the Originals

The Originals 1.11, Après Moi, Le Déluge: Doomed from the Start

Elijah voices over some stuff about witches and how they’ve been both enemies and allies of vampires. Davina is the first to be considered all-powerful. At the Compound, Klaus admires her drawings of Celeste and tells Elijah that she was beautiful. Elijah wonders if Davina mistook Celeste’s power for something evil. He doesn’t get why Davina’s been sketching a witch who’s been dead for 200 years. “Why does any witch do anything?” Klaus asks.

Marcel takes Davina some food upstairs, but she’s furious with him and unleashes some magic on him. She can’t believe he doesn’t hate Klaus for what he did to Tim. Marcel says Klaus will pay eventually, but right now, Marcel wants to make peace with Davina. “Why? So we can be one big, happy Frankenstein family?” she snarks, magically throwing a vase at him. “Well, that’s going well,” Klaus comments, hearing the crash.

Elijah notes that killing the guy Davina had a crush on probably wasn’t the best way to try to earn her trust. Klaus asks if his brother would like to rub any other “inopportune deaths” in his face. Elijah asks for some time so he can compile a list. There’s more crashing from upstairs, and Klaus complains that witches are all pains, no matter their age or whether or not they’re still alive. Upstairs, Davina suddenly starts coughing up dirt.

Hayley starts to tell Elijah something she’s been keeping from him, but before she can, the Compound begins to shake. Everyone runs into the courtyard. Rebekah asks what’s going on, and Klaus tells her it’s Davina.

Rebekah goes to see Davina, telling her not to take Rebekah’s orders to disrupt the household so literally. Davina says she didn’t do it on purpose. Something’s wrong. Downstairs, Klaus, Marcel, and Elijah discuss what that something might be. Elijah thinks this is a result of Davina having too much power to control. Since this is witch business, he decides to talk to a witch.

As he’s heading out to see Sophie, Hayley stops him. She admits that she helped Sophie find Celeste’s body so Sophie can absorb her power. She feels horrible for snooping in Elijah’s things. He tells her that Celeste requested a secret burial place so no one could do the exact thing Sophie did. Hayley both violated Elijah’s privacy and broke his promise to the woman he once loved. Hayley says she didn’t realize the significance of Celeste’s remains, but he thinks if she really believed that, she would have just asked where they were.

In the City of the Dead, Sophie meets up with Sabine and tells her they need to find Davina. She knows how to complete the Harvest. They don’t have any elders left to do the ritual, but Sophie has figured out how to become one. In 1742, a bunch of elders were wiped out in a massacre. The remaining witches decided that whoever could consecrate the most powerful dead witch would become an elder. Sabine asks what powerful witch is left for Sophie to bury. Sophie reveals that she has Celeste’s remains and will consecrate them.

They need to move fast; they only have a few weeks left to complete the Harvest. Not only will all the witches lose their magic, but the three sacrificed girls will never be resurrected. Sophie refuses to let Monique stay dead, even if it means doing this consecration ritual. She doesn’t care about anything else. Elijah, who has just arrived, has other ideas.

He takes Sophie to the Compound and asks her to explain the coincidence of her taking the remains of the witch Davina has been drawing. Sophie can’t – she didn’t even know who Celeste was until a couple days ago. Upstairs, Davina screams and the house shakes again. The Mikaelsons are hilariously unbothered. I guess when you’re immortal, you don’t have to worry about your house collapsing.

Sophie tells them that Davina’s symptoms indicate that they need to complete the Harvest ASAP. Klaus thinks that’s pretty convenient. Sophie warns that Davina’s earthquakes are just a preview of worse things to come. She has the power of four witches – power that was supposed to flow into the Earth. It’s tearing her apart and will take everyone down with it.

