the Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries 1.10, The Turning Point: New Vamp on the Block

We pick up right where “History Repeating” left off, with Logan at the door of Gilbert Gables, asking Jenna to let him in. He tells her he was out of town, which she knew, since she got an email from him. He tries to cover the fact that he knew nothing about the email. He asks again to be let in, but Jenna doesn’t want to talk to him. She even slams the door in his face. Logan eyes a neighbor, then encounters a woman named Daphne who’s out for a run. She recognizes him from the news. He’s pleased to meet a fan, and even more pleased to be able to turn her into a meal.

The next morning, Jeremy reads an entry in Johnathan Gilbert’s journal about feeling afraid at night. There’s a drawing of a monster tucked into the pages, and it inspires Jeremy to find one of his old sketch pads, in which he also drew monsters. Elena notices him drawing and happily tells Jenna that he’s gone back to a hobby he used to love.

Elena’s hoping to hear from Stefan, but she also knows that he’s going to stick to his plan to keep his distance from her and leave Mystic Falls. Jenna notes the irony that Elena’s guy is leaving just as Jenna’s has returned. Elena declares a three-strike rule, saying Jenna can’t even watch the news anymore. Jenna agrees: “No more Logan ‘Scum’ Fell.”

At Vamp Villa, both brothers are still planning to leave Mystic Falls, though they don’t have solid plans. In fact, Damon suggests tagging along with Stefan. They’re a team! They could travel together! They could try out for The Amazing Race! I would watch the crap out of that, but only if Damon promised not to kill Phil Keoghan. Liz stops by to tell Damon that Daphne’s body was found. Lexi must have turned someone, because there’s still a vampire running around Mystic Falls. The Founder’s Council is at a loss, and they need guidance from Damon, the only person they know who’s taken on a vampire.

At school, Caroline and Matt talk about the latest episode of So You Think You Can Dance, which Matt watched because Caroline wanted him to. Elena and Tyler are surprised that they’re friends now. Bonnie likes that Caroline is spending time with someone nice. Bonnie herself is wrestling with her feelings about her last encounter with the Salvatores. Elena thinks Stefan has already left town, and she’s not going to ask him again to stay. Bonnie thinks it’s for the best – what kind of future could they have together? Just then, a banner starts to fall on them. It reads “The Promise of YOUR future” (sic, ugh, get a proofreader). Bonnie promises that she didn’t use magic to make a point.

Back at Vamp Villa, Stefan accuses Damon of killing Daphne. Damon denies it, partly because he wouldn’t leave a victim’s body lying around, especially without trying to make the person’s death look like something other than an “animal attack.” He guesses that there’s another vampire in town. Not that he cares, since they’re leaving Mystic Falls. Stefan doesn’t think they can go until they find this new threat. Damon tells him to let the adults handle that. Instead, Stefan goes to the school and tells Elena they need to talk.

Tyler questions Matt about the nature of his relationship with Caroline. He thinks they’re going to become an annoying couple who spends all their time together. No one cares what you think, Tyler. Stefan fills Elena in on the new mystery vampire, pretty sure Damon isn’t to blame this time. He wanted to tell Elena so she’ll be careful. He won’t be leaving town until they’ve sorted this out. At Gilbert Gables, Jeremy tells Jenna that Johnathan’s journal is full of stuff about demons and murder. Jenna says he was a horror writer – they even have more of his writing.

Damon has Caroline use the vampire compass to track down the mystery vamp. (Damon can’t use it himself since it just points to him.) He compels her to forget that he requested this favor, then goes into a warehouse to find the vampire. Logan’s waiting for him, still armed with wooden bullets. He knows Damon and Stefan are vampires and knew they would come looking for him. What he doesn’t know is who turned him.

The last thing he remembers is Damon grabbing him before he could kill Stefan. The next thing he knew, he was underground behind a car dealership. Someone buried him, not realizing he had vampire blood in his system and wouldn’t stay dead. And since that vampire blood didn’t come from Stefan or Damon, there must be another vampire in town.

Logan’s annoyed that he doesn’t know all the rules of being a vampire. For instance, he didn’t know he has to be invited into his home by someone who’s alive. Unfortunately, Logan lives alone, so I guess he’ll have to move. He’s staying at a hotel right now and killing people so he can keep drinking their blood. He’s been hiding all the other bodies of his victims (he just got sloppy with Daphne).

