the Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries 2.6, Plan B: A Step Ahead

Stefan and Elena wake up in her bed, because Jenna is fully unaware of what her niece and nephew do under her roof. Elena’s worried that Katherine will find out they’re together, but Katherine’s too busy with her own bed partner, Mason. Elena and Stefan make out for a while, but then she announces that she has to get ready to help decorate at a Lockwood charity event. Stefan’s helping out, too, which Elena thinks might be a bad idea, since Mason tried to kill him.

Katherine also stops her makeout session, wanting to make sure the moonstone is in a safe place. Mason tells her to trust him. Back at Gilbert Gables, Stefan and Elena set the rules for spending the day together without actually being near each other. She wonders what Katherine will do if she finds out they haven’t broken up. As Katherine bites Mason playfully, Elena pricks her finger so Stefan can drink a few drops of her blood.

Mason asks what will happen after he gives Katherine the moonstone. She promises they’ll live happily ever after. He promises to give it to her that night. At the same time, Stefan promises Elena that they’ll get through this. Both Katherine and Elena tell their guys they love them. Call me crazy but I only believe one of them.

Jeremy goes to Vamp Villa to tell Damon what he learned about Tyler: He’s not a werewolf yet because he hasn’t killed anyone to activate his curse. Damon doesn’t think that’s enough information to deserve his attention. Jeremy continues that Mason’s looking for a moonstone, which is somehow connected to the werewolf legend. Jeremy claims to know where it is. He wants to help Damon deal with Mason, and he doesn’t want Elena to know about his involvement. “Your search for life’s purpose is as obvious as it is tragic,” Damon says. But that doesn’t mean he’s going to turn down Jeremy’s offer to help.

The event everyone’s working on this time around (because there’s always something going on in Mystic Falls) is a masquerade ball. Jenna’s agreed to help organize the volunteers. Carol thanks her, then goes to yell at Tyler and Matt for not being careful enough with some old table. Jenna approaches Stefan and invites him to dinner at the house that night. Stefan says he and Elena are taking a break, but Jenna knows he spent the night, and she heard them in Elena’s room this morning. So Jenna, the most clueless person in the entire town (except for maybe Matt), knows something Katherine doesn’t? Wild! Also, I was wrong about her not knowing what Elena and Jeremy do in the house. She knows, she just doesn’t care.

Elena runs into Bonnie, who’s also at Lockwood Landing to decorate. Bonnie’s hesitant to be there, but Elena assures her that Caroline isn’t coming. Bonnie’s been avoiding her since making her daylight ring. She’s annoyed that Elena’s chosen Caroline’s side. Elena says there aren’t sides, but Bonnie feels like she’s lost both of her best friends. Elena decides to take her someplace quiet so they can talk.

Caroline’s skipping the decorating so she can keep an eye on Liz in the Vamp Villa basement. The vervain is almost out of her system, so they’ll let her go in a few hours, post-compulsion. Liz doesn’t want to talk to her daughter, which Caroline says is typical – Liz never cared about her before she was a vampire. “It’s not like I died or anything,” Caroline says. Liz tearfully asks if she’s really dead, so I guess she doesn’t get everything about the mechanics of vampire transitions.

Upstairs, Alaric learns that Damon’s letting Jeremy help deal with the Mason situation. Vanessa has sent them Isobel’s research about werewolves, including information about the sun/moon curse. The moonstone is what seals the werewolf part of the curse. That means it can probably be used to undo the curse, which must be why Mason wants it. Damon doesn’t think they should go off of the equivalent of a children’s story, but he’s willing to let Jeremy try to get the moonstone from Tyler. Damon’s not going to take any chances on ignoring myths, considering one of them says a werewolf bite can kill a vampire.

Elena and Bonnie take a walk by the lake and talk about Katherine, and how Stefan and Elena are pretending she’s come between them. Bonnie’s upset that she’s been so out of the loop. Elena points out that she doesn’t want to have anything to do with vampire stuff. Bonnie says she knows where both of them stand separately, but what about their friendship? Elena promises that they’re still best friends. Caroline needs Bonnie, too, though. Bonnie just can’t bring herself to be friends with a vampire yet.