Klaus meets with Kieran so they can prepare for what comes next. Davina will cycle through four stages representing the four elements that bind the Harvest. They’re on earth right now, with the earthquakes and the dirt. Next comes wind, as Rebekah tells Davina. There will be wind so strong that the Compound might not be left standing. Third is water, because what New Orleans needs is more flooding. Last is fire, which Sophie says will be the worst. Klaus isn’t going to let his town burn down, but the only way to prevent that is completing the Harvest.

Davina is a definite no vote on that. She doesn’t believe the witches’ claims that she’ll be resurrected. They’ll say anything to get what they want, just like Marcel and Rebekah. Rebekah promises that she cares about Davina. Oh, well, if you PROMISE, then obviously Davina should immediately trust you. Rebekah says she knows what it’s like for other people’s bad decisions to ruin your life. That’s how she became a vampire in the first place.

Downstairs, Marcel tells Sophie to fix Davina. Sophie says she can’t be fixed. Rebekah wants to give Davina a sedative so she’ll stop having bursts of power. Sophie tells Marcel and Elijah that there’s nothing they can do to stop what’s happening. If they keep delaying what they need to do, they’ll still be discussing it after all the non-immortal people in New Orleans have been wiped out. Upstairs, Davina’s distress over the sedative makes wind whip through the Quarter. It only dies down after Rebekah has knocked her out.

Marcel checks in on Davina as Elijah tells Klaus they’re sedating her too much. Klaus thinks it’s reasonable to want to keep their house from collapsing. Marcel joins them and announces that he won’t let Klaus hurt Davina. Elijah argues that there’s no other choice. Marcel doesn’t think they should listen to Sophie, who screwed them all over. But Elijah notes that Sophie didn’t believe in the Harvest until it happened. If she believes that the girls will be resurrected, Elijah does, too.

Marcel reminds Klaus that he saved Davina from the Harvest the first time around. He’s not going to just hand her over now. Klaus doesn’t want it to happen, and he doesn’t want them to lose their secret weapon or let the witches regain their power. But he’s not going to let his city be destroyed. Tired of Klaus, Marcel backs down and leaves. “Not a people person, are you, Niklaus?” Elijah asks. “Nonsense. I love people,” Klaus deadpans. In fact, he’s going to go warn some about the violent weather. Elijah decides his own time would be better used paying his respects to Celeste’s remains. No, Hayley, he doesn’t have time to talk to you right now! Read the room! Klaus is like, “And Elijah says I’m not a people person.”

Rebekah finds Sophie at Rousseau’s and asks if she’s really ready to kill Davina. Sophie says again that she’ll do anything to get Monique back. Rebekah notes that after this is over, Sophie will have a decision to make. Once the witches have their magic back, they’ll be able to put up more of a fight against the vampires. The witches are going to want an Original on their side, and Rebekah could use a couple of witches backing her up in her plan to seize control of New Orleans. Sophie asks why Rebekah would side with her. “Sometimes what’s more important is not who you’re siding with but who you’re siding against,” Rebekah replies.

Marcel remembers the horrors of the first attempt at the Harvest and how he saved Davina from her friends’ fates. He kills the vampires guarding her and takes her out of the Compound.

Elijah and Sabine look on as Sophie starts preparing to consecrate Celeste’s remains. Sabine tells Elijah he can leave and come back, since the preparations will take a while, but Elijah says he owes it to Celeste to stay. He asks if Sabine has ever experienced something so wonderful that her life felt unbearable after it was taken away. She has. Elijah says love shared between two people makes them vulnerable, especially to each other.

Rebekah calls to tell Elijah that Marcel kidnapped Davina. She and Klaus snap at each other about trusting Marcel. The wind picks up again, reminding the siblings that this isn’t the time to fight. Elijah suggests having Sabine do a locator spell. Klaus says he’ll talk to Kieran in case Marcel took Davina back to St. Anne’s.

Hayley cries her way through gathering up some canned goods. Klaus thinks she wants to take them to the bayou, which is a horrible idea in bad weather that’s just going to get worse. Hayley says they’re for anyone because some people don’t have a choice about whether their needs are met. Klaus is heading to St. Anne’s, so he tells Hayley to tag along for a donation delivery.

