the Originals

The Originals 1.7, Bloodletting: Hush, Little Baby, Don’t You Cry, Papa’s Going to Build You an Army of Hybrids

It’s fight night at the Compound, which is when vampires fight each other for the chance to get a daylight ring. Fun! First up are a petite but muscular woman and a guy built like a pro football player. She wins by breaking his neck with her legs. But that will be the only face-off tonight, because Klaus ruins everyone’s fun by zooming in and breaking her neck. He and Elijah are there to get Hayley, and they’ll kill everyone if Marcel doesn’t hand her over.

Marcel asks who Hayley is. Klaus just says she’s an old friend. Marcel admits to going by Mikaelson Mansion and meeting Hayley, but he claims they just exchanged greetings. He’ll even help Klaus and Elijah find her. But if she’s not at the Compound, where is she?

Well, right now she’s in the back of a pickup truck, being driven out to the bayou. Her hands are tied, so all she can do is kick at the back window. The driver pulls over, breaks the window, and grabs her leg to stop her. It’s Tyler, and he is NOT in a good mood. He cautions her not to get into a fight with him, since he’s a hybrid, then ties her legs together and carries her into the bayou.

Back at the Compound, the fight-night audience has cleared out so Klaus, Elijah, and Marcel can focus on Hayley. Marcel has Sabine brought out and gives her permission to do a locator spell. That’s the extent of Marcel’s participation, though; he has a city to run and nightwalkers to tuck into bed.

Tyler takes Hayley to a cabin and tears into her for getting involved in Klaus’ life. He knows she’s pregnant. He also knows that her crescent-moon birthmark means she comes from what’s basically werewolf royalty. The property surrounding them is all that’s left of them. A woman we’ll later learn is named Eve appears, bearing a scar on her shoulder in the same place as Hayley’s birthmark. Hayley calls to her for help, but Eve runs off. Tyler tells Hayley that her werewolf clan has been hiding in the woods for decades because of vampire persecution. A guy named Dwayne arrives next, and Tyler tells him to take Hayley into the cabin.

Sabine does a locator spell, I think using Klaus’ blood to get the location of the baby instead of Hayley. She tells Klaus and Elijah that Hayley’s in the bayou, probably visiting one of the werewolf encampments rumored to be out there. Klaus quips that she wasn’t content living with the Mikaelsons.

Marcel’s crew hangs out at the Pit, and he encourages Josh to get to know them better. Josh isn’t interested in their drinking games since they remind him of the bullies who messed with him in high school. Marcel notes that he could easily take on those bullies now. Josh is having a hard time hiding how scared he is that Marcel will catch on that he’s Klaus’ inside man. He’s right to be afraid, because Marcel saw him at Mikaelson Mansion the night before and knows he knows the Originals have been living there.

Klaus and Elijah go to the bayou, the latter more eager to find Hayley than the former. Klaus thinks Elijah’s been trying to step up as the head of the family to impress her. Elijah shoots back that if Klaus wants to keep treating Hayley “like a walking incubator,” that’s his mistake. They find Tyler’s truck and Klaus recognizes his scent. He guesses Tyler took Hayley as revenge for Klaus pursuing Caroline.

Klaus gives Elijah a recap of the highlights of his history with Tyler: turning him into a hybrid, killing the rest of the hybrids, and murdering Carol. Klaus defends that last one by saying Tyler needed to be taught a lesson. Elijah asks if Klaus will be taught his own lesson if Tyler hurts Hayley. Klaus just thinks this is proof that Elijah cares about her. He starts getting inappropriate, talking about the time he and Hayley had sex, but Elijah the gentleman doesn’t want to hear it. Klaus says he’ll take care of everything by killing Tyler.

Marcel takes Josh to Davina’s room, brushing off her report that Sabine used magic in the Quarter. He wants Davina to undo Josh’s compulsion to report to Klaus so Marcel can make him a double agent. Davina says she can make him forget Klaus’ compulsion, but the more Klaus said, the more that’ll hurt. Josh would prefer pain to death, so he agrees, but possibly regrets that immediately.

Hayley tells Tyler that a wolf has been watching her, seemingly protecting her. She asks if it’s him, since he can control when he becomes a wolf. He says no, but only hybrids can control their transformations, and he and Klaus are the only remaining hybrids. That’s why Tyler’s here. Hayley warns that the Mikaelsons will come after Tyler if he hurts her. He’s not afraid of them, which means he’s dumber than anyone thought.

Dwayne is ready, so Tyler approaches Hayley with a needle. He tells her that Klaus destroyed everything in his life, so Tyler’s going to take what Klaus wants most. Dude, Klaus wants Caroline! You had her! Just go back to Whitmore! Tyler draws some blood from Hayley’s stomach, injects it into Dwayne, and breaks his neck.

On his way out of St. Anne’s, Marcel runs into Rebekah, who came back to New Orleans after she learned Hayley was missing. She tosses him around and accuses him of using her. He tells her he had nothing to do with Hayley’s disappearance. He’s sure Rebekah knows that from Klaus and Elijah, so why did she really come back? Rebekah’s worried that Klaus will find out that Marcel figured where the Mikaelsons are living from her. Marcel assures her that he won’t rat her out or do anything to hurt her. He’s not Klaus. She tells him he’s a liar and manipulator like Klaus is. She challenges him to prove her wrong, so he tells her there’s something she needs to see.