Mason runs into Stefan and manages to keep his “holy crap, that guy’s still alive??” face hidden. Stefan makes it clear that he knows about Mason’s involvement in his and Damon’s near deaths. He tells Mason that Liz is fine, but she’ll no longer be available to team up with him. Bonnie walks by and bumps into Mason’s shoulder. She tells Stefan that touching Mason gave her a vision of him kissing Elena. Stefan figures out that she actually saw Katherine.

Damon arrives and tells Elena to make Jeremy stop following him around. When Jeremy tries to explain himself, starting with, “Damon and I,” Elena puts her foot down – there will be no situation in which Jeremy and Damon do anything together. She tells her brother to stay out of whatever’s going on. Jeremy says he doesn’t care what she wants. He’s in “this mess” because of her, so she doesn’t get to tell him what to do.

Stefan lets Damon know that Katherine and Mason are working together. Damon figures that she’s using him, because there’s no way she would date a) a werewolf or b) a surfer (the surfer part seems less likely to Damon than the werewolf part). This must be about the moonstone. No, Damon doesn’t know why Katherine wants it. He tells Stefan that Jeremy’s going to get the moonstone from Tyler. Stefan’s not any happier about that than Elena is.

Matt complains to Tyler that Caroline’s been especially frustrating recently. Tyler trashes her, which Matt doesn’t appreciate, but says she means well. Matt just has to put up with her bad qualities if he wants to experience her good ones. Jeremy tells Tyler he looked into the moonstone and would like to take another look at it to make sure it’s part of the legend he thinks it is. Tyler says he gave it to Mason in an attempt to distance himself from the werewolf curse. Stefan and Damon eavesdrop and realize they need a new plan.

As Elena texts Stefan to ask if everything’s okay, he and Damon meet with Bonnie to ask her for a favor. Impatient for more information, Elena calls Stefan. He steps away to talk to her while Damon asks Bonnie to touch Mason again and try to see where the moonstone is. She tells him that’s not how her visions work. He finds that very inconvenient.

Damon asks what she does when she gives him migraines. She explains that she’s just giving him multiple aneurysms so he continues to feel pain as they heal. It would work on anyone who can heal supernaturally quickly. Bonnie guesses where this is going and refuses to help. Damon reminds her that Mason and Katherine are the bad guys. They’re also a threat to Elena. Bonnie will get over herself and help them. Stefan returns in time to clarify, “He meant that as a question, with a ‘please’ on the end.”

Bonnie gives in and gets Mason to help her move some furniture. She gives him aneurysms until Damon runs up and knocks him out. Then he and Stefan load Mason in the back of his truck, and Damon and Bonnie drive off.

Caroline tells Liz a little about how she survives as a vampire. She’s been dipping into Damon’s stash of blood bags, and though she still has the instinct to kill people, she’s getting better and better at controlling it. “I don’t want this for you,” Liz says sadly. Caroline doesn’t, either, but she’s trying to deal with a situation she has no control over.

Damon uses Mason’s own chains to tie him up in the living room of Vamp Villa while Bonnie tries to get a vision of the moonstone. She can tell it’s someplace small and dark, with water around. It’s in a well. Mason wakes up, and Bonnie takes off, having done her part. Damon thanks her, because he’s finally learned how to place nice with humans.

Bonnie tries to leave the house as quickly as she can, but she’s not fast enough to avoid running into Caroline. Even though things are awkward between them, Bonnie keeps it polite. She asks Caroline about a well they used to play near as kids. Caroline remembers that it was on the edge of the old Lockwood property. She offers to go with Bonnie to check it out, and though Bonnie turns her down at first, she changes her mind.