That banner Bonnie and Elena saw was for a career fair at Mystic Falls High, and Richard and Liz are both making appearances there. She tells him there’s no news on the new vampire. On the plus side, their kids are there, so they don’t need to worry about them. Tyler and Jeremy both end up at an art display, and Jeremy’s surprised to see that Tyler’s a pretty good artist. Elsewhere, Caroline spots Matt and Elena chatting. Matt says they’re just friends, so no one should make a big deal out of their relationship.

Back in Logan’s lair, Damon tells Logan that his feelings are magnified now and he’ll need to work on controlling that. Logan asks how Stefan and Damon are able to go out in the sun. The town’s founding fathers kept journals with vampire intel, which they passed down to their kids, but there’s nothing in them about vampires and daylight. Damon won’t tell Logan anything until Logan reveals who turned him. Neither guy will budge, so Logan shoots Damon again, then leaves.

At the career fair, Elena notes that Stefan is keeping an eye on her, since he obviously isn’t there to contemplate a future career. He tells her he once thought about becoming a doctor, but he had to ditch that idea after he became a vampire, because he couldn’t be around blood. On the other hand, he would have been a great doctor because he could just use his blood to heal everyone. Then again, he’s always had to move around a lot because he can’t stay in one place too long without people realizing he doesn’t age. He asks Elena about her future plans, but she doesn’t want to discuss that with someone who won’t be in her future. If Stefan’s going to leave town, he should just go.

Jenna joins them, needing moral support to stay away from Logan, who’s shown up. Stefan’s confused, since the last time he saw Logan, he was pretty dead. Logan approaches the three of them, and Stefan calmly tells Elena to take Jenna somewhere else, signaling with his eyes that this is a dangerous situation. Logan asks Stefan how he can go out in the sun like the Salvatores. Stefan won’t give him details, either, so Logan threatens to expose Stefan as a vampire. Stefan isn’t scared of this baby vamp and warns Logan not to threaten him again.

Elena asks Jenna how Logan acted when he came to the house the night before. Jenna says he was mostly normal, but he was eager to get inside. Elena tells her not to talk to Logan ever again. Before she can add that Jenna should never, ever, EVER invite him into the house, Alaric joins them. Elena goes outside, where Stefan’s on the phone with Damon, learning about his encounter with Logan. Damon badly wants revenge, so he’s happy that Stefan can tell him where Logan is.

Caroline tells Liz that she’s decided on her future career: broadcast journalism. Liz thinks that’s a bad fit, since Caroline doesn’t care about current events. Caroline doesn’t seem at all surprised that her mother doesn’t support her. As she storms off, Logan approaches Liz to confront her for burying him. He died for her and the town, and she just discarded him like he was nothing. Liz says he knew what he was getting into when he decided to hunt vampires. He was one of the Council, and now he’s an enemy. He warns her to watch her back, so she immediately calls for backup.

Tyler thinks Jeremy wants to be his friend, but he denies that they have anything in common other than Vicki. He taunts that Vicki slept with lots of guys, so Jeremy can go be friends with one of those guys instead. That sets Jeremy off, and the two start fighting. Alaric and Richard break it up before it can get too violent. Richard takes the boys off to sort things out, but Alaric is uneasy about how Richard might have them make peace.

Caroline’s done with the career fair and wants a ride home from Bonnie, who’s MIA. This works out perfectly for Logan, who offers her a ride. Matt spots her getting into his car but doesn’t see Logan shoving Caroline’s head against the window to knock her out.

Inside, Elena asks Matt if he’s seen Logan. He tells her Logan is giving Caroline a ride home. Richard takes Jeremy and Tyler outside and invites them to continue their fight. To their credit, both boys decline, but Richard pushes them to fight like men, then move on. That’s what he learned from his father. Tyler and Jeremy say no again, and Tyler starts to leave. Richard stops him and snaps at him to fight.

Alaric comes outside and asks what’s going on. Richard’s all, “Do you know who I am?” Alaric calls him a “full-grown alpha-male douche bag.” Whee! Richard threatens to have Alaric fired, so Alaric says Richard will have to fight him instead. As the Lockwoods leave, Jeremy tries to hide how awesome he thinks that was.

