the Originals

The Originals 1.3, Tangled Up in Blue: Strategic Losses

Hayley has been looking through the Mikaelsons’ belongings at Mikaelson Mansion and is reading one of Elijah’s journals. He voices over an entry from 1359 about how his siblings have been moving away from their humanity. Rebekah is violent now, and Klaus is…well, Klaus. Hayley remembers how she saw him burning the bodies of her attackers the night before. Elijah’s entry says he still holds out hope that the family will stay united. If he fails, their legacy will end in darkness.

Rebekah complains that Klaus didn’t let her help set the vampires on fire. Klaus says they were his responsibility, since they attacked the mother of his child. Hayley tries to refocus them on rescuing Elijah. Klaus admits that handing Elijah over to Marcel probably wasn’t a great idea, now that they know he’s with Davina. Rebekah says Klaus is just going to ask Marcel to return Elijah. Hayley’s like, “And there are other steps after that, right?” Klaus says that’s just plan A. Plan B is war.

At the Compound, Marcel and Thierry see a local news report about Josh and Tina being missing. Thierry has a guy who will say he saw them fall into the Mississippi. He adds that he sent some nightwalkers to look into a werewolf sighting in the Quarter, but they’ve disappeared. Marcel has now lost ten vampires in a week. He wonders if the werewolves have come back to town to cause trouble. Thierry points the finger at Klaus instead.

Klaus arrives just then and says he thought he and Thierry were even after he healed Thierry from werewolf venom. Thierry’s annoyed that Klaus is allowed to come and go whenever he wants. Klaus notes that his family build the Compound. Marcel tells the guys to make peace. Klaus says that Rebekah sent him there to get Elijah back. Thierry hopes they won’t have to deal with a third Original in New Orleans. Some of the crew think Rebekah killed the recently deceased nightwalkers. Klaus gets defensive, but Marcel reminds him that they’re using their words right now, not violence.

He takes Klaus downstairs, telling him that he saved Thierry’s life in the 1940s. Thierry would kill and die for Marcel. Also, he’s a really good trumpeter. There’s a party that night, and Marcel confirms that Klaus is coming. Marcel will be making a huge donation to a City Council member who looks the other way on the vampires’ activities. Marcel apologetically tells Klaus that he can’t give Elijah back right now. His guys are nervous, and giving him up would make them think the Originals are calling the shots. Klaus plays off the rejection like he just had to take a shot at asking.

Rebekah calls Klaus, who tells her Marcel said no, and also, Thierry thinks she’s been killing vampires. Klaus is with Josh, who’s poking a guy named Max who’s been chained up. Rebekah considers killing Thierry, too, but Klaus doesn’t want to make waves. Though…plan B is war, so they’re going to make waves anyway. Rebekah’s at Jardin Gris with orders to “manage” Sophie.

Klaus chastises Josh for not completing his task of draining Max’s blood. Josh isn’t exactly an expert in that sort of thing, so Klaus has to teach him, first by example and then using compulsion. They’re draining one of Marcel’s vampires so Klaus can compel him, too. Okay, but the pitchfork probably isn’t necessary.

Rebekah tells Sophie that Hayley was attacked because someone in Marcel’s crew got a tip about a werewolf in the Quarter. The only place Hayley went yesterday was Jardin Gris, so someone there had to have ratted her out. The ratter-outer, Katie, is inside, and Rebekah asks her about wolfsbane. Katie plays dumb, so Rebekah attacks her. Katie says she just sold a werewolf some herbs. After a little more pressure is applied to her throat, Katie admits that she told someone about Hayley – her boyfriend.

Klaus leaves Josh to continue dealing with Max (Klaus plans to continue this with other vampires until he has an army) while he takes a call from Rebekah. She tells him Katie doesn’t know anything about what’s going on. Also, her boyfriend is part of Marcel’s inner circle. Klaus guesses it’s Thierry, which means he’s secretly dating a witch, something Marcel would be furious to learn.

