the Originals

The Originals 1.12, Dance Back from the Grave: The War at Home

Celeste, FKA Sabine, and her recently revived friends take a field trip to the City of the Dead. Celeste tells them she’s been around for decades in different guises. She does a spell that erases the names of people from a tombstone until only the first remains.

1919: Clara Summerlin is at the same tomb when Genevieve comes to get her for a ritual. All the witches in the French Quarter have gathered to welcome Papa Tunde. They’re all wearing white and dancing to drums. Papa Tunde arrives with his twin sons and a big snake. He tells the witches he practices ancestral magic like they do, and it’s good that they do because they’ll need to draw strength from their ancestors to face the vampires and other beasts now infesting the Quarter.

He throws the snake into a fire and says he also practices sacrificial magic. He uses the strength from his offerings to defeat his enemies. He’ll punish theirs, too, as long as the coven welcomes his family and makes him their leader.

At the Compound, Elijah has gathered the heads of the different factions for a meeting to discuss peace. (The mayor hasn’t arrived yet. He’s also an O’Connell, for the record.) Klaus crashes and IDs two of the attendees as members of the Guerrera crime family. They also happen to be werewolves. Elijah notes that since werewolf bites aren’t lethal to Originals, the Guerreras should play nice. He wants to make an arrangement regarding alcohol, since Prohibition is soon to take effect. The Guerreras can traffic alcohol as long as they don’t let anyone know that the Mikaelsons are running things.

Papa Tunde and his sons arrive to ask how the arrangement will affect the witches. He wants in on the talks because he, like the others here, is a king of the city and has rules. Klaus can’t decide if he’s ambitious or crazy. Papa Tunde asks that the witches get an equal voice in city happenings, since they let other supernatural beings live there. To guarantee that future negotiations will go well, Papa Tunde has brought a gift: the mayor’s head.

Present: Klaus has summoned the vampires for a meeting at the Compound, but he’s not there. Marcel is sad and drunk and doesn’t know what the meeting’s about. Klaus arrives with Thierry, having decided to release him from the Garden. Marcel notes that Klaus is in a good mood, seemingly from his visit to Mystic Falls. Wait, so Klaus will be nice if he just keeps having sex with Caroline? You might need to take one for the team here, Care.

Klaus tells the vampires that without Davina, they can’t monitor the witches’ use of magic. But since the Harvest failed, their magic will fade soon and it’ll become a moot point. Until then, Klaus wants to mess with them. He sends Diego to lead another rousting in the Cauldron. He asks Marcel to join in, but Marcel says he’s going to “take a personal day.” Does joining the vampire crew come with benefits like a bank of paid time off? Does he have to ask a supervisor to sign off on his vacation time? Have I spent too many years working with human resources information and products? (Yes.)

In the Quarter, Elijah tells Rebekah that Klaus must be making progress in the humanity department because he showed Thierry mercy. Rebekah reveals that she talked him into letting Thierry go. She knows Thierry still hates Klaus, which makes him a good ally. Plus, he dated a witch, so he knows about the covens in the French Quarter. Maybe he can figure out where the magic from the Harvest went.

Elijah thinks they need to move on from the disappointing outcome of the ritual. Rebekah says that’s the thing – there was no outcome. The power couldn’t have just vanished. Someone must have stolen it, and Rebekah wants to work with that person. “If you want to stop a bully, you need the power to stand up to them,” she says, of course talking about Klaus. Elijah’s frustrated that Rebekah’s still playing games when Klaus seems to be making an effort for once and wants the family to be united.

Rebekah knows this good mood won’t last long. Sooner or later, Klaus will turn on them again and she’ll probably end up daggered. Elijah thinks Klaus is on the verge of finding peace, so if Rebekah can’t support him, she at least needs to keep from provoking him.

Back at the Compound, Klaus complains that Marcel’s pouting and drinking instead of participating in crew activities. Marcel says he’d rather not take part in “vampire hijinks” right now. Klaus doesn’t think Davina is worth his grief, which is the exact wrong thing to say to Marcel right now. Klaus is bored by his attitude.

Diego comes to get the two of them so he can show them something in the Quarter. Two vampires have been found dead inside a salt circle with symbols drawn in it. Their foreheads have been marked with the same symbol Papa Tunde’s sons bore. Marcel walks away, telling Klaus that if he wants revenge against the culprit, he’s on his own. He recognizes the mark and knows better than to get in the middle of anything involving it. Klaus ignores him and tells some other vampires that they’re going to find the person responsible and make them pay.

