the Originals

The Originals 1.4, Girl in New Orleans: Davina the Teenage Witch

Marcel enters St. Anne’s Church, which has caution tape out front and is in disarray inside. Klaus voices over something about good and evil. I hate the voiceovers. In her room, Davina removes Elijah’s dagger, then puts it back in his chest. Klaus asks if it’s evil to take what you want if it means causing pain for someone else. He thinks it’s okay. Yeah, shocker.

He’s talking to Cami, whom he invited over to Mikaelson Mansion because he thinks she can relate to him. He came back to New Orleans to investigate a supposed threat against him, and now he’s protecting a pregnant woman because Elijah manipulated him into helping her. Now Klaus knows about a girl who’s being held captive. He wants to help both women. He’s basically like, “Would an evil person do that?” Cami says she doesn’t consider “evil” a diagnosis. Klaus has unstable personal relationships, paranoia, anger issues, and fear of abandonment. He should go to therapy. He says he’d rather talk to her.

He wants to give her a job as a stenographer. He’ll dictate his memoirs to her so people will know his story. They’ll also discuss her private life. Klaus knows Marcel trusts Cami, which Klaus can use to his advantage. There’s a war brewing in the French Quarter between witches and vampires. Cami panics at that, but Klaus compels her to calm down. He says he’ll explain after they discuss Marcel.

Marcel admires how resilient Elijah is (“he’s like a cockroach in a suit”), then tells Davina again that it’s time to give him back to Klaus. Davina reminds him that he asked her to figure out how to kill the Originals. She hasn’t done that yet, so why give Elijah back? Marcel wants to repay Klaus for saving him from Katie.

Davina asks to go to a music festival that night, which Marcel vetoes, since she could be spotted by Sophie. She notes that Marcel controls the witches, so he can just get rid of Sophie. She begs, but Marcel refuses to give in. Davina points out that she does everything he says, and she thinks he forgets what she’s capable of. For instance, she can make someone’s blood boil without lifting a finger. She demonstrates this ability on Marcel, who finally backs down good-naturedly. He doesn’t want Davina going out alone, though, so he’s going to introduce her to a friend of his so she’ll have a chaperone.

Klaus finds Cami at Rousseau’s, where she notices something strange: Until he approached her, she didn’t remember him telling her that he’s a vampire who’s used mind control on her. When he walks away, she knows she’ll just see him as a hot, rich guy who wants her help with his memoirs (and yes, he does perk up at her calling him hot). She’s interested in how compulsion works and whether it involves her neurons. *cough* Nerd *cough* Klaus just wants to talk about Marcel.

Cami says that Marcel wants her to go to the music festival with a girl he’s been mentoring to help her with her rebellion and anger issues. Cami said no, but Klaus tells her to change her answer. She realizes he’s going to make her do it, so why does he bother being polite about it? He says he likes her and the way her mind works. If things were different, they might be friends. But he can’t miss out on this opportunity to get dirt on Marcel via Davina. He compels Cami to call Marcel and tell him she’ll hang out with Davina.

Agnes visits Hayley at Mikaelson Mansion and bugs her about her lack of prenatal care. Rebekah agrees – a lot of women would love to have a child, and Hayley needs to take better care of hers. To be fair, Hayley probably can’t just walk into any OB’s office and expect a normal appointment. Agnes knows of a doctor in the bayou who will see Hayley after hours. Marcel and his vampires will never find out.

Rebekah is using street-view maps on the Internet to figure out where Marcel took her when she met Davina. Klaus thinks she’s wasting her time, but Rebekah does remember a few details about the room, like the shutters on the windows. Klaus suspects that Marcel is now answering to Davina, since he hasn’t returned Elijah like he said he would. That means Davina might not be as loyal to Marcel anymore, and she could be open to switching sides. Rebekah isn’t surprised at all that Klaus is more interested in a power grab than in rescuing Elijah. Klaus says they’d be killing two birds with one stone.

In Marcel’s crew’s hangout, the Pit, Josh asks Diego when he might be able to get a daylight ring. Diego says he has to be invited into the inner circle first, which might never happen for Josh. Josh points out that there’s a vacancy, now that Thierry’s in the Garden, but that’s a sensitive subject for Diego. He says Thierry didn’t deserve his punishment. Marcel was just showing off for Klaus, and Diego can’t wait until Klaus is gone.