Rebekah, Klaus, and Sophie convene at Mikaelson Mansion, and Hayley eavesdrops at the door as they discuss what to do next. The Mikaelsons want Sophie to do a locator spell to help them find Elijah. Sophie reminds them that she’ll be killed if she gets caught. Klaus says they know about Marcel’s secret weapon and how he knows when witches are using magic. Sophie is very interested to learn that Rebekah actually saw Davina. She asks where Davina was, but Rebekah can’t remember.

Klaus presses Sophie on the subject of using magic, since that’s the only way they’ll find Elijah. Rebekah notes that if Katie performed more powerful magic at the same time Sophie was doing a small spell, Davina would only sense Katie’s magic, and Sophie would stay off her radar. Sophie doesn’t want to sacrifice Katie, but Klaus tells her that in a war, strategic losses are sometimes necessary. The vampires have stayed a step ahead of the witches. They killed Sophie’s sister, who was caught trying to leave the city. Klaus gets her to realize that Thierry had to have been the one who told Marcel where Jane-Anne was.

Klaus goes to the Compound before the party and enjoys Thierry’s trumpet-playing. Marcel knows that he’s in love with Katie but is okay with the arrangement because sometimes it gives him intel. He trusts Thierry not to jeopardize the vampires’ practices. No one is going to mess up the community they’ve built. Klaus comments that Marcel doesn’t want to let the witches get too bold. What if the whole situation with the alert about a werewolf in the Quarter was a trap? Marcel decides to “send a little message.” He tells Thierry to assemble a team for a rousting in the Cauldron, the witches’ neighborhood.

Rebekah goes to Rousseau’s and chats with Cami, who finds her familiar but doesn’t remember meeting her the night before, since she was compelled to forget. Rebekah asks if she’s dating Marcel. Cami says he’s wooing her, but she’s hesitant to get involved with him. Rebekah says she’s in an on-again/off-again thing right now. Uh, is she talking about Matt? Because that’s definitely off. Or does she mean Marcel? That’s been off for 100 years. Rebekah, please explain yourself. Anyway, she likes that Cami isn’t whiny like most women she meets. She invites Cami to come to a party with her that night.

Rebekah calls Klaus to assure him that Marcel will be distracted at the party. Klaus is working on “insurance,” motivation for Katie to do what they need her to do. It has to do with the rousting Thierry is leading in the Quarter. Klaus gave orders to Max to throw a wrench in the works.

While some of Marcel’s crew are raiding the witches’ properties, Thierry ducks into Jardin Gris to see Katie. He tells her they’re sending a message so the witches don’t try to make a move against Marcel. He makes a little mess in the shop so it doesn’t look like he’s playing favorites. After he leaves, Max goes in. Klaus tells Rebekah that while Marcel is okay with Thierry dating a witch, there’s a crime he won’t be as willing to forgive.

Max tries to bite Katie, so Thierry pulls him off to save her. He ends up staking Max, an action that in Marcel’s book is criminal. Klaus says that to save Thierry, Katie will have to turn to magic.

The party at the Compound is a lavish masquerade ball, though Klaus and Rebekah show up without masks. Cami arrives wearing angel’s wings, and the way Klaus looks at her reveals that Marcel’s not the only one interested in her. Rebekah explains that she’s the distraction she brought for Marcel. Marcel spots the two of them talking and pays close attention. Klaus tells Cami she looks great, and she says the same about him. “Don’t be fooled, love – I’m the devil in disguise,” he replies.

Rebekah leaves them to get a drink, and Marcel follows her to the bar. He knows she brought Cami to mess with him. Rebekah says she knows he likes Cami’s “pure heart,” then threatens to feed it to him. Marcel smirks at her jealousy. Across the room, Cami asks Klaus if Marcel is Rebekah’s on-again/off-again guy. Klaus assures her that their relationship is ancient history. Cami replies that Rebekah’s “a bit of a b&%#$.” Somewhere, Caroline and Elena are sending her an invitation to hang out and complain together. Marcel heads over to them, so Klaus takes off. Cami makes it clear that she’s not hurt that Marcel didn’t invite her to the party himself. He falls right into Rebekah’s trap, turning all his attention to her.