Thierry takes Rebekah to a warehouse by the docks, where he’s found another salt circle. Rebekah recognizes the symbol and wonders why it was left for them to find – unless someone wanted them to find it. Papa Tunde arrives and Rebekah recognizes him as well. He grabs her by the throat and chants something in French as Thierry runs away. Papa Tunde pulls out a blade that looks like a giant claw and touches it to Rebekah’s forehead as she starts to desiccate.

At the Compound, Klaus and Elijah discuss the symbol found on the vampires. Klaus thinks some witch in the Quarter is using old magic, so they’ll suffer the same fate as the witch who first used it. He tells Diego to take all the vampires in the Quarter on a hunt for the culprit. Diego thinks that could be a problem, since the vampires haven’t had to deal with witches for a long time, and some of them are really scared. Klaus doesn’t care. He asks some of the crew who will fight with him to defend their home. No one volunteers. Klaus is like, “Fine! I’ll do it myself!”

Cami sat out the last episode and is therefore blissfully unaware of everything that happened. She leaves Sophie a message bugging her to come to work at Rousseau’s. Marcel surprises her and Cami grabs a bottle to defend herself. She tells him she’s on vervain, so he can’t mess with her. Marcel’s proud of her for finding a way to break Klaus’ compulsion. He’s there to see Sophie and find out if she knows about the witchy goings-on in the Quarter. He helps himself to some alcohol while he waits. Cami guesses he’s drinking because of Klaus. She’s surprised that he’s not happier to have Davina back. Marcel tells her that Davina’s gone, then smashes a bottle in anger. Cami tells him she’s sorry.

Hayley has basically nothing to do right now, but let’s check in with her anyway. Elijah finds her putting away Davina’s drawings. Hayley notes that they never figured out why Davina was drawing Celeste. She’s on lockdown but isn’t worried about the witches. She comments that it took a big supernatural threat for Elijah to voluntarily talk to her. He apologizes for neglecting her, but his siblings are kind of a bigger priority now. Uh, I think she meant she’s surprised you’re talking to her after she told Sophie where to find Celeste’s remains. Anyway, Hayley’s disappointed that they can’t hang out because Klaus is being Klaus.

Back at Rousseau’s, Marcel sketches the symbol from the vampires’ foreheads on a napkin. He ignores a call from Klaus, not appreciating that Klaus wants to keep tabs on him. Cami asks why Marcel is loyal to him. Marcel notes that for someone who hates Klaus, she talks about him a lot. He thinks she wants revenge and is digging to uncover a weakness. She shouldn’t because it won’t end well. Marcel even has an example for her of someone who tried to go up against Klaus.

1919: Marcel returns from fighting in World War I and finds a welcome-home party underway at the Compound. He wanted to leave New Orleans, but “something” kept pulling him back. (*cough* Rebekah *cough*) He spots her and goes straight over to her, but she doesn’t want to see him, since he left her in a box for 52 years. Okay, fair. Klaus is much happier to have Marcel home. But there’s another war Marcel will now have to face – Papa Tunde is causing trouble. Elijah wants to negotiate with him, and he thinks Marcel will agree to that idea so they can avoid violence. Papa Tunde arrives just then with his twins and Genevieve in tow, and Klaus welcomes them warmly.

Present: Marcel tells Cami that he didn’t get why Klaus would invite his enemy into his home, knowing he would eventually kill him. But it was all part of Klaus’ plan. He was getting close to his foe both to learn more about him and to get him to let down his guard. Klaus always does that before going in for the kill. Cami says he’s a sociopath and no one should admire his methods. He’s a monster. “We’re all monsters, Cami,” Marcel replies. “If you’re powerful like Klaus is, you just don’t have to bother hiding it.” Cami notes that Davina was powerful and wasn’t a monster.

Papa Tunde sacrifices another snake and drips its blood over Rebekah, who’s lying in the salt circle with Tunde’s symbol carved into her forehead. He tells Celeste that he now has all of Rebekah’s power flowing through him. Now he can hurt Klaus the way Klaus hurt him. He can’t kill Klaus, but he’ll make him wish he could die.

Cami has decided not to open Rousseau’s so Marcel doesn’t get any ideas about snacking on the customers. He jokes that he thought she was starting to like him again. He finally takes a call from Klaus, who wants to meet in the Cauldron and start killing witches. Marcel says he’s going to keep waiting for Sophie instead. He hangs up on Klaus, who looks up to see Tunde’s symbol drawn on the wall of a building in the Quarter. Sophie shows up just then and Klaus demands to know if she’s involved in what’s happening.