Hayley’s freaked out by Tyler’s actions, so he promises that Dwayne is in this voluntarily. He knew he was going to die with Hayley’s blood in his system – the same blood she shares with the baby. She realizes that Tyler’s trying to turn Dwayne into a hybrid. She doesn’t think it’s possible, but Tyler met a witch who had a vision about Klaus using the baby’s blood to create a hybrid army. Hayley’s like, “Can witches please stop having premonitions about my baby?”

Tyler just wants to test his theory, and Dwayne was a willing participant. Werewolves would love to become the “superior species” without being sired to Klaus. Hayley asks how Tyler can be sure that Klaus knows the baby’s blood can create hybrids. Tyler doubts that Klaus wants the baby just so he can be a father. He has to have an ulterior motive. A hybrid army would take over New Orleans within a matter of days, and Klaus would become unstoppable.

Dwayne revives and Tyler tells him to feed on Hayley to complete his transformation. Once Dwayne does, he runs outside, because turning into a hybrid is a lot more painful than turning into a regular vampire, and Dwayne is kind of a drama queen. Left alone in the cabin, Hayley tries to reach a knife so she can free herself. She can’t get to it, but she’s able to grab a wooden chair leg. Outside, Dwayne powers up.

Josh’s day isn’t going much better than Dwayne’s – Davina’s compulsion erasure is even less pleasant than becoming a hybrid. She tells him to think about something else to take his mind off of it. She offers to put on music, though he’s not interested in the jazz she has on tap. He likes club music. She seems confused, so he imitates a bass line for her. “I’m a witch, I’m not Amish,” she tells him. As a 16-year-old, she doesn’t go to clubs.

Josh says he’d been to hundreds of them when he was her age. He can’t believe that was just four years ago. Back then, he just wanted to meet guys and party. Now…well, he still wants to meet guys, but he also wants to drink blood and get a daylight ring. Davina looks at Tim’s violin, reminded of her own uncomplicated life before the Harvest. She used to love music, but she can’t listen to it in her room because someone might hear it. She tells Josh that Marcel is keeping her there to protect her from her coven of psychos. “I’m…sorry?” Josh replies. Davina assures him that she’ll destroy them and get her old life back.

With his theory now proven, Tyler tells Hayley that Klaus will use the baby to create a hybrid army. Hayley offers to hide the baby from him, if Tyler will help her run. Tyler is sure Klaus would find her eventually. He approaches her with a knife as she tries to remind him that he’s not the sort of person who would kill an unborn child. When he gets within her reach, she stabs him with the chair leg.

Dwayne comes in and tells Tyler to get away from Hayley. Hayley quickly realizes that she now has Dwayne as an ally. She tells him Tyler is going to kill her, and he’s too dangerous to live. Dwayne fights Tyler, giving Hayley the chance to reach the knife and free herself. Tyler rips out Dwayne’s heart, but by the time the fight is over, Hayley’s long gone. Moments later, Elijah finds her, pleased to see that she didn’t really need to be rescued after all. She’s happy to see him, and he’s definitely happy to get a hug from her.

Tyler searches for Hayley but instead encounters Klaus. “You look well,” Klaus greets him. “I aim to change that.” He thinks Tyler has fallen to a new low by threatening a pregnant woman in order to get revenge. Klaus is admittedly impressed, but he knows Caroline wouldn’t be. He’ll ask her when he calls to tell her Tyler’s dead. Tyler says that Caroline would never stop hating Klaus. I think Klaus could live with that.

Marcel takes Rebekah to the Garden, which wasn’t always a place to imprison and torture vampires who broke his rules. He shows her a drawing of a house he once designed for them. He’d already built the foundation when Klaus and Rebekah fled New Orleans. She never came back, so Marcel turned it into the Garden. Rebekah says Marcel could have come after her, but he knew he wouldn’t be able to convince her to leave Klaus. All she had to do was come back. Rebekah argues that Klaus daggered her for 90 years. Marcel says that’s the problem – Klaus doesn’t want anyone to have something he can’t.

Rebekah has a choice: She can stay with the brother who always takes what she wants away from her, or she can be with the man who wants to give her everything. Rebekah warns that Klaus will kill Marcel in front of her. “Not if we get rid of him first,” Marcel replies.

After telling Elijah that the baby’s blood can create hybrids, Hayley says that Klaus must already know. However, based on Dwayne’s behavior, those hybrids might be sired to Hayley instead of Klaus. Elijah wants to take Hayley home, since he intends to keep protecting her, even if it’s from Klaus. Hayley says she can take care of herself.

Tyler and Klaus fight some more, ready to battle to the death. Klaus says Tyler’s become bloodthirsty and it’s a good thing Carol isn’t alive to see him like this. He stakes Tyler and expresses disappointment that Tyler isn’t a better person. Tyler pulls out the stake and mocks Klaus for his multiple failures – he couldn’t make hybrids, he disappointed his family, and he’s going to fail his own child. Hey, he made hybrids! They just didn’t stay sired to him. Wait, why am I defending Klaus?