Cinderella Hayley didn’t get to go to the ball, so she’s hanging out alone at Mikaelson Mansion. She sees a wolf in the backyard, and the two stare at each other for a few moments. Sabine arrives and says Sophie asked her to keep Hayley company. She tells Hayley the wolf is drawn to her because the baby is part werewolf, part vampire, and all special. Hayley says she sounds like Elijah. She laments that he made promises to her about the family being united, then disappeared. Sabine offers to find out if the baby is a boy or a girl. She can’t use magic, but her grandmother taught her an old trick.

Back at the party, Marcel dances with Cami and talks a little about his job in “community fundraising.” She asks about Rebekah, whom he says is an old flame. Cami doesn’t think she can be that old; she looks younger than Cami does. “You’d be surprised,” Marcel replies. Across the room, Klaus tells Rebekah she’s “hideously evil.” Rebekah’s like, “A distraction is a distraction.” She slips out as Diego arrives and calls Marcel away to deal with the Thierry situation. Cami sees him attack Thierry before Diego takes them somewhere more private.

In the City of the Dead, Sophie tells Katie that Thierry broke Marcel’s biggest rule, and Katie’s never going to be able to see him again unless they act. They can save both Thierry and their fellow witches. Katie starts a spell, which wakes Davina up in her room. “Something’s coming,” she whispers. She goes to her sketchpad and draws something before she realizes someone’s using magic.

Thierry explains what happened to Marcel, but Marcel doesn’t care – a rule is a rule, and Thierry broke it. After 70 years of loyalty and friendship, Marcel will have to decide between mercy and consistency. Cami watches them talking and comments to Klaus that Marcel has a temper. She decides she shouldn’t stick around and get any closer to him.

As she leaves, Klaus slips Josh a piece of paper, which he takes to Marcel. It’s a page from a grimoire, which Josh says was found at Katie’s place. Now Marcel thinks Thierry’s disloyal, since his girlfriend had access to a spell Marcel keeps locked away – it’s one for making daylight rings. Marcel asks if Thierry and Katie were going to leave and make their own vampire community. Someone who lies, breaks the rules, and steals from Marcel isn’t his friend.

Marcel announces that Thierry is sentenced to 100 years in the Garden. An eavesdropping Klaus is very pleased to hear this. “And it begins,” he says to himself.

As Katie goes back to Jardin Gris, Rebekah goes to the City of the Dead and tells Sophie she’s doing the right thing. Sophie says she’s doing what she has to do. Klaus follows Marcel and his crew to the Quarter as Katie approaches them, chanting something. Davina is drawing furiously. Katie attacks the vampires with magic, and Davina feels all of her movements. Her picture is of Katie’s face. The Mikaelsons’ plan works perfectly, and Sophie does her under-the-radar locator spell without being detected.

Despite being nowhere near Katie or the crew, Davina uses her magic to give Marcel strength to resist Katie’s power. When Katie attacks him again, Davina feels everything she does to him, as if they’re connected. Thierry tries to stop Katie from killing Marcel, but it’s Klaus who swoops in to save the day. He snaps Katie’s neck.

Sophie realizes that Katie’s magic has stopped, but she’s willing to keep trying the spell to find Elijah. Rebekah won’t let her, since Marcel will kill Sophie if she’s caught, and Hayley and the baby will die, too. If that happened, Elijah would never forgive his siblings, so rescuing him would be for nothing. They’ll have to admit defeat.

The vampires all recover from Katie’s magic, and Thierry cradles his dead girlfriend. Marcel gives Klaus a nod of acknowledgment and thanks. Thierry is taken to the Garden (really an underground tunnel) in chains and impaled against a wall. He’ll be sealed inside with bricks, and he’ll spend the next 100 years trapped there, desiccating.

