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The Vampire Diaries 2.14, Crying Wolf: Vampire (and Werewolf) Weekend

Jules and Brady dispose of their pack’s bodies the morning after Stefan and Damon killed them all. Well, all but one, apparently, since a wolf named Stevie tells them he’s had an epiphany. He became suspicious of Mason back in Florida, when he was sleeping with “that hot chick Kathy.” He started asking questions about the sun/moon curse, and when Jonas came to Caroline and the Salvatores’ rescue the night before, Stevie put things together: The vampires are working on breaking the curse. Brady says they can’t let that happen, even if it means they have to kill all the vampires in town.

Caroline, Elena, and Bonnie all wake up in Caroline’s bed after a night of slumber partying. Now Elena wants to have one with Stefan, who’s called to check in. She’d prefer for it to be an out-of-town sleepover so she can continue trying to avoid John. I love that everyone who has any connection to John immediately wants to get as far away from him as possible.

Andie spent the night with Damon, and now she has to cover a historical society tea with a big bandage on her neck. Damon, you could at least give her some blood and heal her. She mentions a visiting writer, and Damon sees through the cover story Elijah also used with Jenna. He reminds Andie of her own cover story: She can’t tell anyone that he drank her blood, but she can tell people they’re seeing each other.

As she leaves, Alaric arrives to discuss the dagger and white oak ash John gave Damon. They’re not sure they can trust John’s claim that they can use them to kill an Original. Alaric says he and Jenna were supposed to go to her family’s lake house (which we’ll find out is actually the Gilbert family’s house; someone’s taking advantage of her in-laws’ properties), but they both got talked into attending the tea. Damon tells Alaric that Elijah will be there, but Damon promises not to kill him there. He wants to know Elijah’s end game first.

At the Grill, Bonnie and Caroline are also discussing Elijah and his end game. Bonnie wants to magically force Luka to tell her everything he knows. Matt walks by them and gives them the cold shoulder. Caroline’s not sure why he’s suddenly upset with her.

Tyler goes to the woods to see if Jules and Brady have left town yet. They haven’t, since now they want to get their hands on the moonstone. The werewolves tell Tyler about the sun/moon curse and how breaking it will allow werewolves to turn at will, which means they don’t ever have to turn if they don’t want to. Tyler likes the sound of that. Stevie continues that if the vampires are getting ready to break the curse, they must have a doppelganger. He thinks “Kathy” knows all about that, so they need Tyler to help them find her. Tyler’s already confused, and he gets even more confused when Stevie shows him a picture of Mason and “Kathy,” who, of course, looks just like Elena.

Back at the Grill, Caroline asks Matt to have the chat they were supposed to have the night before. He asks where she was when she was supposed to be with him. He knows she lied about being with Bonnie. Caroline doesn’t know how to respond, which doesn’t make things any better.

Tyler approaches her, but Caroline tells him to stay away from her. She bumps into him while trying to walk away, and she drops her bag and the contents spill out. Tyler pockets her phone without her seeing. After she storms off, Matt tells Tyler that if he wants to be with Caroline, Matt won’t stop them, but he’d appreciate if they would be honest about it. Tyler says there’s nothing going on between them. Matt grabs him by the collar and accuses him of lying again.

Elena and Stefan meet up at Gilbert Gables before heading to her family’s lake house for the weekend. She gets a text from Caroline (really Tyler), who wants to talk but backs off when Elena says she’s heading to the lake house. Tyler knows where it is, so the werewolves head off to grab the doppelganger.

Elena hasn’t been to the lake house since her parents died, and pulling up outside brings up a bunch of memories for her. Stefan offers to find a different place for their weekend getaway, but Elena wants to spend time in the place she always loved. Stefan can’t enter, and Elena tells him she can’t invite him in, since her parents left it to John. It turns out she’s just teasing.

Elijah chats with Carol at the historical society tea, where Jenna looks like a deer caught in headlights when she sees Damon and Andie greeting each other with a kiss. Carol introduces Damon to Elijah, and they both pretend they haven’t encountered each other before.

Bonnie buys Luka a coffee at the Grill and says she’s softened toward him because of what Jonas did for Caroline and the Salvatores. Across the room, Jeremy and Caroline watch the two of them talk, and she catches on to his jealousy over seeing Bonnie talk to another guy. Luka’s coffee contains a secret ingredient that makes him drowsy, and Jeremy and Bonnie rush him out when it starts hitting him.

Elena’s memories at the lake make her think about what her and Stefan’s future might be like. She decides that’s a Pandora’s box she shouldn’t open just yet – they’ll just enjoy the present.

