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The Vampire Diaries 3.10, The New Deal: Not My Problem

Bonnie goes to Hex House, where the witches have returned and their whispers guide her to the basement. There, she finds the four coffins Stefan stole from Klaus. She opens one and finds Klaus inside, clutching the vervain necklace. When Bonnie reaches out to take it, she hears someone behind her. Then she wakes up in her bed.

Elena goes for a morning run in her neighborhood and encounters a guy in a hoodie. She starts worrying that he’s following her, so she speeds up. She thinks she’s lost him, but he surprises her by coming from the other direction. He apologizes for bumping into her and leaves. Elena relaxes a little, but she shouldn’t, because he’s Tony, one of Klaus’ hybrids.

At the Grill, Elena tells Bonnie that she’s become really paranoid. She doesn’t know why Klaus hasn’t made a move since the gang plotted against him. Bonnie’s also feeling on edge since she keeps having the same dream about Klaus and the coffins. Elena wonders if it’s less of a dream and more of a message.

Bonnie asks if Elena’s heard anything from Stefan. Elena says he betrayed the gang – the Stefan they knew is gone. Bonnie asks about Damon, and Elena says he’s just his typical self. He’s currently at the bar with Alaric, planning to drink as much as he can handle. Alaric is, for once, not drinking with him. He’s there to see Jeremy, who was supposed to start a shift an hour ago. For his midterm paper, he just turned in one from the Internet without bothering to try to pass it off as his. The bartender tells Alaric that Jeremy was fired from the Grill last week.

Jeremy’s out in the woods with Tyler, who’s invited him to “get drunk and shoot stuff” as a way of dealing with their recent romantic disappointments. Jeremy knows Alaric will be ticked if he finds out Jeremy took one of his crossbows. Tyler asks what it’s like having their history teacher as a kind of guardian. Jeremy seems fine with it. He warns Tyler to move so Jeremy doesn’t accidentally shoot him, but Tyler notes that he’s a hybrid, so a crossbow won’t cause any damage. He even invites Jeremy to shoot him on purpose. Tyler catches the arrow before it hits him.

Elena calls Jeremy from the Grill so they can talk about how he was fired. She tells Damon that he’s been spiraling since he and Bonnie split up. Damon thinks he’s just being a typical teenager. Elena notes that Jeremy has lost everyone he cared about and also sees ghosts, so “typical” isn’t actually typical here. Damon replies that Jeremy still has Elena. She asks if Damon’s okay, since he’s day drunk, which isn’t a great look for him. He says he’ll work on it.

Klaus suddenly interrupts, but he’s not there to kill anyone or cause any trouble. He just wants to hang out with his buddy Tony. Elena recognizes him as her stalker. Damon’s surprised that Klaus is sticking around Mystic Falls. Klaus mentions that Rebekah’s gone missing, so he needs to figure out where she is. Also, he’s come to like the town and might stay. But the gang shouldn’t worry that his continued presence will affect their lives. As long as they give him what he wants, he’ll leave them alone. And right now, what he wants is his coffins. Elena boldly says that if Stefan took something from Klaus, that’s a Stefan-and-Klaus problem, not an Elena-and-Damon problem. Annoyed, Klaus starts to approach her, but Damon steps between them. Klaus says this the problem is now theirs, too.

Just like in her dream, Bonnie goes to Hex House and the witches direct her to the basement. There are no coffins, but Stefan’s there. He asks for Bonnie’s help, though she doesn’t want to give it, since he kept the gang from killing Klaus. Stefan tells her that he stole Klaus’ brothers’ coffins and wants help to keep them hidden. Bonnie knows that’ll just make Klaus angrier. Stefan says that Klaus’ one weakness is his family, so that’s the best thing to use against him. Bonnie doesn’t have enough power to cloak four Originals so Klaus can’t see them, but Stefan figures she can find a way.

Elena and Alaric plan to confront Jeremy about his behavior, which is a change from battling the supernatural but is somehow scarier to Elena. Alaric says that’s proof she’s still human. Jeremy comes home and resists having dinner with his “typical atypical family.” Elena mentions that he was fired, but Jeremy definitely doesn’t want to talk about that.