Sophie starts the consecration as Sabine does the locator spell. Davina’s hemorrhaging magic, as Sabine puts it, so the spell shows her location as pretty much everywhere. Elijah asks her to concentrate and try again, like she’s a Magic 8-ball. Marcel has Davina in a storage space, and she’s not happy about it. He tells her he saved her (again). He admits that he messed up. Her power gave him an advantage, and he let that mean too much. He promises, “one survivor to another,” that he just wants to keep her alive. Davina’s scared since she doesn’t what’s wrong with her. He assures her that they’ll fix it without anyone hurting her.

Klaus and Hayley make their delivery to St. Anne’s, where some people have gathered to ride out the weather. One of them is Cary. Klaus has been making donations to the church and requested that Kieran provide shelter. He tells Kieran that Marcel and Davina have disappeared, and Kieran needs to use his resources to find them. Hayley realizes the people gathered there are werewolves. Klaus tells her they’re from his clan. Elijah must be rubbing off on him. Hayley notes that the family is getting more complicated by the second. He advises her not to follow his lead when dealing with Elijah. She should just apologize because Elijah is “a master of forgiveness.”

Sabine does the spell again and is able to narrow Davina’s location to somewhere near the river. Sophie announces that the consecration ritual didn’t work – there was no magic in Celeste’s bones for her to absorb. Someone else must have already taken it. Elijah says there must be another way to become an elder, but Sophie tells him they would need the remains of another super-powerful dead witch. Elijah happens to have some on hand. Apparently Klaus took Esther’s body after Alaric killed her, and he brought her with him to New Orleans!

The Mikaelsons meet in the Compound to discuss burying Esther. If they do it on New Orleans land, she becomes a New Orleans witch and her children get to share in her ancestral magic. Rebekah reminds Elijah that they can’t practice magic. They also can’t own property. Hmm, who knew?

Sophie explains to Sabine that the Mikaelsons can channel Esther’s power to her. They’ll just have to participate in the Harvest. As for the property thing, there’s a Mikaelson who isn’t a vampire: the baby. Elijah has had the title to Mikaelson Mansion signed over to Hayley, so if Esther is buried and consecrated there, they can finish the Harvest ritual.

Klaus is on board, but Rebekah has some concerns about giving Esther’s power to witches who hate them. Elijah doesn’t think they have a choice. Rebekah’s like, “Why am I even weighing in here when you guys are going to do whatever you want?” Elijah wants a unanimous decision, though. Rebekah will need to make hers soon, since it’s raining now, which means there’s only one sign left. “Kill a demon today, face the devil tomorrow,” Rebekah says. She’s in.

While Klaus goes to get Esther’s body, Rebekah goes to the Garden to ask Thierry where Marcel might have taken Davina. Thierry doesn’t want to help Rebekah if she’s just going to leave him there to rot. She reminds him that fire is bad for vampires, so he can help or he can burn alive. Rebekah promises to uphold their deal and get her out of there once they’ve brought down Marcel and Klaus. Thierry reluctantly tells her there’s a place by the docks where Marcel probably took Davina.

Davina begs Marcel to help her stay hidden for a few more weeks, until the deadline for the Harvest has passed He promises he’ll get her out of town like he should have months ago. She tells him she had a dream that Tim was still alive. They listened to music and kissed and were normal. Rebekah arrives and Davina starts coughing up water. Rebekah tells Marcel that she’s dying because he’s being stubborn. Marcel refuses to break his promise to protect her. Rebekah says he’s not being asked not to fight, but he’s the only family Davina has left. He owes it to her to fight for her to live.

Kieran says a prayer over Esther’s coffin as Klaus, Esther, Elijah, and Hayley wait for Marcel to voluntarily bring Davina to them. They use the same knife to cut their palms, and Kieran tosses the knife on the coffin. Sophie starts her own ritual with Monique, Cassie, and Abigail’s bodies. In their hideout, Davina tells Marcel that she’s okay sacrificing herself. She’s going to die no matter what, and completing the Harvest means no one else will be harmed. Even if her life ends after just 16 years, it wasn’t a waste. She had Monique and Tim and Marcel, who fought for her from the moment he met her. Davina is ready, but the question is whether Marcel will get there, too.

