the City of the Dead to reunite with her niece, but Monique doesn’t seem excited to see her again.

After the church service, Klaus and Marcel ask Kieran if any of his sources have seen or heard from Papa Tunde. Nope, ’cause he’s dead! Kieran wants to stay out of whatever’s about to happen between the vampires and the witches. Cami interrupts to congratulate Kieran on the church’s reopening, say hey to Marcel, and pointedly ignore Klaus. Kieran isn’t pleased that she’s still in town, since Klaus was supposed to compel her to leave.

Diego calls Klaus with the news that Papa Tunde has turned up at the Compound. The good news is that he’s dead – his body was found in one of his signature salt circles. The bad news is that this can’t be the end of the vampires’ trouble with the witches. Klaus pulls Marcel away to tend to business. Bastianna joins the line of parishioners greeting Kieran and grabs his hand. She says something in another language and tells him to give Sean her regards when he sees him in Hell. She uses her thumb to draw an X on his hand.

Klaus makes Sherlock Holmes jokes as Elijah examines Papa Tunde’s body. Marcel misses the days when witches would kill chickens and leave them on people’s doorsteps to send a threat. Klaus doesn’t get why the witches would kill their “prize fighter” and leave him at the Compound.

Rebekah joins the group to inform them that Monique is back. The witches are celebrating, and Marcel thinks they’re justified. If they kill one of the witches resurrected by the Harvest ritual, they can get Davina back. Hayley comes down to the courtyard with a theory: Davina drew her pictures of Celeste to warn that she would be resurrected. Klaus notes that this is bigger than just witches attacking vampires. They’re declaring war.

Later, Elijah asks Rebekah to take Hayley back to Mikaelson Mansion so she’ll be out of the battle zone until they’ve taken care of the witches. Rebekah wonders if he’s really worried about Hayley or if he wants Rebekah out of the way because he can’t trust her. She thinks Hayley should get a say here: “Why are you dictating her fate?” Elijah says Rebekah knows why. Buddy, we all know why. He doesn’t want to take Hayley himself and be a hypocrite like Rebekah has accused him of being. Rebekah knows Hayley will protest, but she agrees to do what Elijah wants.

As she’s going to get Hayley, Marcel ambushes her and tells her he thinks Genevieve was at St. Anne’s earlier. She definitely has a reason to come back, since she has a lot of unfinished business and secrets – secrets Rebekah and Marcel don’t want revealed. Rebekah tells Marcel to end this the same way they did last time.

Genevieve goes to Rousseau’s as Kieran arrives to talk to Cami. Cami’s upset that he was talking to Klaus after the service like everything is normal in the Quarter. Kieran says he’s trying to carry on their family’s tradition of maintaining peace in New Orleans. He asks for a drink and prepares to tell her something big. She sees his hands shaking and realizes something’s wrong. Kieran tells her that what happened to Sean is about to happen to him. He’s been hexed.

Cami thinks she can use her connections to find an antidote, but Kieran doesn’t expect that to happen. Genevieve eavesdrops as he tells Cami that when things get bad, she needs to get far away from him. Cami refuses to accept that there’s nothing they can do. Genevieve speaks up that there’s a remedy: Cami just needs to put Papa Tunde’s blade in Klaus’ heart.

Hayley willingly goes to Mikaelson Mansion with Rebekah because it fits nicely into her plans: There’s a full moon tonight, which means the Crescent wolves will be human, and Hayley wanted to host a get-together for them. She had Josh send Eve an invitation. “Josh isn’t dead yet? Oh, good on him. I love a nice survival story,” Rebekah says. Hayley has already moved the party to the mansion, and she tells Rebekah that she’ll let the others protect her all they want, but she’s also going to hang out with her family.

In the Quarter, Celeste senses Elijah following her and asks what he wants. He suggests an alliance, but she won’t consider one as long as Klaus is around. She thinks Elijah might be willing to get him to leave New Orleans before the baby’s born. At Rousseau’s, Monique asks Sophie what happened to Jane-Anne. Sophie says she sacrificed herself for the witches and their hope of resurrecting the Harvest girls. Monique asks if Sophie has the same faith her sister had. Sophie says she lost it, but she tried to get it back so she wouldn’t let Monique down.

Marcel arrives, but Sophie doesn’t want him around Monique since he killed Jane-Anne. He tells her he wants to talk about how to bring back Davina, Abigail, and Cassie. Sophie accuses him of only wanting Davina back so he can have access to her power again. Marcel promises that he just wants her alive. Monique says she can feel that he’s telling the truth. He’s loyal to Davina.

Cami takes Papa Tunde’s blade to St. Anne’s to meet with Klaus. She told him about the hex but not the cure. She doesn’t want to continue resenting her uncle for lying to her about the supernatural. Klaus gets why Cami hates him, and he can’t say he doesn’t deserve it, but Kieran lied to protect her. He’s good and loyal, and he’s her family. The witches’ attack should be enough for Cami to see that they’re the enemy, and that Kieran is on Team Vampire.