He says he made plans with Tyler. Alaric’s surprised that they’re suddenly friends, and Elena’s concerned since Tyler’s sired to Klaus. Jeremy doesn’t think Elena has any room to criticize who he hangs out with, considering her circle of friends. Elena calls him out for his attitude, but Jeremy says he’s bailing. She and Alaric both refuse to let him go off with Tyler. Jeremy invites Tyler in instead, a move Elena doesn’t like, since one of Klaus’ allies now has access to her home.

Klaus goes to Vamp Villa to have a drink and a chat with Damon. Damon claims not to know where Rebekah is. Back at Gilbert Gables, Elena’s uneasy about having one of Klaus’ hybrids in her kitchen. Alaric asks the difference between being sired and being compelled. Tyler explains that compulsion is mind control, but being sired is more like faith. You do what you think is the right thing. Elena asks if Tyler’s serving Klaus because it’s “the right thing.” He denies that he serves Klaus; he’s just loyal to the person who freed him from the curse of turning at every full moon.

Alaric asks what Tyler would do if Klaus wanted him to jump off a bridge. Tyler says Klaus would never request that. And even if he did, Tyler wouldn’t get hurt, since he’s a hybrid. Elena has another hypothetical: What if Klaus asked Tyler to rip out his own heart? Tyler says again that Klaus wouldn’t have him do that, but when Elena presses the issue, he says he would do it. He complains that Elena and Alaric sound like Caroline; they’re panicking over something they don’t understand. Elena reminds him that Klaus has terrorized the gang, and now Tyler is “blindly loyal” to him. Tyler says she’s overthinking it. He can still make his own decisions.

Damon and Klaus share a drink, then start talking about Stefan. Klaus explains that Stefan took his brothers’ coffins. Damon says he’d like to find Stefan, but he’s not about to do Klaus any favors. Klaus knows Damon put vervain in his drink so Klaus can’t compel him, and Klaus doesn’t see the point in killing him, but he wants to get his point across through a “demonstration.” To show how much harm he can do, he calls someone and tells them to do what Klaus talked to him about earlier.

At Gilbert Gables, Jeremy hangs up after a phone call, telling Elena it wasn’t important. Tyler leaves, and Elena and Alaric talk about how strange it is that he’s so loyal to Klaus. They realize that Jeremy has left the kitchen, and that he’s left his Gilbert ring behind. They find him standing in the middle of the street. An SUV is speeding around the corner. Jeremy doesn’t move when Elena and Alaric call out for him, so Alaric runs into the street and shoves him out of the way, taking the hit from the SUV himself.

Elena checks on Alaric as the SUV’s driver, Tony, comments that he just keeps bumping into people. Elena’s relieved to see that Alaric’s wearing his ring, so while he’s currently dead, he’ll be okay. She and Jeremy realize that Klaus compelled Jeremy to put himself in danger.

Klaus has found himself a home in Mystic Falls and is having a house constructed just the way he wants it. (I call it the Haus of Klaus.) Tyler arrives and Klaus tells him that Tony ran down Alaric instead of Jeremy but the message was delivered all the same. Tyler thought Klaus was just going to send a warning, not hurt anyone. Klaus says it was motivation for Elena to get him what he wants. He tells Tyler not to let his guilty conscience get in the way of the hybrids’ plans.

Damon comes to Vamp Villa, where Elena and Jeremy are waiting for Alaric to revive. Damon realizes that Jeremy isn’t wearing his vervain bracelet, which explains how Klaus was able to compel him. Elena guesses that Tyler wanted to hang out with Jeremy so he could get him to take off his bracelet. Damon tells them that Klaus wants them to find Stefan and get the coffins back. If that’s all it takes to protect Elena’s loved ones, they should do it. Jeremy objects – they should run away. “None of us are going to make it out of this town alive,” he predicts.

After he leaves, Elena comes up with a compromise: They give Rebekah to Klaus. Damon thinks that’s a horrible idea, because Klaus will undagger Rebekah and she’ll kill Elena. Elena realizes there’s something they’ve missed, and she calls Bonnie to note that Klaus is looking for four coffins, the same number Bonnie saw in her dream. Bonnie tells Elena not to get involved in anything related to Klaus. Elena tells her it’s too late, since he tried to kill Jeremy. She asks Bonnie to do a locator spell to find Stefan. Bonnie tells her that won’t be necessary.