Damon and Elijah slip off together for a chat as John arrives and asks Alaric what they’re up to. He wonders if Jenna knows about Alaric’s “extracurricular activities” (I guess he means vampire hunting?). John suggests that Alaric not spend the night at Gilbert Gables anymore, since there are kids in the house. Yeah, one of those kids is spending the weekend with her own boyfriend, and I’m pretty sure the other is too clueless to even know Alaric’s been sleeping over. This isn’t exactly a scandal. Anyway, John also wants Alaric to give back the Gilbert ring Isobel gave him.

Damon would like to know why Elijah’s hanging around when the Salvatores have everything covered. Elijah won’t answer, and when Damon tries to intimidate him, Elijah grabs him by the throat and throws him against a wall. Damon puts his own hand on Elijah’s neck, but Elijah pulls it off without even blinking. Damon says Elijah can’t kill him, since part of his deal with Elena is letting her loved ones live. Instead, Elijah stabs him in the neck and tells him that Originals deserve respect. Because he’s a gentleman, he offers Damon a handkerchief to clean up his blood. Elijah warns that the minute he no longer sees any use in Damon, Damon will be dead.

Stefan cooks dinner while Elena watches, just like her mother used to watch her father cook. They need more firewood, so Elena goes into one of the bedrooms to get a jacket. She gets distracted by the things her parents left there (Jenna never got around to packing anything up). She gives Stefan a jacket that belonged to her great-grandfather, and that somehow leads to them making out in her late parents’ bedroom. While they’re up against a wall, Stefan realizes there’s a hollow space behind it. He pulls off the wooden slats and finds a secret closet that contains weapons.

Bonnie, Jeremy, and Caroline take an unconscious Luka to Fort Forbes so Bonnie can put him in a trance and ask him questions. She compares it to hypnosis. Caroline starts to leave to get matches so they can light candles, but Bonnie has that covered, thanks to her fire-starting abilities. Jeremy says he’ll never get used to that.

Caroline says it’s hot (not hot like fire, hot like attractive), and when Jeremy leaves to get a bowl of water, Bonnie asks Caroline what that was about. Caroline says Jeremy clearly has a crush on Bonnie. She asks if Bonnie would rather be with Luka. Bonnie says she doesn’t like Luka like that, but she enjoyed spending time with someone who understands her. Caroline gets that Bonnie might be hesitant to pursue anything with Jeremy, since they’ve known each other a long time and she only sees him as her best friend’s brother. But a vampire and a witch trying to date can’t be judgmental.

As Bonnie starts the spell, Damon and Alaric hang out and drink together at Vamp Villa. (Honestly, any time these two are together, you can assume they’re drinking.) Alaric doesn’t think they should put too much trust in the dagger and white oak ash to kill Elijah for good. Unfortunately, they don’t have any more sources who can give them other ideas. Alaric asks about Damon and Andie, urging him not to kill her. “If I did, who would report her death?” Damon says. Alaric just doesn’t want to have to come up with another lie for Jenna.

He heads out for the night, but Damon hears a crash in the foyer and goes out to investigate. Alaric has been run through with a sword, compliments of Stevie, who injects Damon with vervain. Damon tries to fight him off, but the vervain puts him down. Tyler, Jules, and Brady come in, and Stevie tells them Alaric’s dead and they can grab Damon.

As Elena finds the rest of Johnathan Gilbert’s journals in the secret closet, the werewolves move to the next stage of their plan. Tyler is hesitant to join in, so Brady reminds him that the vampires are liars, and Elena’s on their side. They’re the enemy, and if they break the sun/moon curse, the werewolves might as well die. Tyler’s still reluctant, but he agrees to play his part. Brady warns him not to chicken out.

John is annoyed to learn that Jenna let Elena go to the lake house with Stefan. He accuses her of being negligent with the kids. Jenna tells him she’s spending the weekend at Alaric’s so she can avoid John. John tells her that Alaric is a liar. For example, did he tell her the whole story of what happened to Isobel?

Damon regains consciousness in a chair in Vamp Villa’s living room. He’s chained up and has a collar around his neck that has wooden nails in it. Alaric’s body is on the floor nearby, but Damon sees that he’s wearing his Gilbert ring, so there’s nothing to worry about. Stevie is eager to try out his version of a choking collar he once saw in a movie; this one will drive the nails into Damon’s neck when Stevie pulls a chain. Jules enters and asks about the moonstone. Damon’s ready to withstand torture rather than give anything up.

Luka tries to fight Bonnie’s magic, but she eventually gets him to submit. He explains that he and Jonas are working with Elijah because they want Klaus dead. Klaus has Luka’s sister, and he’s forcing her to help him find a way to break the sun/moon curse without a doppelganger. If Luka and Jonas help Elijah kill Klaus, Elijah will return her to them.