Klaus gets Tyler up against a tree and reaches into his chest to pull out his heart. Tyler says that’s all Klaus can do to him, since he’ll never break Tyler, so he might as well get it over with. Klaus thinks he already did break Tyler by taking everything from him, so killing him would be giving him more peace than he deserves. Instead, he’ll spare Tyler so he has to spend every day remembering he’s only alive because Klaus let him live. He compels Tyler to live the rest of his life knowing he’s nothing to Klaus. I don’t think that’s a punishment.

Back in the Garden, Rebekah tells Marcel he’s a fool if he wants to go up against Klaus. It’ll end badly, and she’s not going to stick around and watch. Marcel reminds her that he has a secret weapon – Davina. She might be able to find a way to kill Klaus. Rebekah realizes that Marcel doesn’t know about the sireline issue, and how killing Klaus will kill his bloodline, including Klaus.

Marcel suggests burying him in the Garden forever. Rebekah doubts it would hold him, but Marcel wants to give it a shot. Klaus will never stop trying to control her. She’s skeptical that Marcel is suddenly willing to risk death to be with her. He says he wants to be free, and being with Rebekah would be a nice bonus. He asks her what she wants.

Elijah brings Hayley back to the cabin, where Klaus asks about Dwayne and how he could possibly be a hybrid. Hayley still thinks he knows about the baby’s blood creating hybrids. Elijah tells Klaus about Tyler’s theory and experiment. Klaus isn’t happy that Elijah believed Tyler’s claim that Klaus knew already. Elijah notes that Klaus has only cared about Hayley and the baby in terms of how he’ll benefit. Plus, Klaus even said, “Every king needs an heir.”

Klaus isn’t surprised that Elijah doubts his intentions; compared to Elijah, of course he’s lesser. He’s always been just a liar, a manipulator, and their mother’s illegitimate child. Klaus assumes his child will eventually see him the same way. He says he’ll play the role he’s been given. He starts to walk away, then turns back and bites Elijah on the neck. His werewolf venom and the hallucinations it’ll give Elijah are Klaus’ parting gift to him and Hayley.

Davina’s done with Josh, and he’s relieved to no longer have to think about what Klaus would want him to do. Unfortunately, Davina is now supposed to make Josh forget about her. He promises not to tell anyone about meeting her; he owes her his life. He also appreciates the chance to talk to someone normal again. Davina doesn’t agree with the label of “normal,” but Josh isn’t normal, either, so it’s all good.

Elijah and Hayley look through the cabin while he waits for the venom to start affecting him. He can relate to her desire to stay in the bayou for a while and learn more about the only family she has left. He admits that he might have jumped to conclusions about Klaus. Yeah, he’s done horrible things over the centuries, but so have Elijah and Rebekah. “So did I the last time I was in Cabo,” Hayley replies. Heh. She says everyone does bad things, but most people die before the list gets too long. Elijah shouldn’t compare himself to Klaus.

She steps outside to get some air and finds a Bible on the porch. Elijah follows her and she shows him a family tree inside, listing a bunch of people with the last name Labonair. The last is a girl named Andrea who has Hayley’s birthday.

Klaus goes home and tells Rebekah that he ditched Hayley and Elijah in the bayou. He thinks Hayley’s trying to turn Elijah against him, so he bit Elijah and stranded them there. This is just another item to add to the list of Really Awful Things Klaus Has Done to His Siblings and Tried to Justify as Protecting Himself, which is also another reason for Rebekah to choose Marcel over him. Klaus wants to enlist her to help him plot against Marcel, since she’s perfectly positioned to be a spy. He implies that he knows how Marcel found out they were staying at the mansion.

This is Rebekah’s chance to win points with Klaus by telling him if Marcel’s plotting against him. Rebekah calls him paranoid and lies that Marcel just thinks they’re fighting. Klaus says they’ll make up – he’s capable of forgiving those who have wronged him once they’ve suffered for what they’ve done. Rebekah should remember that. “You never let me forget,” she says after he’s left the room.

Marcel sits down with Tyler at Rousseau’s, willing to discuss a deal. He already knows about Hayley and how she’s a werewolf, so he’ll need more than that. Tyler reveals that Hayley is pregnant with Klaus’ baby, and that the child could end the vampire species. Marcel is ready to hear more.

Keep in mind: The baby’s blood can create hybrids.

Etc.: Tell me you still like Tyler after watching this episode. I dare you.

It’s a good thing Wes never hears about Tyler’s experiment. Imagine all the havoc they would wreak together.

It’s annoying to see Hayley as the damsel in distress again, but I love how she figures out that Dwayne will fight for her and immediately uses that to her advantage.

Marcel seems to have forgotten that Rebekah didn’t come back for him because she thought he was dead. It’s not like she chose to abandon him. She didn’t know he was waiting for her.

I assume Tyler forgot about the sireline thing, and how killing Klaus would kill Caroline (because he clearly doesn’t care if he kills himself taking down Klaus).

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