Klaus and Marcel regroup, and Marcel asks how much Cami saw. Klaus says she just saw an argument, and Marcel can fix it. Marcel likes that she’s not a part of his life. He appreciates seeing the world the way humans do. Klaus lies that he’s sorry about Thierry. Marcel regrets trusting someone for so long who turned out to be disloyal. He owes Klaus for saving him, so he offers to give Elijah back.

Klaus goes to Rousseau’s, where Cami’s drinking. She thinks he’s there to play wingman and try to smooth things over between her and Marcel. But she realized tonight that Marcel isn’t the man she thought he was. She doesn’t like how quickly he turned to violence. Klaus guesses that someone broke both Cami’s heart and her trust. For a moment, it looks like something might develop between the two of them, but eventually Klaus says that Cami needs to give Marcel another chance. “We all have our roles to play,” he tells her. He compels her to forget what she saw at the party and to believe that the night was perfect.

Rebekah is moping when Klaus gets home and tells her the night turned out better than she thinks. He admits he killed Katie – he knew she was going to try to take Marcel down with her, so Klaus saved him and made himself look like a hero. Rebekah’s disappointed that she and Sophie trusted him and he went rogue. Klaus tells her the witches are never going to help them. They just want Davina. When they get her back, they’ll use her power against the vampires.

Rebekah notes that the plan was just to find Elijah. Klaus failed them. He tells her she’s wrong: Because he cemented Marcel’s trust, Marcel is going to return Elijah. Then, when Marcel has told Klaus all he needs to know about Davina, Klaus will get her, too. Rebekah knows Klaus will get what he wants, since he always does, but that usually happens at others’ expense. He disgusts her.

Marcel goes to Davina’s room and thanks her for her power boost. She’s very relieved that he’s okay. He tells her Klaus saved him, so he’s going to make things right with the Originals and give back Elijah. Davina protests, since the Originals are dangerous. She won’t give Elijah back until she knows how to kill them.

Klaus tells Hayley that Elijah will be back soon. “Congratulations. I guess being diabolical has its perks,” she replies. He sees that she’s been reading Elijah’s journals and guesses that she misses him despite barely knowing him. Klaus wonders what it is about Elijah that makes people like him so quickly. Uh, maybe it’s the fact that he’s nice? Have you heard of that? Being nice? Maybe give it a try sometime.

As Elijah starts another voiceover, this one about whether is family is actually capable of redemption, Hayley tells Klaus that the baby may be a girl. Klaus smiles to himself. Elijah says that every time he’s tempted to give up, he sees a “glimmer of goodness” that lets him keep believing.

Rebekah runs into Marcel in the Quarter and accuses him of following her. He backs her up against a store window, as if he’s going to kiss her, then says she’s just in his way and leaves. Sabine, Agnes, and some other witches look on as Sophie does the ritual that will give Katie’s spirit peace. Agnes says she warned Sophie that working with the Mikaelsons was a bad idea. Sophie replies that at least she’s doing something.

After she leaves, Agnes tells Sabine to fill in the others on what she saw. When she used her trick to find out if the baby’s a boy or a girl, something made her start chanting in a foreign language. At the Mikaelson Mansion, Hayley uses a translation website to look up what Sabine said, but she can’t figure out what language Sabine was speaking. Apparently Hayley isn’t familiar with Latin. Anyway, it means, more or less, “The baby is evil and will destroy us all.” Well, there’s something you won’t find out from an ultrasound!

Etc.: As much as they struggle to even be civil with each other normally, Klaus and Rebekah make a good team. They’re able to put aside their differences while they focus on their common goal. …Why do I sound like I’m writing a performance review?

Here’s another compliment, though: Klaus is pretty good at strategizing. He thinks a bunch of steps ahead when other people might not.

No offense to Cami, but how did Klaus fall for her after being interested in Caroline? That’s like eating a meal at a Michelin-starred restaurant, then having a Twinkie for dessert. (Okay, maybe some offense to Cami.)

The Garden is so creepy. But since that’s what Marcel was obviously going for, well done, buddy.

I wish they hadn’t sidelined Elijah for two whole episodes at the beginning of the series. He should have been a draw for people to watch the show.

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