The fourth stage begins in the City of the Dead. Fire trails Marcel as he carries Davina in to join the other Harvest girls. Sophie asks if she believes in the Harvest, and when Davina says she does, Sophie slits her throat. Hayley and Rebekah both look away as Davina dies in Marcel’s arms.

The rain and fire stop, and Davina’s magic flows out of her. Marcel lays her body next to the other girls’ and Sophie calls upon the elders to resurrect them. Nothing happens.

Sophie tries again. Still nothing from the elders or the girls. Sophie orders the elders to do their part. Nothing.

“Please?” Sophie begs.


Sophie sobs over Monique’s body, realizing she’s really lost her niece, and that the ritual she put all her faith in didn’t work.

Marcel glares at Klaus, then zooms away. He goes to the Compound to take out his anger on Klaus’ furniture. Klaus finds him there and says that breaking chairs won’t bring Davina back. Marcel regrets listening to Klaus. The city was fine before he came back, and Davina was safe and in control. Klaus caused all this trouble by killing Tim. Klaus notes that they still have their vampire community, but Marcel only cares about losing Davina. Klaus grabs him as if he’s going to get violent, but instead he hugs Marcel. A hundred years ago, Klaus left New Orleans believing Marcel was dead. He grieved so deeply that he couldn’t even say Marcel’s name for years. He knows how Marcel feels right now.

As Elijah and Hayley head home together, she apologizes for her part in Sophie’s scheme. She thinks that after the events of the day, they should be able to move on. Elijah disagrees – Hayley should understand why he’s mad. She saw his memories in the bayou and knows what Celeste means to him. And he means “means,” not “meant.” He’s only felt love like he had for Celeste twice in the past 1,000 years. He’s honored it both times.

Hayley gets that promises are important to Elijah, but he made his to Celeste 200 years ago. Hayley lives in the now. If she feels something, she acts. If she wants something, she takes it. “I won’t choose the dead over the living, so why are you?” she asks. She apologizes again and starts to walk away, but he stops her. They’re millimeters from each other’s faces but they both know this isn’t the right time for them to give in to their feelings.

At the Compound, Klaus tells Rebekah that things didn’t happen the way he expected. They were doomed from the start. But he appreciates Rebekah’s help and whatever resource she used to locate Marcel and Davina. She admits that she thought Elijah’s plan would work. Klaus thought Davina would survive, considering how much life she had in her. Rebekah asks what happened to all the power that was supposed to resurrect the girls. Where did it go?

In the City of the Dead, Sabine slits the throat of a voodoo doll and makes it bleed. Bastianna stumbles among the tombs. Next a man we’ll later know as Papa Tunde appears. Sabine drinks from a chalice as a woman we’ll later learn is named Genevieve walks through the Quarter. Sabine begins to glow with power.

She meets up with Bastianna, Papa Tunde, and Genevieve, telling them that she called them forth. She asks Bastianna to stop calling her Sabine and start using her real name…Celeste.

Etc.: Marguerite MacIntyre (Liz) co-wrote this episode.

That answers my question about the extra coffin Rebekah and Hayley found – it’s Esther’s.

I feel bad for the actor playing Thierry, who gets one scene every other episode and has to do it from behind a brick wall.

Maybe I’m starting to think like Klaus but why didn’t Rebekah just break Marcel’s neck and take Davina back? Could it be that – gasp! – she wanted to let him make his own decision?

So who’s the second person Elijah has loved and honored his feelings for? I have my theories…

The Sabine/Celeste twist is really clever. Also, imagine her trying not to react when Sophie announced she was going to consecrate her. If I were her, I think I would have had to pinch myself to keep from laughing during the ritual.

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