She draws the blade, but instead of stabbing Klaus, she offers it to him. She tells him it will cause pain and torment, even to Originals, and that using it would earn her Kieran’s cure. But Cami can’t bring herself to use it – she’s not stupid like Klaus. If there’s a war, she wants to be on the winning side. Klaus agrees to help her figure out how to save Kieran.

Hayley hangs clothes on a clothesline outside Mikaelson Mansion so the Crescent wolves will have it readily available when they turn human. One of them approaches her and she says she’s looking forward to meeting the human it will turn into soon. Back at St. Anne’s, Klaus starts the first attempt to cure Kieran by bleeding the vervain out of his system so Klaus can compel the hex to…well, not work.

With the full moon out, the Crescent wolves come to Mikaelson Mansion in their human forms and start getting dressed. Inside, Rebekah’s cooking and trying to get in touch with Marcel. A wolf named Oliver foregoes the clothes outside and almost renders Rebekah speechless at the sight of his muscles. He guesses that she’s an Original and says he’d rather talk to her than his long-lost family member, Hayley.

At the Compound, Sophie agrees to do a locator spell to find the other witches resurrected by the Harvest. First, though, she wants a deal: She’s betraying fellow witches, and if they come after her, she wants money from Marcel so she can get Monique out of the Quarter. He tells her that if she finds the witches, he’ll give her anything she wants.

The party at the mansion is in full swing, with food and live music and dancing in the backyard. Oliver tries to get Rebekah to dance with him, and though her mind is somewhere else, he manages to get her to loosen up. Hayley goes inside, followed by a wolf named Jackson. She realizes he’s the one who’s been keeping an eye out for her around the Quarter. Their parents knew each other; they’re from the same pack but not the same bloodline. Everyone in the pack plays a role, not just the alphas. Hayley and Jackson’s roles were to one day get married.

Celeste takes Elijah on a private tour of the Quarter while he considers whether or not to send Klaus away. He reveals that he knows she’s Celeste, not Sabine. He figured it out after Davina drew her and sensed evil, and then Sophie discovered that there was no magic in her remains. He guessed that Celeste used her powers to put her essence into Sabine. Then she had visions about the baby, which led to Agnes’ death, giving Celeste the opportunity to control what happened to the Harvest girls’ power. The only thing Elijah can’t figure out is Celeste’s intentions.

She kisses him and calls him her lost love. He starts looking sick. She’s furious that he stood by Klaus even after Klaus got her killed. She used her kiss to enchant Elijah, but she’s just teaching him a lesson. “‘Always and forever’ was the greatest mistake of your life,” she says as he collapses.

Klaus gives Kieran some of his blood to heal him from his bloodletting, then compels him to overcome his hex and resist the dark urges it will drive him to act on. It doesn’t work, judging from how Kieran turns on Cami, asking if she’s happy that he’s now able to be compelled by Klaus. Klaus announces his plan B: find Bastianna and kill her.

Sophie’s locator spell starts working, but it only finds one witch. Klaus arrives, grabs Monique, and zooms off with her. In the Quarter, Celeste tells Elijah that she’s going to cure his only flaw: his devotion to his “lunatic family.” He asks her to leave them alone, since she’s only mad at him, but come on, why wouldn’t she go after Klaus for getting her killed? She also doesn’t have any love for Rebekah.

Celeste warns that Rebekah is about to be in danger, and Elijah could save her, but then Hayley would be in jeopardy. “She has no idea how dangerous it is to be loved by you,” she says. Her enchantment has weakened Elijah so much that he’ll only be able to save one person he cares about. Celeste is very interested to find out who that will be.

Klaus takes Monique to the Cauldron and calls out for the witches to bring him Bastianna in exchange for Monique’s safety. Marcel finds them and reminds Klaus that they have a code that includes a rule about not hurting kids. Klaus notes that Marcel’s supposed morality didn’t stop him from killing Jane-Anne. No witches have come out, so Klaus threatens to use the Tunde blade on Monique. Marcel repeats that children are off-limits. When Klaus ignores him, Marcel attacks. Klaus breaks his neck, saying he decides who lives and dies here.

When he turns back to Monique, he comes face to face with Sophie instead. She’s gotten her hands on the blade and she shoves it into Klaus’ chest. The blade sinks inside him so it can’t be pulled back out. Klaus yells in pain and collapses next to Marcel. Bastianna arrives just then and tells Sophie she’ll take things from here.

Hayley’s having trouble wrapping her mind around the fact that she was promised in an arranged marriage before she was out of diapers. Jackson tells her that the Crescents come from the two original werewolf bloodlines. In a way, he and Hayley are royalty. Or you’re the werewolf version of Originals! Have you tested your immortality lately?

Hayley asks about Jackson’s throne, if he’s royal. He tells her the wolves used to run New Orleans, but infighting tore them apart and left them unable to defend themselves when the vampires came after them. Jackson and Hayley’s parents arranged their future marriage to bring their bloodlines back together. The wolves wouldn’t back down from fighting the vampires, so Marcel had a witch curse them. Hayley’s the last member of her bloodline. Jackson calls her Andrea, confirming that she’s the Andrea Labonair listed in the Bible she found in the bayou.