Damon and Elena go to Hex House, where the witches again mess with Damon’s daylight ring. Elena won’t leave without finding out if Stefan’s there, so she sends Damon outside and goes to the basement by herself. Damon listens in via vamp hearing as Stefan shuts down Elena’s request that he give Klaus the coffins. She tells him that Klaus won’t stop until he gets what he wants. Stefan says that if Klaus wants to kill Jeremy, that’s not his problem. Elena slaps him and tells him to go to Hell.

Outside, Damon asks Elena to let him talk to Stefan. She reminds him that the witches won’t let him in. He gives her his car keys and sends her to deal with her brother while he deals with his. He manages to speed-run through the house to the basement without getting too burned, which probably just makes the witches madder. Stefan agrees to talk, but instead, Damon grabs him and speed-runs him out of the house. Then he breaks off a piece of wood from a tree and jams it in Stefan’s chest as revenge for ruining the gang’s plan.

Damon wants to know why he did it. Stefan says that Klaus took everything from him, so now he’s doing the same to Klaus. Damon asks again why Stefan ruined their plan. Stefan reveals that he did it to save Damon. As he told Katherine, Klaus’ hybrids would have killed Damon if Klaus had died. “Stop saving me,” Damon says before walking away and leaving Stefan on the ground with the wood in his chest.

Jeremy finds Tyler in the woods and points a crossbow at him. Tyler says he didn’t do anything to betray Jeremy – he didn’t think Klaus would try to kill anyone. He just wants to get his family back. Jeremy fires an arrow at him, but Tyler catches this one, too. Jeremy tells him that whenever Klaus wants something, someone dies, so Tyler should remember that the next time Klaus wants him to do something. As Jeremy’s leaving, Tyler advises him to go home and stay inside. Klaus isn’t done with Jeremy, and he won’t stop until he gets the coffins back.

Alaric has revived by the time Elena gets home, but he’s not fully healed like he usually is. He thinks something’s wrong with his ring. Elena calls an ambulance, but before the paramedics can take him, Tony arrives and compels them to leave. He tells Elena she can take some of his blood and save Alaric with it. She’ll have to invite him in first, though. Elena goes back to Alaric, weighing her options, but before she has to make a decision, Jeremy comes home and shoots Tony with the crossbow. He calmly grabs a cleaver from the kitchen and uses it to finish Tony off. This freaks Elena out more than Alaric’s condition does.

Damon returns to Hex House, curious about why Stefan saved him. He can’t decide whether or not Stefan’s humanity is off. Stefan doesn’t want to talk about that, so Damon asks why he stole the coffins. Stefan repeats what he said to Bonnie about Klaus’ family being his weakness. Damon wonders why Stefan needs that weakness, since he’s obviously not going to kill Klaus, or he would have let the gang do it. Stefan says there has to be another way to get rid of Klaus. He can’t just get to live forever.

Damon wants in on whatever Stefan’s planning. Stefan says no, but Damon notes that killing Klaus will mean being “cutthroat and devious,” something he’s much better at than Stefan. Plus, if Stefan’s going to keep saving Damon, he should make it for a good reason. Stefan agrees to work together, as long as it’s just them – no Elena. Damon’s fine with that.

Stefan takes him back to the basement, which at first glance looks empty. He tells Damon to look again, and this time Damon can see the coffins. The witches hate Klaus as much as the gang does, so they’re cloaking the coffins. Even if Klaus finds the house, he won’t find his family.

Alaric’s better now, and he’s ready to leave the hospital. His doctor, Meredith Fell, can’t understand how he’s able to even stand up when he came in with such major injuries. She doesn’t stop him from leaving, but she asks his secret for his quick recovery. Does he have a guardian angel or did he sell his soul to the devil? “A little of both,” he replies.

Klaus comes to Vamp Villa at Elena’s invitation, hoping for news about Stefan’s location. Instead, she takes him to the basement and says he can have Rebekah back. Klaus accepts her offering and promises not to go after Jeremy again. Elena admits that she was the one who daggered Rebekah, so Rebekah will want revenge. Klaus says he can control her. Plus, he needs Elena alive because she can give him info on Stefan. She says again that she doesn’t know where he is. Klaus undaggers Rebekah as he accuses Elena of lying. He’ll just move on to targeting another of her loved ones as long as she refuses to help him. Maybe Damon will be next.