Back at Lockwood Landing, Matt asks Elena why Caroline is missing out on a town event. He’s worried that she’s started dating someone else. Stefan and Tyler join them, and Tyler asks if anyone’s seen Mason. Stefan lies that he said he had to go somewhere. Bonnie texts him to tell him to look in the well, and he heads off alone, not sharing the message with Elena. She follows him anyway.

Damon heats up a sword in the fireplace so he can torture Mason into talking. His first question is how Mason knows Katherine. Mason is willing to withstand the torture rather than tell him anything. Meanwhile, Stefan and Elena go to the well, but it’s too deep to see all the way down to the water, so Stefan has to go in. Unfortunately, the water is full of vervain, and he has no way to climb back out. Elena tries to pick up a chain she could lower to Stefan, but it’s too heavy. Caroline hears her yelling and zooms up to help.

Damon asks Mason whether Katherine seduced and charmed him, something she’s really good at. Since Mason’s supernatural, she wouldn’t have been able to compel him into teaming up with her. Jeremy comes in and lets Damon know that he found a plant in with Isobel’s research. It’s called aconitum vulparia, AKA wolfsbane. One source says it causes lycanthropy, and another says it’s toxic to werewolves. Judging by Mason’s body language, Damon guesses it’s the latter.

He asks Mason the question everyone wants answered: Why is Katherine in Mystic Falls? Mason won’t answer, so Damon sears him with wolfsbane. Mason taunts that Damon must be jealous because Katherine’s with him now. Damon stuffs wolfsbane down his throat. Jeremy’s uncomfortable with this.

Bonnie finds Caroline and Elena just as Caroline is about to lower Elena into the well to save Stefan. Stefan’s now unconscious and has burns all over his skin from the vervain. Elena attaches him to the chain and has Caroline and Bonnie pull him out. She searches the water for the moonstone, managing to grab it just before snakes start attacking her. Caroline pulls her out of the well, and Elena gives Stefan some of her blood so he’ll heal.

Back to the torture: Mason continues to refuse to answer Damon’s questions, so Damon continues to burn him. Jeremy argues that Mason would have spilled by now if he knew anything. Mason finally tells Damon that he can find the moonstone in the well. That’s not helpful, though – Damon wants to know what the moonstone does. Mason admits that he got it for Katherine so she can lift the sun/moon curse. Damon asks why a vampire would help a werewolf break a curse that keeps him from turning whenever he wants. Mason plans to never have to turn again so he and Katherine can always be together. She loves him.

Damon cracks up, realizing that Mason’s just another idiot who fell for Katherine’s lies. She’s been using him the whole time. Mason says he’s done talking. Damon tells Jeremy to leave, but Jeremy knows what will happen if he does. He tells Damon to let Mason go. Mason asks Jeremy to help Tyler so this will never happen to him.

Damon grabs Jeremy by the neck and tells him that if he wants to be involved in this sort of stuff, he needs to accept everything involved: It’s kill or be killed. Jeremy needs to either suck it up or leave. Damon thinks Mason wants to die anyway – he’s that burdened by his curse. As Jeremy leaves, Damon tells Mason that they’re a lot alike, though Mason is a “less dashing, less intelligent version” of him. Mason says he loves Katherine, and Damon says he’s been there. But Katherine will only rip Mason’s heart out, so Damon will just save her the trouble. And that’s the end of Mason Lockwood.

Jenna and Alaric are cooking dinner together (and making out) at Gilbert Gables when Elena gets home. Back at Vamp Villa, Caroline tells Liz about her heroics at the well, and how happy she is that Bonnie was nice to her. Liz is proud of how strong and confident her daughter has become. She promises to keep Caroline’s secret. They don’t have to tell the Salvatores she still knows; they can just pretend that Caroline compelled her to forget. Liz promises that she’ll never do anything to hurt Caroline.

Caroline’s so happy with the way she and her mother have connected today, and she knows she can trust Liz to stay quiet. But she also knows that Liz will never trust Damon and Stefan. She compels Liz to forget that Caroline is a vampire, and to think she’s been sick for the past few days, as she told her deputies she was. They’ll go back to the way things used to be.