He tells her that the wolves will follow her if she becomes their leader. She represents a time when their people were strong and fought back. After all she went through to find them, he thinks she’s the one who will break their curse. Some supposed friend of Hayley’s told Eve that she was coming there tonight to free them. Hayley has no idea what Jackson’s talking about.

Rebekah is making out with Oliver in the woods when he stops and says he likes her, but he made a deal. Wolves surround them and he ditches her. In the City of the Dead, Celeste, Bastianna, and Genevieve light candles and chant. Elijah wakes up to a phone call from Hayley, who thinks something’s up with the witches. He tells her she was right and Celeste is back. Everyone is in danger.

As the door she’s standing near slams shut, Hayley tells Jackson that they’re in trouble. Elijah tells her to find Rebekah and stay with her. But the spell the witches are performing in the City of the Dead is to trap Hayley and Jackson inside Mikaelson Mansion and light their possible exits on fire. Celeste sends Genevieve and Bastianna off to their next tasks as Hayley and Jackson realize how screwed they are. Jackson tries to protect Hayley from the flames and smoke, but they can’t really hide. Fortunately, Elijah has arrived, and he zooms Hayley out of the house before she breathes in too much smoke. She has to ask him to go back for Jackson.

Rebekah’s taken out some wolves in the woods, but she’s a little worse for wear. Genevieve finds her and gloats that she’s going to enjoy what happens next. By the time Elijah tracks down their location, they’re gone. Celeste is there, though, and she warns him not to hurt her since she’s the only person alive who can break the Crescent wolves’ curse.

Genevieve and Bastianna join her, and Celeste announces that they’ve kidnapped Rebekah and Klaus. All because Elijah chose Hayley over his siblings. Hmm, maybe Rebekah was right that his feelings for Hayley would hurt the family. Celeste uses magic to keep Elijah on the ground as she says his family is about to face their end. “I guess ‘always’ isn’t forever after all,” she says. Weak, Celeste. You had decades to think of something, and that’s what you came up with?

Hayley thanks Jackson for protecting her, both tonight and the other times he’s shown up for her. He says he’s dreamed of meeting her since he was a kid, but he wasn’t expecting what happened tonight. He probably also didn’t expect her to be pregnant with a one-of-a-kind supernatural baby, either, but here we are. She promises to find a way to break the Crescent wolves’ curse.

Cami tries to call Klaus, but Bastianna appears and tells her he’s unavailable to take her call. Since Sophie stabbed Klaus with the Tunde blade, which Cami was supposed to do, the deal with Cami is off and Bastianna won’t save Kieran. Cami chose to side with evil, as Kieran has done many times. His attempts to prevent the Harvest from happening will mean something after his death, but that death will still happen. Bastianna hopes that Cami will learn from Kieran’s mistakes – opposing witches means opposing the natural order. “By choice or by force, the witches of the French Quarter will rise again,” she promises.

The vampires haven’t been able to find Klaus, and Elijah isn’t happy. He starts attacking them but stops when Hayley says his name in an “I am very disappointed in your behavior and you need a timeout” voice. He tells Marcel that the witches took Klaus and Rebekah. The crew will help Elijah find them, and this isn’t a request. Elijah’s going to kill all the witches.

Whether or not Sophie has all she needs to get Monique out of town, they’re going, because Sophie’s not dumb enough to stay in the city where an Original she tried to kill can find her. She regrets not saving Monique from the Harvest but promises that she can still have a normal life away from the witches. Monique reminds her aunt that she’s a witch, too. She doesn’t want to leave. She gives Sophie a magic migraine (apparently those don’t work on just vampires) and says she should have listened to the ancestors when they warned that Sophie didn’t have enough faith.

Sophie’s nose starts bleeding. Monique blasts her for trying to stop the Harvest and for trying to run when they should stay and fight. When the other three Harvest girls return, the four of them will have the power to rid New Orleans of vampires. They’ll kill anyone who doesn’t keep the faith. Sophie starts bleeding out of her eyes and coughing up blood. She begs Monique to stop hurting her, but Monique won’t save someone who didn’t have enough faith. She leaves Sophie to die and walks off with Celeste, Genevieve, and Bastianna.

Etc.: Monique crawls out of her tomb in the middle of a tour and not one person screams, faints, or runs away. What have you people seen? What have your lives been like to make this such an uninteresting sight? Tell me your stories!

I like the slow build over a few episodes where Rebekah and Marcel talk about secrets they don’t want getting out. The payoff is definitely worth it.

Rebekah’s reaction to hearing that Josh is still alive cracks me up.

Ugh, Oliver. Just imagine that every time he speaks, I’m following it with, “Shut up, Oliver.”

How depressing that Sophie worked so hard to bring Monique back and Monique repaid her by killing her.

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