Elijah tries to call Rebekah, but she’s busy having her power channeled by a 100-years-dead witch and can’t come to the phone. He admits to Hayley that he thinks Rebekah might have something to do with what’s going on. He questions Thierry, who isn’t forthcoming, so Elijah threatens violence to move things along. Thierry says he took Rebekah to see something, and someone attacked her. Elijah calls him a coward, but Thierry thinks he was justified in running to save himself. Yeah, but you could have told someone what happened so they could help Rebekah.

He points Elijah in the right direction and begs him and Hayley not to tell Klaus that he’s been keeping an eye out for witch stuff on Rebekah’s behalf. Elijah knocks him out and says he’ll think about it. Hayley wants to go with him to get Rebekah, and though Elijah immediately says no, she’s too stubborn to listen and he’s too infatuated to not give her what she wants.

Marcel tells Cami that he didn’t end things with her because he wasn’t interested in her. He just wanted to keep her out of all the danger. Cami says she’s in the middle of it anyway. She asks him to continue his story. Marcel says that Papa Tunde claimed that he wanted to empower the witches, but he really wanted money and territory. When Klaus and Elijah wouldn’t give it to him, he lashed out.

1919: Papa Tunde kills the human faction, the Guerrera werewolves, and the witches who opposed him. Elijah agrees to a truce, but Klaus meets with Papa Tunde in his place to let him know there will be no negotiating. He’s not intimidated by Papa Tunde’s power. He’s figured out that Papa Tunde channels it from his twins, so he’s killed the boys to cut off his supply. Papa Tunde threatens to kill Klaus, who, of course, can’t die. He kills Papa Tunde instead.

Present: Cami says that’s horrible in a tone that means she still kind of wants to sleep with Klaus. She asks Marcel if he doesn’t worry that he’ll end up either a victim or just like Klaus.

Papa Tunde comes in and mocks Marcel for always being in his father’s shadow. He should come out from under it and die like a man. Marcel tells Cami to run, but Papa Tunde wants an audience for the big show he’s going to put on. Marcel springs forward and breaks Papa Tunde’s neck, but he just heals himself. Marcel tells Cami to leave again, and she goes.

Papa Tunde tells Marcel that he’s channeling the power of an Original and can’t be killed. Eventually he’ll channel Klaus and Elijah, too, but first he’ll take Marcel’s power, too. It turns out Cami didn’t go far, though, and she returns with a bottle that she breaks over Papa Tunde’s head. He tosses her across the room, but she’s caused enough of a distraction for Marcel to recover and get back in the fight.

Sophie tells Klaus that Tunde’s symbol is connected to sacrificial magic. She thinks his vampires were killed as an offering so someone could gain power. Cami calls Klaus to tell him that Papa Tunde is trying to kill Marcel. Klaus tells her to run far, far away.

Elijah and Hayley find Rebekah in the warehouse but are magically blocked from entering the salt circle. Elijah can see that Rebekah’s being channeled; normally it would be lethal, but since she’s an Original, she’s just giving someone an endless supply of power. They need to get her out of the circle.

Papa Tunde prepares to do to Marcel what he’s doing to Rebekah, only Marcel’s time being channeled won’t last as long since he’s not an Original. Klaus took Papa Tunde’s sons from him, so Papa Tunde is going to take Klaus’ sort-of son from him. He pulls out his blade, but before he can use it, Klaus zooms in, pleased to be able to kill Papa Tunde again. But Papa Tunde has a ton of power now, so he’s looking forward to making Marcel watch Klaus die, then taking power from both of them.

Elijah calls Sophie for help removing Rebekah from the circle without entering it. Sophie tells him the spell is like a complicated recipe. They need to add a mystical binding agent to balance things out. Elijah thinks a witch’s blood would work, and though there are no witches around to provide that blood, there is an unborn baby who’s part Quarter witch. Hayley lets Elijah bite her and drip her blood onto the circle, which dissolves the salt. Just as Papa Tunde is starting to use his blade on Klaus, Elijah pulls Rebekah out of the circle and cuts off Papa Tunde’s power supply.

Klaus throws off Papa Tunde, who runs away. Cami returns and Klaus tells her to find someone Marcel can feed on so he’ll heal. Cami offers herself, but Klaus doesn’t want her involved. She reminds him that he doesn’t control her anymore and offers Marcel her neck. Klaus is most definitely not okay with the sight of Marcel sucking on Cami’s neck.