Rebekah arrives and announces that she can help Diego get rid of Klaus if he’ll just give her some information. She’s heard that Marcel has moved on, and she wants to know who he’s moved on to. Diego names Cami, but Rebekah doubts Marcel would choose Cami over her. There must be someone else. She wants closure so she can leave New Orleans, and she’ll take Klaus with her when she goes. Diego doesn’t know anything, but he says that since Marcel is really busy, any woman he’s seeing most likely lives in the Quarter.

Marcel takes some of his crew into the Quarter, instructing them to keep an eye out for trouble during the festival. No witches are allowed out tonight. He also doesn’t want Originals there. The crew is to serve as bodyguards for Cami and Davina, though they’re not allowed to get near them.

That night, he takes Davina to Rousseau’s and reminds her that he’s set out some rules. She’s not allowed to talk to anyone or bring up anything supernatural. Agnes drives Hayley to the bayou to see a woman named Dr. Paige. When Hayley goes inside, Agnes calls someone to give them the green light to send people in.

Marcel chats with Cami while Davina listens to a live group perform at Rousseau’s. Marcel’s surprised that Cami was willing to see him again after she saw him lost his temper at his party. Cami’s finishing up a shift, and she and Davina send Marcel away so Davina doesn’t have someone looking over her shoulder every second. Cami notices that Davina’s watching a fiddler, Tim, who appears to be the reason Davina wanted to come to the festival in the first place. She’s known him since they were kids, but they lost touch when she left school. She was hoping to talk to him tonight.

Rebekah goes to St. Anne’s, where the priest, Kieran O’Connell, is cleaning up. She tells him she’s interested in the shutters on the windows in the attic. She asks what happened in the sanctuary, seeing blood on the walls. He tells her the church has been abandoned since a massacre. A flashback shows a young man killing people with a small sickle. Kieran tells Rebekah that a seminary student killed nine of his classmates, then himself. In flashback, Kieran watches as the student raises the sickle to his own throat. Kieran calls out to stop him, but the student doesn’t listen.

Rebekah fully doesn’t care; she just wants to get to the attic. Kieran tells her the church is closed and won’t let her go up until she compels him to. She adds in a memory wipe for good measure. Up in Davina’s room, she finds Elijah, who opens his eyes.

Rebekah suddenly finds herself in Elijah’s head, in a memory from a night they went to the opera in New Orleans. It was something just the two of them did right after Klaus undaggered Rebekah in 1887. Elijah brought her to the memory to make sure Davina’s not trying to trick him. Apparently when Davina pulled out the dagger, she woke Elijah up, and putting it back in him didn’t kill him again. In a few hours, he’ll be fine. But Elijah doesn’t want to leave until he can talk to Davina. Maybe they can stop the vampire/witch war before it even begins. Until then, Elijah wants Rebekah to look after Hayley and the baby. She promises to protect them.

Dr. Paige finishes Hayley’s exam, telling her the baby’s heartbeat is good. She notices Hayley’s crescent moon birthmark, but Hayley doesn’t want to discuss it. As she gets a text from Rebekah asking where she is, Dr. Paige says she wants to give Hayley something to stabilize her high blood pressure. She goes to speak to Agnes as Hayley tells Rebekah where she is. She hears a wolf howling outside and goes to the window to see if she can see it. Just then, a car pulls up outside.

Dr. Paige offers Hayley some pills, but Hayley says she’s not good at taking them, so the doctor prepares an injection instead. Some guys come into Dr. Paige’s clinic and start talking to Agnes. Hayley finally catches on that something isn’t right. She fights off Dr. Paige before she can give the injection and locks herself in a back room so she can escape through a window.

Back in the Quarter, Klaus approaches Tim and compels him to send a message to a mutual acquaintance. Davina and Cami are looking for Tim in Rousseau’s, but he’s disappeared, and Davina now feels foolish for wanting to talk to him. Klaus hands Cami a note and compels her to help Davina slip out the back so she can meet up with Tim without Marcel knowing. She’s not allowed to let Davina out of her sight.

Cami takes Davina to St. Anne’s, where she and Tim each believe the other reached out to arrange a meeting. Kieran has finished cleaning up the front of the sanctuary, so it looks pretty normal, but Tim is still creeped out, knowing about the murders. Davina likes it since it’s quiet. She doesn’t think a place should be seen as bad forever just because one bad thing happened there. Tim asks why Davina stopped coming to school. She says there was an emergency and she had to leave to take care of some things. She misses him. She always enjoyed watching him play his violin, so he gives her a personal concert.