Damon is rolling up Mason’s body in a rug when Stefan comes home with the moonstone. The Salvatores can’t believe all they had to go through to get a rock. “I see you’ve exercised your usual restraint,” Stefan remarks, re: Mason’s death. Damon uses Mason’s phone to text Carol that he’s going back to Florida and will send for his stuff. He looks at the list of calls Mason’s made and gets an idea.

Stefan warns Damon not to provoke Katherine as he calls her. She greets him as Mason, and Damon gleefully tells her, “Wrong boy toy.” Katherine admits that he’s surprised her for once. He tells her Mason’s dead, and she’s surprised again. Damon adds that he has the moonstone, which was in a well full of vervain. Mason must not have trusted Katherine, though he did love her.

Damon offers to bring Mason’s body to her. Katherine says that Damon has no idea what he’s done. He taunts that he’s thrown a wrench in her master plan, but she tells him she has a plan B and beyond: “And if that fails, a plan C, then a plan D, and – you know how the alphabet works, don’t you?” She tells him to give her love to Stefan, then hangs up.

At Gilbert Gables, Elena chats with Alaric while Jenna’s on the phone. She tells him there were a few bumps in the road today, but the gang got what they needed. Jenna gives the phone to Elena – Katherine’s on the other end. She knows Elena and Stefan were together this morning because she’ll always be a step ahead of Elena. Katherine got into the house, replaced Jenna’s vervain perfume, and convinced her to stop drinking vervain tea. Jenna’s been Katherine’s spy for days. Unlike Elena and Stefan, Jenna actually listens. So Katherine was easily able to compel her to stab herself, which is what Jenna’s doing right now.

Jeremy meets up with Elena at the hospital, where she assures him that Jenna’s going to be okay. She also doesn’t remember what happened, since Katherine compelled her not to. Jeremy doesn’t get why Katherine would go after Jenna. Elena guesses that she wanted to send a message that she can get to anyone. Jeremy tries to comfort his sister, vowing to make Katherine pay.

At Lockwood Landing, Carol tells Tyler that Mason went back to Florida. Now Tyler doesn’t have a mentor to help him deal with the curse.

Elena goes to Vamp Villa, where Stefan is tearfully apologetic about how they screwed up and put Jenna in danger. He knows what Elena’s going to say: They have to break up for real. They have to give Katherine what she wants so no one else gets hurt. They sadly say goodbye to each other. Damon stops Elena as she’s leaving the house and takes the blame for provoking Katherine. She tells him that it doesn’t matter. Either way, Katherine won.

Katherine’s not just one step ahead of the gang – she’s at least two steps ahead. With Mason gone, Katherine is short a werewolf, but the good news is that there’s one right at her disposal. She compels Matt to pick a fight with Tyler and not stop fighting him until Tyler kills him and activates his curse.

Keep in mind: Vampires can’t use compulsion on other supernatural beings.

Significant item update: The gang has the moonstone.

Etc.: The people in Mystic Falls spend more time together than any other town in the world. How do people have time to do anything other than help organize and attend every event this town holds? And why are they all involved in setting stuff up? The Lockwoods are rich; why don’t they just hire people to do all the work?

I wonder how Anna, who once claimed you wouldn’t be able to hide being a vampire from your family, feels about Caroline doing exactly that with Liz. I mean, other than drinking blood, which Caroline could easily do only when she’s alone or out of the house, it would be easy to hide it from other people.

Liz and Caroline’s relationship is so fun to watch evolve. This is really the turning point for them, even if Liz won’t remember it later.

I assume there was a P.S. to Caroline’s compulsion where she told Liz to forget that Damon and Stefan are also vampires, because we don’t hear her say it, but it’s what happens. She also could have just compelled Liz to forget that the Salvatores are vampires, but let her remember that Caroline is. I guess that would have gotten too complicated, though.

So I guess Stefan never get around to giving Matt vervain, like he said he was going to. Not cool.

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