Rebekah finds Thierry in the Quarter and threatens to kill him for leaving her in the warehouse. He knows they have a deal, but when it comes down to it, they’re all on their own. She calls him a narcissist and asks if all men are incapable of committing to an alliance. Elijah zooms up and breaks Thierry’s neck. He’s like, “Didn’t we have a conversation just a few hours ago about you not making moves against Klaus?” Rebekah isn’t going to just sit by and let Klaus keep growing more and more powerful. Elijah thinks it’s justified because they’re taking over the city again. Maybe Klaus will even become happy.

Rebekah’s tired of hearing about Klaus’ happiness when no one cares about hers. Elijah says they all have to make sacrifices. He’ll never stand against her or their brother. She asks about Hayley, saying that Elijah’s feelings for her will hurt the family more than Rebekah’s tricks and conspiring ever will. Elijah’s a hypocrite for choosing love over family because he hates when she does the same thing.

Marcel and Rebekah both end up at Jardin Gris, where Tunde’s symbol has been painted on a wall. It’s also in spots all through the Cauldron, like Papa Tunde is marking his territory. Marcel says that seeing him again brought up a lot of memories. Rebekah replies that those memories would be better left buried.

1919: As the party at the Compound winds down, Rebekah approaches Genevieve, then changes course and goes to talk to Marcel instead. She thinks he’s drinking to celebrate Papa Tunde’s death, but he’s actually wallowing. He confesses that he brought Papa Tunde to town. He wanted a dangerous witch to chase Klaus out of New Orleans or at least distract him from keeping Marcel and Rebekah apart. Rebekah’s upset that Marcel would risk everything the Mikaelsons have built – which he helped them build – for the small chance that Rebekah would want to be with him. He says he would do it again.

Rebekah notes that Klaus has killed hundreds of people like Papa Tunde. He’s only ever feared one person: Mikael. If Mikael came to New Orleans, Klaus would leave forever. They just need a witch to help them find Mikael. Rebekah glances at Genevieve and starts to formulate a plan.

Present: Hayley looks through Davina’s drawings again, then goes to a balcony overlooking the courtyard of the Compound. Klaus’ crew is gathered there, and she doesn’t see Elijah gazing up at her. Klaus addresses the crew from a balcony, reminding them that they tried to take him down but failed. In his “benevolence,” he gave them a clean slate, but now they won’t show him loyalty or respect. They need to prove themselves to him. They’re under attack and he needs warriors to fight with him. If they don’t want to serve him, they should leave.

The vampires talk amongst themselves until Thierry steps up. “We don’t owe you anything!” he yells up to Klaus. If staying in the Quarter means being under his rule, Thierry will leave. He turns to Diego to see if he feels the same, but Diego stays put. A bunch of the vampires leave, but the ones who stay behind gather closer, ready to get instructions from their king.

Marcel and Klaus meet up later at Rousseau’s, recommitted to running their kingdom together. Sophie is there, too, since Klaus wants an explanation for why Papa Tunde is back. Sophie tells him it’s because of the Harvest. As Rebekah guessed, someone stole the Harvest girls’ power and used it to resurrect four other witches. Marcel thinks there’s still a chance to get the power back and resurrect Davina, but that’s not one of Klaus’ priorities right now. Papa Tunde is going to continue attacking the Originals as he gains more and more power from his sacrifices. Sophie notes that their best option is to cut off his power source.

Klaus guesses Papa Tunde’s next move, but he’s too late to stop it. Papa Tunde has gone to the Garden and taken the power from all the vampires trapped there. In the City of the Dead, he tells Celeste that all that power is now in his blade. It’ll do worse than kill people, even Originals. Now for the final step: Papa Tunde happily sacrifices himself, letting Celeste cut his throat with his own blade.

Etc.: Ugh, Elijah, stop giving Klaus so much credit for doing the bare minimum of what normal people do every day. “He let us move back home! Let’s throw him a party!” You need help.

So Thierry has loyalty to…no one now? This is a bad partnership, Rebekah.

Hey, let’s talk about Papa Tunde – a Black man – saying that Marcel is always in the shadow of his father, a slaveholder! It’s gross!

I fail to see how Elijah’s feelings for Hayley are a threat to the family. I think Rebekah’s just jealous that Elijah’s paying attention to someone else.

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