In the back of the sanctuary, Cami looks up at a painting that still bears a splash of blood from the murders. Klaus joins her and says Tim is very talented. Cami says that it’s crazy that Klaus is a vampire, but it makes sense. The massacre doesn’t. It was pointless. How could a man who wanted to be a priest suddenly kill a bunch of people? Klaus says he’s seen a lot of evil in his time. The world is awful. Cami disagrees – the world isn’t awful, and neither are people. They want to be good, but something makes them do bad things.

There are always signs and symptoms before a psychotic break. The student who killed his classmates didn’t show any of them. He didn’t drink or use drugs. Klaus notes that Cami knows a lot about the massacre. He realizes that she knew the student. She reveals that his name was Sean, and he was her twin brother. Cami has struggled ever since to deal with what happened. She hates that she couldn’t help Sean. Klaus says we have to face our demons alone. Cami worries that some day, her brother’s demons will become hers. Klaus has some things to do, so he compels Cami to stay and enjoy Tim’s music instead of thinking about Sean.

Out in the Quarter, Kieran meets up with Marcel and busts him for letting Davina stay in the attic of St. Anne’s. Marcel didn’t think Kieran would mind, since Marcel has done him some favors in the past. Kieran is very aware of the supernatural and knows who the Originals are. He tells Marcel that Rebekah asked about the attic. He takes vervain, so he knows she went up to look around.

Marcel asks Kieran if he’s going to help with the vampire/witch war or just criticize him. Kieran reminds Marcel that he’s only allowed to stay in New Orleans because the humans who know about him let him live there. Marcel replies that the city thrives because of him and his crew. Josh interrupts to tell Marcel that Diego lost track of Cami and Davina. Good going, Diego! You had one job!

Back at St. Anne’s, Klaus sends Tim to count to 100,000 across the room while he talks to Davina. Cami’s not there anymore, so Klaus must have compelled her to leave. He guesses that Davina knows who he is, so he skips the introductions. He tells Davina that she’s made a bad alliance – the person she’s loyal to keeps her locked up in an attic. Davina says he keeps her safe, and they’re friends. Klaus thinks he would be a better friend than Marcel. He’d keep her safe but still allow her to have her freedom. Marcel hasn’t done either of those things, and what does that mean for the people Davina cares about, like Tim?

Davina says that if anyone she cares about is hurt, she’ll kill whoever hurt them. Klaus notes that she doesn’t really need Marcel if she can protect herself. So why is he making her do his bidding while keeping her locked away? Davina makes Klaus’ blood boil, but Klaus zooms over and grabs Tim, threatening to kill him. He ignores Davina’s demands to let Tim go, so she uses magic to cause Klaus pain. He warns that an innocent person might end up dead if Davina fights him. He tells Davina that she has a choice. If she swears allegiance to him, Tim will live. If she doesn’t… Klaus doesn’t get to finish because Davina brews up some magical wind, then uses her power to shove him backwards.

Hayley hides in the woods until Agnes’ guys find her, then attacks them. Hmmm, maybe the Mikaelsons don’t need to protect her after all. She seems pretty good at taking care of herself. Rebekah lends a hand, having found Hayley through her text message and vamp hearing. They think the attackers were witches. There are more coming, so Rebekah tells Hayley to keep running. Hayley stops when Rebekah is hit with an arrow, which leads to Hayley getting shot herself.

Cami and Marcel meet up in the Quarter, and she tells him Davina’s at St. Anne’s. Back in the woods, Rebekah recovers from her arrow attack and finds herself on the ground with a bunch of dead witches around her. At St. Anne’s, Davina goes looking for Tim, whom she thinks she accidentally blew out the door. She doesn’t see Klaus up in the balcony, on the phone with Rebekah. She tells him Hayley’s missing and the bodies around her were ripped to shreds. Klaus needs to shift his focus to that situation, which means he has to cut his fun with Davina and Tim short. Tim is up in the balcony, too, so Klaus shoves him over the side. To add insult to injury, he throws Tim’s violin down after him.

Tim is alive but in bad shape when Davina finds him. She thinks he was injured when she released her burst of magic. Klaus comments that it’s horrible when innocent bystanders get caught in the crossfire during a war. Davina will have to live with Tim’s blood on her hands. Klaus offers to heal him if Davina asks him to. (Shades of him making Caroline and Tyler ask for his blood to heal Caroline.)