Logan calls Liz to tell her he’s going to turn Caroline into a vampire. As he pulls up to a stop sign, Stefan opens his door and pulls him out of the car. Damon shoots Logan and sends Caroline off with Stefan. He picks up Logan’s phone and tells Liz that Caroline’s okay. After he hangs up, he grabs a tire iron from Logan’s car. Since Logan still won’t say who sired him, Damon is just going to kill him. Logan finally says that the person who turned him also wants to get into the tomb under Fell’s Church. There’s another way to break the spell – he and the vampire who sired him can help Damon.

As Liz pulls up, Damon tells Logan to take him down and make it look real. Logan does so, then zooms off. Damon tells Liz that Stefan took Caroline somewhere safe, and Damon tried to fight Logan but wasn’t strong enough.

Stefan goes back to the school to let Elena know that Caroline’s home and only knows that Logan attacked her. Damon is taking care of him. Stefan thinks this is the perfect example of why he and Elena can’t be together – there will always be a threat to their safety. She offers him a ride home anyway.

Jeremy approaches Tyler outside to say that if Richard is like this all the time, he gets why Tyler is the way he is. Tyler decks him and says he doesn’t want any pity. Jeremy asks what his problem is. There’s a very conspicuous shot of the full moon as Tyler says he doesn’t know.

Elena takes Stefan to Vamp Villa and apologizes for telling him to leave town so harshly. When she was younger, she wanted to be a writer, thanks to support and encouragement from her mother. Ever since Miranda died, Elena can’t see that future for herself anymore. It was something she and her mother shared. Stefan didn’t bring bad stuff into Elena’s life; it was already there.

He tells her he’s ending things for himself, not her. He gets out of the car and starts to go inside, but Elena isn’t ready to end the conversation. She won’t let Stefan make this decision for her, since she knows what she wants. She announces that she loves him. Stefan’s face says he thinks that’s crazy, but not crazy enough not to act on it. He kisses her, and they head inside to continue making out. Stefan stops when his face starts changing, but Elena asks him not to hide from her. He shows her his vamp face, but she’s not scared. They go up to his bedroom and have sex.

Logan’s supposed to meet Damon at Fell’s Church to discuss his secret partner in crime, but as he’s leaving his lair, he runs into Alaric. Alaric introduces himself as a friend of Jenna’s, so Logan thinks he’s there to fight for her honor, or something. He warns that Alaric is in over his head. Logan vamps out, saying that Alaric has no idea who he’s talking to. Turns out he does, since he’s ready with a stake. Thus ends Logan’s brief second life as a vampire.

Back at school, Tyler asks Matt for a ride home. Matt tells him to stop being a jerk about Caroline, since Matt likes her. Tyler’s done being macho today, so he says okay.

Post-sex, Stefan and Elena chat about his room, where he keeps everything that means something to him. He leaves to get her something to drink, and she starts looking around at his stuff. When she finds Katherine’s picture, she freaks out.

Liz calls Damon to thank him for taking care of Logan. His body was found by an old Fell family property, which was full of the bodies of his victims. Liz thinks Damon killed him and again rid the town of its vampire problem.

Stefan returns to his room to find Elena gone. She’s left her vervain necklace on top of Katherine’s picture.

Elena’s speeding home, trying to stop feeling weirded out by the fact that she looks identical to her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend. Out of nowhere, a man appears in the road. Elena hits him and flips her car. As she’s stuck inside, upside-down, the man collects himself and starts to approach her.

Keep in mind: Logan was sired by someone other than Stefan or Damon, which means there’s at least one other vampire in town.

Tyler has anger issues.

Alaric is familiar with vampires.

Etc.: Melissa Ponzio, who plays Daphne, later had a bigger role on a teen supernatural show, as Scott’s mom on Teen Wolf (which also featured Susan Walters, AKA Carol Lockwood).

My brain hurts every time I have to type “Johnathan” instead of “Jonathan.”

You’d think Jenna would be surprised to learn that Stefan can just up and leave town without mentioning Zach, who’s supposed to be his guardian. I think Jenna’s parenting philosophy is mainly “don’t ask, don’t tell,” and ask long as Jeremy and Elena stay out of the hospital and jail, she just turns them loose and hopes for the best.

I like when teen shows don’t get precious about sex or virginity. So many teen shows and movies have virgin lead characters and make a big deal when they have sex for the first time. Here, Elena’s implied to have some sexual experience (probably with Matt). There’s no big to-do because she’s losing her virginity to a vampire. It’s refreshing.

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