Bonnie asks how to kill an Original vampire. Luka resists again, worried that Elijah will kill him if he tells. Jeremy suggests letting Luka go and finding information another way, but Bonnie keeps going. Luka says that Klaus will be vulnerable after the sacrifice ritual, and Elijah can get rid of him then. That means for Klaus to die, Elena has to die first.

Brady ambushes Stefan in a shed at the lake house and shoots him with a wooden bullet. He gives Tyler a gun and tells him to kill Stefan if he moves. Stefan promises not to fight Tyler if Tyler lets him pull out the bullet, since it’s punctured his heart. Tyler blasts him for wanting to break the curse. Stefan tells him that’s not the vampires’ goal. Tyler says he wants the curse to end so he doesn’t have to turn anymore. Stefan tells him he’s just trying to save Elena. He realizes that Tyler doesn’t know that Elena has to die for the curse to be broken. Tyler’s new friends conveniently left that out when they convinced him to work with them.

Back at the house, Elena starts sensing that something’s wrong. She arms herself with a knife (smart!) and goes outside to check things out (not smart!). Brady comes up behind her, but she stabs him and makes it back inside, locking the door behind her. She then does the one thing all dumb girls in horror movies do: She runs upstairs.

Brady pulls out the knife and enters the house, warning Elena that he can smell her. She takes off one of the shirts she’s wearing and leaves it in one room, then hides in another. While Brady’s sniffing it, she creeps downstairs and closes the front door to make him think she left the house. He doesn’t fall for it, though, and he keeps looking for her inside. She gets the better of him again, this time stabbing him in the back. When she runs out of the house, Stefan is there, and he pulls out Brady’s heart.

Tyler approaches as Stefan comforts Elena, and he apologetically says that he didn’t know what the werewolves were going to do to her. He just wanted an escape from his curse. Elena hugs him and forgives him.

Back at Vamp Villa, Jules threatens to shoot Damon, who still won’t tell her anything about the moonstone. Elijah appears in the doorway, holding the moonstone. He puts it down and offers to let the wolves take it. When one of them tries to run up and grab it, Elijah kills him. He continues this until the werewolves finally realize this isn’t a game they can win. Damon is impressed. Stevie’s the last wolf left standing, since Jules ran away, so Elijah kills him, then frees Damon from his chains and collar. He notes that this is the third time he’s saved Damon’s life. He leaves with the moonstone, which means Damon’s on his own to get rid of all the bodies.

As he cleans up, he talks to Bonnie on the phone about what she learned from Luka. Alaric finally revives and realizes he missed his date with Jenna. He calls to tell her he fell asleep. I mean…technically, he did. But Jenna’s obviously thinking about what John said about her not being able to trust her boyfriend.

After a catch-up phone call with Damon, Stefan tells Elena that Elijah plans to let her die. Elena isn’t surprised, since Elijah promised to protect her loved ones but never said anything about protecting her. She’s still willing to move forward if it means her loved ones don’t suffer. Stefan can’t believe she was talking about making future plans when she expects that she’s going to die. He tells her she’s being a martyr. Elena doesn’t think that’s any different from when Stefan says he’d die to protect her. He points out that he’s already lived for a century and a half. Elena’s just starting a life, and being willing to die now isn’t heroic, it’s tragic.

Caroline has offered to take Luka back to the Grill, where he’ll think he just passed out, so Bonnie and Jeremy are done for the night. She brings up how long she’s known him, and how he’s turned hot overnight. She tries to come up with an excuse for why they can’t start anything (curses, sacrifices – you know, what every teen faces), but Jeremy ignores her and kisses her.

Tyler leaves Carol a note, then goes to the Grill to tell Matt again that he and Caroline aren’t involved. (Music: “Family Tree,” Matthew West) She’s been helping him through something difficult; she’s been there for him like no one ever has been. He admits that he’s fallen for her, but he knows Caroline loves Matt. She deserves someone like him, so Matt needs to be good to her. Sure that he will, Tyler says he’ll see Matt around.

He then goes by Fort Forbes but doesn’t let Caroline know he’s there. He gets in Jules’ car and tells her that if he’s going to be part of her pack, she can’t keep things from him anymore. She tells him he’s doing the right thing. Tyler knows he can’t stay in Mystic Falls like this, so they’re leaving. And now we get five blissful episodes without werewolves. Thanks, guys!

Keep in mind: Elijah plans to kill Elena in order to weaken and kill Klaus.

Significant item update: Elijah has the moonstone.

Etc.: The discussion of werewolves being able to turn at will, or not at all, reminds me of this.

Damon never learns not to try to go up against an older, stronger vampire, huh?

Aww, Damon and Alaric are friends now. It happened so gradually, it was easy to overlook.

The Salvatores should really invest in a security system, especially since they can’t keep vampires out of their house.

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