Davina asks, so Klaus provides. He compels Tim to forget everything that happened after the concert, including his time with Davina. Davina objects, but Klaus notes that if Tim remembers seeing her, the witches might find out and use him as leverage in a scheme to control her again. And now that Tim is okay, of course Davina owes Klaus a favor, but he leaves without requesting it. Tim also leaves, forgetting his violin, which Davina is holding when Marcel finds her alone in the sanctuary. He asks what she’s doing there and she angrily replies that she lives there.

Rebekah and Klaus meet up at the clinic, where Dr. Paige is dead. Klaus is furious that Hayley was attacked and seemingly kidnapped. They hear a wolf howling outside and decide to ask Hayley’s “cousins” where she is. But when they go out, they find Hayley stumbling back to them. She doesn’t remember what happened, and the wounds she got in her attack have already healed, even faster than they normally do. Rebekah thinks the baby’s vampire blood is responsible.

She asks Hayley how she was able to escape the witches. Hayley thinks the wolf they’ve heard howling protected her. Klaus notes that the witches were supposed to protect her. He’s eager to confront Sophie, but Hayley says she wasn’t involved. Klaus says he’ll just kill all the witches. Rebekah replies that Elijah might get to them first. She reveals that he has a plan and just wants Hayley protected. Hayley asks to go home, and as she falters on her way to the car, Klaus picks her up and carries her.

At the Pit, Marcel chastises Diego for failing to do his job. Diego asks if Marcel’s going to send him to the Garden, too. Marcel snaps his neck, then tells Josh to let Diego know that apologies are better than sarcasm. Rebekah arrives and comments that she heard they’re calling what happened at the church tonight the result of a gas leak. Marcel says he knows she’s been looking for Davina’s room. He promises that Rebekah will get Elijah back, but she needs to stay away from his crew and out of the Pit. Rebekah asks if Marcel is jealous. He tells her he’s already found his queen. She replies that he should stop fooling himself that Cami is what he wants. He can’t deny anymore that he wants Rebekah, now that she’s standing right in front of him after all their years apart. Marcel just ignores her and leaves.

Klaus goes by Cami’s apartment, wanting to help her deal with her nightmares and insomnia. She invites him in, remembering that she told him about Sean’s actions even though she never talks about him with anyone. Klaus’ mention of Sean’s demons earlier makes her wonder if demons were responsible for what Sean did. More specifically, what if a vampire compelled him to kill people and himself? Klaus asks if Cami would devote herself to finding the vampire responsible. Would she sacrifice everything to discover the truth? Why?

Cami says this is the reason she’s in New Orleans. Klaus tells her that looking into the killings will just bring her pain. She won’t get Sean back. If she wants peace, she has to forget the tragedy and move on. Cami realizes that Klaus wants to compel her to forget, and she begs him not to. Klaus says that allowing her to remember will just destroy her, and searching for the truth will put her in danger. Cami says he doesn’t care about her. He just wants to keep her from getting distracted from spying on Marcel.

Klaus admits that he needs Cami’s loyalty, as selfish as that might be, but he also wants to honor his brother. Cami asks about her brother, whom she’s confident didn’t kill nine people and himself out of nowhere. She needs to find out the truth and make things right. Klaus moves toward her, ready to compel her, and she begs him again not to erase her memories. But he does it anyway, telling her to move on. He tells her Sean is at peace. Klaus will find out what happened and will make whoever’s responsible suffer. Tonight, Cami will sleep and dream of a world without evil, where everyone just wants to be good.

Davina takes Tim’s violin to her room and uses her magic to play a little music on some wind chimes. There’s a creak from across the room and she turns to see that Elijah’s coffin has slammed shut. He’s revived and wants to have a talk.

Keep in mind: Until recently, St. Anne’s was closed because Cami’s brother Sean killed nine people, then himself.

Etc.: Klaus in therapy would be hilarious, though.

I forgot how little Hayley gets to do at the beginning of the series. At least she gets more to do than Elijah, though.

I’m pretty sure there was a time when Rebekah was undaggered, then redaggered, and didn’t wake up, but whatever. Continuity is overrated.

Klaus calls Hayley “little wolf,” Davina “little witch,” Marcel “little warrior,” and Rebekah “little sister.” He should call Cami “little shrink.”

I can’t decide if counting to 100,000 is better or worse than having to count all the bricks in New Orleans.

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