Klaus is sure that eventually, Stefan will give him what he wants. Elena denies that Stefan will cooperate with Klaus to prevent Elena from losing someone else. He doesn’t care about her anymore, thanks to Klaus. He turned Stefan into a monster. “Now he’s your problem,” she tells him. P.S. Rebekah knows that Klaus killed Esther, so he has that to deal with when she revives.

Alaric leaves the hospital with Jeremy, wondering why the ring brought him back but didn’t heal him. His speedy recovery is thanks to some of Damon’s blood. (Damon told Jeremy to tell Alaric that he owes Damon a drink. Alaric says he would rather have head trauma.) Alaric asks Jeremy if he’s okay, but Jeremy’s like, “I killed a hybrid and cut off his head – does it sound like I’m okay?” Alaric invites Jeremy to talk to him about his crazy life, but Jeremy has already accepted that his life, as bad as it is, is something he can’t change.

Damon goes to Gilbert Gables after dumping Tony’s body in the quarry and healing Alaric. Elena’s been cleaning up Tony and Alaric’s blood, and she’s on the verge of crying. Damon tells her everything will be okay. She confesses that she made a deal with Klaus and gave him Rebekah. She doesn’t trust him, but she didn’t have any other choice. She doesn’t trust Stefan, either. She doesn’t think he’ll give up the coffins. Damon says his brother is “running his own show.” Elena replies that her brother cut off someone’s head. This isn’t how he should have to live. They need to fix this. Damon promises that they will.

Klaus takes Rebekah to his new house, lamenting that she can’t live there with him. As she starts to revive, he apologizes, then puts the dagger back in her chest. “We’ll meet again one day,” he says.

Elena and Alaric go to Jeremy’s room for a chat. His idea to run away from danger wasn’t such a bad one after all. Damon joins them and tells Jeremy that Elena wants them to have a talk. This one is like the one they had after Vicki died. Damon compels Jeremy to agree to move to Denver with some family friends and have a normal life. He’ll leave Mystic Falls behind without any regrets.

Bonnie tries to open the coffin she couldn’t open in her dream. Stefan tells her not to bother with it; he hasn’t been able to open it, either. Bonnie thinks it’s closed with a spell. That means it should probably stay closed. Bonnie thinks the witches led her here for a reason, and whatever’s in the coffin is the answer to their problems.

Elena feels horrible for sending Jeremy away, but Damon tells her it’s better to have him halfway across the country than dead. Elena paces on the front porch, thinking about how mad Jeremy was the last time Damon compelled him. Damon says he got over that and will get over this, too. He tells Elena that Jeremy’s lucky to have her for a sister.

She thanks him for giving her so much support during this difficult time. He tells her that Stefan ruined their plan for a good reason. He saved Klaus to save Damon, then stole the coffins as revenge. Elena asks why Stefan would protect Damon. Damon calls himself an idiot and says he thought he wouldn’t have to feel guilty anymore, since Stefan stopped caring. Elena asks what he feels guilty about. “For wanting what I want,” he replies.

She doesn’t want to discuss that topic, the perpetual elephant in the room, and Damon says he gets it. He starts to leave, but he changes his mind. “You know what? If I’m going to feel guilty about something, I’m going to feel guilty about this,” he says. He kisses Elena, and let’s just say she doesn’t object. Then he just says good night and leaves.

Etc.: At the time this season aired, Paul Wesley (Stefan) and Torrey DeVitto (Meredith) were married.

In the books, Meredith was one of Elena’s friends; she was basically Caroline (though there’s also a Caroline in the books). She wasn’t a Fell, but it makes sense to have her be a part of a founding family here because it gives her access to info she wouldn’t otherwise have.

Alaric’s twist on “if your friends jumped off a bridge, would you do it, too?” is great. “If your hybrid master asked you to jump off a bridge, would you?”

The gang needs to be putting vervain in everything they eat and drink, just to be on the safe side. You know, Bill’s idea about putting vervain in the town’s water wouldn’t be a terrible idea…

The gang should also keep a supply of vampire blood handy in case they need it when a vampire isn’t around.

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